u know those pivotal moments in rpgs where u make a decision for what ur gonna do next and its gonna profoundly affect the game??? well i have work in six hours, a few errands to run, and an apartment to clean BUT i haven’t played overwatch in a hot minute and now i’m sitting here like

The Women Working in NYC's Nail Salons Are Treated More Terribly Than You Can Imagine

About four years ago, I was at a 24-hour spa in Koreatown. It’s one of the Vogue top-secret best-bet salons—a really unusual place. It was my birthday, and I treated myself to a pedicure at 10 AM. And I said to the woman, “It’s so crazy that this is a 24-hour salon. Who works the night shift?” And she says, “I work the night shift.” And I said, “Well, it’s daytime. Who works the day shift? What do you mean?”

And she said, “I work six days a week, 24 hours a day, I live in a barracks above the salon, and on the seventh day, I go home to sleep in my bedroom in Flushing, and then I come right back to work.”

And I was like, This woman’s in prison. People had to shake her to keep her awake. And then she would do a treatment. I just thought it was crazy.

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A lot of people are posting about Five Nights at Freddy’s but I think we’re all missing the most fucked up part of this God Forsaken game.  

For 5 nights of work, six hours each, with a job description that basically amounts to “Don’t die at the hands of a bunch of deranged Chuck E Cheese character knock offs" 

They pay you $120

For the most stressful, life-threatening 30 hours of your life

They pay you one hundred and twenty dollars

You are making four dollars an hour


방탄소년단 (13.06.2013 - FOREVER).
FROM 2 COOL 4 SKOOL화양연화 pt.2.

Today, I fucked up... by getting my boyfriend a gift

This morning I was awoken by a knock at the door. I open the door and no one is there. Then my phone goes off saying a gift I ordered for my boyfriend was delivered.

I was excited for this to arrive, his birthday is this weekend and I wanted to get everything wrapped and hidden. I stepped out to the backdoor to see if they left it out there, my cats love getting outside so I closed the door behind me. Yay! The package! I pick it up and go to return inside…the doorknob doesn’t turn…I am locked out.

My phone, keys, and shoes are all inside and my boyfriend won’t be home for six hours…fuck. Wait, he’s working about a half mile away today, it’s easy to walk to…only I’m barefoot.

So I open the package and pullout the new dress socks I got him for one of his gifts. I slip them on and start walking the streets of Chicago half naked and wearing just socks on my feet.

I made it there and back, but his socks are ruined and so is my pride. At least the morning commuters had something to look at.

My feet are raw and covered in blisters. 

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.


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Revenge of the Sith | Behind the Scenes | The Jedi Training

In order to prepare for his stunts and the much-anticipated duel between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Hayden Christensen was required to arrive in Sydney back in 2003 three months prior to the Revenge of the Sith filming. He did six hours of sword fighting and another two hours of training — an hour solid of weights and an hour of cardiovascular work. He also had to eat six times a day to bulk up for his role of the fallen Jedi. In the end, he added 11 kilograms to his frame.

The main part of his training constituted of rehearsing his fight scenes with Kyle Rowling (Count Dooku’s stunt double) and Michael Byrne (Palpatine’s stunt double), with whom he practiced for his duel with Obi-Wan. Nick Gillard received his own small camera crew from George Lucas and filmed the entire process as test shoots for the stunts and lightsaber battles in Episode III, which means that Hayden Christensen not only filmed most of his stunts and swordfighting, but also participated in the test shoots and thus became an integral part of the creative process behind the choreography of his own fight scenes.

Teacher’s Personal Assistant

Agdar was growing impatient. It was parent-teacher conferences and he was one of the last appointments for the teacher, and then he had to go to the pharmacy and pick up his kids’ allergy pills, go to the store, and then make dinner before tucking his son and two year old daughter to bed.

After that, he had to do whatever else needed to be done at home before going to night school online and then take the dog out before getting a few hours sleep. He had to then get up, drop his daughter off at her day care, and then drop his son off at school, and then going to his minimum paying job to work for six and a half hours, pick them up and then redo everything. Well, that’s what happens when your ex-wife is a whore who refuses to see or even help out with her kids, leaving Agdar to care for them both in every way that a responsible parent can.

It didn’t leave much, if any, time for him. In any sense of the word. Some days he’d be so caught up in the pattern, he would forget to eat, change, shower, or shave or sleep. Today was the later, and he felt dead on his feet, but he was still here for his son.


as if maribelle would let anyone marry her darling treasure without inserting herself into the marriage lol


make me choose » anonymous asked clarke/raven or scott/stiles

↳ “Scott, just listen to me okay? You’re not no one. You’re someone, you’re Scott, you’re my best friend. Okay? And I need you. Scott, you’re my b r o t h e r.”

Chara Answer Parody -- 'Stronger Than You'
  • Chara Answer Parody -- 'Stronger Than You'
  • EmilianModeMusic
  • Undertale

Response Parody to @djsmell‘s sans Parody ‘Stronger Than You’.

HOLY CRAP this was so much fun to do! I discovered djsmell’s parody a week ago or so, but the idea to do a response to it didn’t hit me until late last night, while talking to Tekid. I was just singing along and started changing the lyrics, and realized it sounded a lot like Chara talking, and everything just took off from there. Then I spent about six hours working and reworking the harmony from this morning into the early afternoon, then added in the sound effects and fixed the balance between all the parts.

Fun fact: playing this alongside the original sans parody has some of the lines line up, and hearing them say ‘dirty brother killer’ at the same time gave me CHILLS. And I don’t mean to brag, but the crescendo and chord progression at ‘I’m made of fury, I’m made of anger, I am DETERMINATION’ absolutely KILLED me when I listened back to it the first time.

Anyways! Please enjoy! And thank you again to djsmell for the inspiration!

8-Bit Stronger Than You by Soreperior (@awkwardimbecile) .
Original Parody by @djsmell.
Icon credited to the amazing @gymleadercheren
Undertale owned by Toby Fox (
@undertale, fwugradiation).
Stronger Than You owned by Rebecca Sugar (@rebeccasugar).

Vocals and SFX performed by EmilianModeMusic.
Attack SFX courtesy of zeviox on YouTube.

Edit: I had more people than I expected trying to listen to both sans and Chara’s versions at the same time, and some people were having trouble synching them up, so I took the liberty of removing the harmonies from my version and messing with the balance a bit to make sure that both parts can be heard clearly against one another. You can find this version here!

Lyrics under the cut!

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Juggling the Details of the ‘Hamilton’ Juggernaut (WSJ):

As the nation’s founding fathers strut and fret upon the stage of Broadway’s Richard Rodgers Theatre, Jason Bassett plays an unseen role, perched on a snug triangular wooden platform about 10 feet above them.

While the cast of the smash-hit hip-hop musical “Hamilton” weaves through fast-paced raps and intricate wordplay, he follows them word for word, calling the show’s 856 lighting cues and 40 set cues with rapid-fire, split-second timing.

But overseeing the spectacle is just part of Mr. Bassett’s job as the musical’s production stage manager. Working six days a week, often 12 hours a day, he is responsible—with the help of two assistants—for managing the show’s behind-the-scenes aspects. That also includes organizing rehearsals, coordinating between creative and technical crews and solving problems, such as how to replace an ensemble member mid-show.


Have you had any mishaps?

We have mishaps all the time. Last week, one of our cast members came off the stage during the first act. She had tweaked her neck during a big dance number and she struggled to try to stay on as long as possible. As soon as I had a conversation with her, I told the swing to start getting ready and I told sound.

As soon as it’s comfortable, I make the switch. It’s actually a very smooth transition; the audience would never know. We’ve gotten fairly proficient at it because we’ve had to do it four or five times now.

I was just thinking… Jason was fifteen when he died. He was still little. He probably hadn’t hit his growth spurt yet– and then he was dead for a while and then he was in a coma, and basically what I’m saying is–

He probably woke up dramatically taller than he was when he died.

And now all I can picture is Jason and his six foot self, forty-eight hours into working a priority case, bumping into door frames because maybe he forgets how big he is when he’s really tired

I really think that financial transparency is important, so that people don’t feel crazy. I want people to know that it does make a difference when you can wake up at 11 AM, drink coffee and stare out a window and dream for hours and hours, as compared to say someone who has to get up at six, commute to work, work for nine to 10 hours and then run errands and come home at 10 PM and try to write. It makes a difference if you have a husband whose health insurance you can get on. Parents who bail you out. A kind of body that attracts somewhat benign sugardaddies who will pay for your rent, or a privileged enough upbringing that someone taught you how to save your money and what to do with the money you have so that you can keep having more. Some people have to send money home to their families in other countries, some people have kids, some people are kids supporting their parents and their kids. Some people can go to Berlin for three months to “get away from it all and write.” Some people say they ate ramen for two weeks but take cabs everywhere and buys rounds of drinks and packs and packs of cigarettes. I say if you can afford to be transparent, then do it. Do it so the rest of us can figure out how to afford to be someone we wanna be.