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2 March, 2017

I was afraid to be happy. Genuinely afraid—

that I’d look back upon my present grin and see nothing but complacency and settlement; that the unforgivably significant small moments I’d been holding on to so dearly would reveal themselves to be nothing but guises; that what I was experiencing was not happiness at all, but rather a deliberately placed shield, by my own hand, in an effort to avoid the inevitable conclusion that I’m…well, that I’m not happy.

But then again, I have to ask: what makes this any more real? Sitting in Caitlin’s apartment kitchen, looking out the window to the first piece of blue sky I’ve seen in a week, feeling the island work itself into my complex sensory—what makes this genuine and the former not? Because I’m tempted to say that it’s all relative, that happiness isn’t some blanket statement applying equally to all that seek it. Because wasn’t I happy then? Walking into work, seeing her sweater vest of the day and long dark hair, feeling a jump in my step; practicing solitary life, then rejoicing when I found love again; acting so genuinely as myself that it ceased feeling like myself? Because I feel genuine in saying that this isn’t any more me than the me that typically exists…I’ve just faced more resistance, more questioning, cursory looks at who I am, that I’m forced to wear it proudly.

Then, I fear, I was so deeply comfortable that I forgot when to fight.

But I am not the product of segmented thrill, moments tediously chosen to drag me through those less than. I am not the thoughts that I think, the people I meet, or the places I am. If I believe in anything, it’s that what’s to come will always be greater simply because I understand what I didn’t before: that I will never reach static gratitude, nor love, nor simplicity, but will eternally oscillate between.

So, it’s clear to say, I’m not sure who I’ll be when I return. I don’t know how I’ll be with others in the way I did, so confident with love and direction. How can I look into the faces of those I’ve broken myself for and feel that they still deserve? How can I love, genuinely, knowing they’ve disregarded my heart?

And, most pressing, what do you do when complacency falls out of step, and real love falls in?

I may be wrong, but I think I’m about to find out.


Location: Waipio Valley, Island of Hawaii
Instagram: plvntstrong

Fireworks- Tom Holland One Shot

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Prompt: Tom schedules a VIP tour for when he visits the Happiest Place on Earth and you happen to be that Disneyland tour guide.

Word Count: 2700

A/N: I have gone to Disneyland countless times and I know the entire map and random other facts about the magical park. I, however, have never paid for a Disneyland tour guide, so I am not 100% sure how the tours work (but I’m positive the tour guides can’t romantically fraternize with the guests). I am almost done with one of my requests, but it was just very hard for me to write that request while I had this Disneyland imagine in mind, so my apologies to whoever requested that one. I am working on it-I swear!


“Good morning, Y/N.” Your co-worker greeted you in the locker room as she used the mirror to adjust her plaid vest.

“Morning, June.” You smiled back at her. Your eyes trailed down to your own, matching red plaid vest. Working at Disneyland had its perks and being a tour guide came with the specific perk of going on rides all day.

“Y/N,” Your boss walked into the room, straightening out his red tie as he did so.

“Yes?” You replied, turning to him.

“You’ve got a tour today- I know, you have one everyday- but this is a very special and very important tour.” He said and you raised your eyebrows at him. It was unusual to hear your boss inform you of your tour- normally it was just written into your schedule. “We have a celebrity coming. It is his first time here and, as a new and upcoming star, fans shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.”

“May I ask who it is?”

“Tom Holland, the new Spider-Man. It’s rather bad timing to have him come during the Summer of Heroes, but he has bought a VIP tour package, so we must comply.”

“Really? The new Spider-Man?” You asked with wonder filling your eyes. You grew up loving the famous comic book character, but never in your wildest dreams did you think you’d actually meet one of the actors.

“Yes. As a Disneyland tour guide and a cast member, your job is to give him a magical Disneyland tour for the next few days and to treat him as a regular guest, not a celebrity. You have been given permission by the superiors to use the secret tunnels- only if absolutely necessary to steer him away from crowds.”

“The next few days? How long is the tour?”

“Three days. I believe two in Disneyland and one in California Adventure. In California, be extra careful as many Marvel fans will be out there for the new ride and also for the Summer of Heroes.”

“Got it, boss.”

“Get ready. Park opens in ten minutes.” He concluded, before leaving the locker room. June turned to you in awe.

“Your first celebrity tour. Good luck!” She smiled at you.

“Thanks, June. I might need it.” You laughed.

When the time came for your tour to begin, you went out to City Hall. You stopped just short of the door and adjusted your vest one last time. You opened the door to the lobby and found it to be full of people, waiting for their tours to begin. You glanced down at the name the tour was under, Harrison, and called it out to find the group. Three hands shot in the air and you made your way over to them. The three boys dropped their hands as you approached.

“Hello, welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland. My name is Y/N and I will be your tour guide for the next few days. My job is to help you have the most magical time while you are here.”

“I’m Tom and this is my best mate, Harrison, and my brother, Harry.” Tom stuck his hand out and you shook it. You shook hands with Harrison and Harry, smiling warmly at each of the guests.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you three. Would you like to get started?” You asked, gesturing to the exit doors. They nodded and you led them outside.

“Here is the Town Square part of Main Street USA. Main Street USA is the only land that has not been significantly altered since Disneyland’s opening in 1955. It represents early 20th century America and is based upon Walt’s hometown Marceline, Missouri.” You walked out into the street and turned towards the fire station, “Walt’s private apartment is located on the second story of the fire station and he would have a lamp on whenever he was in it. We keep the light on so his presence is still in the park today.” Your spouting of information came to a halt and you watched as Harry took some photos of the fire station and city hall with his camera.

“Harry’s the photographer. He’ll do this a lot.” Tom said to you with a laugh.

“It’s totally okay. Are you all first timers?” You asked as Harry finished, ready to move on.

“Yeah, we had a few days off so we figured Disneyland was the way to go.” He replied. You nodded in response.

“Good choice.” You laughed. “Shall we continue towards the castle?”


“Do you guys like pineapple?” You asked as you arrived in Adventureland.

“Yep.” Tom nodded and you pointed to the Dole stand outside of the Tiki Room.

“The absolute best place to get pineapple soft serve, or as we call it Dole Whip, is right there. Dole Whip can only be found here in Disneyland, Disneyworld, Disney’s Polynesian Resort, or the Dole plantation in Hawaii. Just behind the stand is the Enchanted Tiki Room, which is sponsored by Dole Foods and features beautiful, singing birds from equally beautiful islands. If you want to cool off, I suggest getting Dole Whip and then watching the show.”

“When’s the next show?” Harrison asked.

“There should be another one in just a few minutes.”

“I say let’s get us some Dole Whip then. If you suggest it, it must be good.” Tom stated.

The four of you got the said Dole Whip and sat outside of the Tiki Room, waiting for its doors to reopen.

“How is your Dole Whip? As good as I told you?” You asked, before taking a spoonful of your own.

“It’s absolutely delicious.” Tom said with a nod.


Your first day spent as Tom’s tour guide went smoothly. You took them on just about everything: Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, Winnie the Pooh (yes, because you dry off from Splash in there), Astro Blasters, Matterhorn, and Star Tours. The boys decided to save rides like Indiana Jones and Haunted Mansion for the last day of their trip. Today, you would take them on a tour in California Adventure. You greeted them in the entryway of Disneyland’s sister park with a bright smile.

“Good morning, Y/N.” Tom greeted you.

“Good morning, boys. Did you all sleep all right?” You asked.

“My feet hurt, but yeah.” Tom laughed.

“You’ll be walking a lot today as well. Welcome to Disney’s California Adventure. We are standing in Buena Vista Street, resembling Los Angeles during the 1920s. To take it easy on your feet right now, we’ll ride the red electric cable car to our newest attraction in Hollywood Land.”

“Ah, Guardians of the Galaxy? I should feel right at home.” Tom laughed.

“Hopefully, you feel more at home with the Avengers, than the Guardians.” You replied, leading them aboard the car.

“Well, Star Lord shares the same name as me.” He shrugged. You thought about it for a moment, before letting out a soft laugh- Peter Quill and Peter Parker.

“Say, Y/N, is Spider-Man one of the featured heroes in the Summer of Heroes?” Harrison asked.

“Yes,” You chuckled and Harrison nudged Tom, “The Summer of Heroes includes Spider-Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Star Lord, Gamora, and Groot.”

“We should go meet Spider-Man.” Harry laughed.

“I’m right here, but I’m down for it.” Tom said.

“I can arrange for us to meet Spider-Man. Don’t worry, boys.” You said. Mentally, you were hoping they wouldn’t want to see him. After all, Tom was Spider-Man and he’d be more recognizable if nearby the thing really made him super famous.

While the four of you sat in your seats for the Guardians of the Galaxy ride, your body began to shake. Tom, from beside you, looked over in worry.

“Are you afraid of heights?” He asked you quietly.

“I’m more scared of the dropping feeling that comes with this specific ride.” You replied in a shaky voice.

“Here.” Tom moved his hand and grabbed yours, “It’s okay. I’ve got you.” You looked over at him and, as your eyes met his, your body relaxed. Tom let out a small smile, reassuring you that everything would be okay.

After the ride ended, you led them over to where Spider-Man’s queue was. All three boys were smiling as they went up to the masked hero.

“Hey, man! How’s it going?” Spider-Man asked.

“It’s going great. How about you, buddy?” Tom asked, switching into his Peter voice.

“I’ve had a great day. Busy helping out the Avengers, ya know.” He said, “Would you like a picture?”

“Of course!” You stood to the side as Tom, Harrison, and Harry took a photo with Spider-Man. You heard a gasp and your eyes darted over to the source.

“That’s Spider-Man!” Someone said from the line. Tom looked over at you worried.

“Yeah, I am Spider-Man.” The guy in the Spider-Man costume said.

“No, he’s is Spider-Man!” Another guy said. He pointed at Tom.

“No, no, I’m not. I just look like him.” Tom stated, slipping back into his British accent.

“Hey, that’s Harrison!” A girl screamed. The crowd started to go for Tom and the other two boys. Spider-Man and other nearby cast members jumped in the way to hold them back.

“We need to go.” You said, leading Tom, Harrison, and Harry into the nearby gate that read “Cast Members Only”.

“Are we allowed back here?” Harry asked.

“Only for emergencies.” You said and he started to lift his camera up. “No pictures back here.” He sheepishly dropped it back to its original position hanging around his neck.

“What do we do now? Just wait for people to leave?” Tom asked.

“No. We’re going to use secret tunnels.” You stated, making Harrison laugh. He quit once he saw your face.

“You’re serious?”

“Yes. How do you think the cast members get around? Now, follow me.” You replied, leading them into a tunnel to the complete other side of the park.


The next day, you took them on the rides they missed the first and rodes that they wanted to go on again. Among those rides was Haunted Mansion and, as each doom buggy could only hold two people, Tom volunteered for going with you, like he had done on all of the previous rides that called for twos. Noticing his actions, you asked him about it.

“Tom, how come you always choose me? Why not ride with Harrison or Harry?”

“I enjoy spending this time with you. Is there something wrong with me wanting to ride with you?” He asked with a hesitant laugh.

“Well, no, but-”

“It’s okay, Y/N.” Tom said. As your doom buggy descended into the darkness of the ride, Tom let his hand slip onto the seat and find yours. You jumped in shock at the sudden touch. “It’s okay.” He repeated, securing his hand in yours. You felt the same comfort that you felt yesterday just before Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission breakout.

“That was a great ride. And that entire thing is underground?” Tom asked you as you two climbed out of the doom buggy at the end of the ride.

“Yes. A lot of Disneyland’s famous rides are underground, such as this one, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Indiana Jones.”

“That’s mad.” He replied in awe. You met up with Harrison and Harry on the escalator back to ground level. Harrison looked over at you and Tom, then turned to Harry with a smirk on his face. You glanced down at your hand and you realized you still hadn’t dropped Tom’s hand. By the way he started a conversation with Harry about the hitchhiking ghosts, you figured he had forgotten about it as well. Blushing, you let go of his hand and let yours fall back by your side. Tom stopped mid-sentence and looked over at you for a brief second. He turned back to Harry to continue talking when you looked away.

Once outside of the ride, you left to check in with your boss as they shopped over in Frontierland. When you returned to the tour, Tom had just checked out.

“Y/N, I’ve got something for you.” Tom said. He stuck his hand into his new Disneyland shopping bag and you put your hand over his wrist, stopping him.

“I can’t-”

“I insist. You’ve been a major help to us- we definitely would not have been able to have this much fun and do this many rides without you.” He said.

“As a Disneyland tour guide-”

“Right now, you’re one of us, not a tour guide.” Tom stated. You let go of him and he pulled out a set of Minnie Mouse ears.

“They’re lovely.” You laughed lightly, touched by it.

“I’ve heard that you give someone Disney ears when they mean a lot to you.”

“I’ve only known you three days, Tom.” You stated.

“Are you saying you don’t want them?” He faux pouted. You shook your head as a smile formed on your face. “Good, because I don’t know Disneyland’s return policy.”

“Actually-” You started and he placed the ears on your head.

“Shush. You’re keeping them.” He replied.

“Thank you.”

“No, thank you. You made this trip better than I could possibly imagine.” Tom smiled, his hand moving towards yours.

“Are you two ready yet? We want to grab some ice cream before viewing the fireworks again. I need as many chances to get good fireworks shots as I can get.” Harry asked, interrupting your moment with Tom. You two moved away from each other instantly.

“Right. Let’s go.” You nodded, heading out of the store with the boys following you.

“You just had to butt in.” Tom grumbled to Harry.

“Be quicker about it, mate.” Harry said with a shrug.

You took them to Main Street’s Ice Cream Parlor and the four of you got your respectful ice creams. You then led them over to one of the best spots to view the fireworks with the castle in view.

“So, how often do you get to watch the fireworks?” Tom asked as he stood beside you.

“Every night. And it’s magical each and every night.” You replied, smiling up at Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

“Have you always wanted to work here?“I’ve always wanted to entertain people, but I knew I’d never make it as an actress or a singer. Disneyland makes people happy and I love being a part of that.”

“I think you’d be an amazing actress.” Tom said and you laughed, rolling your eyes.

“I’m just a tour guide- I’m not a character or a Jungle Cruise guide.” You stated, with a shrug, “I’m happy where I am. I don’t think I could ever handle the spotlight.”

“Yeah, it’s hard sometimes. I still don’t really see myself as famous. I mean, I’ve been in Disneyland for three days and no one has recognized me- even when I met Spider-Man, no one recognized me.”

“Well, everyone’s focused on their next ride or the magic in Disneyland- they’re not looking for a celebrity.” You laughed.

“I guess.” You looked back at Tom and he paused for a moment, “You-” He was cut off with a loud bang from the fireworks. He jumped, startled at the sudden noise.

“I’m sorry, what were you saying?” You asked him.

“You look beautiful.” He said, making eye contact with you again.

“I’ve been in the same outfit for the past three days.” You laughed.

“Yes, but you still look beautiful.” Tom raised the volume in his voice so you could hear him over the fireworks’ claps, “Is it all right if I kiss you now?” He asked, stepping closer to you. You hesitantly nodded and he leaned in. Fireworks were going on behind you two but you were focused on the fireworks going on between you two. It was pure magic…

…And Harry made sure to capture the moment perfectly with a large red firework sparkling in the background.


“Now, follow my lead. Step where I step. Swag where I swag.”
“Swag? I have no idea what that means!”
“Did I not just tell you to follow my swag?”

/// Handsome Jack: @zombietwin | Rhys: @rathvelus | + pics: @kassna & edit

Service Dog Behavior

I’d like to talk a little bit about service dog behavior.  Many of you have probably read my Fake Service Dogs post that I wrote last year.  It currently has over 100,000 notes; many of which agreeing with my standpoint, some trying to argue otherwise, and a few who say something to the effect of “Not all service dogs will behave as well as yours.  But it doesn’t mean they are fakes.”  While that may be true, I found these comments in particular highly alarming.

It is our duty as service dog handlers to maintain the high reputation that legitimate service dog teams carry.  This means our dogs are trained to the highest of standards.  While the ADA only requires that a service dog be task trained and non-disruptive in public, that is the minimum.  At an absolute MINIMUM, your dog must be able to stay within a relatively close distance to you, not potty indoors, not knock over merchandise, not jump on or sniff other people, and not show any signs of aggression towards people or other animals.  I know a few of you are probably thinking, “My dog does all this. Now get off my case.”  But again, that is the minimum training a dog must receive.  And honestly, I’d be embarrassed to work a dog like that.

In reality, ALL service dogs (no matter the breed of dog or the tasks they perform) should be able to do the following before going into non-pet friendly places…

A service dog should remain within one foot of it’s handler at all times unless performing a task directly related to the handler’s disability.  This helps prevent the dog from getting in the way of others or causing more of a traffic jam than a dog in public already causes.  Nothing looks worse than a dog who is lagging behind its handler, forging ahead, or sloppily heeling two feet out from his handler’s left side.  It’s unprofessional.

A service dog should be able to walk loosely on a leash, unless performing a trained momentum pull or guide task.  NEVER should a service dog look like it’s pulling its handler.  Even if you are using a traffic lead to keep him close, your dog should know how to heel… period!  Some of you might be laughing or calling a team like this an obvious fake, but I’ve seen legitimate service dogs pulling at their leashes all too often. 

A service dog should be able to completely ignore distractions.  It’s not enough that a service dog doesn’t lunge towards or bark at people/dogs who pass by.  Expressing anything more than a casual interest in something, or slightly flinching when surprised, is really not okay.  If another dog walks by, a service dog might cock his head in the dog’s direction, but he should immediately (without correction) be able to refocus back to his handler within a second.  Same thing with noisy kids, drive by petters, dropped food, etc.  If your dog cannot learn to ignore distractions, he is not cut out for being a service dog.  I’ve seen many responsible handlers wash out dogs who were too high strung, rowdy, fearful, or otherwise too distracting to be in a public setting.  It sucks, but it’s part of being a service dog handler… nobody said it was going to be easy.

A service dog should be able to hold a long down stay in public settings.  (I’d like to add that service dogs should be able to tuck underneath a table or chair while doing so, but I know some giant breeds are incapable of this. In which case, they should be able to hold their down stay besides a table or in between two chairs until asked to get up.) Call me nosy or judgmental, but it can be so annoying looking over at a service dog team where the handler keeps having to remind his/her dog to lay down every 5 minutes.  It is distracting, sloppy, and unprofessional.  Holding a down stay is such an important piece of public access training!  Side note: a service dog should NOT be begging for food or receiving food either.  Ideally, a service dog should be able to curl up under a table and go to sleep (or remain still/quiet) for however long the handler remains seated unless the dog needs to get up and perform a task.

A service dog should be able to respond quickly and eagerly to their handler’s commands no matter the situation.  I’ve trained some very stubborn dogs before, but if a handler has to throw out rapid-fire commands (“Sit. Sit! Fido SIT! NO! Come on… SIT! SITTT!!!”) in order for the dog to respond to their commands, then the dog is not ready for public access.  Walking around constantly throwing out words to remind your dog what he should be doing looks sloppy.

Finally, a service dog team should give an overall look of dignity and professionalism.  Dogs should be clean and well kept.  Nails should be trimmed, coat should be clean and shiny, they shouldn’t smell, and shouldn’t be shedding all over the place because they haven’t been brushed recently.  By owning a service dog, you are representing not only yourselves as a team, but the entire service dog community.  

Think about it, seeing a service dog team is not a common thing for the general public. Thus, it is important we and our canine partners give excellent first impressions.

john’s appearance just says so much about him. he’s so buttoned up at the start, and even when he wears jumpers instead of button-downs, they’re so bulky. they keep him hidden. protected. but as early as tbb we see him in that stripey shirt–it’s still long-sleeved but it’s thinner, more relaxed. it’s john settling into being comfortable around sherlock and being comfortable with himself.

but then after sherlock jumps, it reverts, gets even worse. he starts wearing the scarf in s3, covering himself up more, protecting the vulnerability of his own bare neck. the only time we really see him in anything more relaxed is at the start of hlv when he’s in bed dreaming of sherlock, which is the only place he can allow himself to be open about his desires anymore.

so the fact that in trf, he’s lounging around the flat in his short little bath robe, bare chest and bare legs, it’s so striking. it’s such a difference from both where he started and where he ends up after the fall. he’s allowing himself to be so open, in a way we never see from him again after that, and it’s his love for sherlock that did that, that let him grow into being that comfortable as who he is. it’s heartbreaking that it’s so short-lived.

Today is the anniversary of the Romanov’s execution. They were killed 99 years ago today. 

Many people don’t know that the real-life Anastasia AND the real-life Maria both left the room their family was executed in alive. The daughters were wearing corsets with gems and diamonds sewn inside them, which worked as bullet-proof vests. They were shot at over and over, but still did not die. Many soldiers ran from the sight, claiming it was God’s will that the daughters be left to live. Olga and Tatiana were both shot in the head after shooting them in the chest did not work. Maria and Anastasia had fainted from fear; when the bodies were being moved, Maria sat up and screamed. The head executioner “hit her in the face with the back of a rifle until she stopped screaming,” according to one biographer. Anastasia, some soldiers claimed, was helped out of the truck holding the bodies when she woke up and ran. It was later proven that, whether she ran or not, she died that night with her family – either from the soldiers catching her or from her already sustained wounds.  

Humans are weird- service animals addition

So I’ve seen a lot of Humans are Weird/space orcs posts about our relationship with animals etc

But none about service animals
Like service dogs trained to help with daily tasks & detect seizures or blood sugar levels, therapy & emotional support animals for anxious & autistic ppl, & recuse & detection dogs
Like imagine a human diplomat in the middle of a meeting and their service dog warning them of an oncoming seizure & then going off to lie down to wait it out & then the aliens asking about it later & being amazed
Or an alien over hearing a human complaining about how much they want to pet the service dog but know they can’t & being confused - humans love to pet animals why can they not pet this one?

Or alternatively
Alien animals as service animals
Xenomorph type thing as a service animal in the little ‘don’t pet im working’ red vest


Spencer comes home still wearing his unfortunate work attire and you have no qualms about getting down to business. 

Warnings: none, just beautiful cutesy goodness


Something about Spencer turning up at home with his FBI vest still firmly strapped over his fitted button up got you in the mood to rip it and the rest of his clothing right off. The vest was intended to ward off danger and advertise just who the unsub of the day was up against. Right now, it was just succeeding in luring you in.

As it was, you were too tangled in blankets on the couch and too caught in the snares of sleep to convince yourself to get up. Luckily, Spencer spared you the effort and draped himself over your sprawled form. His lips kissed at your hair, forehead, and fluttering eyelids.

“Why aren’t you in bed? This is the prime time for your brain to replenish itself. How do you expect to function at work if you’re always waiting up for me?”

“I was watching my show,” you defended.

“You’re watching the shopping channel. You can admit if you just wanted to see my face,” he teased, brown eyes dancing in reflection of the warm lamp light.

You blinked sleepily at the screen, then up at your gorgeous husband. His hair was combed down across his forehead, one half and jutting up like your hand had already claimed it. You did slid your hands into it, tugging him down to meet your mouth.

“Alright.” He cut off the TV and your advances. “Time for bed.”

The trek down the hallway was one the two of you made in varied states of dress. You tugged at his clothes to recreate one of your favorites. He hummed, pulling you into the bedroom as you worked off that damned vest.

“Wait, wait,” he murmured, mouth letting out the weakest whine when yours latched onto his throat. “I wanted to ask you something before we did this again.”

“This being us making love?”

“Yes,” he panted out as you left a hickey on his collar bone that would bloom with the flowers in the morning.

“So ask.” Sleep was a distant friend now, carnal need awakening not only you mind, but the needy nooks of your body.

“Let’s make a baby.”

You straightened to meet his gaze. “Where’s the question?”

“Do you want to? I got to see Henry today and he’s so beautiful and so smart and JJ is so happy. I want that for us.”

You studied him and his tender gaze. You wondered how it would be when directed at children. You wondered what those soft eyes would look like on that child.

“So let’s be happy, Spence.” You threw your shirt at the far wall and set to work on your leggings.

“You mean it? You want a baby with me? Statistically the odds of us conceiving after only one attempt are not in our favor, but if we do and you’re not really ready, we should decide now to wait.” You kissed him, guiding his hands to unclip your bra. “I may have signed up for a newsletter on daycares in our area today. I know that’s jumping ahead but I just wanted to be prepared whenever you were.” You pushed on his shoulders, easing him down to his knees and sliding your knee over his back to coax him towards your singing heat; you needed both him and it to fall silent.

A flash up of brown settled his eyes on yours and you released a sly smile. “I don’t have a single doubt you’ll be an amazing dad.”

His smile flickered, blindingly brilliant and you had time only to latch on to the strap of his vest before he set to some well-deserved overtime work.

I drew like four things yesterday so here’s one of them :’D

This definitely is not at all relevant to Chairmumble (which is not my guilty pleasure of a self-insert ship) and is certainly not the uniform Mumble wears as a diplomat/ambassador when he goes to meet The Chairman in 7-10 years because that’s not the premise of this non-existent AU. I have no idea why you would suggest such a thing. You didn’t? Good. ;D