Sneak peak of a little short comic I’m working on for @blueandgcld! Hopefully I’ll have the other pages done in a week or so! (first time making gifs, so I’m hoping to work on better resolution)

She wrote this super cute au of Adrienette and I adored it so she’s letting me make a little project based off of it for her! Read it here and love it like I did ^-^

Also, thank you to everyone for all of the sweet messages…it’s been a rough couple of weeks but I’m back on tumblr and feeling much more like myself!:D So yay! You guys rock<3 Thanks~~


Tonight’s progress on the first year bald eagle illustration. Lots of work to do on the head and feet, as well as cleaning some edges and finessing some shadows/layer merging. Fresh eyes tomorrow will help with that!


Here’s some terrible photos of the dress I’m building for my cousins wedding. I am seriously regretting the choice to do a narrow skirt instead of a gathered full one, but OH WELL.
Bottom photo has a bow detail thingy super awkwardly pinned on. I think ill use it.

It needs to be pressed, nothing is hemmed or finished, but I’m not feeling super great about it. I feel like it’s not more special than something I could have gotten off the rack, which sucks a lot.