work's been kind of tiring this week

For most of my studying life, I’ve never been able to work anywhere near as long as many other people I know. After 2-3 hours, I would be exhausted, and once I stopped, that was it for the day. 

However lately, I’ve managed to get masses of work done in one go, and stay productive without taking massive breaks. Here’s how I did it!

(Note- I was suddenly able to start working much more intensely once I’d been in treatment for mental illness for almost a year, so that may also be a factor. These are just things I did in addition to that minor little thing).

  • Prepare for your work. This is key- without it you’re going into a day without a plan, and hence no structure. You can plan your day as rigidly or as loosely as you would like, so long as you know what you would like to cover. Personally, I use very loose plans, just choosing 3 main topics, or 1 large task for the whole day. I know some people plan when exactly they work, and if that works, great! I prefer to be flexible so I can do whatever work I most feel like at the time. Make sure to pack everything you need, or have it at hand.
  • Move to a workspace that is isolated enough to protect you from distractions, comfortable enough that you can sit there for a few hours, and has plenty of space to put all of your stuff. Once you get here, get settled in, but do it quickly. Take out any materials you need for studying and start work pretty much immediately. Don’t get distracted by your phone or fun websites. Turn off or silence your phone, and block any distracting websites on your laptop, should you be using one (I like SelfControl for that). 
  • Once I get started working, I tend to work until my brain starts to feel fuzzy, and I can feel my focus slipping away. If you’re having trouble focusing in the first few minutes of work, don’t give up. Identify any distractions that are hindering your focus and think about what you could do to mitigate them. If I’m having problems focusing because friends are around, I apologize and leave to work alone. If it’s noisy, I move somewhere quieter, or listen to white noise. If it’s too quiet, I listen to non-distracting music, either instrumental, or music I’ve been listening to a lot lately so nothing new can grab my attention. 
  • If you’ve been trying to work for an hour, and you really can’t, even if you’re removed distractions, give yourself a break, and try and assess what might be bothering you. Are you hungry? Is it too stuffy? Is the environment bad? A change of scenery is usually good in this case, so long as you don’t try and move every 20 minutes.
  • Sometimes you just need to push through the misery and work, regardless of how little focus you have. Work despite your lack of focus, and remind yourself that half-assing something is better than not-assing anything. 
  • Once you’ve been working for a while and your brain feels fuzzy, or you feel tired, it’s important to take a break since your retention and performance will begin to suffer. Don’t take too long a break, as that can lead to procrastination and stopping work, but it is vital to do something other than study. Things that I do for breaks:
    • go buy a cup of tea
    • go to the bathroom
    • skype my parents
    • play a mindless and repetitive game on my phone
    • take a quick walk around the library building
    • have a quick chat with a friend
    • read a chapter of a fiction book (dangerous since I sometimes don’t stop reading)
    • fill up my water bottle
    • clean up my workspace and throw away any scrap paper
    • go buy food (I eat a lot of sugar when I study like this, but fruit would be better learn from my mistakes)
    • write a tumblr post (this is a fantastic break from thermo atm)
  • As soon as your brain stops feeling fuzzy, or is at least less fuzzy, get back to work doing something different if you can, or finish off what you were doing and switch topics or tasks. I really find that making sure that you’re not doing exactly the same kind of thing the entire time really helps. Variety really keeps me from getting incredibly bored over the course of the day, and reengages you since it’s something new. 
  • Repeat until you notice that you’re getting tired in shorter and shorter intervals. If I feel forced to take multiple breaks in the space of say, half an hour, and I’ve been working all day, then I know I’m reaching the end of my tether, and I’d better stop. This is usually between 8-12 hours of work.
  • NOTE: I only work this long when I am in last-minute exam preparation. Before the last week before my exams I was working maybe 4-5 hours a day, since I was doing a different type of revision, taking notes and reviewing them and making and using flashcards. For an overall review of notes and doing past papers and marking them then addressing my weak spots, it’s easier to work longer. It’s also easier to work longer when you’re writing a report or an essay, since that naturally has different stages you can cycle through (I can write another post about that too, since I have a research proposal to do for mid-June!). I also tend to sleep about 11 hours a night when I work this much, since it really exhausts me. Be sure to pace yourself appropriately and don’t let yourself burn out

    Okay, there we have it, my tips for working for long periods of time! I hope you enjoyed it (if you made it all the way to the end-kudos!), and do let me know if there is any other advice you’d like! Best of luck my lovelies xx

    A Lesson in Love (Jealousy)

    Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

    Pairing: Bucky x Reader

    Word Count: 3,304

    A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED. Also, this one is for my love, @ourpeachskies

    “A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

    @avengerstories - thank you for editing this and for being my friend.

    Originally posted by youaremysunshinemydear

    “So, what do you think?”

    You look away from the bright laptop screen, the loud clamor of the dining hall hitting you full force now that you’ve left the world created by T’Challa’s story. He’s looking at you, waiting with bated breath for your response. “I think that you’re gonna get an ‘A’ for this story and if you don’t, I’ll talk to Hill for you.”

    His expression lights up, eyes flickering between you and his laptop. “Really?”

    You cover T’Challa’s hand with yours, offering him a smile. It’s easy to understand his need for a little extra reassurance. As you’ve come to learn, thanks to your Creative Writing class, having someone else look over your work and comment on it is nerve-wracking. What can take hours for you to write only takes a few minutes to be torn down by whoever’s reading it.

    “Really,” you confirm, giving his hand a small squeeze. “And I’m not just saying that because you paid for this meal.”

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    Long Nights (fluff)

    Shawn’s been spending a lot of long nights in the studio, and you’re determined to make him relax


    You sighed as you rolled over in bed, seeing that the clock read 11:34pm. Shawn had been spending nearly every hour of the day in the studio, and when he got home he’d go straight to his music room to continue working.

    You got out of bed and walked across the room, opening the door. Your feet quietly padded down the wooden hallway, the only thing covering your frame was one of Shawn’s t-shirts. When you made it to his music room you heard the sound of a piano, mixing with Shawn’s sweet voice. You couldn’t quiet make out the words he was singing, but it sounded beautiful. You closed your eyes as you rested your forehead against the door, listening until the music stopped. Once you knew you wouldn’t be completely interrupting him, you cracked the door open and stuck your head inside.

    “Baby? Are you coming to bed soon?” you asked gently.

    “Mhmn,” he hummed in response, not bothering to look at you as he continued jotting down lyrics in his notebook.

    “You’ve been working on this song for weeks, Shawn, and you’ve been up for nearly twenty hours. Come to bed with me, you need some rest.”

    He sighed as he set his notebook down, letting your words sink in. You stared at his side profile, waiting for any kind of reply from him as you nervously twisted your engagement ring around on your finger. You took notice of his tired eyes, and the bags forming below them. He sat slightly hunched over, not as straight as usual. He was dying to get this song finished, but it was starting to take a toll on him. When he didn’t respond, you stepped into the room. You walked behind him and wrapped your arms around his torso, resting your cheek against his back.

    “Please?” you asked above a whisper, desperate for him to get some rest.

    “Alright,” he caved, “let’s go.”

    He took your hand in his as he walked out of the room, shutting off the lights and closing the door behind him.

    You crawled into bed as you waited for him to undress, slipping basketball shorts on over his boxers before he crawled in bed beside you. He laid his head on your chest, something that always made your heart melt, and you instinctively wrapped an arm around him while the other brought a hand up to play with his hair. You gently raked your fingers along his scalp, a satisifed sigh leaving his lips.

    “I’m sorry I’ve been spending so much time in the studio baby, I just really want to get this song right,” he mumbled, wrapping his arms around your waist.

    “Don’t apologize for doing your job, Shawn. You just need to get some rest, that’s all. Try not to force it and it’ll come to you, I promise,” you soothed.

    You continued playing with Shawn’s hair until he fell asleep, faint snores escaping his parted lips.

    You woke up late the next morning, seeing Shawn beside you for the first time in weeks. He was always up at the crack of dawn to go to the studio, but not today. This morning his stayed, making up for all the hours of sleep he’d recently lost.

    When he woke up he looked up at you, a tired smile on his face.

    “Thank you for always knowing what’s best for me,” he said, leaning up to press a kiss to your lips, “I love you.”

    “I love you too, Shawn,” you smiled, kissing him again.

    I took examples from my own experiences to do this, so sorry if the scenarios look iffy, or even a teensy bit angsty to some :P

    I am so sorry that 707′s is huge! I got carried away with it :P

    ASKING FOR OPINION: If it’s too long that it’s annoying, tell me by any means so that I start putting half of it under the cut or something

    ~Admin Bloo


    • Most of the times, it doesn’t even pop up as often.
    • Pizza nights, game nights and go out for movies. It’s like the perfect college love life.
    • But one day, Yoosung was meeting up with a bunch of friends, and he wanted to bring you along.
    • You had already met them through webcam, so why were you suddenly so anxious to see them in real life?
    • The day before the meeting, you suddenly pull out.
    • This poor boy is so confused.
    • Why won’t you meet them? You’ve talked to them before? Are they not nice? Did they say something to you?
    • It was very difficult to calm him down, but you finally tell him that you were insecure about how fat you were.
    • He’s super quick to correct you that he doesn’t even let you finish.
    • “You’re so soft, both inside and out. It’s just who you are, and there is nothing to be ashamed of about that.”
    • This prompts the both of you to share your insecurities with each other.
    • By the end of the day, you both feel like you know each other better.
    • “No matter what you look like, it’s you as a person I love.”


    • The insecurities got worse when you started dating him
    • Every time you’re in public, you can practically feel everyone judging you from every angle.
    • You start going out on dates less frequently, and this irritates Zen to no end
    • Especially since you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him about what’s been on your mind.
    • One day, you tell him you want to go to the gym with him
    • He’s ecstatic (since this is the first time you wanted to go somewhere in weeks) but confused as well.
    • Then he sees how hard you’re trying to work out, but tire so much quicker than him that you start sulking.
    • When he stops what he’s doing, and asks you what’s wrong, it all comes pouring out.
    • About how he’s so perfect, and you’re not, and you don’t deserve to be with him
    • *cue dramatic gasp*
    • “Sometimes I wonder what did I do to deserve such a kind and pure person like YOU, and here you are worried about what you look like?”
    • “I fell for you because of how you supported me through tough times, not because you looked a certain way.”


    • She’s already super busy, yet she still looks so pretty and slim.
    • It gave you an inferiority complex on so many levels.
    • Overtime, she notices that you want to go out less; preferring to stay at home and relax.
    • Which she doesn’t argue over; it is nice to have room to breathe once in a while.
    • Your clothes are always loose and free flowing; She admires your style a lot.
    • Overtime, you have lessened your food portions to the point where now it is half of your usual.
    • Get ready lads, shit is about to hit the fan now.
    • Suddenly your behavior, your clothes, and your patterns.  Everything makes sense.
    • She forcefully serves you how much you should be eating, despite your protests.
    • “There is absolutely no reason to adopt unhealthy practices simply because you have all these misconceptions about yourself.”
    • Before you can defend your “misconceptions”, she heaves a big sigh and apologizes for snapping at you.
    • “Your beauty shines through every little action you do; your body has very little to do with it. So please, don’t worry and be happy.”


    • This man thinks the entire world revolves around you; and sets his standards according to you.
    • This leads you to try to match the standards of everything a corporate heir’s significant other should be like.
    • One day, he had decided to take you shopping, just to shower some love on you.
    • One day, while you two were out window shopping, he had found a shimmering black dress that he absolutely wants you to try on.
    • When you tell him that it is a few sizes too small, he immediately calls in the manager of the store to ask for a size more suitable for.
    • The manager looks at you very piercingly and then states that the store does not cater to plus sizes.
    • It tore you apart to hear the words that had been toiling around your mind the entire day. His world doesn’t provide for plus sizes
    • Jumin very easily sensed your mood rolling downhill and threatened the poor manager to rid him of his job by the end of the day.
    • Before Jumin could ruin anymore livelihoods, you drag him out of the store.
    • He doesn’t understand why you let that manager and other people talk to you like that.
    • He is rambling and ranting as you two continue walking around the area.
    • “You are still leading a better life than all those women who starve themselves to death just for the sake of something as shallow as appearances.”
    • It’s almost funny how much offense he is taking on your behalf.
    • You pull him to kiss him on the cheek, and he stopped immediately.
    • He takes this as a nice way to shut him up and takes you to your favorite café


    • Boi has military training to back him up on his unhealthy obsession with junk food
    • You scold him every. Single. Time. And all he does is take another packet and eat it in front of you as you’re yelling at him.
    • Even you don’t understand why you yell at him so much, it’s an uncontrollable reflex at this point.
    • One day you were enjoying a family sized packet of Doritos by yourself in the kitchen.
    • Seven strolls in, whistling as he grabs a packet of HBC.
    • Then he notices your packet of Doritos
    • Both of you narrow your eyes at each other playfully.
    • You thought it was going to be another match of Doritos vs. Honey Buddha Chips
    • You bring out your usual point that HBC has a lot more fats in it than Doritos.
    • But then he points out that you’re the one who is fatter than him, so you were just projecting your problems against HBC
    • You look down in silence, suddenly extra aware of the fact that you are wearing shorts.
    • He’s slapped his mouth shut and is raining apologies upon you, but you just get up and leave; leaving behind the packet you were munching on as well.
    • Over the next few weeks, he’s doing everything he can to apologize
    • Grabbing onto your leg, bowing and begging, bringing your favorite food.
    • But you just wouldn’t budge.
    • What finally wins you over is the presentation he made of Doritos being better than HBC while wearing a sumo fatsuit that puts regular sumos to shame.
    • “You’re still my wonderful and bootyful MC; maybe the Doritos have some kind of power to give you such beauty and grace.”


    • He had invited you as his date/honored guest to his latest photo exhibition
    • You were so happy about the level of success this particular collection had achieved, you had bought a dress just for the occasion.
    • He had headed out to the gallery before you to check on some things, so he gave you a peck before saying goodbye
    • It’s a good luck kiss, don’t I deserve one?
    • You hurriedly go and change into the beautiful dress- looking forward to V’s reaction when he sees you
    • But when you put it on, suddenly it doesn’t look as good as it did before?
    • Was it always this short and tight?
    • Were your arms always so… bulbous?
    • You sat there in front of the mirror and tears started pouring out of frustration
    • You were planning out how were you going to cancel on him, until suddenly he burst into your shared bedroom and grabs his camera from the bedside table.
    • He then looks at you and jumps at the sight. You get even shyer aww
    • “You are so stunning in that dress! But why are you crying…?”
    • You hug him and mumble something about not deserving to be standing next to someone so acclaimed as him.
    • “Do you know why you are my muse for most of my photos? It’s because no matter how many different ways I click the camera, I’m never able to capture your perfect essence.”


    • It was never an issue that stayed at the forefront of your thoughts. Back of your mind, sure.
    • Saeran was never particular about how you looked, and you knew that.
    • One day, you had finally coaxed him into going out on a date.
    • But then surprise surprise, all your nice clothes are waiting in the laundry pile
    • Both of you are just too lazy to do chores and now it’s just biting you in the butt
    • Now all you have is the lacy camisole you had bought last week, which could go with some capris.
    • You weren’t sure why you bought it; it just looked pretty at the time.
    • You refuse to wear it, and try to find something else to wear but it’s just. not. right.
    • Saeran literally doesn’t give two shits about your problem.
    • “Why don’t you just wear what you’re already wearing?” No I just wanted to wear something special
    • He holds up the camisole “What’s wrong with this then?”
    • You stammer out that it doesn’t compliment your figure and it shows off your flabby torso.
    • You could practically see the irritation on his face and just give up and wear it to prove that its not good enough.
    • But when you show it to him, he suddenly can’t look at you in the eye.
    • See, I told you this looked bad.
    • He then looks up in alarm and grabs your shoulders.
    • You’re probably just saying that so that we can get going.
    • No matter how much he is refusing, you try to change out of it, but he doesn’t let you.
    • Instead he’s practically forcing you out the door.
    • “For Christ’s sake, MC. The one time I agree to go out so that I can show everyone that you’re mine and you want to just sit there because your tee shirt is too small”
    • You want to correct him that it’s a camisole, but you let him go as you both make you way to the mall.
    Bonnie & Clyde - pt 14

    Originally posted by sugaglos

    “Y/N. Keep your eyes open.” He said through ragged breaths.

    He was still running, the buildings getting closer together and in the opposite direction that you should be going. He was headed back. Surely he wasn’t going all the way back uptown…

    The bouncing movement made you feel nauseous and you pressed your nose into his neck to inhale his scent, hoping it would take your mind off the horrible feeling creeping up your throat.

    Fortunately your eyes drooped closed and you knocked out instantly against his protests.


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    After Showers

    Characters: Taehyung X You
    Genre: Fluff, Suggestive
    (cuz im a hoe forgive me)
    Word Count: 626
    Song of the Day: Ed Sheeran - Dive

    A/N: just wanna say first of all, that we did noticed this blog just reached 1000 followers and we wanted to do some kind of event again to commemorate it, but we’re kinda too busy to barely do anything so we thought we could release a few drabbles along the week at the very least so look forward to that? thank you so much for all the support, and I hope you guys will enjoy the first drabble of the week; much love ♥ ♥ ♥ #1kfollowerweek - Admin Ham

    Originally posted by mysteriousarmy

    “Join me to bed?” Taehyung pecked a gentle kiss against your temple, a tired whisper of suggestion as the raspy tone of his voice awoke you from your working trance. “It’s been a long day, I really need you.” He adorably whined, chin perched up upon the left of your shoulder as you chuckled at his antics.

    “Hmmm, you smell like flowers.”

    “Hey, you’re the one who bought the new body wash; you should know better that I smell specifically, like roses.” Another chuckle escaped at his little reciprocation as you soon surrendered to your boyfriend, letting Taehyung take you by your hand and pulled you off your study, guiding you towards the bed before he gently sat himself at the end of the mattress and allowed your figure to straddle his own above his hips.

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    @agentas Don’t be sorry! That’s a really neat idea! I love magic, and this could lead to some real shenanigans. I changed it so that the S/o does end up passing out in Tracer’s and Reaper’s, I hope that’s okay! And, Reaper’s ended up being a bit sad, whoops.


    • Is weary at first.
    • What if something goes wrong and she can’t blink anymore?
    • Has butterflies throughout the process of the spell.
    • Can’t sit still either.
    • After it’s all said and done they both take off her Crono-accelerator; but, Tracer’s hands are shaky.
    • Once it’s fully off, her S/o tries to calm her down before encouraging her to try blinking.
    • And she does.
    • She squeals in delight and thanks her S/o a thousand times through a bone crushing hug.
    • For years, the only times Lena took off her chest piece was to change her clothes, so being without it for so long was wild and freeing.
    • There’s so many new kinds of outfits she can wear!!?? She can sleep on her back now??!!
    • She’s extremely cuddly now that she doesn’t have a big clunky piece of metal on her chest.
    • For a few days she doesn’t tell Winston; she was so grateful to him for basically saving her life and didn’t wanted him to feel like, in the end, his work was for nothing.
    • It takes about three weeks for her to notice that her S/o is becoming sluggish.
    • It takes one week more for her S/o pass out from exhaustion.
    • Tracer FLIPS OUT.
    • S/o wakes up a few hours later, feeling better, but still slightly tired.
    • Since then, she outright refuses any attempts that her S/o makes to do it again.
    • Tracer has always been the kind of person to be grateful for the cards she’s been dealt, and though she misses the freedom sometimes, being able to do what she can do with someone she loves, is enough for her.

    • He doesn’t believe his S/o at first.
    • It’s not that he doesn’t trust in their abilities; it’s just that, he thinks he’s too far gone to be brought back.
    • He goes along anyway, thinking that nothing will happen.
    • After S/o performs the spell, the first thing he feels, is uncomfortable.
    • He feels how hot his suit really is. He feels thirsty for the first time since he became Reaper.
    • S/o quickly picks up a pocket mirror, and Reaper takes off his mask.
    • He sees the face of a man who had been dead to him for years.
    • He touches his face, forgetting to remove his talons, and he bleeds.
    • He bleeds real blood.
    • It’s all too overwhelming.
    • His body starts to disperse, but he catches himself before completely becoming smoke.
    • Once he’s back together, he gags, then throws up.
    • They go back to his room, shed his uncomfortable coat and leather, and he rests.
    • He rests for a whole day.
    • His S/o brings him food and water, apologizing profusely.
    • Taking the food and drink greedily, he doesn’t speak.
    • They do end up talking, but it’s hours later.
    • He confesses that he doesn’t know how to feel being this, about being Gabriel again.
    • S/o sleeps in his room that night.
    • When he wakes up in the morning, he feels chilly, yet, his skin was still warm to the touch.
    • Going to the bathroom again was something that he never thought would feel foreign.
    • After his first shower in literal years, he spends an hour just inspecting himself in the mirror.
    • He didn’t look like a grotesque monster, he didn’t look dead. He looked and felt soft, alive. He felt like a person.
    • He wasn’t a monster, he wasn’t in a state of constant death; he was normal, and that, in itself, was enough to make him emotional.
    • Gabriel cried, like a real person, like he used to before he was Reaper; and when his S/o found him, he didn’t shoo them away.
    • After that, he decided that he was willing to try to be human again.
    • For two weeks, S/o tried to reintroduce Gabriel to living again, and all that it initials.
    • Shortly after those two weeks, S/o collapsed while they were taking a walk around the base.
    • And, just like that, Gabriel stopped feeling.
    • It takes two days for S/o to wake up again, and when they do, they’re in an empty room.
    • They sit up and sort their thoughts.
    • They call for Gabriel, and he appears, within a minute, fully clothed in his combat gear.
    • He hugs them, softly.
    • S/o is near tears, telling how sorry they were that they didn’t tell him, that they couldn’t hold on for longer.
    • He didn’t speak, he just holds them tighter.
    • He knew that in the end, he was meant to be this way. That he was meant to be Reaper, not Gabriel Reyes.

    • When they told him that that was something that they could do, he believed them wholly.
    • Their magic was some kind of celestial spirit magic, similar to his, so he had full faith in it.
    • The first thing he was told to do was put on some clothes (since he technically is naked), then, after, to met them in their spell room.
    • He felt giddy and nervous.
    • What would he look like? He was fairly young when he “died,” so what would he look like as a man? It was hard to tell due to the scars and metal plating he had now.
    • So, there he sat, eyes closed (per request), in his old Blackwatch uniform.
    • He felt a tingle, then old, corse fabric all around him.
    • Genji opened his eyes and looked at his hands.
    • Skin! There was skin!
    • He felt his face, it was smooth, soft.
    • S/o makes a joke about how good looking he is, and he lets out a deep, hardy laugh, still in a bit of disbelief.
    • He runs to the nearest bathroom, and looks in the large mirror.
    • He laughs again.
    • He looks just like his old man did!
    • When his S/o comes in he hugs them tightly, spinning them.
    • It was then when he realized that 1) He wasn’t wearing underwear 2) He didn’t own any underwear 3) He really should of washed his uniform before wearing it again.
    • There were so many people he wanted to show himself to.
    • He made a whole day of it.
    • Zenyatta found it to be exciting, Angela found it to be a near miracle, and McCree didn’t even recognize him at first.
    • But, there was one person that Genji would not dare show, and that was Hanzo.
    • He knew that that encounter would most likely end poorly, so he avoided him as best he could.
    • Training was awkward at first; he didn’t really have a place to hold all of his weapons and he didn’t want to make the new Overwatch buy him some.
    • It would be a week before Hanzo and Genji had their first meeting with his body like this.
    • It was shocking to both of them.
    • Hanzo did think that Genji was their father at first glance.
    • No words were spoken between them, and Hanzo was the first to turn around and leave.
    • Genji immediately felt guilty.
    • He went to his S/o asking them to change him back.
    • He had excepted himself as a cyborg and had no real problem with going back.
    • Genji noticed how much trouble they were having staying awake, and felt even more guilty, thinking their exhaustion was his fault.
    • They reassure him that they did Tia of their own accord, and that he shouldn’t feel that way.
    • When he’s back to the way he was, the first thing he does is demand that his S/o goes to sleep.


    I had fun writing that one! It’s always cool to think about this stuff!

    A/N this is my second time writing for Carl and first platonic friendship imagine and I think I’m pretty happy with it. An imagine with the prompts 134 and 107 from this prompt list. As always, I hope you enjoy it!

    Summary: Carl’s best friend tried to cheer him up after he loses his eye

    Warnings: None, I don’t think

    Carl Grimes

    Carl was upset, that was obvious.

    His eye was shot out, you couldn’t blame him. He nearly died.

    So, you decided to do one of the only things you could think of; force him to get out of bed and watch a movie with you to try and cheer him.

    You knocked on his door, a quiet voice calling out,“Come in.” And you did, with a big smile on your face and an old bottle of dr. Pepper and a bag of popcorn in your hands,“You, me, popcorn, two liter Dr. Pepper, and a movie. You in?”

    He stared at you with a slightly dull expression,“I don’t know, y/n. I’m kind of tired.” You groaned, setting your things down and falling onto his bed,“You’ve been in this bed for, like, two weeks. You need to get up, even if it’s just to watch a movie. Laying around isn’t going to help you feel better, but maybe hanging out with your favorite person in the world will.”

    Carl stared at you, considering your words. “Your favorite person is me, if you didn’t catch on.” You stated with a cheeky grin, wiggling your eyebrows up in down to try and get him to laugh, which worked. He chuckled, moving his blankets off of him so he could get out of his bed,“Fine, fine. What movie are we watching?”

    You shrugged as he pulled on a pair of jeans, not fazed by his boxers as the two of you were strictly friends,“I dunno, some movie called Jaws.”

    His eyebrows furrowed,“Hm, never heard of it.”

    “Oh, my god!” You shouted, shielding your eyes with your hand to prevent yourself from witnessing the scene in front of you.

    Are you scared?” Carl laughed, looking over at you. You shook your head, hand still covering your eyes. “Then why won’t you look at the screen?”

    “Because I have something in my eyes, duh.” You spoke as if it were obvious, slowly removing your hand and looking at him, cringing when a girl screamed on the screen. He snorted,“Yeah, okay. Whatever you say, y/n.”

    “Tell anyone about this, and I’ll kill you.” You joked, sending him a fake glare. He held his hands up mockingly,“Oh, no! I’m so scared.” You shoved him playfully, causing the two of you to forget about the movie, erupting a wrestling war between the two of you.

    You didn’t mind, as all you wanted to do was cheer him up, which is exactly what you did.

    I won’t sleep if you won’t sleep

    Summary: After the nogitsune, Stiles is unable to sleep. To help, he has a spell cast on him that will link him with Derek.

    Notes: I intended this to be a bedsharing fic, but it’s more of sleeping and snuggling fic. Oh, well. (On AO3)

    “You all understand the purpose of the spell, and what it entails,” Deaton says, looking around the room. “Right?”

    Scott, looking guilty, gives a little nod, and everyone else follows suit. This has to be the strangest intervention Derek has ever been to.

    He glances over at Erica, who’s leaning casually in the corner, and then to Isaac, who is crossing his arms nervously. Boyd is staring thoughtfully, Scott is looking sadly at Stiles, and Stiles…

    Stiles looks tired.

    Keep reading

    A few more words after ending the Skam week

    I know I know you’re going to say that I’m really annoying with these posts

    But now that it’s ended, like really ended I have to thank you all again.

    You’re going to think I’m dumb but after I posted the last update a few hours ago I literally started to cry for like 15 minutes because I was so overwhelmed with emotions. 

    I have spent every minute of this week writing and posting this fic and now that it’s finished I kind of feel empty 

    Like I feel so so sad that it’s over but I feel like it was the right time

    And I wanted to thank you all again for all the support 

    Because, I know it may sound dramatic, but when my head ached because I had spent so many hours in front of the computer, and when my eyes were red and itchy and when my arms were sore of writing and I just wanted to lay down and give up I would look at the posts and see all the likes and the comments and the messages that you’ve sent to me and they gave me the strenght I needed to keep going.

    I know you’re probably thinking that I’m a drama queen and that I’m overreacting but honestly this has meant a lot to me and I can’t thank you all enough for the way you’ve supported me this week. Like every morning I would wake up excited to see your reactions and every time I would post something I would get really anxious about whether you would like it or not and you’ve always, always been so awesome to me.

    I honestly don’t deserve you all, you’re so amazing and nice and kind and lovely and I can’t believe all the love you’ve showed to me and my work 

    I’m sorry, I’m finishing this post now because I know you’re probably tired of listening to me already 

    But it wouldn’t feel right to end this week without telling you once how grateful I am

    Now we have two rest and prepare ourselves for Monday and hope that we’ll get a good resolution to all of this mess (please Julie, give me a nice birthday present and don’t show me my girl Sana being hurt!!!)

    And know that my ask and my chat are always opened to everyone that want to talk about the show or just talk.

    So that’s it, let’s keep the faith and hope that everything will be fixed


    anonymous asked:

    Oh great Bug Father™, will you be blessing us with Mchanzo week art?? Can't wait to see more of your soft boys!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    ahh ive been meaning to post about this so i’ll take this occasion to give the news!! so like. i got really, really lucky and got a summer job, but its… full time and keeps me real busy and whenever im not working im super fucking tired always??? as im sure everybody noticed i’ve been… drawing a lot less the past month as a result :’(( but!! i really did want to draw for mchanzo week so i think what i’ll have to do is select a few prompts out of the entire week?? i already had a few ideas i started sketching in my free time but my access to full art supplies / digital is super limited these days so like!!! ill try my best but long story short:

    YES but only some days, not the entire week!! sorry :’))

    for two years I didn’t live anywhere. 

    I mean I lived places, I wasn’t homeless (I’ve been homeless, it’s different). I was just kind of a vagabond. No permanent residence, just various friends’ places or AirBNBs for anywhere from a couple days to a few weeks at a time. I was traveling a lot for work and it didn’t make sense to sign a lease somewhere when I was going to be gone so much. 

    It meant I didn’t have a home for quite some time. It was freeing, in its own way. 

    I’d forgotten, in that time, that when you have a home you can get homesick. When you don’t have a routine, when the places you are in are always temporary, there is no home to miss. 

    There was a lot of upheaval in my young life. And then as an adult I moved around a lot. A good therapist will tell you (and a couple of mine did) that as a result of the frequent upheaval in my young life I developed an issue with permanence. I have trouble putting down roots. In places, with people, in my projects. With everything. There is always some part of me examining the likelihood that the things i rely upon aren’t permanent. It’s at the heart of a lot of people’s commitment issues, but for kids with generally unstable childhoods it spreads to everything. 

    I have a home now. And I miss it. I have friends who I hope will be a part of my life forever and I miss them. And that is terrifying to me. There is a part of me that wonders if I could just leave. Just move. Just uproot all over again and be a vagabond, untethered. 

    So, I send messages to my friends that I miss telling them that I miss them. I flip through pictures of my apartment when I first moved in. I try to keep up with the people back home (even though the FOMO is KILLER) through social media. I force myself to reach back for the roots I’m so bad at sinking. To hold tight. To trust that what I’ve found and built will be there when I come back. 

    Because the thing is…the only way to grow something is to stop constantly uprooting it. 

    “If You Had $10,000, What Would You Do With It?” and Other Questions in The Art of Conversation

    When you first meet someone, you generally don’t ask them this right off the bat.

    You ask them about what they do, their hobbies, school, work, stuff like that.

    When I meet with Japanese students for tutoring (at my fav 24-hour cafe), there are a few things I have observed (and have been taught) about conversations (particularly introduction conversations) that aren’t present in American culture:

    • Only answer what you were asked. If someone asks you how you get to school, just say you get there by car, not “Well, public transportation here is not very good, so I go by car. I wish we had a good transit system, but the city is too wide.” The other person 1. tunes out, 2. thinks you are self-centered. I’ve been told that it also makes you look pretentious in a sense because in Japanese culture people who talk a lot (like above) are trying to look smart. Of course, there is still the art of not sounding too harsh or straightforward with terse answers, but I think these are two different things.
    • Even in a normal conversation, you shouldn’t drag on too much. A couple weeks ago, Naoto (someone I talk to fairly regularly) asked me what I was doing the next day, and I said it was me and my boyfriend’s anniversary. He asked what we were going to do, and I said, “Well, I think we’re going to go to dinner, but we’ve both been kind of sick, so I’m not sure if we’ll stay that long or go to [that particular restaurant]. He also has been working a lot, so he might be really tired. So maybe we’ll just watch a movie” Seriously, all I needed to say was that we’re going to dinner. (God, there are so many things I can think of where I just needlessly dragged on instead of answering the question. “I don’t eat fish or meat, I’m vegan. I usually eat tofu or frozen dinners because I’m not good at cooking.” “Oh, my parents are divorced. Well, not divorced technically, because they never married, so I guess just separated. I have a stepmom. though.”)
    • Don’t answer every question with 私は、私は、まるまるまる。It’s really boring and also makes you look chatty (in a bad way). 
    • You want to ask questions back. Make the other person feel important as well. I know this is an American thing too, but I think less so. You don’t want to repeat back the same exact questions necessarily, but just don’t keep it very…disinterested, I suppose. 
    • At the same time, don’t ask questions that are too probing or personal. One time I asked someone what their mother does, and they said part-time at a grocery store, but mostly at home, and I kept asking questions because I’m really intrigued by the stay-at-home mom/part-time job thing (I had just finished a book on housewives in Japan), but I could tell after that they were annoyed so I stopped. 

    In reference to this title, a very subtle yet clever question. 

    If you had $10,000, what would you do with it?

    By far, the strangest question I have been asked in an introductory conversation, and I really thought nothing of it. I just said, “I guess I would buy a new car for my boyfriend’s family and save the rest.” But why?

    “A lot of people ask this to see how the other will answer. $10,000 is not a lot. If it were a million dollars, that would be easy. Buy a house, save some. It’s a lot of money. But you have to choose wisely with $10,000. If I want to get to know a girl, I always ask her this question. If she says, ‘I’d save it all,’ I would think she’s kind of conservative. If she says, ‘I would buy clothes,’ I would think she is a little shallow. People ask this as sort of a judge of character.”
    (less important side question: also another example of how girls can never win because they’ll be judged no matter what they answer with?)

    I have never heard something like this in English. Perhaps something I would hear in a job interview? More commonly, maybe, “What would you do if you found a wallet on the ground?” but that’s a question that is obviously pointing to your values. Just another testament to the subtlety of Japanese language and culture. 

    The most common questions for when you first meet someone:

    Where are you from?

    What do you do? (occupation)

    Do you have any siblings? (technically 兄弟 is brothers, but it also means siblings in this case.)

    How old are you?

    What are your hobbies?

    Where do you live?

    What’s your favorite food?

    What’s your favorite book?

    Teaching Myself to Draw: May 31, 2017

    Another eye study. I did a timed painting for this one, like I did last night. Except this time I remembered to start the timer when I began the sketch. I gave myself and hour. I think it turned out nice! If I had 10 more minutes I would have done a better job on the eyelashes and worked on the upper eyelids some more. Also some blending on the nose and left side of the face. The eyebrows are kind of small too (though I think they look good otherwise). But 10 more minutes would have been cheating. I’ll just have to be faster next time.

    Are you all tired of eye studies yet? I’m trying to decide if I want to keep going with eye study speed paints for the rest of the week or if I should switch it up and paint some noses or lips. I guess I’ll see what I’m in the mood for tomorrow. Whatever subject I choose to paint I plan on continuing with the timed paints and trying out new brushes. Oh yeah, I tried another new brush for the skin tonight. It was a longer, skinnier shape which added some challenge to blending, but I kind of like the stroke-i-ness of it. So I may try it again for a future portrait.

    Imagine Edward Kenway talking so you could fall asleep

    Originally posted by rahgot

    A request by mapplestrudel!

    It had been a long day. A long, tiring, just-please-let-me-go-home-and-sleep-forever kind of day. You had gotten at maximum 4 hours of sleep every night for the past week. You found ways to keep yourself going, but after a particularly long and strenuous day at work, you felt your tired bones ache. And someone your age shouldn’t be aching at all!

    You got turned around while walking home. You could have sworn somebody nicked some of your money. You were, put quite simply, 100% done with life.

    At the very least, Edward would be home tonight.

    He had been away for a week, off at his “job”. You knew that his work was dangerous, but he brought home enough coin and that was all you could really ask of him. You just worried about him when he was gone. That was more than likely the reason you hardly got any sleep. It was difficult to fall asleep to silence, when you were so used to listening to his voice- his wonderful, calming voice- before drifting to sleep.

    Unlocking the door with half-closed eyes, you dragged yourself inside. You were tired, yet you knew sleep would probably evade you tonight also.

    “Welcome home, love.”
    Edward greeted you with a smile you longed to see all week. He kissed your cheek, and noticed the dark circles around your eyes. “Y/N, have you been getting enough sleep?” He asked, concern in his voice. The words he spoke felt like a warm hug, making your heart flutter just the slightest bit. You had been together for a couple years, yet you still retained a crush-like adoration for him, especially his voice.
    “I haven’t been sleeping well, no.” You admitted glumly, “I never sleep well when you’re out.” Edward took your hand, “Then it’s straight to bed with you.” You groaned, “Edward-”
    But Edward didn’t listen. He pulled you into your bedroom, leading you to bed. “I’ll only be a moment. I should probably change.” He told you, but motioned for you to get into bed. You waited for him to leave before changing into more comfortable sleep attire. You flopped into bed, pulling the covers over yourself. A minute or so later, Edward joined you, shirtless as always, sliding next to you. “Now, get some rest. Tomorrow we can go walking together.”

    “Yes, love?”
    “Do you think you could maybe just talk to me? I don’t care about what. I just want to hear the sound of your voice until I fall asleep.”
    “Just talk?”
    “Yes. Talk about your latest trip. Talk about pirates. Or treasure. I don’t care. Just talk to me.”

    Edward took a couple moments to think, “Alright, just settle in.”

    You nestled into his arms and closed your eyes. Edward began describing the sea.

    “The sea is a sailors’ life. The ocean listens to no man, but if a man listens to the ocean, then he is far better off than the men who believe themselves stronger than nature. The salty spray of the sea hitting your face is something you should feel at least once in your lifetime. The best time to sail is at night and the seas are calm. When the waves are quiet, and the sky is clear, the moonlight makes the water glint like a silver coin, and you start to believe it is liquid silver. A man could spend his entire life at sea and be amazed by the things it can do.”

    You felt your body relax, and smiled ever so slightly. The picture of the sea was so peaceful and serene, you felt yourself drifting into sleep… A soft, dreamy sleep…

    Edward stopped himself once he felt your breathing slow down. You were asleep. He kissed your forehead lightly, “Goodnight love,” he murmured, “Sleep well.”

    Request: ScotEng, omegaverse (fluff)

    I was requested to write my very first ScotEng and also my very first omegaverse by lovelies @gallifreyanlibertea​ and @mamin-the-troll​.
    I decided the only way I could do it was making it very fluffy, since I’m completely inexperienced with omegaverse (that’s Mana’s job!).

    Notes: I took inspiration from a dialogue Arthur had in the last published chapter of my longfic ‘The House in London’, but in this Alistair and Arthur are not brothers. Also, my favourite hc about Scotland is that he’s got stubbles.
    Also please forgive me for my bad attempt at written Scottish accent >__<

    House Intruder - (omegaverse, fluff, ScotEng)

    Being all alone in Alastair’s house was a new, strange sensation.

    Usually, when he’d came to visit in the evening, tired after a whole day of work, the lights would have been on in the kitchen and living room, the air would’ve been warm and cosy, smelling of baked goods or of dinner steadily cooking on the stove.

    He would have been welcomed in with a cup of steaming tea, a warm blanket gently placed on the shoulders and a quick, bearded and itchy kiss on the cheek.

    But the house was now cold and dark. The kitchen was silent and lacked any smell of food: instead it was kind of stuffy after a whole week closed and unused.

    The blanket he was usually offered was neatly folded on his favourite armchair and the only sound filling the air was of the old wooden cuckoo clock on top of the stairs.

    Alastair’s house was an old two storeys cottage in the Edinburgh area, with creaky wooden floors and stairs, big widows that frosted in the cold of winter and a roof where sometimes birds and dormice took shelter.

    It reminded Arthur of his grandparents’ old house in Wiltshire, where he spent many weekends of his childhood chasing fairies and pixies in the garden and listening to the steady falling of raindrops on the windowsill at night.

    Alistair had been in Dublin, visiting a cousin, for almost six days.

    Arthur had made do during the week with texts, Skype calls and messages on socials, but with the weekend approaching and the realisation it would be the first weekend alone since they had gotten together, he felt like just waiting for a call suddenly wasn’t enough.

    He needed to feel more of Alistair’s smell and presence to be able to finally sleep more and well and wash away the week’s stress and loneliness.

    He had always prided himself of being a strong, independent omega, but that had been before meeting Alistair: now, with a partner as attentive (almost to the point of being silly, and always trying to look like he actually didn’t care) as the Scottish alpha, Arthur had somehow softened to the idea of getting a little bit more clingy.

    Not that the other needed to know or even suspect he had had these kind of thoughts.

    That was why Arthur had retreated the copy of the keys of Alistair’s house from a small box in one of his studio’s drawers, had went to the house late in the evening and had told no one, not even the owner of the house, about his mission.

    It would have been very embarrassing explaining to his mate that he felt the need to sleep in his clothes, in his bed, hugging his pillow.

    Which was exactly what he came to do: after lingering a bit in the entrance and living room, like a guest coming in for the first time, he had went upstairs, to the main bedroom.

    The bed was old just like the rest of the house: king sized, wooden and with a canopy that Alistair didn’t even use.

    It was soft and comfy and Arthur loved every single memory he had of spending late night and late mornings on it with his beloved.

    He looked longingly at it, but first he went for the top drawer of the dresser and retrieved his favourite pair of pyjamas Alistair owned: checked, navy blue and white, of a soft and well worn cotton.

    He put it on and took a long breath, eyes closed, tugging the collar of the shirt in front of his already very sensible nose. That was the smell he needed, the one he associated with all the memories inside that house, with his mate.

    They were a young couple, it was true: but a bit less than one year together, as mates, was already enough for him to label memories, smells and sensations and recognise them so well.

    With a satisfied smile, he let go of the collar and prepared to jump on the bed.

    He landed right in the middle, making the mattress jolt and the bed creak and thump loudly on the floor, but it was all worth it: he was finally surrounded by softness, calmness and the heavy mix of other sensations the proximity of something belonging to Alastair always brought to him.

    The best part was sinking his face in the pillow: Alastair had a favourite one, the one on the left. It was always the one thing in the room smelling more like the alpha, no matter if he had just changed the sheets. It was like Alistair: rain on a pine forest, a cigar slowly smoked on the sofa, the ocean foaming against a cliff, a warm fire crackling inside an old house.

    Arthur sighed contentedly, finally home.

    The exhaustion and stress left him immediately and he fell asleep, missing his alpha.

    Dreaming of his alpha.

    Dreaming Alastair right next to him, calling him, gently shaking his arm to wake him up…

    “Runt. Ohy? Wake, little monkey!” he heard.

    “Al… ?” he mumbled, still almost completely asleep. He turned around, stretching and yawning, when he suddenly realised he was being held by strong, warm arms in a very familiar hug.

    He screeched and jumped, almost falling off the bed in the attempt of escaping his mate’s grip, all the while the other, very real and very much amused by the reaction, was laughing out loud and still holding Arthur safely by his side, on his bed.

    “What? What are you doing… home?” asked Arthur, shocked.

    He sat up and, seeing Alastair’s very amused look, he remembered he had fallen asleep in the other’s pyjamas.

    “I can explain!” he cried, trying to quickly take the shirt off.

    Alastair just laughed more and stopped him, closing his big hands on the omega’s ones and pulling him closer, almost on top of him: “I like it on ye, Art.” he snickered.

    Arthur was blushing furiously and just made an embarrassed sound, defeated.

    “I came home tae me little monkey,” explained the alpha, caressing Arthur face as the other pouted and tried to hide his face against the pillow: “And tae me GPS alarm ye set off breakin in me house.” he added.

    “What?” asked Arthur: “You have a GPS alarm set for the house?”

    Alastair just raised an eyebrow, still smiling.

    “But I have a copy of the key!” protested Arthur.

    “Aye… didn’t think bout that when it rang a’ eleven pm.” admitted Alastair.

    Arthur grinned. He reached up to brush his lips over his mate’s chin covered in stubble and confessed: “I’m glad you hurried home.”

    Alastair hugged him closer once again and kissed him on the head, one hand carding through short, messy blond hair.

    “And I’m glad it was ye and not a thief!” exclaimed the alpha, before laughing again.

    Of All the Gin Joints - Chapter One

    When Killian Jones decided to move stateside after the war, he expected some amount of trouble. He was tending bar in Manhattan, after all, while his brother was scrounging with low-lifes just to keep them safe from the rising criminal enterprises. Yes, Killian Jones had counted on a lot of things after getting settled as a civilian. He just hadn’t counted on her.

    for @starlessness, without whom this would not exist and @the-reason-to-sail-home, my lil bb


    CW: descriptions of murders, violence, alcohol

                                                1 - A New Lead

    Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.

    16 October 1945 - 10:15 pm

    The night was crisp, the air scented with autumn and the wind sharp, pricking Emma’s skin as she walked down fifth avenue… again. She had been up and down the blocks between fifth and first almost ten times now, looking for a tiny alleyway that would supposedly take her to some dinky hole-in-the-wall bar called Castle Harbour. It was the first real lead that she had gotten in months so no amount of chilly wind or hard to find bars was going to stop her from following it.

    Keep reading

    Jealous (Calum)


    Anonymous said: “Could you to an imagine where Calum gets protective when you have another boy help you with some school work and it’s either really smutty or really fluffy???pretty pretty please???”

    Absolutely! I think I’ll make it fluffy and throw in a bit of teasing as well, if you’re okay with that, I already have a few smuts that I’m going to write soon, but I hope you’ll like it! x


    “I don’t think he’s home yet…” you say as you fumble with the keys, standing outside of your apartment door with Luke leaning against the wall next to you, typing away on his phone. 

    You were right, the apartment is quiet when you open the door and walk inside, which means that Calum hasn’t come home yet, that he is probably still stuck at work. He is usually a bit late, being the one who locks up the place the majority of the times, but that only means that you get to have some time for studying before he gets home. Which had been the initial plan. 

    Calum is one of those really affectionate, cuddly, always-has-to-be-touching-you, kind of people. Especially late in the afternoons after a particularly long day of hard and tiring work. Since you are still in school, and Calum isn’t (he quit a few years ago, that rebel…), you like to spend the afternoons studying. But Calum has been extra needy for attention the last couple of weeks, which had made your study hours decrease significantly (you’re not actually complaining, though, you love every second that you spend with your sweet, and sometimes even annoying, boyfriend). 

    That’s why you had decided to ask one of your friends, Luke, if he could help you study some, so that the risk of you getting distracted by Calum wouldn’t be so big (you could really need all the help your could get, Calum is extremely good at doing exactly that, distracting you, from all the work that you had to do. The idiot even self-appointed himself as The Master of Seduction…it’s ridiculous, really). 

    Luke follows you inside toward the kitchen area, where you both dump your bags (that are much too heavy considering it is a Friday) with all your books and papers. You and Luke are in the same class, and he just happens to be one fo those people who knows basically everything, which is very convenient for you, since you are friends and all. 

    You sit down by the table with a sigh, ready to finally get some things done. 

    “Come on, let’s get started.”


    Not even half an hour later, you can hear another set of keys jiggling in the already unlocked door. A moment later, after a bit of rustling and pulling at the door handle, the door opens. You are very much engrossed in the paper you are currently working on, but you can still hear faint sounds of Calum swearing in the hallway, most likely annoyed about the door thing. 

    You shake your head and sigh, trying to keep your set on the screen, knowing that you won’t get many more moments of undisturbed silence now, if you know Calum. 

    “Babe? You home?” You hear him call, his footsteps becoming louder and louder as he gets closer to the kitchen. 

    Luke lifts his head and gives you one look, the hint of a smile playing on his lips, like he knows what’s going to happen as well. 

    “We’re in here, Cal,” you say two seconds before he appears from around the corner. He stops abruptly when he notices the two of you, his eyes shifting between you and Luke. 

    “What are you doing?” He asks carefully, slowly walking up to you. 

    “We’re studying. Luke’s helping me with this paper I’m writing,” you answer, turning around slightly in your chair. 

    Calum looks over at Luke, who smiles a lifts his chin, “hey, man,” he says. 

    Calum presses his lips together in something that’s probably supposed to look like a smile, but doesn’t say anything. It gets very quiet for a moment, you and Luke waiting for Calum’s next move. 

    Then, he breathes in deeply and slowly stretches his arms above his head, “well, I’m going to take a shower now,” he says with a pause, before he adds, “and I assume you won’t be joining me, babe?”

    “Nope, I think I’ll pass.”

    He looks between the two of you again. “Okay, I guess I’ll leave you to it then,” he says and walks off with dramatically loud steps, like he’s trying to make some sort of point, probably trying to get you to change your mind, which…

    You sigh deeply and shake your head. “Let’s get this done before he comes back…”

    You can feel Luke watching you over your computer screen, before he let’s out a breathy laugh and says, “sure.”


    You and Luke had magically gotten almost all of the work done by the time you could hear Calum emerge from the shower. All you have left now, is to summarize it all and read it through once or twice. 

    “I think you should change this sentence, or maybe choose a different word..” Luke comments, eyes glued to his screen while he help to proof read your essay. 

    “What do you mean? Where?” You ask, standing up and walking over to his side to see what he means, glancing over his shoulder. 

    “This one,” he says and points. “Maybe you can-”

    “Hey, babe?!” Calum’s voice cuts Luke off, and you can’t resist the urge to roll your eyes.

    You give Luke an apologetic look before you shout back, “yeah? What is it?”

    “Have you seen my towel?”

    You turn around and you can immediately feel your cheeks heat up. With wide eyes you watch you boyfriend, butt naked, leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest, a knowing smirk on his lips like he knows exactly what it is he’s doing…

    That little shit…

    Luke quickly clears his throat and looks away, down at his lap, almost as embarassed as you. 

    Calum is still dripping wet from the shower he had just taken,his wet hair clinging to his forehead and cheeks. You try to keep your eyes above waist-level, pressing your lips together and surpressing a deep sigh. 

    “It’s in the laundry basket, you’ll have to take a new one from the cabinet.” You try to sound as unaffected as possible, speaking very calmly, but you can hear immediately as you open your mouth that your voice is shaky. 

    “Thanks, you’re the best,” he says, walking up to you and kissing you straight on the lips. He gives Luke a very dirty look before he finally exits the room. 

    “Oh. My. God,” Luke says quietly, meeting your wide eyes. “He’s not very fond of me, is he?”

    You let out a laugh, “he’s not every fond of me either right now..”.

    “But he just kissed you? Very openly if I must admit..” Luke says, giving you a confused look.

    You shake your head, “he’s just pretending for the sake of the situation. Don’t let yourself be fooled, my friend.”

    Luke laughs, “You’re crazy, do you know that?”

    “Debatable…” You say with a wink as you sit down on your seat again. “Anyway… Let’s just finish this and ignore him, for now.”

    Though it turns out that it’s much easier said than done…

    Calum returns a few minutes later (with a bit more clothing on this time, luckily), still with a very innocent look on his face. At first he’s just watching the TV, and you think that he’s actually going to let you two be. But then he decides that he’s hungry, apparently, and he just has to make a milkshake, really making sure to create as much sound as possible to disturb you. But you’ve decided that you won’t let him win, he won’t get that satisfaction.

    “Hey, guys,” he says far too enthusiastically as he sits down next to you by the table, a glass of strawberry milkshake in his hand and a double sandwich in the other, chewing loudly. 

    When neither of you answers, he leans over to look at your computer, blocking your view, ”how’s it going? Don’t mind me, I’m just enjoying my sandwich here.”

    “We’re good,” you say plainly, biting down on your bottom lip to try and keep your feelings from taking over.

    “Good. You know, take all the time you need, I’ll be here in the background, entertaining myself.”

    You can almost feel the sarcasm, and you really have to remind yourself not to roll your eyes or scoff at him. He’s so ridiculous. 

    “We’re almost done, don’t worry,” you say, shaking your head in disbelief.

    Luke starts to speak but is cut off by both you and Calum quickly, “Uhm, I can leave if you-” 



    “Calum!” You exclaim, turning to face him. “Will you please leave?”

    “This is my kitchen too, you know. You can’t just tell me to leave.”

    “You’re more than welcome to stay if you stop disturbing us all the time. And stop being rude to Luke.”

    Calum sighs loudly and rolls his eyes, making sure that clearly know his opinion before he quietly gives in, “sure…I’ll be quiet.”

    You give him a quick smile, “thank you.”

    It takes about five seconds before you can feel his hand on your leg. You decide to ignore it, thinking that maybe he’ll take the hint if you don’t react.

    You keep working, talking back and forth with Luke, meanwhile you can feel how Calum is getting closer and closer to you, almost so that you are shoulder to shoulder now. 

    You can see him looking at you from the corner of your eye, his fingertips dancing along your thigh. 

    “Calum..” You warn when he starts planting kisses on your arm toward your shoulder, but he remains quiet.

    Luke looks between you and Calum, “should I…?”

    “No, we’re not done yet. Don’t let him bother you, let’s just finish this.”

    “Are you sure?”

    Calum’s hand finally slips to your inner thigh and you quickly grab it and push it away, “will you please fuck off, Cal?” you say angrily, your patience hvaing finally run out. 

    He furrows his eyebrows and you can see his jaw clenching, before he abruptly stands up and storms out of the room. 

    Luke watches you with big eyes and his mouth wide open, jumping slightly when a door slams shut with a loud sound. The apartment is once again completely silent.


    “Thank you so much for your help, Luke. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

    “No problem,” he says, smiling.

    “I’m sorry about.. you know..” You give him a weak smile, shrugging.

    “Don’t worry aboutit. But you might want to talk to him, yeah? I never wanted to come beteen you, in any type of way.”

    “I will. Thank you,” you say, “and you didn’t, come between us, I mean. It’s fine.”

    “Okay, I’ll see you in school next week then?”

    “Yes, definitely. Bye, Luke.”


    You close the door after him, locking it too, just to be safe. You haven’t heard a word from Calum since he shut himself in your bedroom, and you guess that he is pretty angry with you right now. You don’t regret anything, though. He was being annoying and you really had to finish that essay, he kind of deserved it. Maybe not with those exact words, but at least he left you alone.

    “Calum?” You say carefully after knocking on the bedroom door. 

    No answer. You decide to go inside anyway.

    “Baby?” You ask as you step inside, noticing a big bump on top of the bed underneath the blanket. He’s facing the other way, but you know that he’s not sleeping, he’s breathing way too fast and he’s too tense to be asleep.

    You walk up to the bed and carefully lift the blanket to crawl underneath it, slowly moving closer to your still very quiet, boyfriend. 

    You wrap your arm around his waist and press your chest against his back.

    “Hello,” you say, touching your lips against his neck in a quick kiss. Suddenly he grabs your hand and intertwines your fingers together, squeezing lightly. 

    “I’m sorry I was such dick…” he says quietly, sighing.

    You can’t help but smile lightly, “it’s okay. I understand.” He turns around so that you are facing each other now. “I’m sorry I yelled at you.”

    No matter how mad you thought you were at him, you can’t deny the fact that you had missed him. Studying is definitely necessary, but that doesn’t mean you like it. You had much rather spent the afternoon in bed with Calum, cuddling or watching a movie.

    “It’s okay,” he says with a smile, but then he adds, “Can I kiss you now?” 

    You nod, looking into his eyes before he leans in and connects your lips. He lingers for a while, not really moving, before he pulls away.

    “I missed you. It was boring showering alone.”

    You let out a laugh, “I missed you too. A lot.” You bring your hand to his cheeks, thumbing at his cheekbone. “I’m sorry I had to study.”

    “No, don’t apologize. I’m super proud of you for doing so good and working so hard.”

    “Thank you.” 

    You lean in and are just about to press your lips to his again, but then he quickly adds:

    “But I still don’t like Luke.”