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I need to be in a job where I am making a difference and contributing to the betterment of the world. That’s what would make me happy.
—  Affirmation of the day.
You both know what you have done.

That’s it. 
I can’t take it anymore. 
I’ve reached my limit and I need to put it out there and I’m so so sorry to all of you, but you all need to know. I’m calling these people out. They need to be held accountable for the crimes they have committed against my person.

@sinfulinsecret @suzunesays

You two. 

I hate you both with the ferocity of 1000 suns. 

My entire Youtube feed is now of BTS. 
My writing spotify playlist is full of BTS. 
My text notification for my husband is now Jimin saying “EXCUSE ME”.

I haven’t stopped watching them for a week. I haven’t stopped listening to them for the last like… month. DO YOU GUYS KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO WRITE ANGST TO ‘FIRE’? DO YOU? ITS NOT BLOODY EASY OKAY. 

So- I condemn these women to the 10th circle of hell for what they’ve done to me. 

Now if you excuse me… I’m going to go perve on these beautiful bastards some more. 

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( ^ -^) <3

Not only am I thankful for my family and my small group of very close friends, but I’m very thankful for all you lovely artists out there :) Especially my favorite artists, @reikiwie-art @ellelehman @ookaminoki @jyojiriinchibifanartist @maggies-arts @eunnieverse ( ^ -^) <3 (seriously go check them out✨their art is great✨💕)

I went through a lot of problems this year to the point where I didn’t care about anything anymore & just wanted to give up on everything…..I even gave up drawing for a lil while….I didn’t have that strong motivation to draw anymore like before… I kinda just shut down.

It wasn’t until I came across some rwby fan art by @reikiwie-art one summer day that made me stop in my tracks. Their art was so good that I had to see more. Then not long after, I found @jyojiriinchibifanartist @ookaminoki @ellelehman @eunnieverse & @maggies-arts & i’ve never been happier c: Especially after a bad day, I would just go home, look at their art or read some of their comics, & would feel better after that😌 (especially @eunnieverse comics of dumb rwby😂 they crack me up & I love it😂) Then there was a sudden spark in me & before you know it, I bought myself a new sketching pad with some drawing pens. The lil fire in me came back and I was motivated & determined to practice & start drawing again….to the point where I want to & hopefully become an artist & draw for a living :,)

*sigh~* You 6 have pulled me out of so many bad days & the lil empty corner I was stuck in & helped me go back to drawing again which makes me really happy ( ^ ^)

Srry this is so long and a lil late, but just wanted you guys to know how much you & your art mean to me c,: I’ll do my best & hopefully be like you guys one day & make others out there happy ( ^ ^) & thank you all so much for dedicating your time to draw & putting your art out there for all of us to enjoy :,) <3

-With lots of love,

a lil shy kawaii penguin c: ( “)>💕

P.s. If some of you are Black Friday shopping, shop shop shop & be safe ( ^ ^)👍🏼🖤👜

@tubflake replied to your photoset “If you missed the live stream, please make sure to watch the November…”

is there anywhere you can watch it translated???


Judging from the fact that you even asked this question, it seems that you’re not aware of the following:

  • The broadcast barely ended like ~8.5 hours ago. The VOD on YouTube is…what, only ~6 hours old?
  • That same broadcast happened to air when most people in the US were sleeping off food comas from Thanksgiving. That cuts down the number of immediately available translators somewhat.
  • All subbed Aqours niconama videos you see scattered across the web are fanmade.
  • Fanmade translations take time - the subber not only has to translate the content, but also time and typeset the lines.
  • It’s extremely difficult to try to decipher what nine girls are saying, especially when they have a tendency to scream over each other. :’)
  • This broadcast lasted a little longer than past streams (IIRC it was a bit over 1h10m) and had a lot of content (news, letters).
  • tl;dr: Whoa there, people are still waking up to watch the VOD. Chill.

If you wait patiently, usually you’ll see a segment translated. Sometimes, you’ll even get lucky enough to see a full-length video. Considering that this niconama was hilarious af, I’m sure that you’ll see translations start to pop up in the future.

I am thinking of posting my half-asleep recollections a recap of the interesting points from the niconama soon, so you could read that while you wait I guess?

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Today for Black Friday I bought a dozen gourmet cookies and offered them to retail workers as I was doing my shopping. It felt good to make them smile (some were a bit confused, too). Anyway, I don't want attention for it, but I wanted to tell someone, and I hope all retail workers survive today and have a happy holiday season of their own!

That’s so awesome!! You are an angel!! 

I had to work last night (and again tonight) and have been trying to make magic in the smallest ways. It’s always nice to give back to others :D


happy birthday to our cute jimin!
thank you for being our angel

they bop!!!!!!


Siblings don’t always agree on things, Madam Director.

quick sketch comic that got way way out of hand but listen a lost decade would be a messy thing to sort out blame-wise i think

my piece for memberzine.
sadly, the project has been on hold for so long that I dont really want to be a part of it anymore
i thought you might as well enjoy the stick of truth vibes


You have to do the opposite of what people expect.
                                                  How else will you surprise them?

Victor Nikiforov for @miyukei​, happy belated birthday Dan! ♡ [09.17.17]