work wheels

Day 22: What is your favourite piece of art done by Minekura Kazuya?

I love all Minekura’s works,but there are three masterpieces that have special place in my heart:

I love this for the clothings,expressions and prayer wheel (ma ni lag ´khor)  they hold. In this work they have mani wheel (the hand prayer wheel) where it is written in Sanskrit the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum,the aim is to accumulate good karma and to purify bad karma.

The second picture is:

The bright colours,the landscape,the sky,the pose of characters and the buddhist reference of Lungta make this a beloved image for me. Like the previous one,this image is full of buddhist symbolism; Lungta or windhorse has four level of meaning and understanding. In this image we see the inner level which is associated to “life force” and “good luck” in fact is not a coincidence that these prayer flags are often found strung along mountain ridges and peaks high in the Himalayas and we know how dangerous the journey is. Prayer flags are flown to generate merit and increase one’s life force and typically display a tiger,a snow lion,a garuda and a dragon (the four dignities) with a lungta in the center.

The third image is from Gaiden:

A perfect image to represent Winter! This image relaxes me,i love blue colour,the cold and their clothings.