The proof of my early summer seaside carnival fabric design came today!

(p☆qω・) and its soo cute!!

I think the quality of the print on Kona Cotton is *super* clear. At some point I am going to make revisions to the print (your suggestions/feedback is always welcome), but for the moment being if you don’t want to wait, it is available for sale on Spoonflower (as wallpaper and wrapping paper, too!)

These are a couple redesigns of Lola and an old character of mine called Levi. 
I think i’m enjoying this more simple style and i think i’m going to run with this for the comic i’m planning. I’m dead excited to add more and show you guys what i have in store. I’m gonna be working on it when i can so update may be a little slow. 
However, enjoy this concept art! 
Any ideas you have; i would love to hear. 

Special shout out to @champasaurus for being a super awesome person to get me to do this.


And here are some girls which I did for practice last month. I rarely paint women…and with colors, so I decided to do something different for fun. Before I forget how female anatomy works HA. Both were done in Photoshop CC with Wacom Cintiq 27QHD and from Adidas girl you can check whole progress video on my YouTube channel here. Enjoy.

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