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Ah, yes, hello. I’m having some good old fashioned “I’m a burden to everyone” anxiety and depression and if you need me i’ll once again be underneath my desk.

Look at this boys reaction to being asked about having schoolmates or friends. His wistful sadness, vulnerable eyes, and baffled face. I don’t think he’s even sure what the word means. Nobody should have to feel that lonely. To not want to go home to his parents, and to not have friends to turn to. To truly believe nobody cares. #giverobertsugdenafriend2k17

Stone - Quartz (Clear)

Colour: White, varies from opaque to clear

Zodiac: Pisces, Leo, Capricorn

Planet: Venus

Energies: Magic, Power, Healing

Magical Properties

- Extremely useful in energy work. It can absorb, store, transmit, charge, intensify, release, and regulate energy. It aids in balancing energies, is so versatile that it can be programmed to assist in almost any goal, and can be used to amplify the energies of other stones or groups of stones.

- It can be used for any metaphysical purpose; consciousness expansion, chakra work, communicating with guides and spirits, past life recall, astral travelling, balancing energies, enhancing meditation, visualisation, and dreams.

- Can be used for any mundane purpose too; dealing with love, general prosperity, peace, life goals, psychic, emotional, and physical healing, protection, wisdom, clarity, memory, communication, cleansing, transformation, positivity and harmony.

- Due to its versatility, it can be used as a substitute for any other stone.

- Associated with all chakras, so emphasis on its usefulness in chakra balancing.

Medicinal Properties

- Healing of all kinds; physical, psychic, emotional

- All purpose healing

- Like seriously

- Works with all chakras

it’s looking like episode 3 of ssc is going to be rosvolio fake dating and i am HERE FOR IT

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If you want some interesting reading, look up Redeck Revolt. These are gun-toting, working class, regular-ass white folks who go and counterprotest against "patriot" groups to protect their nonwhite/LGBT/otherwise marginalized friends, neighbors, and community. It's wild.

Truly a credit to their race.

My New The Adventure Zone AU Concept; AU where everything is mostly the same except that the THB have different classes!

[Trust me guys, I’ve been a lot of thought into the idea of ‘what if the Tres Horny Boys were different classes,’ and I have to say, I really needed to share the idea with you guys!]

[I’ve nicknamed the AU Concept Swap Boys.]

[Now, I say AU Concept because it’s technically not one AU, but at least three AUs! Each AU Concept is separated by different themes, and they are under the read more because I’m not sure that anyone would want a big post like this on their blog. There’s also a small chart in there. It does nothing but show and compare the class options.]

[Disclaimer: I will be honest, I based my answers on how the character are now in this universe, but with alterations. I can fully understand that it’s completely possible that, in the universe where these class choices were canon, then Taako, Merle and Magnus would have been completely different characters, but since we don’t live in that universe, my choices are closer to canon then the universe where it would be canon, so HA!]

[Added Disclaimer: No bracket speak past the read more. Normal typing only. No brackets means serious business.]

[One More Disclaimer: My thought process goes everywhere. Be wary of that.]

[PS: If you make anything for this, please tag me so I can see it and also please tag it as #Swap Boys. Thank you and enjoy.]

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Just gonna do a mass response to these :D
and that it is even giving ppl life ;w;

When you feel like it’s impossible to get along with someone, just remember that Sunggyu couldn’t stand Woohyun before Infinite debuted. Now they are pretty much married.

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Can I suck ur dick?

Hmmm I personally don’t like Oral since a Girl bit me there once and I couldn’t pee for a week without pain (felt like getting your manhood stuck in a zipper x 1000000) so I’ve avoided it for years now but heres Prerequisite questions

1) Are you female

2) Are you in your 20s

3) Are you STD free

4) Do you think I’d think you’re attractive

5) do you promise not to use teeth

If all of those are Yes then we can Totes work somethin out 

On Ladybug and Chat Noir’s partnership

Some minor episode 17 & 18 spoilers.

I’ve seen a lot of criticism of episode 18 of Miraculous Ladybug in the tags today as compared to ep 17 - specifically, the irony (or failure) of the series seemingly reversing its opinion on the partnership of Chat Noir and Ladybug against Hawkmoth.

But I don’t think that these episodes contradict.  Just because Ladybug can (and does) save the day herself doesn’t devalue Chat Noir or make Chat Noir’s partnership less valuable to Ladybug.

Firstly: Ladybug has always been portrayed as completely capable on her own.  This is not a new development! In Copycat there’s a memorable line where Copycat complains that he’s better than Chat, and Ladybug - stealing Chat’s baton back from Copycat - announces, ‘but I’m better than both of you!’ She’s more of a strategist - she has to be to use the Lucky Charm - and Chat Noir tends to follow her lead in akuma fights.  Ladybug is the only one with the power to cleanse akuma and fix akuma-caused damage.  Chat Noir tends to run interference while she takes the action that will save the day.

However, Ladybug and Chat Noir both consider themselves to have a partnership.  Episode 17 was all about how they choose to work together.  Despite the fact that Ladybug doesn’t seem to be willing or able to save Chat when Antibug uses him as bait against Ladybug, he’s still unwavering in his faith in her, and later Ladybug announces proudly that they’re a team.  The importance of Ladybug saying that they are a team is actually enhanced by the fact that she can save the day on her own.  She CHOOSES to rely on Chat Noir. 

The series has also taken pains throughout to show that they work well together and that Ladybug does rely on Chat whenever he’s there. She depends on Chat to keep the akuma busy while she figures out how to use her Lucky Charm.   Ladybug listens to Chat Noir’s advice. She can give him directions and knows he’ll understand and follow her lead instantly; they work seamlessly together in team fights and discuss strategy.

And Chat does a lot of amazing things himself! There’s an episode where he spends the majority of the episode holding off an entire army of knights all by himself, mostly by fencing with his baton.  He has night vision and rescues Ladybug from Stormy Weather, and takes Marinette to a safe place (so she can transform, little does he know) versus the Gamer.  It’s true he often goes down first, but that’s because he’s almost always distracting the enemy while Ladybug figures out how to use her Lucky Charm.  He rescues Ladybug from having her Miraculous stolen several times and from taking fatal hits at least twice if not more.  Just because Ladybug is stronger doesn’t mean Chat is useless.

One of the great things about Miraculous Ladybug is that Ladybug is allowed to be a shining heroine all on her own.  (This is rare for a female superhero; in most hero universes at least one man is as strong or stronger than any female heroines.) And the fact she doesn’t absolutely need Chat Noir means that she works with him because she likes to!  As much as she shuts down his flirting and finds him ridiculous, she wants his company. Ladybug has chosen Chat Noir out of her own free will, not because she’d fail without him.

In conclusion: It’s super romantic to hear characters say ‘I need you, I’d die without you, you are necessary to my existence.’  But there is a different, more mature romance in a person who is complete in themselves choosing to include another person in their life.  This is the delight of Ladybug and Chat Noir’s partnership, and why even though ep 18 was about how Ladybug can do everything herself, she’s still a team with the all-important Chat Noir.