work was slow as hell


Daphne, are you saying that you have feelings for Niles?
I think I do.


I think you can call me Niles now.

so i was walking with my mom and a pretty girl walked past us and smiled while looking in my direction. so obviously my first thought was “she knows my mom” but my mom didn’t react so i turned around and there was no one behind us so the only logical conclusion is that she smiled at me (which i still can’t comprehend but ok) so we kept walking and my brain is still running on maximum energy trying to figure out what just happened and then it happens again. the exact. same. thing. like one minute later so now it makes sense, the only logical conclusion is that the world is over and everybody’s going crazy, bye guys

I got to work with some amazing writers for the @snkminibang. I was so excited to collaborate with them, eventhough I’m slow as hell with my work lol

And so this is the first piece for the Mini Bang, companion to Danger Days (an old west AU I didn’t even know I needed until I got my hands on it uwu my life is complete), written by Tempest_InA_Teacup. Go read it! Their done!Erwin is my favorite.

New Possible One Shot Idea

Considering all my friends aren’t back yet, my fiancé is off on his photography assignment with his class and very intense professor, and work is slow as hell, I’ve got another one shot opportunity idea. 

I’ll take requests to see if the idea sticks. I’ll write the blurb now and if you all end up liking it, I’ll write the one shot. Thanks for all of your support! Here’s the blurb:

“About last night” - h.s.

He was lying on the bar - lying on it - and his smile was some sporting a bat-shitting grin as I sat at the stool overlooking his dimples. 

“I’d say,” he said, booping my nose, that in this moment we’re pretty invincible.”

“And yet you’re still the same Harry Styles,” you chuckled, “Always a cute little lightweight who can’t seem to control his gangly lanky body.”

“Welp,” Harry swung his one leg down, wobbling slightly in his drunken state and sitting on the bar now. He pulled at my hand, pulling me off the stool and onto my feet. He placed me between his legs and smiled down at me with his loopy grin.

“Are you still the same Y/N Swanson? The one who always wanted to kiss me? The one who played 7 minutes in heaven with me when we were fourteen? The one who won the art show every year since the second grade?”

“You remember quite a lot Mr. Styles,” you sighed, adjusting his buttoned shirt. The buttons had slowly started to come undone the more drunk he’d gotten throughout the night and this made you chuckle. 

“And you have quite a nice bar Ms. Swanson,” he said, sloppily entwining his fingers with yours. 

“Well this bar closed over two hours ago, mister.”

“Yet here I still am.”

“You think just because you’re a funky little rock star with fancy shirts and shiny rings, you can stay in here for as long as you want?”

You crossed your arms and rolled your eyes as Harry nibbled on his bottom lip and pulled you closer, both his hands digging deeply into your hips as he pulled you up against him. You could smell the alcohol on his breath with a mix of the mint left over from the gum he’d been chewing. 

“I think I can get whatever I want,” Harry whispered “Because we only got four of those seven minutes in heaven.”

“And you think you’re going to get the last three?” You raised an eyebrow, challenging him, as he leaned forward, nuzzling his nose with yours.

“Maaaaaaybe,” he drawled.

“Well,” you pushed away from him as his fingers grasped for you and leaning forward. You watched as his eyes widened as he swung his arms widely and lost his balance, fumbling and crashing to the ground. 

You picked the rag you’d left on the table up again and chuckled, looking down at him as he groaned. “You alright there, rock star?”

“Yep,” Harry groaned, “Just fucking fine.”

“Same old Harry,” you sighed, squatting down in front of him as your knees cracked and you smiled as he pushed his hair from his face.

“And it appears you’re a completely different Y/N.”

“You have no idea.”


So basically, a one shot where Harry goes home for the holidays and stays afterwards considering he’s on break and runs into the little shy girl who always was sitting next to him in school alphabetically. Only, where arrogant Harry seems to be the same, Y/N isn’t that shy little girl with a crush that Harry remembers. It’ll definitely be a more persnickety and smutty one shot than the last two. 

If you’re interested in this one shot, requests HERE.