is a documentary of Portland creativity facilitated by local photographer, Carlie Armstrong. Its aim is to understand creative processes and the places that contain them.

Their goal is to inform - by displaying the work of some of the most talented artists, musicians, designers and craftspeople in Portland.

Images were shot using a TLR camera. If you would like to support their analog resolve, kindly donate here


Here’s a photo from Andy Paiko’s glass blowing hot shop, for the upcoming premier issue of Labor magazine.  I had never seen hot molten glass up close, it is so beautifully orange and bright! Andy said a common question he would get from little kids visiting the shop was, “do you ever make anything that isn’t orange?”

4 es un proyecto en curso de la fotógrafa Carlie Armstrong, que busca documentar los espacios de trabajo de distintos creativos de Portland. Su objetivo es entender el proceso, desarrollo e inspiración detrás del arte y artesanía.

Visita su sitio web y el sitio web del proyecto para ver más. is an ongoing project by photographer Carlie Armstrong that seeks to document the work spaces of different creatives from Portland. Her objective is tu understand the process, development and inspiration behind art and craftwork.

Visit her website and the website of the project to see more. is a blog dedicated to just that. It is a documentary about Portland creativity to understand the creative processes and the places that contain them.

I just happen to think the space people create in is interesting and inspiring which is why I fancied this idea. Check out the talented artists, musicians, designers, and craftspeople in Portland here.