work that runway


♫ Best friends till the very end!
He crashes on your couch when he loses his job
A guy pulls a knife, and you jump in front
You take the blade right in the gut!
Then he holds your hand till the medic comes ♪

Happy Friendship Day!


This is what my dreams look like


Tonight was a friggin’ blast!!! Here’s the official look that I did for Ogle FaceOff 2017 😎 We didn’t advance, but all that matters is that I did it #JokerStatus #GlitterMagic

I’ll be posting the runway video shortly 💖

Stylist - @rhi.foxx MUA - @gisellebooks
6-foot-tall WWE wrestler wows crowd in 'amazingly empowering' fashion show
Nia Jax, WWE star and body-positive advocate has added another skill set to her ever-evolving resume: Runway modeling. The 33-year-old professional wrestler (whose real name is Savelina Fanene) walked the runway at theCURVYCon fashion show on Friday, as part of the two-day event in New York City, exclusively

OMG, Nia Jax is working that runway! So gorgeous!

I think it’s really unbelievable how many of the contestants who ACTUALLY MAKE IT to Project Runway talk about how successful they are and how much more successful they plan to be, yet they obviously sabotage themselves and their chances of winning by not researching or preparing for what the show will have them do (“OMG an unconventional materials challenge? I didn’t expect that!”), not being willing or able to adapt their style (“yeah it’s a wedding dress challenge but I’m used to making leather punk clubwear so that’s what I’ll do”), or not even doing dry-run practices to get used to the show format.

This season Brandon is the poster boy for this; he’s already in panic-mode because he’s a men’s wear designer and has never done women’s clothing before!! Mind-boggling that he could be this utterly unprepared.

It’s clear that so many of these designers have the ‘fear of success’ mental flaw, no matter what they say, and are purposely torpedoing themselves - they’ve found their career comfort level and are terrified of making a move up. I see the same pattern on the show year after year.