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Not only is the new Ed Sheehan album making my heart ridiculously happy in general, so many of the songs are giving me major Feysand feels. I mean Perfect is just, well, perfect for them… and now I don’t want to write my lab report I want to write about those two

Listen, all I’m saying is that if Darth Maul can survive being cut in half, Jyn and Cassian can come back, too.

Updated with my Jyn and Cassian Survived Conspiracy Theory Meta!



clintasha + debate club rivals au for @take-me-to-ny

Even’s 20th birthday (this is half an hour late in my time zone and I’m devastated, god dammit work)

  • Isak wakes him up with soft kisses all over his face and when he knows Even is waking up he moves his kisses down and starts Even’s day with a happy birthday blowjob and shit if this is what his 20′s are gonna be like then Even is a happy man
  • they stayed at Even’s last night because Even’s parents have this tradition about a birthday breakfast, so Isak brought his stuff to Even’s after school on Friday and they’ve spent the weekend so far doing their homework between make out sessions because your brain needs a rest sometimes okay it can’t all be biology stats
  • sadly Even’s parents are home so they can’t share a shower no matter how much Even tries to cajole Isak into it
  • they do eventually both manage to get showered and make it into the kitchen, their fingers loosely tangled and their shoulders bumping together, and Even’s parents don’t even try to hide their smiles at it because if their boy is happy what more could they want
  • Isak is high key curious about this birthday breakfast tradition because birthdays were never much of a thing in his household after he hit double digits and he thinks it’s kinda cute that Even’s parents still fuss over him like that
  • Even insists that it’s more because his little sisters are still really into birthdays and everyone goes all out for their birthdays and Even doesn’t have the heart to tell them he isn’t really fussed about his own birthday
  • turns out that the birthday breakfast is a huge spread. it takes up their entire kitchen table. there’s a big bowl of fruit, pots of yoghurt dotted around, two filled toast racks surrounded by half a dozen different condiments and cheeses, and Even’s mother is plating up generous portions of smoked salmon omelette as the boys walk in
  • Isak sits down with Even but he’s kind of terrified that the table is going to collapse under the weight of all that food (spoiler: it doesn’t)
  • it feels a little bittersweet to Isak to see how close knit Even’s family is but he’s damn happy that his boyfriend has such a loving family. his parents indulge Isak in telling embarrassing stories from Even’s childhood, although Even laughs along with them too, and his sisters crow about all the cool things Even does with them which warms Isak’s heart in a way he didn’t expect
  • after they’ve all eaten as much as they can physically cram inside their stomachs Even’s mother pulls a little cupcake from some hiding place Isak hadn’t noticed and lights the solitary candle on it before setting it in front of Even and telling him to make a wish
  • Even stares at Isak so intently as he makes his wish that Isak feels like a mouse in the eyes of a hawk
  • when the candle is blown out Even’s sisters immediately start squealing asking about what Even wished for and he just shrugs and says I wished to be an only child again with a wink and ruffles their hair when they shriek in outrage
  • after breakfast Even and Isak go on a very slow walk around the neighbourhood to help their food go down (Even’s mum suggested it and it didn’t actually sound like a bad idea) and they’re their usual disgusting selves, holding hands and pushing each other around and then pulling the other back with their arms around their waist, fogging up the cool air around them with their laughter
  • they make a quick stop at the coffee place and Isak asks if the birthday boy gets any sort of senior discount
  • turns out he doesn’t qualify but the barista does wish him a happy birthday and Even just grins and pulls Isak into his side and says how could I not with this beautiful young man by my side
  • the barista thinks they’re the cutest thing she’s seen in her whole life
  • the boys take their drinks to go and head over to the kollectivet, enjoying the early afternoon sunshine and each other’s company
  • they get back to Isak’s just after 1PM and it can’t be determined who startled more when a dozen people yelled surprise
  • both squads are present as well as the kollectivet (even Linn is there, in her pyjamas but there) and they’re all there to celebrate their friend’s birthday and Even is so surprised that they considered him a friend that it takes him a minute to settle into it
  • despite it being like one in the afternoon on a Sunday there is alcohol aplenty
  • Isak knows that Even knows his limits and doesn’t fuss over his drinking or smoking unless he can see the telltale signs of an episode and today is not one of those days so he lays back on the sofa and enjoys a few drinks with his boyfriend and their friends
  • when everyone has their drinks Magnus stands up and makes a toast to Even, wishing him many more years of fun stories and frostbitten balls
  • Even snorts into his beer but raises his bottle anyway and everyone follows his lead and the party (if it could even be called that) kicks off
  • alcohol flows freely and people start talking about their favourite Even story because he’s been involved in a few of their social events seeing as he’s Isak’s boyfriend but aside from that he’s just a cool guy and everyone loves him so????????? of course they’re gonna hang out with him and have stories to tell????????
  • Noora and Vilde go into the kitchen and come back a few minutes later with a stupidly big cake covered in flaming candles and Even laughs about people trying to fatten him up today
  • que Isak telling everyone about the massive breakfast and now this massive cake but then he looks over at Even and he’s just like you’re a beanpole though so like of course people are trying to fatten you up
  • Linn just tells Even to blow his candles out before they burn the building down and Even does that intense staring at Isak again as he blows them out
  • the candles are out for maybe .25944932479 of a second before everyone starts clamouring for a bit
  • Eva may or may not get a bit too drunk and emotional and grab Even’s hand and tell him that he’s amazing and she hopes he has a really happy life with lots of good birthdays and friends and yep yep yep time for people to start going home if Eva’s getting emotional
  • after 7PM most people have left the flat, wishing Even a last happy birthday on their way out, and it’s just Even and the kollectivet so he helps them clear up the bottles and snack food
  • Eskild’s kinda tipsy so he pulls Even into a hug and kisses his cheek messily and tells him to make sure his happy birthday sex isn’t too loud because Eskild has to be up early tomorrow
  • Isak drops the bottle he was emptying into the sink and goes even brighter red because he wasn’t even subtly shocked he thought that shit was just in movies but here he is with a sink full of broken glass
  • Even only makes it worse when he winks at Eskild and says he can’t promise anything before grabbing Isak’s hand and hauling him off into the bedroom despite the fact it’s barely even 8PM
  • Isak tries to be mad but Even keeps peppering kisses over his mouth and hell Isak can’t keep up his pout when Even does that and Even knows it
  • they flop back into bed because it’s actually been an exhaustingly social day and Isak the Introvert needs to recharge now so he decides that it’s cuddly boyfriend time and practically tries to get under Even’s skin
  • they spend a few minutes just holding onto each other before Isak casually tells Even he has a present for him and enjoys the surprised look on Even’s face that quickly turns into excitement
  • Isak refuses to say when Even asks what it is, claiming that Even has to work for it
  • thus commences Even kissing Isak all over until the boy caves in and reaches into his bedside table and pulls out a joint
  • I thought we could share one seeing as it’s a special occasion is Isak’s explanation
  • Even argues that it’s only a birthday and Isak has a rare moment of breathtaking honesty and softness and says that there’s nothing more special than the day Even Bech Næsheim came into the world
  • he gets another kiss for that and Even tries to convey all the love he feels for this boy into the kiss
  • they spent the next hour passing the joint back and forth in bed and enjoying the high together
  • they talk about the past and the future and everything in between, pressed as close together as two people can be
  • inevitably hands start to wander
  • their touches start slow and lazy and comforting but it never takes long for things to get heated between them and Isak finds himself sat on Even’s lap with the birthday boy spread out under him
  • they both feel a bit hazy from the weed and the alcohol so they end the day with Isak lazily riding Even, hands clasped and foreheads pushed together and soft moans warming the air between them until they’re both spent and slumped together on the bed
  • when Isak can finally use his higher brain power again he presses a kiss to Even’s warm cheek and asks if he had a good birthday
  • Even just pulls him closer and whispers that every day with Isak is a good day because what could be better than spending your day with the one you love
  • and yeah that’s cute but Isak needs to know if Even had a good birthday alright he just does
  • Even rolls his eyes and accuses Isak of ruining the moment he was trying to make but reassures Isak that yes he had a great birthday he doesn’t need to worry about that
  • they’re both asleep by 10.30, tangled up in each other
A Moment That Probably Happened on the Set of "Spider-man: Homecoming"
  • director: tom here's a phone, you're gonna film parts of the trip
  • tom: okay... but...
  • director: yeah?
  • tom: nvm
  • *two seconds into tom walking*
  • tom: how the hell do you flip the camera
  • tom: no, yeah i pressed the button
  • tom: how do i turn the flash off
  • tom: can someone please help me
  • tom: okay i got it now
  • *films his whole journey walking on the street*
  • tom: wait this whole video was zoomed in the whole time DAMMIT

thenvunin managing to make paperwork look glamourous @feynites

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Random anon: rank the Doctors by levels of common sense. (If you want).

  1. War Doctor. Abundance of common sense there. Just a shame the rest of existence totally lost it.
  2. Ninth Doctor. There’s an entire comic story he sits out of just because he’s too chill and level-headed to make the kind of mistake the other new series Doctors did. He’s got it together.
  3. Twelfth Doctor. Honestly, pretty chill Doctor. When the most questionable moment I have with him is him telling some people to stop killing each other, it’s hard to have much of an issue. (Then again, that aforementioned comic story, damn.)
  4. Seventh Doctor. Okay, yeah, he gets convoluted. But dammit, it works. Most of the time. Ish. There’s usually good reasoning at least.
  5. Fifth Doctor. He tries, doesn’t he? But he’s too sensible for the adventuring lifestyle, which just isn’t sensible in the long run at all.
  6. First Doctor. Pretty sensible, for a man who kidnaps teachers and lies to people to get them to explore areas doused in dangerous radiation just out of curiosity. Which is to say, not particularly sensible.
  7. Third Doctor. Yes, having a flying car with your edgy name on the license plate is a sensible life choice, dammit. In all seriousness, he could be a petty, childish guy, but there’s something fairly straight laced and contained about him all the same, even if just as a result of the time out from time and space.
  8. Second Doctor. He’s usually as unsensible as possible to throw people off for when he gets deadly serious. Like, I dunno, Jack Sparrow. Wild as hell character, but hits hard when the time is right.
  9. Eighth Doctor. Too ADHD, bless his heart.
  10. Tenth Doctor. He talks the sensible talk but doesn’t walk the sensible walk, and then keeps talking it until he wraps himself in knots and the whole bus tries to kill him.
  11. Eleventh Doctor. ADHD as hell, fixates on things that he shouldn’t (MYSTERY!! MYSTERY!!! IN SKIRT!!!!), brain constantly jumping to next cool gimmick, including bunk beds. Which are the superior bed because they’re cool. What a useless dweeb I love him.
  12. Fourth Doctor. He is going to trip on that scarf one day I swear to god. He will break limbs. He is not sensible. Ever.
  13. Sixth Doctor: HAVE YOU SEEN THAT OUTFIT?????

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Hello!! I absolutely ADORE you twos' writing and it caused me to wonder, is there any way you could you write how the RFA members (as well as V and Saeran) would react to finding out MC's gift for them under the tree was a box with a (positive) pregnancy test in it? I hope you enjoy writing this when you get around to it (or if you decide to).

A/N: HOW CUTE IS THIS OMG!! No worries anon, we definitely decided to! (sorry it’s after Christmas though ;A;) Thank you for your kind words!!!!! ~Admin 404

Hi I adore you <3 ~ Admin 626


-He’s so excited for Christmas!!

-He knows he got you so many gifts! He really hopes you like all of them!

-You got him multiple gifts as well! But there’s one that you’re really nervous to give him…

-You decided to save it until the end! After all the presents and clean up from the wrapping paper, it was time

-”Hey, Yoosung? I um… I think there’s another present for you in the tree.”

-???? He looks in the tree to find a cute small box, wrapped up with a bow

-When he opens it, the first thing he sees is a piece of paper that says, “Player 3, joining the game.”

-Under it, he finds a pregnancy test.




-”MC, is…is this for real? Are you… are we going to….”

-The moment you assure him that yes, you are pregnant with his child, he hugs you so tightly you were worried for your health yoosungie pls let me go i cant breATHE

-He’s so hyper the rest of the night! Takes care of everything! Makes you rest!

-Constant reminders that he loves you, and that this is the absolute best present he’s ever gotten on Christmas


-If you’ve ever said something vague, like, “Oh, hey, that dress is kinda cute”

-Bam, it’s now under your tree

- you need a bigger tree to cover all the presents he’s gotten you

-You try SO HARD to get him gifts but he!! Never!!!! Lets you!!!!

-”It’s alright MC, all I’ve ever wanted is you. There’s no reason to give me anything. If I wanted something so material, I’d simply buy it for myself.”


-It’s time to play, Who’s the Most Spoiled: You or Elizabeth the Third?

-He didn’t expect any presents from you because he’s already told you a million times he needs nothing

-So when he finds one, he’s super confused?

-Why is this here? What could it be?

-Of course he didn’t wait for you to come back from the kitchen to open it

-When he saw the positive pregnancy test, he immediately felt like he was soaring flyyyyyin’

-Stared into the box with tears in his eyes, so when you walked in you immediately froze

-Was he upset??? Did you make a mistake???

-When you spoke his name, he looked up at you with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen him make in your time together

-”MC, this… this is the best news I’ve ever gotten. I… We…. You… a baby? All I’ve ever wanted was to have a child to call my own. Thank you. So much.”



-Y E S

- his longest yeah boy ever

-Not only bought you a TON of gifts, but also handmade you a lot of things!

-Wakes you up early by jumping on the bed like a little kid

-Since it was his first real Christmas, you decided to buy him as many gifts as you could!

-Though, there was one gift that you couldn’t figure out how to give him…

-Later that day, after all the gifts were opened, and you two had time to relax and unwind, you tell him you have to go do something

- okay that’s not vague at all MC???

-You were gone for a very long time, so he went to go find you

-When he got to the bedroom, the only thing he found was a small, wrapped box in the middle of the room

-He saw that it was labelled to him, and opened it

-”…Wait. Is… is this?”





-You came out from behind the door where you were hiding and call out to him

-You braced yourself for a tackle but it didn’t come?

-When you opened your eyes, you saw him drop to his knees in front of you and wrap his arms around your hips

-He laid his forehead against your stomach and through tears started to talk to your guy’s child

-”Hi there little man or princess. You’re gonna have the best Christmas’ from now on, I can promise you this. You’ll have the childhood I never got to have.”


-The two of you were more of a “Here’s a gift let’s just watch movies and nap the rest of the day” kind of couple

-So that’s what you did

-You exchanged gifts and cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie

-He sat cross legged, and you sat on his lap

-He reached for the remote but…. That… isn’t a remote?

-It was a rectangle box, with a bow on it

-But, you two already exchanged gifts? Was this one from another RFA member?

- lowkey gets a little jealous

-Until he notices it has his name on it?

-So he holds it up in front of you and asks about it

-”MC, what is this?”

-”I dunno maybe it’s from Santa”

-”Yeah, whatever”

-He keeps it in front of you and opens it to see the positive pregnancy test



-You keep quiet because you want to let it sink in, and wait for him to speak first

-He doesn’t though. No words come out. The only reason you know he moved was because he crossed his arms over your chest and grabbed your shoulders, pulling you closer

-After kissing the back of your head, you heard him sigh before resting his chin on his hand, lips close to your ear

-”MC, I love you. I really do. I’m so scared of being a terrible father. But knowing you, this kid’s going to have a fantastic mother, and I can’t imagine having a family with anyone else but you..”



-Omg this boy goes all out on christmas for you!!!

-Jewelry, books, video games, etc

-Anything you wanted, he got you

-He thinks he’s gonna beat you again this year


-He’s so confused when he sees only one box for him under the tree?

-Not that he’s ungrateful, he’ll love anything you got him! But last year you got him tons of gifts

But oh my god when he opens it, hE DROPS THE BOX AND PICKS YOU UP IN EXCITEMENT

“We’re gonna have a baby?! Like an actual baby?!” oh my god this poor boy is about to cry, he’s so excited

“Do we know the gender? How many months are you? When’s the next appointment?!” omg Zen pls calm down MC has a baby she needs to relax

-He’s so happy though

-He never thought he’d have a family

-But now he has you and a child on the way <3

-He vows to treat his child with all the love in the world; he will never make his child feel the way his parents made him feel

-The rest of the night he just can’t stop kissing you

-It’s either your lips or your tummy, but this boy will not stop attacking

-Hell, he does this the entire time you’re pregnant

-You’re going to have his child, of course he’ll treat you like a goddess


-Ever since you came into her life, this lil lady is always so hyped about Christmas!!!

-You two don’t really give each other presents because Jaehee sadly never has time to get gifts

-But you two snuggle and watch Christmas movies on Christmas day and nothing could beat that <3

-But Christmas morning, she sees that there’s a box underneath the tree? MC wtf you two didnt agree to gifts this year

-She knows you’re super excited for her to open it though because you even whipped out your camera

-When she opens it, she’s really confused…?

-It’s a bunch of baby items???

-But then she opens the card, and she sees the positive pregnancy test taped to the inside

-“We’re going to be Moms, Jaehee!!!”

-This girl loses it

-She’s crying so much and she’s hugging you so tightly

-You two have been trying for so long and it was taking a toll on you two because treatments were expensive

-But it finally happened!!!

-She’s going to have a family with you!!!

-She spends the rest of the night nuzzling to your stomach and talking to the baby <3


-Christmas with V is really chill

-You two agree to one gift, and one gift only

-And then there’s so much snuggling thisboydoesn’tletyougo

-Well since this lil boy can’t see, you can’t exactly place a box underneath the tree and hope he sees it

-So you hand him the pregnancy test and a card that’s in braille for him <3

-He has no idea what the stick is but he figures you’ll tell him?

-But in the card, you don’t tell him you’re pregnant

-Instead you tell him he should get the surgery

-“We’ve been over this MC, I’m not getting the surgery” he really doesn’t wanna have this argument today of all days


-“Fine, but when you don’t get to see your child when they’re born, don’t blame me”

-“That’s fine, but-”

-W A I T



-“You’re holding a positive pregnancy test in your hand. I think you’d hate it if that was the picture of our baby’s first ultra sound though and you didn’t get to see”


-V’s gentle though, he doesn’t pick u up, he doesn’t start sobbing

-He slowly strokes your stomach the entire night and comes up with an entire plan for your pregnancy

-Which includes getting the surgery because there’s now way he’s missing out on seeing his kid <3

Nice try, Malfoy
  • draco: you know what granger?
  • hermione: what do you want now malfoy?
  • draco: my father told me i can have anything i want in my life because i was a malfoy
  • hermione: i dont want to know any more about your selfishness malf-
  • draco: but then i realized it was all a lie
  • hermione: is there a point in this? you're seriously wasting my-
  • draco: i knew it was a lie because when i saw you, i wanted you but i never had you *stares intensely into her eyes*
  • hermione: *looks intently at him* nice try malfoy. no, i wont let you copy off of my potions essay. now will you please let me read in peace?
  • draco: dammit! i thought it would work. please? just this one time??
  • blaise: dammit guys, i thought that was for real
  • blaise: *cries silently in the corner because he ships dramione and was given false hope*
I’d like to file a complaint.

I’m honestly mad as hell more people don’t watch animated shows. Not only do they not realize what kind of good shit they’re missing (animated shows have come a hell of a long way just in my lifetime, in terms of both animation AND storytelling), but I also have barely anyone IRL to talk to about any of them. Meanwhile there are meta analyses of and fangirling about live action shows all over the fucking place.

I’m not even trying to be nice, I’m actually being an asshole right now. People who turn their noses up at cartoons suck. Fight me. Animation is an art form and it’s HARD and these shows are incredible. And the writing is on par with or better than any of the writing for the live action shows everyone loves so much. I’m mad at how unappreciative people are of these facts.

Everyone will lose their shit over any number of live action fantasy series, but can’t stomach the thought of watching an animated show of the same caliber. Like bro, bro, it’s fine to continue loving fantasy and sci-fi as long as it is absolutely not animated because

aNImaTioN iS fOR cHiLdReN 

suddenly, florist AUs
  • So I work as a florist for some time, and one day you walked into the shop and I just fell in love with you at almost first sight?? And in the end when you wanted to walk away with a bouquet you bought for someone, I gave you lavender rose on the house, just because I thought it’d be a nice gesture. But because you liked the flower shop so much, or for some other reason, you started buying flowers at us all the time and consulting with me, and almost every time I gave you a flower, making up excuses for it. But today you walked in, red in face, and told me that your friend saw all the flowers from me that you collected in herbarium and told you all the meanings, and now you ask me if I did meant all of that, and I’m trying to collect all the thoughts in my head, like – what do you think of me now? and did you actually make a herbarium??
  • (variation of the ending for the AU above) I actually had no idea that all the flowers I gave to you had such meanings, because I just work here and am no expert in language of the flowers, but yes, apparently my intuition gave you all the right flowers to explain my feelings for you 
  • Because I really needed money I signed up for a temporary job in a flower shop, since you really needed a pair of hands to help. I have almost no idea how to tend to flowers and compose a bouquet, and you, the strict manager, are really, like, really frustrated with me by the end of first day. I try and try and try, even seek help in the books and internet, and you’re still mad with me because I do a lot of things wrong and you have to help me with both flowers and customers. But instead of firing me, as I supposed, you ask me to stay after work so you can teach me the basics. And it’s so cool, thank you sooo much, you kinda saved my life and you’re not that bad as I thought you were? And are you that short-handed on personnel?
  • You’re this person we had to hire because not everyone wants to have a job as a florist, so we’re short on employees, and on your first day you make so many mistakes it’s embarrassing and I have to help you a lot. A LOT. But I’ve found that you’re struggling with money (not that I’ll tell you that I’ve found out), and you really want to stay on this job, and even found this book no one else in our shop read in forever and tried to make something by it. So I decide to help you. And yes, we’re that short-handed on personnel.
  • You’re this person I meet a lot throughout the last year, and you’re that grumpy, not very social person with whom I have nothing in common with, and we merely had two? three decent conversations? Apart from a few snarks we shot at each other. And one day, [for some reason] I walk into this little  flower shop not too far away from my place of work, and see you. As a florist. Humming something very pretty while you tend to flowers, and you’re such a different person than one I met before, even your face is different, like it’s lit up with some beautiful emotion I can’t describe. And now I can’t help but stare at you with awe.
  • Everybody thinks that if I am a florist, I must know the meaning of every single flower I work with. And now even you, the person I wanted to ask on a date, ask me if there’s a hidden message behind this bouquet I gave you! There’s NOT!!… Apart from that I wanted to ask you on a date. Not the point here.
  • I am a secret agent/thief/[insert anything applicable here] that needs to get into this one place which is heavily-guarded. The only way to seek its faults in defenses without attracting unneeded attention is to apply for work in a flower shop near it. And so I work here for almost a month, and my plan is coming smoothly… except for you, who works here too, and who confronted me right now, telling me what my actual profession is and what I want to do. Who are you to deduce it so well?! This was supposed to be a secret, dammit!
  • I work as a florist for a long time and you are the new employee who’s acting strange. For me, being raised on detectives since I was a child, is not that easy to determine who you actually are, but in the end I’ve done it. And you know what? I want IN, because I really need money [because (insert reason here), optional], so what do I need to do for you (or your group) to accept me as your assistant?

Im feeling like shit and Ozqrow is literally my number one OTP out of everything I’ve ever shipped ever so I’m gonna spew some stupid headcanons here we go

-Sometimes when schools on break or out (idk if they have summer breaks or not *shrug*) they’ll go on missions together

-but its like, so easy for them cause they’re such A+ fighters its like some cheesy date

-joking and laughing and running around killing grimm, totally the perfect date

-sleepy, morning time Ozpin is best Ozpin because hes v cute and isnt wearing his glasses and his hair is messy and hes just squinting into his coffee cup and Qrow loves it all

-Qrow is big and strong and much broader shouldered/broader chested than Oz and thus easily completely envelopes him in hugs and during snuggles

-Qrow is such a teddy bear when laying around, he just wants to snuggle

-Ozpin keeps trying to work but Qrow is whining because he wants snuggle-time dammit!

-listen, listen, Ozpin, this old man, he acts all mysterious and serious and stuff but… but you havent LIVED until you’ve seen him laughing

-Qrow will start tickle fights just because Ozpin’s laughter is a blessing

-and his smile, his smile makes him just seem like an angel from heaven

-Ozpin finds its Qrow who can drag his most genuine smiles out of him

-Ozpin has never forgotten the “Qrow in a skirt” incident, he doesn’t let Qrow live it down

-one day whilst teasing poor Qrow he lets it slip, “though I have to agree with the ladies, you DO have nice legs”

-Qrow chokes and stares and Ozpin just smiles innocently

- Qrow is one to say inappropriate shit constantly, true, but when Ozpin says inappropriate shit out of nowhere Qrow is caught completely off guard

-it doesn’t help he just smiles and acts like he didn’t say it afterwards

“Oh, Qrow your face is red, are you alright?” Cue innocent little smile
“*Strangled choking noises cause Qrow can’t HANDLE THIS MAN*”

-Ozpin and Qrow both have plenty of scars from so many years doing what they do, but Ozpin’s are extremely faded and almost hard to see. Qrow’s are very visible, but hes never cared

-sometimes Qrow starts counting scars, wether his own or the ones Ozpin has depends on the situation

-Ozpin refers to Qrow “counting scars” as a sly trick to make him shed his clothes but has never voiced any true complaints

-Ozpin has nightmares and breakdowns at night a LOT, if Qrow is there he’ll do his best to comfort him. If Qrow isnt, sometimes Ozpin will call him. In the worst scenarios, Qrow is somewhere far away with no reception and Ozpin cries and screams into a pillow until he forgets what he’s even breaking down over

-Ozpin, this boy, this man, He has depression. You can’t argue with me, he does.

-Qrow learned how to make tea and coffee specifically for Ozpin during his worse times with depression

-admittedly Qrow can’t actually cook very well in an actual kitchen so if he attempts something that’s actual food for Oz, it leads to catastrophe (but hey, usually Ozpin will smile in amusement at his attempt, and Oz smiling is always good)

Bonus, honorary, Glynda centric ones:


-She literally has helped them cover up their relationship so many times cause people knowing about their relationship could be extremely dangerous

-she literally had to start a rumor once that SHE was the one secretly dating the Headmaster

-Qrow hated it but at least it kept rumors in the air and no truth being spilled


Ahhh, Sunday!  Earlier this week the husband asked me what we had going on this weekend, and as I started listing the things off for Saturday, he said, “I hope you’re going to say we’re doing nothing on Sunday because I am socialized out.”  I had been considering having some friends over to swim/grill, but I am SO glad that the husband requested a quiet day because I need it, too.  We’re not really big planners or very social people…but somehow it seems our entire summer calendar is getting packed with activities and it’s making time feel like it’s passing all that much faster because we barely have a second to catch our breath.  So thankful that the most exciting thing on my to-do list today is grocery shopping and sitting down with a (hopefully) good book.  I picked this one up at my work’s community book swap yesterday. :) Conner is having friends over, but fortunately teenagers are fully capable of entertaining themselves–as long as there’s a pool, snacks, and drinks, they’re happy. I’d been averaging 10-12 books a month until things got crazy in May, and I need to up my reading game if I’m going to make it to my 100 books goal by the end of the year! :D

Despite working a “real” work week again this week–dammit I miss part-time life–I am going to have a 100% success week for this evening’s Sunday Progress Update (unless I royally screw it up today…).  I even went to a dance class this week for the first time in a while and although it wasn’t quite as fun since I had to constantly focus on foot placement because I hurt my right foot, it was still so nice to dance again!

Fingers crossed that next week will be a far calmer work week–and at the very least I’ll enjoy Monday because I took the day off! ;)