Herb Salts

One of my favorite things in kitchen magic is flavored salts. They’re pretty, they smell good, and whenever I get to use herbs I’ve grown to make them I’m always way happier with the flavor and overall feel of them. They also make a great gift to the food-obsessed in your life if you package them in cute jars or test tubes. All that said, I thought I’d share some recipes for them- but you can mix and match to meet your personal tastes and correspondence needs.

General method: Chop herbs, garlic, and salt together, then spread over a cookie sheet to dry (the salt will dry and preserve the flavor for months). Use a food processor or do it by hand, however you like. 

I like to do it by hand, so here’s my method:
Cut each garlic clove lengthwise through the center, remove the sprout (if any) in the center and discard.
Mound the salt and garlic on a cutting board. Use a chef’s knife to mince the garlic, blending it with the salt as you work.
Place herbs in a mound and coarsely chop them. Add the herbs to the garlic salt and chop them together to the texture of coarse sand.
Spread the salt on a baking sheet or in wide flat bowls and leave near an open window for a couple of days to dry. Store in clean, dry jars.

Provencial Herb Salt
4 to 5 garlic cloves, peeled
Scant ½ cup kosher salt
About 2 cups loosely-packed, pungent fresh herbs such as sage, rosemary, thyme, savory, or small amounts of lavender
(For Tuscan herb salt use a mix of fresh rosemary and sage leaves, 50/50 or whatever balance you prefer)

That is literally it. You can mix and match your add-ins and what kind of salt you want to use (kosher and Himalayan are really delicious).

✨🌹 Psychic Rose Ice Cream 🌹✨

Consuming certain foods will enhance your ability to tune into your psychic mind. If prepared correctly, they can break down the barrier between your conscious and psychic mind and give you access to new sources of information.


½ cup fresh rose petals 

1 pint vanilla ice cream, softened but not melted

3/8 cup red wine

1/8 cup rose water

1 tablespoon powdered sugar

12 candied red rose petals (see following recipe)


Use roses that have not been in contact with pesticides. Choose petals that are free of dirt and insect nibbling. Cut off the white base of each petal and wash thoroughly in cold water. Drain on paper towels. Measure ½ cup of the prepared rose petals. Visualize your psychic energy as you work.

Place rose petals, wine, rose water, and sugar into a blender and process for 1 minute. Turn out the softened ice cream into a bowl and add the red wine-rose water-sugar- mixture in the ice cream. While visualizing your energy, stir clockwise until blended.

Pour mixture into a container and set in freezer. Stir once or twice during the freezing process. Let freeze overnight. Top each serving with candied rose petals:

Candied Rose Petals:

2 cups fresh rose petals

1 egg white

1 cup granulated sugar

~ * Visualize energy * ~

Wash rose petals, cut off white bases, drain, and dry. Slightly beat the egg white and dip each rose petal in the egg white until moistened. Sprinkle the sugar over each petal until evenly coated. Place on an ungreased cookie sheet. Place the sheet in the oven at 250F until the petals are stiff and crystallized. 

Genre: Fluff with suggestive smut

Word Count: 401

Member: Woozi/Jihoon

A/N: *cough cough* Halsey - New Americana here *cough cough*

~Admin Annie

“I’m so tired!” You stretched, getting ready to sleep right beside your adorable boyfriend Jihoon.

“Me too~” He yawned, rubbing his eyes in exhaustion.

Since Jihoon is well…Jihoon, he spends an awful amount of time in the studio instead of with you. You don’t mind that but you always get worried whenever you see him work for hours and hours on end, never leaving his studio for days at a time. Sleeping and expressing how tired he is is something you have been working on with him for weeks and so far, it has been going pretty well.

Whenever he is not extremely busy and he sees you taking a nap, he cuddles in beside you and you both sleep peacefully for hours with no breaks. Also whenever he feels tired, he isn’t afraid or feels like he is being a burden whenever he tells you his feelings. It feels nice that he is finally opening up to you.

You are incredibly happy that he decided to listen to you and now sleeps in the same bed as you most nights instead of sleeping in the studio. He also now eats meals with you at home regularly which is even better since it results in him feeling more relaxed at work.

Placing your arm on his chest and cuddling into him, you yawned repeatedly, trying to get into a comfortable position. You usually sleep with your right arm under your pillow but since Jihoon sleeps with you now, you cuddle close to him, trying to soak up as much of his scent as you possibly can to keep you going for the next day he is gone.

Watching his eyelids flutter, you peck him on his nose which causes him to twitch his nose quickly. Waiting a while to make sure that he was completely asleep, you decide to give him a sweet reward for napping with you.

Pushing his head back softly, you placed your wet lips against his neck and sucked hard, making lewd sounds fill the room.

A few seconds later, you stopped sucking and checked the result; visibily red, just how you wanted it.

“Your reward, sweetheart” You whispered in his right ear while sitting down lightly on his chest and kissed his lips hungrily, waking him up.

Opening his eyes, he could feel the hotness on his neck from your now fading hickey.

“How Naughty….”