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FEB 12, 2017

Avon also invited his closest friend Dan to the dinner party. Dan came with his girlfriend, Seraphina, and Sera brought along her best friend, Bronte, as well.

( @simmingwiththetide )

Just me, no playing around with makeup, posing with a few of my game consoles. My dusty, and in some cases, 30+ year old consoles. I love them so dearly. 💜 I’m currently playing Final Fantasy III (VI) again. Such a great game. I can go into more detail on my consoles and such if anyone wants. I have had an itch to grind through some Dragon Warrior 1 as well. Hm.

 As you can see, the laser sessions are paying off a lot. I haven’t shaved for several days, and while it is easier to see in proper lighting, my face is in great shape. Mostly upper lip growth at this point, and a couple very small spots in 1 or 2 other spots - a little on my chin and on the right side of my face.

 Work was uneventful. Not too terribly stressful for a Saturday. My headache has reduced quite a bit over the last 36 hours or so, and I’m in a good place right now. Feeling good.

 I hope you have all had the best Saturday ever, and may your Sunday treat you just as well!

 - Lana

I only work 17-22 (CET) today so I’ll prolly be able to draw something today! I’m sorry I didn’t pot anything yesterday and haven’t been answering all of your asks, I’ve been pretty tired from working night shift this weekend.
Love you guys!


Pic 1-4. Hard working Hanbin. All of those fame didn’t go to his head👍& lucky fan greeted & being served by him…so envy😁

I got her permission to post this😄 Pic cr @sadness0331 on twitter.

Pic 5. Hanbin went to Hanbyul’s birthday party😄 coz today is Hanbyul b'day of coz he went home to celebrate. Cr on pic

Pic 6. [170219] Yoo Chungjae (HiTech dancer)’s instagram with Donghyuk. Hard working Donghyuk practicing even on weekend💪. Pic cr @chungjaeeeeee

Little Update!

Hey guys just wanted to post a quick little update and say i’ll offline for a little while! After I finish up work this weekend i’ll be heading home and getting some minor surgery on Wednesday! It really isn’t a big deal, but chances are likely i’ll be out of it for a few days so no art updates from me for a week or so. (Depending on how i’m feeling haha! ) 

I hope everyone is doing good, and you all have a swell week ahead of you! 

-TK !  

How do you cope with your SO working every weekend and you not being able to do literally anything fun together because he’s “too tired?” I have no friends (literally). I hate going out on week days because we have a kid who has a strict bedtime and I work during the week. I am just so frustrated I don’t know what to do anymore. I need attention and I need to get out of the house and I need to be able to do things with the person I’m marrying. I could rip my hair out!

So my (future) mother in law just stopped by for the first time in a few months. Specifically, she stopped by on her way home from the bar she occasionally works at on the weekends. The bar is 30 minutes away from us, back roads. We were laying on the couches watching a movie (Finding Dory is super cute!). She walks into the kitchen, Koery walks out there and I hear whispering. I walk into the kitchen to hear, “I’ll pay you”. Then I find out she left her phone at the bar and she wanted Koery to drive up there. To get her phone. In the middle of our movie night. And she realized it halfway home, but didn’t turn around.

The fuck?

She even had the audacity to ask me what I thought about it…I told her if I got to name their puppy, then I would be okay with Koery doing that. Otherwise we were in the middle of a movie and she was interrupting. I didn’t tell her what I was actually thinking which was “what the fuck Rose? He’s not your slave” …

Again, the fuck?

PDA police at work.
they should probably care about their own actions. tsk.


my dear is it all we’ve ever been?