work video set

Honestly I’m so proud of everyone who worked on that video set. Like it came out so good and they all did so wonderful – I love this new crew that’s going on with Mark. I feel like he’s been so creatively inspired lately it’s absolutely insane. Kudos to Tyler, Kathryn, Amy, Ethan, Pamela, and Robert! The content has been so mind-blowing lately – I’m so proud of Mark and how far he’s come.


‘PZM - 7 Śmiały’ and ‘Pz. Kpfm. IV Brynhildr’

Ok, as I already announced few days ago, that I’m working on a video game set in the my 1920+ world, I think I can share one of the early concept art of Polania & Saxony Empire automachine (mech),  hope you like it, these are light fire support and reconnaissance mechs, cheers!


Okay, so. I know mark and everyone put a shit ton of work into these video sets. And they are so good!!!! BUT…After the first couple of ending I got bored…I’ve gotten all the ending because I’m THAT person..But the idea of it is astonishing. I’ve never seen another YouTube do a chose your own adventure through YouTube…But after a while it got boring . and I understand that these are marks videos and he is the only one who makes calls on the video but as a viewer , I would have liked to have seen more darkiplier… And of course I got all giddy when I saw Wilford lmao..The fucking doof..But in all seriousness. .I just…It got really repetitive.. Especially when you want a different ending having to go all the way back just to try and get one. So there, those are my thoughts on “A date with Markiplier”


If I’m home or with you it’s the same