Lessons Yet Learned (Chapter 2)



Lauren rose before the sun did, as was her habit ever since she turned thirteen, old enough to work at her uncle’s ranch for six dollars an hour. Now that she was nineteen, waking up before sunrise was more than a habit. It was her way of life. She got dressed in her work gear: a long-sleeved shirt rolled up to her elbows, and a pair of overalls. She donned her work boots and went downstairs, where the smells of breakfast filled the air.

She had been working for the Cabellos for close to two weeks now. Every day, Lauren would rise out of bed, have breakfast with Alejandro and Camila, before heading out to the fields to work for hours, often with Jai and George, who were now her friends. And every night, Lauren would sneak out just past midnight and into the barn, where she would spend an hour or two, teaching Camila how to stroke, jerk, and suck her cock, while Lauren fingered her pussy.

Camila and Alejandro were already chatting, and for a moment, Lauren felt like an outsider, interrupting this father-daughter dynamic. It was almost every morning she felt like this. But when Camila smiled at her and waved her over, her thoughts vanished into a coalescence of how gorgeous Camila was. Her corn silk locks, her brilliant smile. Lauren found herself reflecting the grin on her lips before sitting down across from her, with Alejandro beaming at the both of them. “Another early day, huh Lauren?”

“I’ve been waking up this early every day for the past six years of my life, sir.” Lauren admitted while Camila stacked pancakes for her. But when the bacon was making its way to her plate, Lauren shook her head. “I’m not a fan of bacon.”

Both Cabellos stared at her as if she had an extra protrusion stemming on her forehead. “What? What kind of a man does not breathe bacon?” Alejandro demanded.

“A woman.” Lauren smiled. She dribbled maple syrup all over her pancakes and began to eat, while Alejandro nodded in acquiescence and read the morning paper.

Before her, Camila was staring at her features with something akin to hunger. Lauren glanced at her and felt slender toes curling against the fabric of her overalls. Downing a mouthful of coffee to prevent herself from choking, Lauren begged Camila with her eyes to stop the motions of her foot, which was rising, higher and higher, to her lap.

Camila smirked and with delicate fingers, picked up her fork and ate what was on her plate. Her toes traced the seam of Lauren’s crotch. In her tight briefs, Lauren’s cock twitched. The memories of their first night—and every night after: the taste of Camila’s pussy, the moans that spilled from her parted mouth, and the sight of the brunette’s tanned hand grasping the pale shaft that proudly jutted from between her thighs flooded her mind’s eye.

Reaching down underneath the table, Lauren grasped Camila’s ankle and dragged her fingertips along the bottom of her foot. Camila squealed in laughter and jerked away, her knee bumping against the breakfast table. Forks and plates clattered, and Alejandro looked at the two of them from over the morning paper. “Am I going to have to separate you two?”

“No, daddy.”

“No, sir.”

He chuckled and finished the rest of his coffee. “Good. Finish your breakfast, Lauren. I’ll meet you in the barn.”

As soon as the storm door slammed shut and the crunch of Alejandro’s feet against the gravel dissipated, both girls stood up and met in a greedy kiss that tasted of rich maple syrup against sticky lips. Lauren lifted Camila onto the countertop and groped her sides, her breasts, and her flat stomach, while Camila rutted against Lauren’s crotch. “Lauren, I need—”

“We can’t,” Lauren murmured against Camila’s jaw. She nibbled on the soft skin, her hands roaming up Camila’s shirt to stroke the skin of her stomach. Lauren licked her lips and distanced herself from Camila while she drank in the sight of her puffed lips, glossy with spit and syrup, her dilated brown eyes, and her cheeks a bright pink. “I have to work. But we’ll find the time, I promise. We always do.”

She kissed Camila’s nose and her cheek before jogging out into the cool Miami air, hoping it would be enough to calm the fiery arousal that was tenting her overalls.


The sun, a yolk of light and fire, streaked the heavy clouds that hung low over the shingled eaves of the barn. The air smelled faintly of musk, telling Lauren that in a few hours, it might rain. She hurried into the barn where the horses and the cows were kept. Alejandro was already forking mounds of hay into the horses’ trough, so Lauren grabbed a metal bucket, the milker, and the stool to milk the first cow.

“Listen, Lauren.” Alejandro said over the hubbub of the animals. “Once we finish the harvest, I’m driving the corn to the factory of one of my pals. They use my corn for their products, and I don’t trust anyone else to cart it off a few hundred miles away.” He wiped the sweat off his brow and leaned against the pitchfork. “So I’m gonna be leaving you and my daughter here for a few days.”

Lauren squeezed out the errant drops from the cow’s teat, filling two buckets full of fresh milk. “I understand, sir.”

“I know you do.” Alejandro clapped her on the back and helped her with the second bucket, as they poured it into a large, disinfected milk can. “I always leave her with her cousins a few miles out of town. She hates it there. And now that you’re here, I think she’d enjoy this season more.”

Swallowing hard as Lauren moved to milk the second cow, she nodded. “I’ll keep her company, sir.”

Smiling, Alejandro finished tossing hay into the horse troughs. “Don’t be so formal all the time, kid. I want you and Camila to be great friends, since you’ll be living with us for a long while. You can call me Alejandro.”

He drew up the dolly cart and lifted the milk cans onto it, just as Lauren finished with the second and then the third cow. She filled up the cans, patted the cows on the nose, and herded them out into the small field, while Alejandro carted the fresh milk into the shed, which was a makeshift milk processing room. After all, the Cabellos only produce dairy for personal use.

Lauren, after making sure that the cows were chewing their cud in contentment and jogged towards the henhouse to feed the chickens and harvest the eggs. She placed them in a basket and brought them to Camila with a small smile. Before returning to her duties, she glanced around for Alejandro. Once Lauren was sure that he wasn’t around to witness the act, she wrapped her arms around Camila and kissed her softly on the mouth.

After attending to the rest of the morning chores, Lauren and Alejandro finished harvesting the remaining corn that was on the field. Jai and George weren’t there to help since they had another job working at the sawmill. Besides, Lauren, Alejandro boasted to no one in particular, was worth five men, easy.

Having eaten a quick lunch, Alejandro drove to the nearby truck rental outpost five miles down the sandy road, leaving Lauren and Camila all by their lonesome. Lauren washed the dishes while Camila cleared the table. It wasn’t until a few minutes passed, when they were no longer able to hear the thundering rumble of Alejandro’s truck that Camila gripped the front of Lauren’s shirt to kiss her. It was all lips and tongue and teeth, and despite Lauren’s hands dripping with soap water, she wrapped her arms around Camila’s waist and lifted her up on the counter.

“You didn’t tell me your dad would be leaving the farm for a few weeks.” Lauren murmured, her lips trailing along the curve of Camila’s tan neck and the base of her throat. She nibbled on the unblemished skin and left indentations of her teeth. She watched Camila’s eyes roll to the back of her head, her lips parted.

“I d-didn’t?” The brown-haired goddess panted, her fists closing around the back of Lauren’s shirt. Her slender legs wrapped around Lauren’s hips to keep the front of her overalls against Camila’s thighs. Her skirt rode up, revealing lacy panties. “It must have slipped my mind.”

Lauren was unable to resist a smile. “Is that so?” She hiked up Camila’s dress and fingered the lace of her panties. She tugged them to the side and dragged her fingers through Camila’s folds, smearing her slick precome against her swollen pussy lips. Lauren nudged her forehead against hers for a kiss, while her fingers found and played with Camila’s clit.

“Oh, please…” Camila tightened her hold around Lauren’s neck, her thighs spreading wider as the farmhand, with her calloused fingertips, rubbed circles around the sensitive nub between her legs. “L-Lauren, I need you.”

Smiling to herself, Lauren nosed down Camila’s jaw. She peeled off the straps of Camila’s dress, pulled the fabric down so it would bunch around her stomach, and flattened her tongue against the pink buds of her breasts. Camila threw her head back. Her breath came out raggedly, and her nails dug deep into Lauren’s back, over her shirt.

Lauren licked the valley of Camila’s breasts and sucked on her other nipple. She pushed in two fingers into Camila’s tight heat, while the brunette bit her lip to muffle her moans. “It’s okay. Let me hear your moans.” Lauren whispered, triggering the gut-wrenching groan that erupted from Camila’s mouth. “That’s it. Again, Camila.” She sank down on her knees and licked the trembling muscles of Camila’s thighs.

Camila was panting raggedly by now, her elbows digging into the wooden surface of the countertop, while Lauren nosed her clit. Her hot mouth and slick tongue traced circles along her entrance, making Camila shiver and feel tingles run up her spine. Lauren hiked Camila’s legs over her shoulders and parted her mouth to push her tongue inside her juicy, leaking hole.

Slurping up the mess she made, Lauren reached down to the bulge in her overalls to rub her ignored cock. She could feel herself throb against her tight briefs, and as she buried her tongue inside Camila’s quivering pussy, the pulsing intensified.

Camila, to her pleasure, sobbed and bucked her hips greedily to feel more of Lauren’s talented tongue sliding along the soaked walls of her pussy. Handfuls of soft, brown hair spilled from her clenched fists, and her breathy moans caused her breasts to rise and fall with every intake of breath.

Lauren dragged her tongue along Camila’s pussy and sucked her swollen lower lips into her mouth. More of Camila’s cum leaked onto her tongue, and her cock was beginning to ache thanks to the lack of pressure and friction. She pulled back for a few moments to unhook and tug her clothes low enough for her cock to spring out. With a groan, she grasped her thickness and stroked herself.

“I’m so close,” Camila managed to gasp out at the rough contact of Lauren’s tongue against her clit. She was quivering with every pass of the brunette’s tongue, and it was impossible to deny that her pussy was leaking all over Lauren’s chin, as her mouth and nose ground against Camila’s sensitive core. “L-Laur, oh god—”

Humming a low, steady note as she continued devouring the trembling girl, Lauren was feeling the tension building up inside her testicles. She twisted and squeezed her thick meat with every upstroke. Precum dribbled along the slit of her cock, which made her jack herself off faster. “Come in my mouth, Camila.” Lauren whispered against Camila’s thigh. “Let me taste that delicious pussy.”

Always the one to obey, Camila’s back curved into a delectable spine. Her bitten lips, her trembling stomach, and her gushing pussy made Lauren’s head reel. But most of all, the taste of Camila’s hot cum all over her mouth and dripping down her chin was what set her off. In her hand, her cock throbbed and thick ropes of white cum spurted out of Lauren’s hard meat and onto the floor.

She continued to jerk off faster, her tongue darting in and out of Camila’s quivering pussy while the brunette was limp and panting on top of the kitchen counter. Lauren pulled back and licked her soaked lips. She stared at the sight of Camila and her cum staining the kitchen floor. “Are you alright?”

“Alright? I’m divine.” Camila giggled and after sitting up to plant a kiss against Lauren’s cum-coated mouth, got dressed. While Lauren wiped away her cum on the floor before Alejandro returned home.


The three of them sat around the kitchen table, coffee cups steaming beside her clasped hands. In front of Alejandro was a roadmap and a manila envelope which he mentioned to be filled with ‘important papers’. Lauren didn’t ask any further. And before her was a lined sheet of paper filled with Alejandro’s deliberate hand-writing. It was the list of chores that she must do every day, and a few odd ones as well, scrawled on the back of the page. In front of Camila, there was nothing.

“Now,” Alejandro began after a long sip of his black coffee. “I’m leaving the farm to the both of you for two weeks, at the very least. Sure, I can finish business within the week, but my buddies and I thought we’d spend some time together. Is that clear?”

Lauren nodded and Alejandro continued. “I’m leaving on Sunday. It gives us enough time to load up the truck and make sure you’ll have everything under control.” He told Lauren. Alejandro looked at the two girls before releasing a sigh. “In case there’s trouble…” He took out a bronze skeleton key and slid it across the table between Lauren and Camila. “That’s the key to my shotgun. It’s in a box, under my bed.”

Both girls swallowed hard and Lauren took the key. “This is the first time I’m leaving Camila in the farm instead of her cousins’, Lauren. And I trust you to keep her safe. Sure, I care about the farm. But god forbid someone tries to torch the house, forget everything but save my baby girl.”

“Daddy, you’re being melodramatic. No one would want to torch the farm.” Camila assured him by patting his large hand with hers. “Lauren and I can handle being alone for a few weeks. Right, Lauren?”

The look in her eye was unmistakeable, and it made Lauren nervous. Not because they were in the company of her dad, but because Lauren wanted Camila to look at her like that for the rest of her life.

Swallowing her thoughts away, Lauren nodded again. “Don’t worry about us, Alejandro. We’ll be just fine.”


That same night, after the clock struck midnight, Lauren climbed up the ladder and onto the loft where she and Camila took to spending the chilly autumn nights together while wrapped in thick flannel blankets. The lantern flickered soothing orange tones against the wooden beams of the barn’s interior. As always, Camila was leaning against the barn’s window, her breath creating faint steam that undulated into the night sky.

“Hi,” greeted Lauren. She smiled and slid in the blanket beside Camila. She nuzzled the brunette’s warm cheek and laced their fingers together beneath the blanket. “You look like you’re in deep thought.”

“I am,” Camila admitted, her head tilting against Lauren’s, her fingers playing with her pigtails. “I’ve been thinking, you see.” She craned her neck to kiss Lauren’s soft, plump lips. “I want to have sex with you. Right now. Tonight.”

Lauren furrowed her brows. She had been expecting this from Camila ever since the first day they started their ‘lessons’. “Why now? Your father is leaving in a few days. Can’t you wai—oh.”

Under the blankets, Camila unlaced Lauren’s sweatpants and slipped her hand inside to grasp Lauren’s limp cock. Pumping Lauren’s cock, Camila grinned and kissed her nose. “No, I can’t wait. I want your cock inside me now, Lauren. I’ve been a good girl, waiting for days when I’ve wanted you fucking me ever since I saw you.”

Lauren grunted and when her hips bucked into Camila uncontrollably, she knew she had lost. “Good thing I’m prepared.” She murmured, pulling out foil packets of condoms from her pocket. At this, Camila raised her brow.

“I don’t want you to use them.” Camila husked. She pulled the blanket off and straddled Lauren’s lap. “You told me you can’t impregnate anyone, and you know I haven’t been with anyone.” She blushed and unbuttoned her plaid shirt to expose her breasts, her nipples stiff from the cold. “Besides, I want to feel you. Fucking me… Pumping that cock until you blow your load inside me.”

Her eyes widening, Lauren licked her lips and sucked Camila’s nipple into her mouth before pulling back. “That was… Okay, Camila. No condoms.” She peeled her shirt off and ran her hands up and down Camila’s sides. Her cock lay against her stomach, hardening with the sight of Camila playing with her own breasts, her normally tan skin flushed with heat.

“Do you want to do it like this? You on top?”

Camila shrugged. “You’re the expert.” She murmured, her fingers curling around Lauren’s hard and hot shaft. She stroked it into complete stiffness, the pad of her index finger rubbing the slit until abundant amounts of precum trickled out in clear beads.

Smiling, Lauren kissed Camila’s mouth as she slipped her hand up Camila’s skirt. Sure enough, her pussy was bare, with no panties obstructing Lauren’s path. She fingered the brunette’s clit, her mouth flushed with hers. Lauren hummed and drew back to take a deep breath, before gripping Camila’s ass in both hands. “Let me taste your pussy first, before I put it my cock inside you.” She husked.

Camila bit her lip and rolled onto the bed, her legs parted wide on either side of her. Lauren immediately positioned herself, stomach against the bed, and engulfed Camila’s dripping pussy with her mouth. She licked around her clit and sank her teeth into the flesh of Camila’s pussy lips. Humming in delight at the taste that filled her senses, Lauren pushed Camila’s legs by the back of her knees and slipped her tongue inside her entrance.

“F-fuck…” Camila panted, her eyes squeezed shut and moonlight pooling on her rising chest. “You’re always so good at eating my pussy, Lauren.”

Looking up at the brunette with a smile, Lauren flicked her tongue across her clit harshly as she slipped two fingers inside her grasping hole. Her walls tightened and trembled against the pads of her fingers as Lauren crooked her finger to find the familiar spot that always made Camila’s hips jump. “My talent is nothing but the by-product of wanting to taste you.” Lauren answered, before latching onto Camila’s stiff clit.

Her fingers and her tongue worked in tandem to bring Camila to the cusp of orgasm. The brunette’s moans, muffled by a hand over her mouth, was enough to make Lauren’s head reel. She was so hard. Her cock throbbed against her stomach as she drew back and slowed down her thrusts. Camila whimpered begged softly to make her come, but Lauren had different plans.

Kneeling between Camila’s legs, Lauren grasped her cock by its base and glided it along the brunette’s warm and slick folds. She propped herself up with one hand, her eyes locked with Camila’s, as she directed the tip against her entrance. “Ready?” Lauren murmured, her lips trailing along the swell of her breasts, up to her mouth. “Bite me, scratch me if you must. And if it’s too uncomfortable—ah!”

Camila grasped Lauren’s ass and yanked her until her cock was buried deep inside her soaking wet pussy. She arched and bit hard on Lauren’s bottom lip. “Oh god, your cock is so big!” Camila panted.

“D-does it hurt?” Lauren’s brow knotted in concern, but she remained still, in case it would hurt Camila if she moved. Camila’s nails dug into Lauren’s back, her pigtails shaking as she shook her head.

“Keep going. I just have to adjust.” Camila’s stammered, her face burrowing against Lauren’s neck. Taking in a deep breath, Lauren focused on Camila’s features as she slowly dragged her length out of Camila, and pushed back in, inch by inch. She was nervous. After all, it wasn’t every day she was someone’s first.

Lauren leaned in for a kiss, her mouth playing with Camila’s in order to distract her from the throbbing between her legs. A moan tore through Camila’s trembling lips, and her pussy seemed to relax around Lauren’s cock. “Is that better, baby?” Lauren murmured against Camila’s jaw, her hips pressed against Camila.

Camila nodded and gasped when Lauren started rubbing her clit in fast circles but kept her slow thrusts. She pushed all the way inside and pulled out until only the head was buried in her pussy. “You can go faster,” Camila panted.

Grinning, Lauren pecked her lips and leaned back to watch her cock ream Camila’s pussy open. Her shaft came out shinier, coated with more precum, as Camila’s hole clenched and milked her pumping cock. “You should see how gorgeous you look…” Lauren whispered. “Your pussy is so wet, Camila, and your cum is all over my dick. Fuck.” She thrust sharply, and Camila made a noise that was between a squeak and a moan.

Camila’s lips were clamped tight, but Lauren knew how close she was, judging from the way her pussy tightened around her cock. Pinching her clit a few times, Lauren took off to pound Camila into the makeshift bed that creaked beneath their weight. Camila gasped and her back arched, and that was when Lauren felt Camila’s walls clamping around her, followed by a rush of scalding heat that gushed around her pumping meat.

“Oh, fuck yes…” Lauren flattened her front against Camila’s chest. “It feels so good, feeling you come around my dick.” She whispered against the blonde’s parted mouth. They kissed, and Lauren whimpered could feel her balls tensing. “I’m g-gonna—”

“Do it,” Camila husked, her lips and teeth closing around Lauren’s sensitive ears. “I want to feel your hot cum shoot inside me, filling me up.” She nipped and sucked on the back of Lauren’s ears, knowing how it made the brunette come harder and faster. Lauren breathed raggedly, her eyes rolling to the back of her head, and she growled. Her cock throbbed and pulsed as she spurted ropes of cum deep inside Camila’s grasping hole.

Slumping against Camila, Lauren spattered kisses all over her neck and cheeks. “Amazing… I can’t…” She panted, cock still buried inside Camila’s soft pussy. Lauren eased her cock out and rolled to her side. Following after her, Camila threw her legs and arms around Lauren with a small smile playing at her lips.

“That was fantastic.” She whispered against Lauren’s mouth. “And I hope,” her fingers teased the head of the panting girl’s cock. “You get to go again soon.”

“Again?” Lauren groaned, but her sensitive cockhead was already tingling and responding to Camila’s husky voice and her expert hand around her cock. “Keep doing that and I’ll show you how hard I can go.”


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 “You want to wave that gun at me - fine. But don’t you dare threaten my daughter. Try single mom who’s worked 60 hour weeks in six inch heels for tips in order to raise that genius child you see right there. I may not understand all this cyber whatever, but I know without that gun, you wouldn’t last 10 seconds against my girl.”


I got into advanced class and now I have to do a rll hard assignment so obviously I’m taking pictures instead of working on it (also six hours of difference are a lot I’m so tired)

Quality Of Life Scale

A Measure Of Function For People With Pain

0      Stay in bed all day. Feel hopeless and helpless about life.

1      Stay in bed at least half the day. Have no contact with the outside world.

2      Get out of bed but don’t get dressed. Stay at home all day.

3      Get dressed in the morning. Minimal activities at home. Contact with friends via phone, email.

4      Do simple chores around the house. Minimal activities outside of home two days a week.

5      Struggle but fulfill daily home responsibilities. No outside activity. Not able to work/volunteer.

6      Work/volunteer limited hours. Take part in limited social activities on weekends.

7      Work/volunteer for a few hours daily. Can be active at least five hours a day. Can make plans to do simple activities on weekends.

8      Work volunteer for at least six hours daily. Have energy to make plans for one evening social activity during the week. Active on weekends.

9      Work/volunteer/be active eight hours daily. Take part in family life. Outside social activities limited.

10      Go to work/volunteer each day. Normal daily activities each day. Have a social life outside of work.
Normal Quality Of Life

Guuuuys I'm worried

So everytime I straighten my knee it goes to slide out of place but doesn’t fully get there and it hurts when I straighten it
I think I may have damaged it when I was walking in the rain and nearly fell over but didn’t. Does anyone know what this means/what’s wrong with me?? How do I fix it?

My work basketball team won our game last night and it was a lot of fun. One more win and we’re in the play offs. I’m so tired today because I got home from my game at 10:30 last night and still had to shower and unwind so ended up not falling asleep until like 11:30 and I had to wake up at 5 for work and I like getting at least six and a half hours of sleep.