It feels weird when you grow up and realize that your momma raised you with more manners than a lot of people have. 

Like yesterday, was upstairs at work, and there was some lady letting her kids use the employee restrooms, but she wasn’t WITH them to supervise, she was down the stairs. I overhear the girl leaning out, telling her mom that the little boy had peed on the floor. I guess maybe I should have called maintenance, but I had this thought that she’d tell someone, or maybe clean it herself…But later, I had to take a bathroom break, and I went up there, and there was still pee on the floor. Maintenance guy, who was nearby, didn’t know til I told him. 

So this lady just let her kid pee on the floor and didn’t give a shit enough to actually alert an employee to have it cleaned up, or do it herself.

And here my ass is, instinctively giving her the benefit of the doubt to act on her own and take responsibility for her kid’s fluids. Don’t know why I bother. 

Also, just because you’re in public, and there is someone “to do that job for you” doesn’t mean you should abdicate all responsibility for yourself. 

My mom taught me better than that.


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  • OCs only No copywrite characters .
  • No gundam-esque mecha
  • i reserve the right to turn down any commission as i see fit.

so uhhh,,, if i wanted to make keith charms, but with keith looking more galra, would people like that or nah 


Character I concepted for work~~~ 

Art Director- Priscilla Tsang and Si Yang. 

this dude who’s a cook @ work and is always talking to me/asking me how i am (same w/ like.. everyone he’s v friendly) asked me if i wanted anything this morning bc he hadn’t clocked in yet and was going to get breakfast and i said that i was fine/didn’t need anything.. yet.. he got me s/t that was apparently from the bakery across the street? and then apologized, after buying it, bc he forgot i don’t eat sweets? he always buys huge packs of water for everyone @ work too? anyway. almost cried

a soft boy
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