anonymous asked:

do the cats and buns get along?

yeah, pretty well.

I kept them separate for a year, but tbh it works better to free range them? the cats don’t seem to stress them - I’ll walk into my room & find cats + buns snoozing together in a beam of sunlight. still, if I move somewhere with more space (think that’ll be in May) I plan on separating them again, just to be safe.

I haven’t shared my buns much on this blog bc I know this is a controversial arrangement. 

A laptop computer lay on its side, showing what I’d once been told was a blue screen of death.

Harry Dresden (Working for Bigfoot: Bigfoot on Campus by Jim Butcher)

A few things:

1) Who told him?

2) Did they tell him, or did they “tell” him? I mean, was it like “Ah, yes, that’s a Blue Screen of Death, that is”, or was it more like, Karrin smacking her computer screen “A Blue Screen of Death?! Now? You have got to be kidding me!” Dresden, poking his head tentatively round the living room door, “Blue Screen of… wha?”
“Death, Dresden. Death. D. E. A. T. H. Aka, what is about to happen to you if you don’t get your olde worlde supernatural bullshit far away from me within the next 3 seconds.”

Also, please tell me this conversation has happened at some point:
Molly: Damn it, my computer…
Harry: My bad. Sorry.
Molly: *sigh* Harry Dresden. The only guy in Chicago whose ass could actually break the Internet.
Thomas: *spits out coffee* fsjkalkadjflad–
Harry: ??? >_> Is this a reference to one of your newfangled teenage things??
Molly: I’m 27. And immortal.
Thomas: –adsfhdakfaf!! As a point of professional pride, I just want to point out that my ass…

me: *sees a post calling ireland and it’s people historically privileged*

me: did none of you……take…..history???????????