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lil animation doodad for yrbff ヾ(´▽`*)ノ☆

little library assistant things <3
  • that feeling of ultimate power that comes from being able to waive all your own overdue book fines
  • sweet little old ladies borrowing huge piles of erotic fiction
  • finding a colleague you didn’t even know was working today behind a book shelf three hours into your shift
  • *mobile phone rings* “HELLO!!! YEAH I’M IN THE LIBRARY!!!”
  • accidentally squashing someone in the rolling stacks
  • deliberately trying to squash each other in the rolling stacks to see if it would be possible to murder someone that way
  • the secret librarian art of sneezing completely silently
  • two secret magic words to make the eye of any children’s librarian twitch: Daisy Meadows
  • restraining your seething rage when a parent tells their child they can’t have a book they picked out because ‘that one is just for boys/girls!’
  • “I’m sorry that new book is so popular there’s a long waiting list!” (every single copy is on loan to a member of staff)
  • customers sidling up and putting ‘50 Shades of Grey’ of the counter upside down in a futile attempt to hide what they’re borrowing
  • “I’m looking for a book.” “…um, could you possibly be a little more specific?”
  • petition for James Patterson to STOP ALREADY
  • assuring customers that we don’t judge them based on what books they borrow
  • judging customers on what books they borrow

This picture is currently my wallpaper on my phone. So my coworker sees this and says, “whoa is that your boyfriend?!” And I’m like “HA! I wish!” And she’s like, “Who is he? He’s sexy!” And I said, “Oscar Isaac. He’s in Star Wars.” And she says, “Yeah I don’t watch that.” The poor girl.

I’ve been staring at the Olympic pictograms for WAAAY too long...

Horse to the left

Horse to the right

Horse real fast





Gotta turn the page!

Can I be a pretzel before I hit the wavy lines?


Competitive Ballet!

Sports with friends!


This is why daily water changes are MANDATORY when you keep a Betta in anything less than a 2.5 gallon unfiltered, unheated tank.

I did their water changes yesterday around 4 p.m. I tested the water as soon as I got to work this morning at 10 a.m..

Within 16 hours, the concentration of the ammonia the fish had risen to near-toxic levels.

We fasted him 2 days before the study, so this is the amount of waste produced on an empty stomach. Maybe next weekend I’ll do the experiment and see how the ammonia increases when the Betta has been fed.

Please spend the extra money to buy a livable home for your betta. That small amount difference should be worth less than the life you are taking into your care.


Some badges I designed are now available in gacha machines in Tokyo! If you are in Tokyo please check it out ✨ 日本にいる人、あたし描いたバッジはコミックとらのあな池袋店Bと秋葉原店Bでガシャポンに売っています!機会があったら、ぜひ行って見てください!The store locations are Toranoana Ikebukuro B and Akihabara B

Pentatonix, the five-person ensemble that rose to fame after winning the third season of NBC’s The Sing-Off, has joined the cast of the upcoming Pitch Perfect 2. The band reveals exclusively to EW that they’ll play a rival group to the Barden Bellas, the collegiate a cappella singers at the center of the sequel to the 2012 blockbuster, due in theaters in 2015. Read more here

Welcome Pentatonix. Happy to have them aboard. 


WOOHOO! The trailer is now live! :D For the past two years I have been working as a story artist on the Angry Birds movie, and it’s so cool to finally see all of the team’s hard work come together. It has been an awesome experience and y’all get stoked for May 2016!


26 Days ‘till premiere of VeggieTales in The House!~Bob and Larry prepping some fall decorations~

* this is non production art*

VeggieTales appears to be doing a countdown , so we’ll be doing one here too! 

VeggieTales in the House is the new series coming to Netflix November 26th!

For those who don’t know, we have had the pleasure to update the whole look of the show which includes character designs and location design. The whole change in itself has been jarring, so don’t let that discourage you! It’s only the exoskeleton of a much more awesome-er show. A lot of talented people have been working very hard on this.The show is super charming and really funny. Same values, but just just updated with a new look and new technology.  Go check it out! 

(And for those who don’t want to see Veggie related stuff, we understand, so feel free to use Tumblr Savior and block the tags we’ve listed in the tags below. )