work with hands

its 5 in the morning have a really low quality jpeg of some 20yo giogio

I bought a massage oil last week that I forgot about ( and that I just found) AND IT SMELLS SO GOOD WHO WANTS A MASSAGE 


so i had like

just recently watched Cats Don’t Dance for the first time in ages and then I got these asks

but to answer your questions

yeah probably

  • Yuri: You guys, I'm really questioning--
  • Victor: Your sexuality? It can be a hard time, son.
  • Yuuri: But know that we are always here for you!
  • Yuri: No, I was going to say my sanity. For this very reason. I know I'm super gay. I mean, why do you think Otabek is always over? Hey babe!
  • Otabek: *waves awkwardly*

26 october 2016 - glendale, az