Preliminary book list

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Reading list clarification before I run out for the day! I don’t actually need anything written, that was a poorly worded joke, though of course we all welcome such posts!

What I’m looking for are books/dissertations at least 30% in-depth studies about specific deities, rather than just mentioning them on a page or two.

My current list is below. The qualifications are: in English, from the 1980s or later, and primarily Roman (or at least with Roman portions clearly marked off from the Greek). It does not need to be open access at this point.

Anything I’m missing, I’m all ears!

Edit: Now with some brilliant additions from redlotuscult and honorthegods! Thank you again! Still looking for Venus, Vulcan, and probably some better Isis & Serapis sources as those are NOT my expertise. But all suggestions readily welcome!

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Today, I’ve finished off wrapping my wooden embroidery hoop with bias binding; I had originally tried to wrap it with masking tape, but it didn’t work well for me. After the masking tape wrap failed, I came across this lovely tutorial on how to wrap a wooden embroidery hoop by Sarah Homfray.

So here it is, my embroidery hoop ready for some hand embroidery work. I am looking forward to doing embroidery again.

You can find the tutorial here:

HOMFRAY, S. (22/6/17)


I don’t think I’ve ever posted one of these where I haven’t noticed a hundred lttle tweaks I forgot to make, and have had to repost the whole thing.

I’m pretty wiped out now, so for the moment, I’m going to call this one done.  There are some specific bits I might rework later on, but I’m pretty happy with it overall.

A little peek of Acadia Creek Park in Blythe Harbor Lite. I would show more but 75% of my terrain painting disappeared after I went to Map View, then CAS, then back to the lot. No idea how that happened. I had saved and everything. Even quitting the game and going back into the save didn’t help. Grrr.

Aiming to have this save ready to upload by the middle of the week, if anyone is curious about my progress.