"Cause Supposedly Time Heals All Wounds..." - Some Thoughts on Reunions

With Mary Winchester back among the living after 33 years and her difficulties with finding her footing in a world that’s so very different from everything she has known before including meeting her two grown up sons, who live the life she spent all her life distancing herself from, I have been pondering lately how a reunion between Mary and John would turn out.

We know from 5x16 “Dark Side of the Moon” that their “marriage wasn’t perfect until after Mary died” according to Dean’s memories and of course differences in opinions and arguments are perfectly normal. Both obviously cared tremendously about each other, even if their view on the other for sure was idealized in hindsight and was all but incomplete due to the missing pieces of their past they didn’t share with one another.

Mary’s reaction in S12 with being overwhelmed by emotions when learning about her husband’s death and needing time for herself is understandable, yet I wonder - since I seem to recall the writers had intended to maybe resurrect both parental figures, but decided against it (maybe also due to Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s involvement in “The Walking Dead”) - if both of them would get to know each other or would get each other back after all these years and everything that happened to them, shaped and changed them in the mean time would truly make them feel about each other the same way again as they had in the 70s.

I think it is unlikely they’d get along perfectly tbh. Obviously I think both would still feel deeply about the other, but just like for Dean and Sam there is much to be revised and corrected about their “memory” or rather image of their mother that was shaped over decades into an almost saint-like figure, so both - John and Mary - would have to face the reality of who they are now and how little they may truly have known about each other.

Mary was horrified by learning that her death had set her husband and her kids on the path of hunting when that was the very thing she wanted to escape from, but didn’t seem to resent or judge John for going down that road. Sure, she was disappointed to learn about how he raised Sam and Dean in the life (and really she couldn’t really “call him out on it” for lack of a better word since she never told John everything about her past, much like Sam never did with Jessica), but her grief about his death sure was much bigger than any anger. Still, if we consider Mary (though we learnt that she kept hunting even after getting married and having a kid) to stick to her opinion on how she views the hunting community as a whole and compare that to the reason she fell in love with John - “because he was so different” - it seems inevitable that these two would have their fair share of issues with one another. After all John would learn too about the deal Mary made, about her hunting and about her not being honest with him. In the end, both of them could find out that all they thought they knew in parts was build on lies and on all but shaky ground.

I personally would be curious to know how a reunion between them would play out, because there is no going back to before. Things have changed, their stories have changed. Could they put everything aside? It would probably take a good chunk of time for them to warm up to one another. And in this regard I kind of had to think about Amara and Chuck reuniting and their story. Chuck, who locked his sister away to write his own “big story” in which Amara was the “bad guy”, when really, one may consider him a bad guy just as much or even more for his actions. These two siblings were separated for millenia, harbored grudges - some more rightfully, some less - lied and betrayed each other. Now, Mary and John of course were lovers and not siblings, but I think one can still compare them. Especially when thinking about who and how the Darkness and God were reunited: through their shared love for humanity (with Dean serving as the symbol for that, for being the firewall, the connecting piece between them). Would their love for their kids be the one thing that could make them grow closer again? Could they forgive each other? Or would the way their children were forced to grow up be the one thing to make any reunion impossible?

I don’t think I have an answer, it could go either way. In any case I’d find it an interesting topic to explore. After all, time may supposedly heal all wounds, but it can’t ever erase or undo the scars of the past…


Time is an Animal, Restless and Hungry–Quantum Break AU GIF Drabble

When he’d first discovered how to bend the laws of physics and reshape them to suit his own needs, Petyr felt only triumph. It had taken decades, several fortunes, and many a blood sacrifice, but he’d proven all the doubters and detractors wrong. Anything and everything he had ever wanted lay at his fingertips, he’d thought. Slowly, though, he realised he could change a million things yet still not get that which he desired most, and oh how he’s tried; reliving moments over and over again, painstakingly working through the fractals born of each choice, pulling on the edges and corners of existence trying to unfurl its continually recursive surface–all for nothing. He cannot make her love him, and therefore Cat will never be his. He’s told himself so, more than once, and he’s rarely wrong. Still, he persevered, for what else is there to do for a man with endless time and time and time stretching out in every direction and nothing to fill it but isolation and regret?

Over the infinite futile iterations however, the ones in which she existed, his eye began to stray gradually to her daughter. He found more to capture his attention every time, enough so that he went from hoping to find her to actively assuring it. Ambition and cunning flourished where honor and duty had withered, clever fingers wove plots with more and more skill until lies fell from pretty lips effortlessly; it was as if pieces of him were bleeding into her through the multitude of tiny wounds he’d left in the fabric of reality. She started to look at him with recognition that should not–could not–be there, and interest slowly overtook unease till he saw his own want reflected in her eyes. He decided if he couldn’t have Cat, he’ll take her better–beautiful and dangerous and willing, fashioned in his own image–and delight, for all of time and space will be theirs to rule.

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what factors do you think contribute to mobile gaming being more popular in Japan? Like maybe more work and less time to sit down and play a console as opposed to playing a mobile game as you take a break from work?

Part of it is home size in japan so having fairly large, loud consoles that only really shine with sizable displays isn’t the best option.

And with phones having such a ridiculous penetration rate now they’ve just started to eat at portable sales. If you want to play a game on the train but don’t care WHICH game, a phone and FGO or whatever is just as fine as anything else.

I’m seriously looking forward to this year so much.
I’m making it my year of self improvement in every sense of the word.

I’m getting all of my shit together and I’m going to better myself. Not only am I working on my nutrition, weight, and mental health but I’m also going to work on the adulting thing.

I’m working on finally getting my permit and then my license. Yes I know what you’re thinking, “you’re almost 21 and you don’t even have your permit???”. No I don’t, driving has always been a huge anxiety for me. The only time I’ve ever driven besides in a parking lot with my friend last year was when I was 14 and I didn’t want to drive but he pushed me into it. The car didn’t have power steering, working breaks, and was a stick shift and I ended up crashing.

Anyway, all of that aside I’ve got to get my head out of my ass and start taking ownership of my life because no ones going to do it for me. Am I ready to start driving? Absolutely not but I’m never going to be fully ready but I’ve gotta face my fears some day right?

It feels good to actually have real goals and something to strive for.

Im down with people protesting Trump being sworn in on the 20th but that post going around about “dont go to school! Dont go to work!” Just makes me feel like tumblrites care in a way that only people with money can care. I work in a kitchen, with my hands, back breaking work for the equivalent of pennies. Washing dishes, working over a grill and a frypan. Cleaning on my hands and knees. If you think I can really afford to not go to work, even for a day, you are delusional. And probably not very in touch with what it is to be working class, which, honestly, is a very Trump thing to be. It’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Something I’ve realised working in retail is that………..ppl just don’t fucking read……


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Allura’s Moving Castle AU

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It’s okay to miss someone that meant a lot to you, but be confident with where you are and who you’ll become.


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