Some badges I designed are now available in gacha machines in Tokyo! If you are in Tokyo please check it out ✨ 日本にいる人、あたし描いたバッジはコミックとらのあな池袋店Bと秋葉原店Bでガシャポンに売っています!機会があったら、ぜひ行って見てください!The store locations are Toranoana Ikebukuro B and Akihabara B


Something I’ve been picking at for the last couple of days during downtime at work. Sadly it’ll never get built since it’s nearly 2 meters high and 4 meters long. But if we ever team up with Capcom to make Monster Hunter stuff I will be ready! So yeah, Deviljho/Murder Pickle made of LEGO just for fun and awesome. If I get time I might color him up properly but for now he’s wearing olive.

i used to work at a college bookstore, which meant that along with textbooks we also sold school supplies, clothes with the school logo on it, backpacks, stuff like that. one day i was wandering around the main floor, folding clothes as needed, desperately wishing that a meteor would crash through the ceiling and deliver me from this hell, when i passed this guy (maybe like 20 or 21) who was with his mother, looking for clothes and supplies for school. they’re obviously arguing but i wasn’t really listening until i heard “…FINE! I’ll just ASK SOMEONE WHO WORKS HERE”

and he turns to me and goes “yo do you work here”

“yeah” i say, expecting to be asked which backpack was best for carrying lots of books or something like that

and he goes “do you think a guy can wear pink?” before pointedly glaring at his mother, who glares back

not what a 17 year old is expecting to hear at her first job at 8 AM

“…” blink. blink. “yeah of course”

“SEE” and he just slam-dunked a pink backpack into the cart and walked off to pick out some school supplies, followed by his very annoyed but resigned looking mother

i think about this a lot