I promise that one day you’ll get fancier work in progress updates that aren’t from my desk……

Well, here’s an impromptu garment I’ve been working on all night (it’s 5am woo) this one is an outfit I had in mind of Delveen originally, as she has some more bell shaped dress silhouettes but I might have my currently nameless hujoo girl wear it for the upcoming photoshoot. It can double as a skirt or dress but it’s more so meant as a dress believe it or not. It’s not embellished at all, I just have to decide what colors to pair with it because I want to take a slightly unexpected turn with the color combination.

With impromptu designs I just take whatever’s in my brain and go for it. Oddly enough the way I come up with outfits is because so many of them are based on the designs and styling in my stories and because I picture everything in my head as if it’s all playing out cinematically (it’s hard to explain but it happens in dreams too, basically my brain is a movie) I tend to figure out everything in full detail in my head and then just convert it to small scale.

Of course more complicated outfits require pattern drafting.

I want to post more sketches from my design booklets because now have a mini booklet per character in which I’m just pouring design ideas into.

#BestYearEver: Step Up Your Career Game

Office advice and outfit ideas to help you kill it at work

We could all benefit from a little boost at work, and we’re not talking about coffee. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new job, hoping for a promotion or just want to make a great impression at work, find out how to improve your career game with our tips and outfit ideas below.

Get organized. Find a system that works for you. Buy a planner and write down everything in it, so you’ll always have something to reference if you forget about an important meeting or to-do. Or, if you prefer digital, sync your computer calendar with your phone’s so you’ll always know what’s going on.

Think ahead. Don’t put off something just because you have the time to do so. Deadlines are in place for a reason, and even if you’re constantly getting things done in the nick of time, you will always feel a little behind.

Be proactive. If you’ve been at your current job for a while, it’s easy to get comfortable with your daily routine. Pretend like you’re a new hire and impress your boss and coworkers with your go-getter attitude.

Offer your opinion. Whether it’s a technical issue that needs solving or an unprompted design idea that you came up with, your colleagues will appreciate your eagerness to help. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Dress to impress. You’ve heard it before because it’s true - dress for the job you want. You don’t have to spend a fortune on new work clothes, but finding pieces that show your style and professionalism makes all the difference.

Office-Friendly Outfits

The Fashion Girl

Unstructured long jacket

ASOS Long Sleeve Deep V Neck Blouse

COPE Cropped Modern Trouser Pant

Crossover Sandals With Metallic Heel

Soleil Small Bucket Drawstring Bag

The Creative Girl

Denver Coat

Fitted boyfriend chambray shirt

Frida floral-print pencil skirt

Dolce Vita Wendi Heeled Sandal

Double Body City Bag

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Working Girl

Last month I started a new job I absolutely love. Although my degree reads Communications and French, I work in marketing at a non-profit that focuses on healthcare. I help design all of the promotional materials such as flyers, brochures, pamphlets, handouts, folders and much more. I plan events and open houses, and I coordinate activities and in-services with other local organizations. Additionally, I do PR on the side by writing press releases and managing social media. Working for an organization that truly gives back to its community is a rewarding experience for me - I also love that I get to go to work and be creative every day!

My colleagues are all aware that I love fashion. I remember during my interview, since all of my past work history and internships have been in the fashion world, the executive director asked me if I could work a job that was not related to fashion. I told him I can do anything. When applying for jobs and going to interviews, you need to sell yourself and be able to tie a wide variety of experiences into something relevant, even if all those experiences have nothing to do with each other. Although what I do is the complete opposite of fashion, I was able to prove that writing and a creative eye will work in all domains across the board - especially so in marketing.

Besides the nature of my position and the organization I work for, dressing for work is what I love most about my job. I find dressing for work more fun than dressing for the weekend - probably because it’s a little more challenging when you’re limited to a business-casual setting. Everyone at work compliments me on my dresses and outfits. From tailored pants to printed dresses, I try and individualize my outfits. I will repeat a certain piece, but I can’t say I’ve repeated an entire outfit. Above I have put together five of my most favorite work outfits. I hope you can find inspiration for your corporate setting or future interviews. If you have any questions on the professional world, non-profits or the fashion industry, don’t hesitate to ask! In the mean time check out these bloggers who work in the professional world. Corporate ladies by day, fashion bloggers by night:

Wendy’s Lookbook - Wendy grew up in the foster care system and worked three jobs to get herself on her feet. She now totes around Givenchy and Jimmy Choo. Her story is not only influential because of her past, but it is also meaningful because of her continued passion for troubled youth as a non-profit juvenile justice advocate.

Extra Petite - Jean is based out of my hometown - the one and only Boston. She is a blogger that caters to petite woman and she stands proudly at just under 5 ft tall. Jean is a financial analyst at a startup e-commerce company and always posts work-friendly outfits. She is a great resource for ideas no matter what shape or size!

Wear Where Well - Carrie Colbert has it all. Brains, as in degrees in petroleum engineering and business administration, and beauty, as in a killer wardrobe. Located in Houston, TX her blog is all about “what to wear, where to go, and how to live well.”

Check out these work outfits I styled for some more inspiration!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any ideas for office appropriate attire that's still youthful and not too stuffy? Preferably pants and outfits that can be paired with flats/loafers etc. Thank you!! xoxo

I know Jenna Lyons, creative director of J. Crew, is not exactly young in age, but if her brand and her own personal street style is to judge by, she is certainly young at heart. She is always formal and presentable on the streets, but I love her quirky sense of style which looks so super comfortable and chic. 

Jenna Lyons wears a lot of cropped denim, but if jeans is not a possibility for your office, switch that out with a pair of loose-fitting trousers or culottes instead! Blazers and white tee shirts are also her staples, which she pairs with gleaming oxford shoes which are a good choice for comfortable but formal-looking shoes. Printed shirts or pants will keep the ensemble looking youthful and fun :) 

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OK SO…i’ve been seeing a lot of cool clowns on my dash and i REALLY wanted to get in on it. sooooo i made a clown! theyre based on a pierrot. im really in love with pierrots because their outfits are just SO pleasing for me to look at. i dont have a name for this baby yet but i do have SOME info about them.

basically theyre like a giant porcelain doll. their face and hands are smooth and cold. if you were to look under their garments you would see THROUGH them. inside is ink. it just sloshes around in there? its super weird. they dont have a face, just a smooth surface. the ink in their body is used to show their emotions. it would swirl up in their face to display whatever theyre feeling. so theyre definitely not human. theyre very sensitive too and seem to cry a lot. though they cant actually tell you whats wrong directly since they cant speak? the only sounds it makes are like….static? i guess. poor baby :^( the ink in their body can eventually run out though. they need to replace it whenever they run low. if they run out of ink entirely, they die. which stinks bc their body is so fragile. a crack on the wrong place could be fatal!!

I THINK THATS ALL I GOT LMAO …sorry if thats hard to read im rly bad at organizing my thoughts >_>;; i think its funny that im drawing a clown though.,,,my grandfather was actually a clown! he was a sad clown tho. :^o 

ok thats it…takes a bow


Hello everyone, hope your week has been going well so far! It’s actually been extremely cold and gloomy in Calgary this week, but I’m in a surprisingly good mood. It’s been great having my brother in town, and we had such a relaxing weekend. We went for brunch, did some shopping, and caught the afternoon showing of Ant-Man on Sunday. I’m a huge fan of Marvel, and all superhero movies, and this one didn’t disappoint. It had just the right mix of comedy and action, with a few touching moments in the mix. I recommend it if you’re looking for something to watch this week!

This OOTD is from last Friday, and I constantly feel like I really push casual on casual Fridays. Our office isn’t extremely dressy for the most part (unless we’re meeting with clients), so I can usually get away with it. The kimono I’m wearing is from last summer, and I’ve worn it so many times in past outfits. It’s so effortless that I always reach for it when I need a quick cover-up in the morning.

Enjoy your night guys!