I know we mostly like to imagine the opposite, but adam is way more ripped than ronan. as ripped as a teen can be. hear me out:
-ronan is a deranged insomniac drunk who probably only eats frozen pizza and warm pizza when he really wants to treat himself. as a perpetually drunk italian I can assure you that is no way to get a six pack
-adam works manually like 10 hours a day. he’s a sexy mechanicist, the kind that you see sexy car-washing while completely drenched in soap in certain rated channels. he also moves rocks, works in a factory and somewhere else yet to be clarified, probably a sexy car wash fantasy commercial
-when ronan punched robert parrish, all the odds were against him right? because robert is way bigger. you wouldnt expect him to win, it was a desperate, stupid move. but ronan is faster and even more vicious. imagine this giant angry man fighting against a scrawny emo teen, and the scrawny emo teen winning. that’s fucking awesome  
-ronan is a twink


This is something that I had to think about for a while.

Mob’s never felt the urge to do actually murder before. Overwhelming rage, yes, and hostility, also yes. But murderous intent? Never. Willingness to kill another human, not just injure them in order to protect his loved ones?

What would bloodied hands do to a fourteen-year-old kid? The weight of a life is no small thing, even for an adult to carry. And Shigeo is no adult.

What would have become of him, had Reigen not been there? Hanazawa and Ritsu would be safe (and it’s not like they’re wrong, because this truly is a life-or-death situation). Gods, I don’t think anyone from Claw would have come after them then. But at what price?

What would it have done to Shigeo’s heart, to have to take on that responsibility? It would have shattered me like a sheet of salt, and I’m (nominally) an adult with my fair share of cynicism and misanthropy. 

Shigeo would have done it, to protect the ones he loved.

But Reigen says, no. The price isn’t worth it. What it will do to you is not worth it.

You don’t have to be brave. You don’t have to take this responsibility.

And Shigeo breathes in, a gasp like when you’re on the verge of crying your eyes out. From relief.

Kageyama Shigeo is fourteen years old and this show never lets us forget that.

In any other show, he would have been forced to take on the most unthinkable of burdens, regardless of the price to his own wellbeing - if it even paid any attention to that at all.

But then there’s Reigen.

It’s okay to run away. It’s okay, Mob.

I’ve got you.


“I didn’t give myself a chance to relax. I worked six days a week, 16 hour days, and on the seventh day I worked for Chanel. But the relentlessnes of the shoot is felt. I think, and helps the movie, because like Maureen I felt like I couldn’t get away from dealing with having a body and a mind. Both were tired. I’m not a character actor - I don’t want to hide behind characters, I want to find myself within them. And Maureen was particularly exhausting. She only momentarily allows herself to be distracted by pleasure. That’s why those moments in the film feel so good.”

Theater Mode, aw yeah! I have never enjoyed bad horror more. @officialah

Featuring, from left to right, “Fetal Pose” Jeremy Dooley, “Just Kill Me” Geoff Ramsey, “THEY THANKED WINDOWS 7″ Ryan Haywood, “Mad” Michael Jones, and … Jack Pattillo. Just Jack. (I ran out of funny. So sue me. It’s 1am and I’ve been working on this for like six hours.)

This was trippy as f*** to make. My eyes went weird at the end with the purple and red and rotoscoping the guys took a really long time.

Other art by me!

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March 26th 1830: The Book of Mormon published

On this day in 1830, the Book of Mormon was first published at E.B Grandin’s New York bookstore. The founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith Jr, claimed that he had been visited by an angel called Moroni who told him of ancient writings on golden plates which described people God led to the Western hemisphere before the birth of Jesus. These plates were supposedly found by Smith buried by a tree near his home. Smith said he was told by Moroni to translate the plates into English and publish them. Smith initially struggled to find someone to publish the book as many considered it fraudulent and blasphemous. Smith and his friend Martin Harris began work on translating the Book of Mormon, with Smith dictating by either reading directly or using seer stones placed in a top hat. It took eight men and boys working 12 hours a day, six days a week, for almost eight months to print the initial 5,000 copies, which went on sale in March 1830. The building in New York where the Book of Mormon was first published and sold is now the Book of Mormon Historic Publication Site.

To put some things in perspective re: My Job Situation/Being a Freelance Social Media Person: you know how we are always saying artists are underpaid and their art is undervalued? How people don’t wanna pay for commissions?

That’s my existence when I try to onboard new clients. People don’t understand the amount of actual work it takes to build a proper social media presence that is SPECIALIZED according to their needs and audience. I don’t even ask for much compared to professional firms because I’m young and don’t have the advantage of having a MASSIVE portfolio of work yet although the QUALITY of what I’ve managed to get done in two years is amazing. And yet, despite my pricing not even being as high as it SHOULD BE, people don’t wanna take this seriously.

Late Night Shopping - Calum Hood

A/N: Here please don’t hate me *throws this at you and leaves crying softly*

You’re walking through the supermarket trying not to see anyone you know. At 11:30pm on a Thursday evening this is usually not difficult. However being caught in your worn, hole ridden pants and one of Calum’s band shirts, massacra and eye-liner smudged all underneath your eyes giving the effect of a panda isn’t something you were keen for.

You’d had a terrible day. Firstly you’d had early classes of your least favourite courses. Then worked for six hours of your usual shift, seemingly it was grumpy peoples’ day out and you were obviously not notified. You’d been given added overtime without notice because your coworker hadn’t turned up for her shift and despite the money being good you just weren’t in the mood. Finally you’d gotten home to a dark and silent house. A cruel reminder that your boyfriend was on tour with his band and wouldn’t be home for another two months. You’d had a small mental breakdown that had resulted in your mascara smudges and t-shirt thieving. Having settled down a little from your breakdown by now you were ducking into the grocery store to grab a bottle of champagne and a tub of ice-cream to console yourself. Unhealthy coping mechanisms but you frankly didn’t care at 11:30 pm.

You had parked somewhat away from the actual shopping centre despite the multitude of spare spaces; you just didn’t want to be right up close to everyone else. As you headed into the store you grabbed a basket and meandered towards the alcohol section splurging on some reasonable champagne. As a teenager vodka had never been a favourite of yours but you’d become a champagne snob after visiting the boys on their European leg of the last tour. It was something you’d not been able to let go ever since.

You grabbed the champagne before you could reassess your life and headed for the ice-cream aisle wandering down the chocolate asile on your way just to tempt yourself some more. A way to make the trip last a little longer not wanting to go home to an empty house.

You’re halfway down the chocolate aisle when running feet startle you as they round the corner and continue on pounding towards you, halting briefly the tall blur reaches a long arm around you to grab something off the shelf in front of you. ‘Sorry!’ The deep voice says hurriedly. You startle for a second time grabbing the tall blur, that has become a tall yet visible man now, by his arm. 'Luke what the actual fuck!’ You exclaim convinced you’re dreaming. 'Y/N!’ He responds just as startled as you are, you’re not sure why he’s so startled to see you considering you in fact live in this town and he is supposed to be in another state entirely. Luke squeezes you into a massive hug nonetheless, rattling the champagne against the basket and pushing all the air out of you. 'Woah I’ve missed you so much and so has your boyfriend that’s why I have to be quick getting this, I told him I couldn’t wait I needed some chocolate so,’ he kisses your head in a loving big brotherly fashion despite being two years younger than you, 'I’ve gotta go I’ll catch you some time!’ He pulls away as you roll your tired eyes. 'Luke!’ You say half amused half annoyed. 'Yeah?’ He turns jogging on the stained linoleum. 'Do me a massive favour please.’ You speed walk over not wanting to run to him should the champagne begin clunking against the plastic carry basket again. 'Pay for this and a tub of ice-cream and bring them back to the bus I’ll meet you there.’ You fish out two twenty dollar notes from your pocket pushing them into his hand. 'Get your chocolate too and keep the change.’ You give him a quick hug and thrust the basket at him. He rightens himself, beginning to protest the amount you’ve given him as you take off running through the store towards the car park around the back, the most inconspicuous spot to have a massive tour bus. You race down the aisles earning dirty looks from shoppers and employees alike not that you care in the slightest. Despite being dead tired and emotionally spent you sprint on through the doors and burst into the night air, fresh and cool. Your legs are tired by this stage, purely due to lack of sleep and extreme fatigue from your busy day, but you refuse to slow down.

Rounding the corner of the big concrete building that is the shop you let out a little squeal of joy. As you suspect the bus is parked inconspicuously behind the store, lights on inside engine running still, clearly expecting a quick stop. You race across the car park dodging the parked cars, there is no traffic due to the late hour luckily for you. You’re too excited to be salty Calum didn’t tell you he was coming. You don’t even care if it’s only for a day, you’re ecstatic to see your closest friend and boyfriend.

You pound once on the door and it opens automatically, the waiting for it to open wide enough for you to slip in causing you to jog lightly on the step.

'About fucking time Luke, that’s 10 whole minutes with Y/N I’m missing out on for your cravings!’ Calum grumbles from the lounge not looking up from his phone, the fact that this upsets him makes you smile a little, pleased your boyfriend is as excited to see you as you are to see him. He stands leaning against the back lounge wall next to the window.

You rush to him, smothering him in a hug so fierce he drops his phone, which thankfully lands safely on the wrap around lounge. 'Y/N!’ He responds with arms that engulf your shoulders as he buries his head in your neck. He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly as he pushes his face closer to your neck, stubbled chin resting millimetres below your ear. You rock from foot to foot still embracing him, much too excited to stand still. 'What are you doing I was going to surprise you!’ He says with a laugh breaking barely a foot apart at the torso, hips still flush against you arms sliding down to your waist hands resting gently on your hip bones. 'I was getting a few essentials that I have since persuaded Luke to grab for me. When I saw him race down the chocolate aisle I almost died of shock. I cannot believe you’re here!’ You reach up brushing a hand across his cheek with a feather light touch. 'I’ve missed you so much and your timing is impeccable! I really missed you today.’ You explain quietly cuddling back into Calum, determined to get in as many hugs as you can before he returns to the tour. 'Aww don’t you miss me everyday? Not just sometimes!’ He laughs faking offense. 'Don’t be silly you know I miss you all the time today just was a particularly terrible day in general and being with my boyfriend would have made it a lot more pleasant. But shocked as you may be I actually miss you most when it’s beautiful outside when I walk in the park, or when something great happens. Your my best friend as well as my boyfriend.’ You say into his chest somewhat shyly. He wraps you tighter in his strong arms. 'Same, Y/N same, I’ve missed you so much and I’m not here for long but I couldn’t not have the time with you.’ He says placing a gentle kiss on your head.

'Alright we get it but you can go home now before you make us all sick. Take your shit and get out. We’ll pick you up in a week.’ Michael says making shoving motions with his hands. Ashton laughs and pats Calum on the back. 'Go on mate.’ Ashton then rubs your back gently 'good to see you Y/N, take care of him and I’ll come pick him up when the breaks over, sorry it’s only short.’ He says sympathetically. You smile up at the curly-haired drummer, 'thanks Ash, it’s good to see you too.’ You briefly break away from Calum to give Ashton a warm hug. Embracing him you you close your eyes and smile contently, you’ve missed being with your little family almost as much as you’ve missed Calum.

Your smile morphs into a wicked grin, letting go of Ashton you march deeper into the bus. 'Your turn! I haven’t seen you in such a long time you have no say in the matter Clifford!’ You throws your arms around Michael as Ashton and Calum share amused laughs. You do a little dance as he pulls you into his flannel-clad chest. 'I’ve missed you all, even you Mikey!’ You joke but look up at him to make sure he knows you really have missed them all. He laughs loudly, 'we’ve missed you too, Calum particularly, the bus is pretty small mate, we can hear you.’ He winks at your blushing boyfriend. 'Be nice.’ You scold squeezing your arms tightly around his middle. 'And give me my girlfriend back.’ Calum pouts. You laugh letting go of Michael you walk back to Calum, sliding an arm around his waist. 'Come on let’s get your stuff and chase Luke down for mine then we can go home.’ You say excitement at the idea of a week with your boyfriend at home. He nods enthusiastically placing an arm around your shoulders gently he picks up his bag and presses the button to open the door. You call goodbyes as you walk towards a much calmer Luke, the tiredness that touring causes is showing on all the boys and Luke, despite his bubbly nature is no exception. He hands you your shopping and you give him a gentle hug as a thank you. 'Thanks Luke, take care of yourself, have a good rest.’ You say worried about how much of a toll this touring takes on them all. He nods and you walk off in seperate directions. Calum’s hand is nestled in yours as you walk to the car, having parked so far away from the few cars in the car park does have advantages and being able to reacquaint yourself with your boyfriend after so long in reasonable privacy is one of them. Although you’re both exhausted kissing in your car like teenagers before driving home and sharing a shower and then falling asleep I each other’s arms is an exhilarating idea. Now every time you go to a a supermarket you wish you did see someone you knew.


방탄소년단 (13.06.2013 - FOREVER).
FROM 2 COOL 4 SKOOL화양연화 pt.2.

My friend has an headcanon about this: “I truly have fallen in love with Keith then. My rival, the most fucking annoying person in this world…and the one who has eyes only for Shiro…”

god this is really depressing… BUT ANGST IS LIFE
btw, shamelessly “”“inspired”“” (more like fucking copied lol) by the picture in this post.
six hours of work for this, this… stuff?? I don’t even know if i like it or not??????? I don’t like his lips but whatever, i couldn’t do something better *sob*

Always You

Anon Requested:  Seventeen’s wonwoo-23 and 3 please! (Fluff~^•^)


Originally posted by daihun

Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader

Warnings: No warnings

Word Count: 1043

“Do you like him?”

“After everything…I’d still choose you.”

“Bye, Jackson!” You waved to your phone screen seeing the facetime call end. Once you didn’t see Jackson’s face anymore your face fell and a sigh left your lips. The weight of the phone weighed down against your hand and you let it plop down beside you on the couch.

Your head fell back against the back of the couch and you felt a heaviness come upon your eyes. There are days in which the tiredness you have comes in both forms, physical and mental. Your body needs to rest, you work six hours a day and you’re a full time student so you’re easily tired, but still making time to see your friends? You should get a gold medal just for the effort of that. You wanted to sleep but a low chuckle caused your eyes to slowly open and head turn to the hallway where you saw Wonwoo leaning against the wall, his eyes were staring at you but a small smile was on his face. If you hadn’t known his face so well you probably would’ve missed it because it disappeared almost as soon as you saw it.

You blinked slowly but a lazy smile came across your face when you saw Wonwoo make his way to the other side of the couch sitting across from you. Your back leaning against the right arm of the couch while Wonwoo’s side laid against the left, another square couch cushion was the only space in between you both. You hadn’t spoken to Wonwoo in weeks so seeing him in the flesh made you happy. “Do you like him?” Your smile completely faded at that, your mind being brought back to Jackson, the cute older boy who wanted nothing more than to have your attention. You couldn’t help the sigh that left your mouth, you shook your head at the question not answering him verbally.

Things have been weird between you and Wonwoo, you two dated, that much wasn’t as shocking as all of the boys first made it out to be. You two were different but it was nice, you were louder while he was quiet, you enjoyed that. You also picked up on it soon finding yourself not yelling as much as you used to. He was the talented one, knowing how to sing and dance while you would rather spend your time at a university and get your degrees so you could have a high paying job. You two were both busy with your own things but you two also balanced each other out extremely well.

“How have you been? I haven’t seen you around here in a while.” Wonwoo asks, you draw your eyes away from him to just shrug and pull your knees to your chest. You guessed you really did pick up on how quiet he was because just a few weeks ago you would have jumped at the chance to talk to Wonwoo, but now you weren’t even giving him short answers, they were all nonverbal and you didn’t know why you were being so quiet. “(Y/N).” Wonwoo spoke, his voice deep but it rang through your ears. He never really called you by your name, not even when you two were friends before you two started dating, he always had nicknames for you, he only really called you by your name when he was being serious or you two were fighting.

Your eyes shot up to him finally looking at him and uttered a ‘What.’ Wonwoo’s body turned and scooted closer to you landing on the middle couch cushion and placed a hand on your knee. “Talk to me, we haven’t seen each other in weeks. You can still talk to me, you know.” You sighed for a third time and nodded before dropping your legs to sit criss crossed on the couch. “So…” Wonwoo trailed a sly smile appearing on his face and you instantly quirked up an eyebrow at what he could possibly say next. “I heard you’ve been on a few dates.”

A loud groan left your lips and your body fell back against the couch arm. His statement all true, you have been on a few dates. Three to be exact and all with Jackson Wang. Wonwoo figured from your answer that you either didn’t want to talk about this with him or the dates went horribly, but how bad could they be if you went on three of them in a matter of two weeks? He figured it was the first option and opted with that. “I know you probably don’t want to talk about it with me, but-”

“It’s not that.” You sighed before sitting up straight again. Your eyes fell to your fingers which were only preoccupying you.

It’s not that you didn’t want to talk to him, you loved talking to Wonwoo. He knew all of your secrets and you knew all of his. You two had only dated for maybe a year but you two fell hard and fast. You knew everything there was to know about him and he knew everything about you, he knew when you were trying to ignore him, he knew what you did when you were sad, angry, happy, excited, he knew it all. So, it was obvious to him that you were trying to preoccupy yourself while you were thinking of what to say next. He didn’t rush you to speak, he knew you were going to say something, you just didn’t know what to say to him. Actually, you knew what you wanted to say you just didn’t know how to word it. You’d get lost in your own thoughts until you felt a hand coming up to stop your fidgeting fingers. You closed your eyes momentarily remembering what it felt to have his hands on yours, you missed this. You missed him.

You let out a huff of air and looked up at him. “After everything…I’d still choose you.” You admitted the words falling from your lips. The only thing you could remember was the feeling of his hand tightening on yours and the simple nod of his head and warm smile agreeing with you.

There was nothing more that he wanted than to be with you again.

Matt’s ADHD ass can’t get work done in under six hours so he just ends up watching REAL ALIEN FOOTAGE NOT FAKE NOT GAY and sending Shiro a bunch of them and those videos of real cryptid sightings

and of course Shiro doesn’t watch them at work and he teases Matt about being nerdy but Shiro secretly loves that shit

anonymous asked:

so i'm a cashier at a grocery story and currently in my last semester of high school. it's an amazing job but i get scheduled WAY more hours than i was told when i got hired. i was told 15-20 a week and i'm working 24 to 30 easily an average week, sometimes more. and like it's not terrible but my shifts are six hours so that means the days i work i can't go home and do homework. i'm scared of having to quit for school if it gets too much but i have to pay for college too :(


I got more than six hours of uninterrupted sleep plus it is Free Starbucks Day so whatever I come up with, just scream “NO, MEG” back at me please cause my id is going to say “let’s do literally anything else but the difficult story where you have to pretend you can write like an educated human person who didn’t wikipedia and lie her way through this plot” and I got like eight hundred words left on Meet Cute With Cats

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My first 3 days with Petty Manager was an enlightening time. They lied to me about what was responsibly to know before I clocked in (which later got me in trouble with a different manager). Trained me wrong on the registers so that everything I did was wrong. Either lied or said they didn't know when I asked a question or instead of helping me told me I should know where something was when I had just started and only worked about six hours total at the store.