I am absolutely, heart numbingly in love with this drawing. It is the most unique and relieving feeling in the world to finally draw something that feels 100% right to you, and utters your full respect to the professor.

Fine, I’ll tell you: they are Aegnor and Andreth, my newest discovery of Tolkien’s legendarium, and I am absolutely in love with their story. They are the only couple in this writing where a male elf and a female mortal fell in love, but due to the war they did not marry, and he died fighting before they could. Now they are haunting my imagination, every thought bringing ever more love for this couple and their tragedy. Yes, I am aware I have a problem, being too obsessed with tragic love stories! 🌟

what do you think so far?

(It is this years annual valentines drawing, as suggested through the prompt I held a few days ago! ☺❤)

Sneak peek of some prints I’ve been working on recently since I’ve been neglecting my Tumblr recently ^^; Been a bit busy with Zelda, Overwatch, Splatoon and a recent trip to Niagara Falls but I hope to have these all finished within the next month! :D And looking forward to lots of Zelda art (omg so many characters I want to draw ;__; <3)

Also in the works is a promo poster for the next Splatoon Squid Social in Toronto at A&C games coming up on April 29th! So I will be sharing that before the end of the month! If you’re interested in joining us for Squid Social #6, send me a note and I’ll point you in the right direction :)

So all in all lots of art incoming! Get hype ^-^

Soon finished but I just had to show off the last sneak-peak of my Maglor :3 the colors are a little messed up here but I am completely in love so I hope you’ll like the finished product! ^^

No feeling in the world can be compared to the feeling of finally doing something right for once, and having the perfect vision for a drawing. Someone told me that you can only ever decide for yourself what you want to draw and that you need to figure out what it is, and it is so true. To try and draw without a vision or idea is useless!

So this is Elwë or Eru Thingol as he is later called, and Melian the Maia at their first meeting. They are the power-couple of middle earth and it was such a great feeling finally drawing them how I see them!

It is yet a Wip so I hope to finish soon! (And please don’t reblog without the description, but I live for your awesome tags so please reblog with your thoughts on the artwork ^^)

Weight is stupid.
Officially vowing to not step on the scale for at least a week, hopefully two (this is actually gonna be hard haha). Last time I checked I was 128 lbs which is heavy for me but honestly I’m stronger than I have been in a long time. Finally realizing I need to stop caring about weight and just listen to my body.

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okay but steve rogers can draw. he can draw REALLY well. so pick up to 70 years later after ww2 and he meets his s/o in a park after he stops to take a break from running. they start talking and bonding over different techniques with different forms of media. they find that he's really good with structure, and they're good with color theory (which is the hardest thing to learn). so they start meeting up every other day of the week to collab on pieces of art and then they move it to his place 1/?

and they find that they both live in the same building. so sooner or later during their visits, his s/o snoops around and finds drawings of them and steve starts blushing and saying that they’re works in progess and there’s a lot of tension in the air. then the person says, “so you’re drawing me like one of your french girls?” and he just laughs his ass off and yeah that’s how their relationship starts

i’m fucking screaming this is adorable