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//You write very well and you write how you think it should be written. As someone who rps Noct, and tries her damnedest to stay as IC as she can, it's fucking hard! People need to understand its really all about what the writer thinks the character would do. We don't KNOW if Noct would be how a lot of us write him as (i.e. his favorite ice cream, or the cologne he wears.) because in the game those certain situations aren't brought up. Don't listen to them, you're doing great! Chill out guys.//


It really is! It’s easy sometimes to let yourself slip into these characters rather than keeping to what they do and sure, okay, I may waver and mess up. I’m only human and I’ve only only know these characters for… not even three months. It’s a work in progress. 

So gurl. Rei. Thank you. I honestly adore the way you write Noct. You keep him so very well grounded and real and I just…. yesssss. It was a delight interacting with him (and honestly I’d do it again in a freaking heartbeat). Thank you!

After 3+ hours of working on this, I finally finished decorating my graduation cap! With EXO’s comeback (psst and my birthday) being exactly one week after my high school graduation, I felt that it was necessary to have an EXO themed cap♡ If it wasn’t for EXO, I would seriously have a giant mental breakdown because my Senior year was super stressful that I would sometimes explode from all the stress I was having. This was just my dorky idea to show my gratitude to EXO. I also wanted to put the element symbols of the two people that mean the world to me, Junmyeon and Yixing. Every time I felt overwhelmed from all the schoolwork and deadlines, I would just look at videos/gifs/photos etc of these two precious dorks to make me feel happy and like myself again. They have honestly changed my life and I can’t thank them enough; sadly, this is all I can do for them. I can’t wait to put this on tomorrow, I worked really hard on this cap and this entire school year! THANK YOU EXO FOR EVERYTHING AND CONGRATS TO MY OTHER FELLOW EXO-LS WHO ARE GRADUATING! CLASS OF 2016!

haha i just wanted to see what she’d look like if her clothes werent torn up lol. (i also tried adding some semblance of a bra since unsealed bazongas feel like someone tryin to rip off ur titties whenever u run and i dont want velvet goin thru that)