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It is a tad blurry, but I am willing to bet whatever scene that takes place between Oliver and Lance happens in lances apartment. Oliver maybe seeking resolution? Appoligozing even? Since we know he likes to hold blame and guilt that could be it. Also, given that is an old photo of Sara and Laurel, I am betting his daughters (mainly Sara) are the the topic of discussion. The question is, do things get better? Or remain broken. IS IT OCTOBER YET?

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So I asked another Travis Scott blog about this and they didn't agree, but if young thug and Travis made a collab album would you fuck with it? I would, I feel they work good together.

I’d love it!! I’m not really much of a fan of young thug but I think he and Travis are awesome together

What I really love about Clexa is that Lexa allows Clarke to step aside from the guilt of making hard choices and I know some of you will say I am wrong about this but think about it.

Before Clarke met Lexa all the hard decisions fell on her shoulders (i.e. When she killed the grounders in season 1). Clarke was a leader who would make the tough choices when no one else was willing to make them. She didn’t want to make them but she did anyway because she knew it was what she had to do to survive.

Come around to season 2 when she met Lexa and Lexa is the same type of leader, she makes those tough decisions on a regular basis and this made Clarke and Lexa bond BUT now that they are working together Clarke is able to step back and say and fight for what she thinks is right as a human instead of as a leader (i.e. when the bomb was about to hit TonDC).

Clarke knew she had to leave them there in order for their plan to work but she didn’t want to do it. Lexa being there allowed Clarke to be a human instead of a leader and let Lexa make the hard choice.

Some people interpreted this scene as Lexa manipulating Clarke into doing an horrible thing. I saw it as Lexa allowing Clarke to be a simple human instead of a leader for once.

Then Mount Weather happened and once again, Clarke had to make the hard choice by herself.



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