work that triangle


and there it is peeps! ISH DONE!!!


in other unrelated news

ish tired, Me sleep now


Always Watching

So, you guys know how I draw little Bill Cipher doodles in my students’ notebooks and on their papers sometimes, right?

I was mainly doing it to make grading more interesting for myself.

…And maybe fun and educational for my kids.

Well, I was grading notebooks a few days ago when I started noticing something…




I am so proud. Terrified, and proud. 

You look up to find the unspeakable horror staring back at you with head tilted slightly in question. It’s a little blond kid in a thin grey hoodie, face solemn and eyes obscured by an extremely familiar pair of pointy sunglasses. He’s got a sword strapped to his back and a pair of metallic bunny ears poking out of his hood. The kawaii-animes have apparently been cranked up to eleven.

“…Li’l Sebastian?” {stay lost on our way home | curliecuecal


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 8.3.15

3D geometric watercolor collage by liucijatextiles

a unique work of art is always an eclectic way to add personality to your living or working space — why not bridge multiple mediums with a watercolor-painted 3D illustration collage?! it even has a ton of ombré triangle pieces.

I had a dream where my friend’s sister (who I literally have never seen before) drew a neat moth girl design, and I realized I was dreaming and woke up in a panic so I could draw it

BUT, I was distracted because I thought I saw a huge spider above me while the lights were off, and now I only vaguely remember the color scheme…

messy recreation of moth:

(i only remembered the orange/white triangle goggles and dark skin and had to make up the rest)

I hope they do a spin off manga about Erwin’s life.

What happened to his mother. What his bond with his father was like, how he was in class. How he reacted to his fathers death and where he lived until he was old enough to join the military.

His trainee time. The first time he met Nile and Mike, how they became friends. Seeing him excelling in all subjects. The three of them visiting the bar Marie worked at. The awkward love triangle between him, Marie and Nile. Mike making fun of them.

When he and Mike joined the SC and Nile the MP, the possible arguments they had about this.

Seeing Erwin rising in the ranks. How he killed titans and how he came up with new strategies. How he and Keith Shadis worked together.

The first time he met Hanji. How their bond developed. How he cultivated Mike and Hanji’s talents and built up a bond of trust.

We’ve seen how he met Levi. But afterwards, when Levi decided to stay in the SC. How their relationship developed. How Levi went from not liking Erwin, to completely trusting him.

His relationship with Nile changing, how they went from best friends to what they are now.

Erwin becoming Commander. Him further developing strategies, getting funding for the SC. Him giving Hanji, Mike and others the space and resources to develop their special talents. Him dealing with the stress of the job.

And most of all, a look inside his mind. How does he come up with these brilliant tactics? Him struggling with the guilt of seeing his comrades die. Him reacting to Mike’s death. His day to day interactions with his collegues.

Erwin, Mike, Hanji, Levi and the other vets having fun on their rare moments off.

I just want to see all of this. But it’ll probably never happen.