My friends and I went as Skinner, Dalish and Rocky from the Bull’s Chargers at Texas Ren Faire. Here’s a little preview of more pictures to come. This is completely based of @serenity-fails post

I tried really hard not to smile, but I couldn’t stop laughing.

Skinner - Me: ch3rryshortcake

Dalish: Rhyuno


I am absolutely, heart numbingly in love with this drawing. It is the most unique and relieving feeling in the world to finally draw something that feels 100% right to you, and utters your full respect to the professor.

Fine, I’ll tell you: they are Aegnor and Andreth, my newest discovery of Tolkien’s legendarium, and I am absolutely in love with their story. They are the only couple in this writing where a male elf and a female mortal fell in love, but due to the war they did not marry, and he died fighting before they could. Now they are haunting my imagination, every thought bringing ever more love for this couple and their tragedy. Yes, I am aware I have a problem, being too obsessed with tragic love stories! 🌟

what do you think so far?

(It is this years annual valentines drawing, as suggested through the prompt I held a few days ago! ☺❤)

good things to know about KNK
  • they laugh at each other. even on shows when it’s not overall? funny they still laugh at each other bc it just show to tell that they make each other laugh in generally and its just so heartwarming to see
  • just seeing the hyungs going along with Heejun’s request
  • how they always make sure and assure each other to wear seatbelts whenever in the car
  • everything is so new to them: remember their first oversea schedule? at the airport, the staff told them that they’ll need to use their t-money card for the transit system and they all just followed through (not knowing that it was a prank by their staff). They were in awe to see an actual train in an airport. 
  • And they were in awed flying first time in business class. 
  • And making a tent by the Han river?
  • Heejun said it that when he was a FNC trainee, along with Inseong, he would go and ask inseong for advice (heejun was there longer than inseong)
  • Don’t forget that Seungjun said it was fate for him & Inseong to have debut together, although they’ve went separate ways only to meet again :’)
  • Seungjun said that whenever he hears Inseong sings, he feels so assure and for him not to worry about the main vocal position
  • let’s not forget Inseong randomly giving a kiss to Youjin’s cheek during a live show
  • let’s not forget Seungjun’s morning kiss to Youjin’s shoulder arm during their Yes or No video
  • let’s not forget Jihun calling Youjin “yeobo” when he answered his phone call during that one vlive
  • basically everybody member loves Youjin
  • Props to KNK’s staff i’ve said it and i will say it again they are 110% they love their uri keunakeun boy[s]
  • Leader Jihun bless him for feeding his hyungs and maknae
  • this is more personal but have you notice that Jihun’s hair dances with him?? so smoooooth
  • biggest b2st/highlight fan ever!
  • Seungjun’s “fan”art of tinkerbell always always have both a fanboy & fangirl tinkerbell it’s the sweetest