Diane Creech Clinic Recap

In a cryptic preview post early, I noted that my coworker said of my lunge warm-up with Savannah right before my clinic ride: “Yeah my favorite part was when she just like… stood up for awhile bellowing at you from her two feet…”

So yep, there she is, auditioning for two rodeos and a circus 😑 I was thinking to myself maybe today just wasn’t our day, or maybe with enough time I could work it out of her… and right then the trainer says from the door: “ok Natalie it’s time!” At which point my coworker audibly goes “oooooh nooooo.” She is clearly not expecting to see me again alive today. I’m inclined to agree.

So I walk in to the arena that will surely be my grave, and my little monster is jigging like a river dancer. The clinician has to hold her so I can mount. And then, in a plot twist worth of M Night Shyamalan, perhaps PURELY to fuck with me…. she proceeds to be perfect. Moving forward in what the just-as-confused trainer described as a “floating trot.” Dead straight lines. Lovely bends. Circle, serpentine. Boom. Done. We even got some really productive work done on balancing her canter (she did get a little spicy with some classic buck-departs, but overall VERY good).

The clinician LOVED her, my trainer was surprised (and I think impressed), and I am just further convinced that my horse is too smart for her own good, and a big-time show off. Girl needs an audience -_-

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(tya) wAIT GAME CHANGER, imagine the egos are dragons first of all 2nd they all gather once every few months outside of your town to meet and discuss different things they need to do by working together n stuff. Now add in dragon hunters that are suprisingly effective. Main hunters child is you. The one who befriends the GIANT DRAGONS and keeps destroying traps or teaches them what the bait looks like etc etc. You look for nothing in exchange cause "your my friends" 1/?

(tya) The ego dragons grow fonder of you because you have sprung them free of traps multiple times and fixed any injury caused by the hunters (mainly your dad, lead Hunter) even though you ask them not to you now have ego dragons who dedicate specific time slots to spend alone with you (watch over you but shhhh) following you almost like a puppy, ensuring that nothing ever harm’s “their human.” That is all (fuckilovedragonstomuchhelp)             ————————————….. why must you do me like this TYA? it is so adorable! They are like giant puppies! especially Wilford and Yandere! they will both be like giant cats, nudging their noses into you just to get your attention. even Dark is like that sometimes but tries to act like its no big deal! UGH I love it!!!!

Character I concepted for work~~~ 

Art Director- Priscilla Tsang and Si Yang. 


Haven’t posted in a little while because of Busy-ness, but have some art I found while digging through files today. I designed this character a long time ago as a host to the casino game my work creates, and she underwent a rendering facelift recently. We’ve changed her slightly once or twice (mostly simplifcation) but it got to a point where we needed to make her fit a new style better. I created these assets after we made her shinier, and i’m still pretty happy with how they came out! 

All images © Big Fish Games

It feels weird when you grow up and realize that your momma raised you with more manners than a lot of people have. 

Like yesterday, was upstairs at work, and there was some lady letting her kids use the employee restrooms, but she wasn’t WITH them to supervise, she was down the stairs. I overhear the girl leaning out, telling her mom that the little boy had peed on the floor. I guess maybe I should have called maintenance, but I had this thought that she’d tell someone, or maybe clean it herself…But later, I had to take a bathroom break, and I went up there, and there was still pee on the floor. Maintenance guy, who was nearby, didn’t know til I told him. 

So this lady just let her kid pee on the floor and didn’t give a shit enough to actually alert an employee to have it cleaned up, or do it herself.

And here my ass is, instinctively giving her the benefit of the doubt to act on her own and take responsibility for her kid’s fluids. Don’t know why I bother. 

Also, just because you’re in public, and there is someone “to do that job for you” doesn’t mean you should abdicate all responsibility for yourself. 

My mom taught me better than that.