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A Long List of Ways to Spiritually Protect Yourself

(Updated from this old list here.)

Shielding is a practice entirely built on your intention–if you want an eternal shield, you can have it. If you believe in your shield, it will be there. There are many ways that are incredibly powerful with just the slightest trust and a little bit of practice. As soon as possible, start to practice shielding and methods of spiritual protection, since practice, along with your intention, will create the most powerful shields. 

Also, you can never shield to much. It’s amazing and very empowering to have layer upon layer of shielding, and the energy and time you put into shielding will really save you a lot of energy and time in the future. Even just walking around, through crowds, cities, etc, drains your energy–negative energy is everywhere, and consciously seeking only the energy for your best and highest good will really, truly, and completely empower you. 

You can shield from anything and everything, just make sure to allow in things for your “best and highest interest/good.” ShCast every shield with this affirmation. This allows what people would consider “negative” emotions to still come through, so you can live a balanced life, since not all emotions that are considered negative actually are. This affirmation effectively only allows things that raise or balance your vibration, and help you to spiritually evolve. It won’t cut you off from anything necessary. Shields themselves will never overwhelm or smother you, since they are meant solely for your needs and will always let in positive energy. Here are some simple methods to begin shielding, but you can always adopt them with your own needs and intentions! Do what works for you, just make sure to shield when practicing spirit or energy work of any sort. 

Robe of White Light:

  • Focus for a moment on calming yourself, and once you have a clear mind, imagine a nice fluffy robe around you (I always imagine one like in the game Journey) made of white and protective light. This is the universe’s energy, and nothing ill can penetrate it once it is surrounding you.
  • It is recommended to repeat once or twice a day to maintain the shielding.
  • You can also use the affirmation of “I call upon a robe of loving and protective white light, knowing that it will protect me from all energy not in my highest interest. This robe protects me with the power of the Universe/Source/God.”

Guardian Protection:

  • Ask your guardian spirits (either aloud or through your mind) to protect you.
  • Always command that the guardians who help that they “come in light.” And if not, say they must leave. You don’t even have to know their name, but if they aren’t here to help, then they shouldn’t be around you. So just command this and all with ill intentions will be forced to leave.
  • Call on them for a need by need basis.

Auric Hardening:

  • Imagine your aura (trust whatever color you see in your mind’s eye), and then imagine it hardening, like it’s calcifying around you. It can get as hard as a rock, or like armor.
  • This can sometimes push away any energy exchanges, so you could feel more distant from positive interactions too. So, it’s best used when a threat is around
  • Usually lasts between 4 hours-2 days, depending on the strength of your intention.

Sigil warding:

  • Draw with a pen, marker, or with the tip of your finger (if you don’t need visible lines) a sigil with the intention of protecting yourself. A sigil is most basically an energetic line (or series of them) with an intention. The lines hold the energy and magnify the intention.
  • Here are examples
  • A post on sigil crafting

Shielding with Intention and the Universe:

  • Calm yourself with a short breathing meditation, then focus on what you intend to shield-yourself, another, or a place.
  • Imagine casting a ball of light towards the designated target, with the intention of allowing the Universe/Source to channel through you and shield whatever you intend to.
  • Just watch and observe as the shield is built, knowing that it is fully fueled by the energy of the Universe and will stay there, and stay strong, until the shield is released consciously by you.
  • You can specify this shield for certain purposes, like to only keep a spirit out, or to keep all negative spirits out.

Reiki Shielding and Protection:

  • In Usui Reiki, there is a technique your Reiki Masters should have taught you about warding and cleansing the room in white light. Channel Reiki energy to do this.
  • If you are attuned to Reiki II, you should know the 1st symbol and that it can be used to stop all energy that is not in your highest good from coming towards you, working as an effective shield when the symbol is called on.
  • You need to be properly attuned to Reiki for this.

Bubble shielding:

  • Similar to the white light or shielding with intention, but focusing on making and empowering a bubble around you.
  • Replenish this as often as possible, since this is dependent on your own care.
  • Can be in an oval or a sphere shape. If this is hard to get a hang of, then try just fitting it a couple inches away from your body, similar to auric hardening.

Waterfall shielding:

  • A bubble shield with the intention of existing on top of an underneath bubble shield. 
  • Focus on this shield and set the intention of having it move around like a waterfall. This way, someone sending negative energy has a very small chance of hitting the same place twice.

Elemental shielding:

All of these are built with a specific intention and visualization of the shield. Time around such element used will strengthen the shield, or a conscious meditation to draw the energy towards you and the shield.

  • Fire shield: Envision burning fire, that will destroy all negative energy/energy not for your highest good, when it tries to enter your energetic space.
  • Water shield: Similar to the waterfall shield, but with the visual of actual water flowing that can wash away all negative debris or toxicity clinging to any form of bubble shield underneath it. 
  • Earth shielding: This one can block off positive energy too, since it works more like a layer of earth around the person. Though, it can also be envisioned to only grow/manifest around you in times of need or when you’re being attacked or faced with negative energy. It can also block your third eye from seeing outside. Earth shielding can also work as a means of grounding you, which doesn’t have negative effects (as long as you don’t neglect your upper chakras). If you ground yourself to the earth, and your are harmed or shaken by negative energy, you can replenish your energy from the earth.
  • Air shielding: Envision a fast current of air around you that sweeps away all negative energy or malevolent beings.
  • Light shielding: A bright white light that totally purifies all energy that contacts it, similar to the robe of white light. Different colored lights can work too, but they all have specific purposes that you should research first.
  • Ether shielding: Sometimes this works like a portal, transporting all malevolent energy to another place in the universe. Just make sure to set the intention that things in your best and highest interest aren’t affected, and that the travel won’t severely harm anyone who is transported by the portal (since sometimes negative energy can come from just someone in a bad mood). 
  • Chaos shielding: Not always considered an element, but with the idea of scattering any negative energy–the sudden increase in entropy raises the vibration to something more positive.
  • Shadow and smoke shielding: Imagining either element around you, mostly for cloaking and making your energy less obvious. This is great for astral projection and spiritual travel when you don’t want to be noticed. You can infuse the energy with an intention of how you want to be perceived, like if a threat comes, then you can suddenly raise this shield and make the smoke cause you to seem dangerous, scaring off the opponent. 

Halo shielding:

  • Imagine a series of halos that spin quickly around you, moving to knock away negative energy if it approaches your space. This can be inside or outside of a bubble or light based shield.

Protection charms and enchanted objects:

  • Work made by you, when you have a lot of experience, in creating a sigil charm or enchanted object meant for protection. This can also be from someone who has passed down a family protection amulet (just research it and bathe it in light to clear any possible negative energy on it), or from an experienced energy worker making protection amulets, charms, or objects. 
  • Some are religiously charged, like crosses, pentagrams, etc. If this matches your belief, your belief will empower it. 

okay i know it Doesn’t Actually Work Like That, but i love the fact that the Blue Eyes White Dragon and the Dark Magician are referred to as natural enemies by shadi (and I think others too).

because, before the Egyptian mythology of yugioh was really fleshed out, this is pretty easy to buy. Atem and Seto are adversaries. dragons and wizards are common fixtures in fantasy and often pitted against each other in stories. okay, cool. but then there’s the revelation that monsters, ESPECIALLY those two, are tied to human souls. and it just makes me laugh because I’m like 99.8% certain Mahad and Kisara never ONCE met each other but their souls are apparently ready to throw down on sight, any time of day, no questions asked, because their respective loved ones are engaged in an eternal pissing contest

AU where Dumbledore’s Army uses the Chamber of Secrets instead of the Room of Requirement
  • Ultimate security as Harry is the only one capable of opening it. 
  • Myrtle proudly spending her time acting as a guard/lookout. 

  • Later, Harry diligently teaching Ron, Hermione, and a few choice others, like Neville, how to mimic parseltongue so that they can open it too. 

  • Muggleborns experiencing vicious satisfaction that they’re using this chamber as a place of education and defense, reclaiming the very space Slytherin built to rid the school of their presence. 

  • Hermione methodically dismantling the basilisk’s corpse, covertly selling the priceless ingredients to potion masters, using the funds to continue their work - buying books and battle robes and new wands for those who can’t afford it. 

  • (Hermione saving a portion of those ingredients for her own research, straightening in triumph when she learns what basilisk venom does to horcruxes, knowing she has vials of it hidden up in her room). 

  • Harry reverently adding the Chamber of Secrets to the Marauder’s Map, proudly continuing his family’s work and reveling in the difference they’re making. 

  • These students - these kids - choosing to train in a dark, horrifying place that was never meant for them. Learning spells amongst shadows, growing stronger in inches of murky water, the smell of a decomposing corpse in their noses, memories of all that had happened here haunting them. They know this is what war is really like and it helps to push them forward.  
Hogwarts School Uniform

The other day I read a series of posts on the Hogwarts uniform and how book!uniform differs from movie!uniform, which is more canonical and whether there’s been/there should be some retconning to unify the books, films and illustrations from different sources. Since wizarding fashion is one of my favourite subjects (particularly since the word “corsets” was mentioned in HBP), I thought I had to write a post about it. So here it goes.

On tradition and unmuggleness

As much as I like the movie uniforms, the way I see it, they’re irreconcilable with those described in the books, which, both because they’re from the book and because that’s how I see them in my head, I consider canonical. Most people point out as proof of this that in a couple of occasions we are told more or less directly that the basic (I’ll talk more about this later) uniform does not bear any house indicator (see the Penelope Clearwater and Crabbe-and-Goyle’d Ron-and-Harry Cases, both in CoS). This is true. However, what I see as a bigger issue is the fact that the movie!uniform is basically a muggle school uniform with robes instead of a blazer, which, considering how often we see wizards struggling with muggle clothing, doesn’t really add up. And given that school uniforms tend to be on the conservative side of fashion, it would make much more sense to have the Hogwarts uniform resemble traditional wizarding attire.

On openings and trouserslessness

The movie robes are completely open at the front save for one (PoA-onwards) or two (PS-CoS) little clasps, which would take next to no time to do up and undo, so the movie robes would be put on and off like a bathrobe or a coat. However, most (if not all) of the times we see Harry changing into his school robes he’s described as pulling them over his head. To me that implies that the front is not open all the way down, that maybe there’s just a small opening with a few buttons, like a polo shirt. Either that or the robes are open all the way down but fastening and unfastening them is so tedious that students simply never do them up or undo them all the way. In a pre-zipper world, a front opening like that would most probably mean a metric tonne of little buttons, at least (look up some old-timey portraits, particularly of women’s fashion. They took their buttons seriously). No one has time to fiddle with that many buttons, so it would be easier to undo a few of the top ones and pull the robes over your head.

Personally, I think the left-hand version fits the description of “plain black work robes” better. And yes, there’s no indication anywhere in the books that the sleeves are flared or gathered at the top, but they look more wizardy this way, so. 

For an even more undeniable piece of evidence that supports the idea of having a closed front, look no further than Snape’s worst memory in OotP. When he gets levicorpused by James, we see his underwear. He’s not wearing trousers. Wh. Why is he not wearing trousers??? Because there’s no risk of accidental exposure of one’s undergarments when there isn’t a massive opening on the front of one’s robes, that’s why. Also, if for some sinister reason he had not been wearing trousers under open-fronted robes, everybody would’ve been able to see his pants already and it wouldn’t have been “funny” when James revealed them.

Moreover, it seems that trousers, even though they are worn in the wizarding world, are neither required nor part of traditional wizarding attire. See the old man at the Quidditch World Cup. Trousers have been adopted to some extent, but they are not considered wizarding clothing per se, but rather a garment borrowed from muggles. So if we go back to the idea that uniforms tend to be conservative, the Hogwarts uniform would have probably been designed to be worn with no clothes underneath other than underwear.

On hats gone with the wind and cloaks

Hats. “One plain pointed hat (black) for day wear.” Day wear. In the films (PS, basically), hats seem to only be worn on special occasions. And I can understand that; On set they’re probably a huge inconvenience as they like to fall off and have to be touched up constantly and may cover something/someone important. Still, canonically, a pointed black hat for day wear is part of the Hogwarts uniform.

Now, do not quote me on this, but I am positive that in one of the books there is a description of a windy day where students grab the brims of their hats so that they don’t get blown off. That’s the one and only time in the whole series (that I can remember) where the uniform hats are said to be brimmed. It makes sense, though, as traditional witch hats do have a brim. Modest brims seem adequate for uniforms. (I do think it is strange to make students wear hats indoors, but oh well.)

(Edit:  ‘ “Maybe I’ll skive off Divination,” he said glumly as they stood again in the courtyard after lunch, the wind whipping at the hems of robes and brims of hats.’ - OotP, chapter 17)

Then there’s the winter cloaks. Again, plain and black, this time with silver clasps. No crest, no house colours. And there’s also the protective dragonskin gloves, which seem to be used both as protective gloves for Potions/Care of Magical Creatures/Herbology and as regular winter gloves.

On house pride (or the lack thereof)

So far we have established that the uniform consists basically of plain black garments: a set of black robes (closed front), a black cloak, a black hat. Hence, by default, there is no way to tell what house a student belongs to just by their attire. Or is there? Here’s where the “basic uniform” I mentioned  before comes into play.

It is true that the robes, hats and cloaks are plain black when bought. And yet, there are many points in the story when Harry seems to simply know what house some students belong to, even when he clearly doesn’t know them. We get constant references to “a gorup of first year Ravenclaws” or “a Hufflepuff girl”, and since the story is told from Harry’s point of view rather than an omniscient narrator’s, there must be a way for Harry to tell apart people from different houses without knowing them personally. So how can we reconcile the ideas that some people’s house is recognisable at first sight while other people’s isn’t? It’s quite simple: CUSTOMISATION.

Bagdes, scarves, appliques, ribbons, hat ornaments, buttons, socks, belts, and a long etc, to show your house pride. Just as we can get jumpers and hoodies and caps and whatnot with the name and colours of our uni or specific college, kids in the wizarding world are probably able to buy (and make) house merchandise. These items would be available at Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, and parents would send them to their children once they’ve been sorted or the kids themselves would be able to get them via owl order.

Some students may only wear a small badge on their chest. Others a scarf+turtleneck undershirt+bandana+animal-shaped hat bauble combo. I love to imagine some kids wearing ridiculously tacky things, like red-and-gold neck ruffles or bee-striped boots. And those kids who are not as inclined to show off their house? They can just wear their basic black uniform.  

anonymous asked:

i had no idea what to wear under my red robe for my lup cosplay but seeing your art with everyone wearing the white shirts and shit underneath was like a lightbulb going off for me so thank you

I’m so glad you found some inspiration in it! Here’s some outfit doodle varieties I did to brainstorm what else could work under those robes:

mysticlane  asked:

Prompt: um Harry and Draco going out already, but they had a big misunderstanding(Draco thinking Harry is cheating after seeing him alittle too close[physically] with a girl) and he start avoiding Harry. Draco becomes too deep into his thoughts to actually pay attention in his potion class and he accidentally drank a temporary memory diminishing type of potion instead of a memory enhancement. Now its all yours! 🤗

I hope this is something like what you imagined :)

“Alright, class! Time to test your potions!” Slughorn proclaimed to the class of eighth years.

The professor’s voice was what broke Draco out of his Harry-centric reverie. Draco shook his head resolutely as he doled out a portion of his Memory-Enhancing potion into a cup. “I have to stop getting so distracted,” he thought to himself. “Dwelling on my problems with Harry won’t fix anything.” Draco took a swig of his potion and nearly spit up at the taste of it. Strange. A Memory-Enhancing potion was supposed to taste like blueberries. Still, Draco downed the rest of what was in the cup.

And then suddenly Draco was very confused. Where was he? Potions class, it seemed. But why was he there? The last thing he could remember was falling asleep on the Hogwarts Express with his head on Pansy’s shoulder.

“Draco?” Granger said from the desk next to his. “Are you okay?”

“No,” Draco responded, because he wasn’t okay. He didn’t understand. Why was Granger being nice to him? And why in Merlin’s name couldn’t he remember anything. Draco began to feel dizzy as innumerable questions swirled in his mind.

“Draco,” Granger said, her voice filled with concern.

Draco stepped away from her, saying, “I don’t need your help,” and promptly fainted.

When Draco awoke, he was in the hospital wing, and Madam Pomfrey was hovering above him.

“Good, you’re awake,” Pomfrey said. She helped Draco sit up and adjusted his pillows before handing the blond a glass of pale blue liquid.

“What’s happened to me?” Draco asked, taking the glass but only after eyeing it suspiciously.

“You made a mistake when preparing your Memory-Enhancing potion, and from my assessment, it seems that the potion had quite the opposite effect.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You’ve lost your memory, dear. Of the past four months at least.” Pomfrey smiled sympathetically at Draco as she let this sink in. “Good news is that this has happened before. I have potion, there,” she indicated the pale blue solution, “that will restore your memories. In eight hours, everything will come back to you.”

Draco nodded. He sniffed the drink tentatively before swallowing it all in one gulp. It tasted like blueberries.

“Very good,” Pomfrey said. She took the glass. “Now get some rest and allow the potion to do its work.”

Pomfrey stalked away, her robes swishing, and Draco regarded the empty hospital wing thoughtfully. The room was dark and quiet, so Draco assumed it was now nighttime, or at least evening. The last time he remembered being alone in this part of the castle was after Harry tried to kill him in sixth year. Draco shuddered at the memory. A part of him always wanted to believe that Harry truly didn’t know what he was doing when he cast that spell, but he never had the chance to talk to Harry about it after the war. Or maybe he had. Maybe he just couldn’t remember it. Maybe he had talked to Harry about it, and that led to him talking to Harry about other things, and he and Harry had become friends. Or even more than friends. Draco allowed himself to fantasize about this for a moment, and then pushed those treacherous thoughts away. Draco dating Harry Potter, the wonder boy? That could never happen.

Draco’s daydreams about Harry were suddenly interrupted by Harry himself barging into the hospital wing.

“Draco,” Harry said. He rushed towards the blond’s bedside and grasped his hand. “I’m so glad you’re okay, baby. Hermione made it sound like something awful.” Harry lifted Draco’s hand to his face and kissed it tenderly.

Draco’s jaw dropped. What. The. Bloody. Hell. He could not believe Harry just called him baby, and he found it even more unbelievable that Harry just kissed him, or his hand anyway. And oh God, Harry’s lips were soft. Draco wanted to feel Harry’s lips all over his body.

“P- Potter?” Draco said, his tone revealing his disbelief.

“What?” Harry looked up to Draco’s face and, seeing the expression of shock there, he immediately dropped Draco’s hand. “Oh. I see how it is,” Harry said defensively. “You’re still mad at me then. I told you, Draco, it’s nothing like you think-”

“Mad at you? What are you- what are you talking about? What’s going on?”

“What’s going on is that I love you and you’re too insecure to believe me!” Harry stood up from his crouched position and turned his back to Draco.

“Potter, didn’t you talk to Pomfrey?” Draco asked, although he was still trying to recover from the emotional toll of hearing Harry Potter saying that he loved him. “I fainted in Potions because I accidently made a Memory Loss potion instead of a Memory-Enhancing one.”

When Harry turned around to face Draco again, his arms were crossed and his eyes were skeptical. “You, messing up in Potions? Not likely.”

Draco couldn’t help it, he preened. “That’s true. I obviously cannot say why I messed up, since I cannot remember it, but I must have been distracted by something quite dire.”

“Something like the current state of our relationship?” Harry said bitterly, glaring at the floor.

“What relationship? Potter, I can’t remember anything since the first day of school.”

Harry narrowed his eyes. “What year?”

“This year, you moron. Eighth year. Pomfrey said I must have lost about four months. That makes this, what, January?”

“Nearly February,” Harry answered grudgingly. He pulled up a chair next to Draco’s bed and sat down.

Draco watched him with curiosity. “What was all of that before?” he asked. “With the hand holding and the ‘I love you’?”

Harry flushed and he shifted in his chair awkwardly. “That was…” Harry couldn’t seem to think of any way to answer. “Are you ever going to remember the past few months?”

“In eight hours,” Draco reported matter-of-factly.

Harry sighed. “Then there’s really no point of me filling you in, is there?”

“Yes, there is! The point is that I want to know, not in eight hours, but now. I want to know now,” Draco insisted.

Harry sighed again, but he smiled a little. “You can be so obstinate at times, you know that?”

Draco smiled contentedly. “I know.”

Harry grinned full out now. “Fine. Ask me anything.”

“Are we dating?”

“Yes. Er, no. I don’t know? I hope we still are. We’ve been fighting lately.”

“Why would we fight? Is it about the war?”

“No. We’ve forgiven each other for everything that happened in the war. We’re fighting about something trivial. Something stupid. You started it.”

Draco snorted. “I find that hard to believe.”

“It’s true. You’re jealous. Of Ginny. Which is ridiculous.”

“How is that ridiculous? She’s your ex-girlfriend.”

“It’s ridiculous because I am completely, veritably, incontestably in love with you.”

Draco nearly flinched at the intensity of Harry’s proclamation. “Am I in love with you?” he asked quietly, shyly.

Harry ran a hand through his hair, seemingly oblivious to how attractive the action was. “I thought so. But if you really loved me, wouldn’t you trust me?”

“I don’t know,” Draco said honestly. “Maybe I’m just scared. Scared to lose you.”

Harry’s gaze locked on Draco’s and for a moment Draco thought he could the past four months in Harry’s eyes.

“You don’t have to be scared of that. I’m never going to leave you,” Harry said, the words almost a whisper. Harry stood to go, but Draco wrapped his hand around Harry’s arm.

“Stay. For the night, I mean. And when we wake up, I’ll remember everything.”

Harry looked at Draco with affection in his expression, but he was still reluctant.

“Please stay, Harry. You said you’d never leave me.”

That was what destroyed the last of Harry’s restraint. In an instant, he was kissing Draco passionately, willing all his memories to be transferred to the blond through his lips. When the two broke apart, neither of them spoke. Draco simply scooted over to make room for Harry and Harry lay down next to Draco after setting his glasses on the bedside table. The couple ended up laying on their sides, facing each other, breaths mingling, eyes fixed upon the other’s face.

“When we wake up, and you have your memories back, will you go back to being mad at me?” Harry said softly. He traced the contours of Draco’s face with a finger, his touch feather-light.

“No. I promise I won’t.”

Harry smiled at this and pulled Draco into his arms. Draco felt his heart beat a million times a minute, like the first time he rode a broom. He couldn’t wait until morning, when he would remember all the times Harry had held him like this before, all the times Harry had kissed him before, all the times Harry told Draco he loved him before.  

“Good night, Draco,” Harry whispered. He burrowed his head into the crook of Draco’s neck.

“Good night, Harry. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Jealous, Draco Malfoy x reader

Originally posted by crystalgreene-justromance

Request: Hii can i request a Draco imagine where hufflepuff (y/n) likes to help neville when he gets himself into situations like his uniform got all chewed up from the monstrous book of monsters and (y/n) helps to sew his uniform and patch it up n stuff and Draco gets jealous becuz he likes (y/n) and he gets himself into situations similar to Neville (maybe thats why he went to bother the hippogriff the moment after) 😁
Information: Y/N = your name, h/c= hair color, h/l= hair length, e/c= eye color.
Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hufflepuff reader

Draco didn’t really pay attention to the other houses. He was a slytherin, and as his parents always told him, he was meant to marry a pureblood. No one else. Of course there were purebloods in other houses, but Draco only looked at the slytherins. It wasn’t that the girls in slytherin were ugly, they were very pretty actually. They just weren’t his type. It didn’t matter how much they flirted with him, he couldn’t find himself to fall in love. His father always said that marriage wasn’t about love. Well that was easy to say for a man that crushed on a girl for years only to hear that he is going to marry her. Draco wants to find someone who he can talk to, who he can have a little fun with and who is pureblood
And then he saw them.
He didn’t know why he had never seen them before. Their h/l h/c hair seemed to glow in the sunlight, their e/c eyes sparkling with joy and a yellow scarf tightly wrapped around their neck. Yellow. And black. A hufflepuff. It wasn’t that he cared about their house. Everything was fine as long as it wasn’t gryffindor. The next two weeks, Draco kept a close eye on them. He noticed that they were one year below him. They didn’t hang out with the same people and never seemed to be in the same place. So he followed them. 

“Neville!” their slightly shorter frame turned around, their voice a little higher than usual as they noticed the clothes of the chubby gryffindor boy. “What happened?” They tried to fix his clothes and ran a finger across a cut on his cheek. “Ah, it’s nothing Y/N” Neville chuckled awkwardly. “The plants didn’t like me to take care of them today, that’s all.” he calmed them. Draco couldn’t help but feel jealous as they kept on insisting to take Neville to the hospital wing. 

Draco noticed that they cared about everyone who looked a little bit broken, and he got a plan. A stupid plan, but he was sure it would work. The jealousy has reached its highest point yesterday. He had walked into the great hall, seeing Y/N with a needle and a long threat working on Neville his robe. They were laughing together as they patched his robes all up within no time.

So Draco did the stupidest thing he could ever do. 

“What happened to you?” a voice behind him asked. He grinned to himself and confidently turned around, locking eyes with the smaller frame of Y/N. “A hippogriff” he sighed dramatically. They gasped and their eyes scanned his arm. “Mrs. Pomfrey said I were lucky, it could have killed me.” they kept on talking for a while as they walked towards the Hufflepuff common rooms. He wouldn’t admit it, but he fell more in love than ever just by talking to them. 

Fries, Wine, and Bubble Bath

A little CS honeymoon fic, inspired by Jen, the queen of our ship.

Rated M. Also on ao3

She dips her fingers in the water to test the temperature. Nearly scalding, just how she likes it.

“You know,” Killian murmurs sidling up behind her, wearing nothing but his boxers, pressing himself against her from head to toe and wrapping his arm around her front, tangling his fingers in the ties of her robe. “This has to be one of my favorite things about your realm.”

“What? Did you not have robes in the Enchanted Forrest?”

Maybe if she thought a little harder, she would have realized that wasn’t what he was talking about. But he always comments on how much he fancies this realms fashions, especially the undergarments. And her brain has been thoroughly jumbled by their earlier activities so she doesn’t beat herself up too hard for the comment.

“No, love,” he chuckles into her throat, sending a shiver down her spine, nosing at the fabric of his robe against her shoulder. “The water faucet. Bathing was such a tiring affair, especially aboard the Jolly, heating the water and transferring it. It’s magical to be able to simply turn a nob until you’re satisfied. And there was nothing nearly as delightful as these bubbles.”

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It’s Louie who asks.

It’s always Louie. Dewey is thoughtless and blurts out whatever pops into his head, often speaking before he’s even half finished processing his own thoughts, too much like his uncle. Huey, always the peacekeeper, tiptoes. Waits for one of his brothers to ask.

Louie is always the one who cuts straight to the quick without batting an eye. He pulls no punches, and even if there’s rarely malice behind his eyes, it hurts all the same.

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Guess who made her first very first Shrinky Dink?
<hikes thumbs at self, proceeds to accidentally poke self in eye>

I have to admit, I had far too much fun with this and had only minor issues.
I used coloring pencils, but they gave it a very scratchy, grainy feel-
which, doesn’t bother me none, but in the future I may attempt
other media.

Look at that tiny grump butt, I can’t get over how cute he is!
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The Big ‘Ol Shiromori Post

So this is a long time coming. The Shiromori Post.

We had wanted to do this way earlier, show off her original sketches, post her turn-arounds and all that stuff.  We were starting to get questions about how to best cosplay as her and questions began to arise about how her robe works.

However, when I started to look at her robe to answer that question, I realized I made a rather sizable error with how the robe functioned.  The belt should NOT be logically visible from the sides and back.  When we developed the turn around, our initial stabs at the design had displayed the belt being visible, despite the robe simply being removed off the torso while still hanging off the belt (as illustrated in pic #3 by @artsyfeathersartsyblog).  The design seemed to just LOOK NICE like that, so I didn’t question it.  I had the occasional moment of confusion while animating but I figured since no one had said anything about it, it was fine.  After I found out about the error, I went into a panic to try to justify the design of like “Oh the robe has a hole in the back so you can see the belt” or something like that but I felt like it was too much of a cop-out to just hand wave the issue away.  As such, I am just taking the hit on this one and calling it the biggest animation error of Freaking Out.

To make up for it, we went ahead and tweaked the entire puppet over again to fix it in such a way that it makes way more sense, while still looking nice.  So the top pictures are what are basically Shiro Puppet V2. The illustration of pic #3 is basically a guide to how to wear Shiro’s robe.

Pic #4 and onward are her initial sketches and color tests.

She had stupidly long hair in her first sketch, but that was interfering with the robe and probably would have made animation tricky having THAT MUCH long draping stuff going on.  She skewed more towards pink at first, as I didn’t want the white present in her design to overlap with Mystery’s colors too much.  I think when her blue skin came in, though, that she looked unique in color scheme enough to justify skewing more white/black in her robe and hair.  Her flowers and beads maintained the amount of pink I wanted to evoke that sakura flower theme.  Also I think having her color overlap with Mystery sort of played into their connection to one another as characters.  What IS that connection you may ask?  Maybe we’ll find out in the next video???

Title: It’s About Time
Character: Bill Weasley
A/n: Special request for a lovely anon :)

You had always known the Weasley’s.

There wasn’t a time you remember not having them be a part of your life.

It was a tad bit comical really. When you were small you used to tug on the ends of your father’s work robes and beg to be dropped off at the Burrow while he went to work. Your father worked in the same department as Arthur and the two were fine friends.

Your mother wasn’t a part of your life so you had come to adore Molly Weasley and became fast friends with her two sons, William and Charlie.

The three of you got into all sorts of trouble, playing hide and seek in various rooms of the Burrow and getting lost for hours while Molly searched the place.

You were closer to William though, you and him were the same age so you used to boss around Charlie and sneak sweets while he napped upstairs.

Then, as he acquired more siblings, you became close to them as well as they got older until you were constantly surrounded by a clan of ginger, freckled children.

The two of you were still thick as thieves when you were finally old enough to go to Hogwarts.

You both went together to get your wands at Ollivanders, bought all of your school supplies and robes together and made a promise to always sit in the same train compartment from there on.

William calmed your nerves during the sorting ceremony, and teased you for overthinking when you both got placed into Gryffindor.

Your friendship was never stronger. You both were practicing attached at the hip your entire first three years.

After that, things only got a little different.

You were still good friends, but with all the studying you both had to do it was hard to sit down and just have a chat.

Not to mention you had made the Quidditch team, so a lot of your time was spent in practices and matches or hanging out with the other team members.

William, who now liked to be called “Bill” didn’t mind though, he was invested in all of his classes and got great grades.

And in fifth year he was even made a prefect.

“Look at you,” You said to him one day when you both were lounging around the common room. “Showin’ off your new badge.”

Bill cast a smile over at you as he glanced down at the small pin on his robes. “Mum and Dad were both so proud, it’s hard to not be a little smug about it.”

You sunk down into the chair beside him, Bill tensed up a little at your sudden closeness but you had shut your eyes and didn’t notice. “What are you up to?”

“Me?” Bill said, shifting slightly on the sofa so you would have more room. “Studying for OWLS.”

“You? Nah, you’ll do great,” You leaned over onto his shoulder, peering down upon his work. “If you’re not to busy with this, tomorrow you and me should head down to Hogsmeade.”

Bill looked over you, all to aware of how close you were to him, and made the back of his neck feel warm and he just knew his ears had gone scarlet. “N-No! I’m free as a bird, I’d love to go.”

You smiled and jumped from the sofa. “Lovely, bring along a sweater or something of the sort. It’s supposed to get colder this weekend.”

Bill nodded, giving you a small wave as you went up the stairs to the girl’s dorms.

To say Bill Weasley had a crush on you would be the understatement of the century.

He knew it, Merlin knows his entire family did, and even lots of the students around him were aware of the dreamy looks he gave you while you spoke to him, or how his eyes would always follow you when the the pair of you were together.

Trouble was, you didn’t seem to see what everyone else did.

It remained that way for the rest of your schooling years. Endless months of longing from Bill’s part, and you remaining blissfully unaware of it.

It wasn’t until you both got jobs at the Gringotts facility in Egypt that Bill started being a bit more brave about wanting to admit his feelings for you.

He brought you tea almost every morning and always made thoughtful comments about the work you were doing.

In his eyes you were the most brilliant person in the building, and he wanted you to do well.

Bill knocked on the door of your office one morning, smiling whenever you looked up at him. “Hello, I hope your having a good morning.”

You took off your reading glasses and gestured him into your office. “I certainly am now, what can I help you with?”

Bill walked behind your desk and sat at the edge of it like always did when you had smal talks during break. “Well it’s just that, Christmas is coming up soon, and Mum’s written to me, wants me to come home for a vist. And I know the lot of them would love to see you again.”

You smiled up at him. “William Weasley, are you asking me to come home for Christmas?”

He smiled back, glancing away as his face grew warm. “Yes, I am.”

“Then I accept,” You noticed that the tie he was wearing started to loosen, he often complained to you about having to wear it, and he was awful at tying it in the first place. “One day, you’ll learn how to do tie it correctly.”

Bill watched you fix his tie, tightening it and making it just so. “You’ve always been better at this than I am.”

“My father was bad at it too. When I got older I just showed him the charm to do it for him.” You told him with a fond grin.

Bill’s eyes met yours and he noticed you were still standing close to him, hands now tucked into your cardigan pockets.



Bill blinked, trying to decide if it was a good idea or not. Then his hand reached out and tucked itself under you chin, when you didn’t pull away he slowly brought his lips down to yours, giving you plenty of time to stop him.

He couldn’t help but be relieved when you didn’t.

Your hands came up and lost themselves in his bright red hair, successfully pulling him closer to you as you continued to kiss him.

When you pulled away to look at him, Bill moved his head up and pressed a lingering kiss on your forehead as you embraced him.

“I’ve wanted to do that since 4th year.” He confessed, hand intertwining with yours.

“Seriously? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Bill laughed, well aware of how pink his face must have turned. “I was always pretty awkward around you, didn’t have the nerve for it.”

You smiled and reached up to kiss him. “Just wait till I tell your mother.”

Bill wrapped his arms around you and returned the kiss. “What a wonderful Christmas present for her, she’s always talked about me and you getting together.”

“Oh dear, that must mean the rest of them knew too. Nothing gets passed the Weasley clan that’s for sure.” You said with the same fondess you always had when you spoke of his family.

Bill looked down at you, eyes filled with nothing but admiration and contentment. “I love you.”

Your gaze went straight to his, a small smile working it’s way onto your face as you tucked a peice of his hair behind his ear. “I love you, too.”

Bill broke out in a huge smile and kissed you again, spinning you around your small office space. “I’ve waited ages to hear you tell me that.”

“Well it’s simple to love someone. But it’s hard to know when you need to say it out loud.”
Fuck Me - Sam

@saxxxology is such a fucking enabler. Happy birthday, bitch. Enjoy your series. Also, reader is an aurologist and Sam is a Legilimens at the specific request of the birthday girl and is a reference to her fantastical HP!AU story, which I’ll link to once it’s posted again.

Fun fact: both boys are their season 3 ages.

(And points to Saxxy for helping me pick a title)

Fandom: Supernatural & Harry Potter
Pairing: Professor!Sam x Student!Reader
Words: 2,189
Summary: A seventh year Hufflepuff finally decides to confess to her crush. He just happens to be her Divination teacher.
Warnings: Unprotected sex, oral (female receiving), a cum flood, a teacher and student fucking (please don’t actually fuck your teachers/students, guys. Let me have my problematic kink, but don’t actually do it)
Other Parts: Dean - Dickchat

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ladylilyanne  asked:

Happy belated birthday! I'm pretty sure at this point Tumblr ate the ask I sent two weeks ago, so here it is again. Qui-Gon as a Force Ghost watches over the terrible tragedy that is Obi-Wan's life and regrets. He wakes up one day to find himself in the past (Probably before Bandomeer, but any time before Naboo is good) and immediately latches onto Obi-Wan. Like clings to the poor kid and refuses to let him out of his sight and doesn't screw up like he did before. Thank you for all your work! ^^

Obi-Wan is quietly patching a hole in his robe, his hand shaking ever so slightly and Qui-Gon can’t help but stare at the man his former padawan has become.

‘Force…he’s barely hitting forty five but he looks…he looks older then I did when I died..’ The ghost glanced at the shaking hands and then knelt down in front of the man, looking up at the wrinkled and tired looking face.

‘I made a mess of your life my Padawan. I left to many things unsaid and did to many things to shape your personality for the worse.’ He reached out to brush the others face with his hands, sighing when they passed through the skin.

His padawan hesitated a moment, as if he had felt something then continued his mending work of the old robe he wore to keep the sand out of his clothes.

Not that it was possible.

Anakin had been right about that. Sand got everywhere.

‘I wish…I wish I could redo it all my dearest child.’

The Force rose up in answer and both Jedi jerked to in shock and surprise as it seemed to answer Qui-Gon’s wish.

“Qui-Gon?” Obi-Wan rose in surprise, looking around with a sheen of desperation in his eyes.

Qui-Gon would have answered.

If it had not been for the Force sweeping him away, taking him apart and remaking him.

And when he opened his eyes again, he was staring up at the ceiling of the Halls of healing, the hand of a healer on his chest as he blinked slowly.

Words came hard to him and he struggled to get them out as he looked around, taking note of what he’d call a pale Yoda at the doors. “Ugh?”

“Calm you should be, a massive trauma you’ve had.” The old troll offered sharply.

“Master Yoda, please.”

The old Jedi grunted but quieted down, watching from his hover chair as the healer continued working on Qui-Gon.

“Yoda, I heard Qui-Gon col-Qui-Gon!” Mace almost fell through the door and stared at his much to pale friend as he was carefully helped to sit up. “So its true?”

“Collapsed while walking with me he did, reasons for it I do not know.”

“Best we can say is that the Force seemed to sweep him under though for wha-” Whatever the healer was about to say was never discovered because Qui-Gon suddenly jerked of the bed, almost falling over. “Obi-Wan!” He gasped.

And then he promptly went to his knees in a fit of dizziness that had the world bouncing around.

“Qui-Gon, careful!” Mace was there, helping the tall man up carefully. “Sith spit, take a few moments, breath!”

Yoda however had caught onto what the other had gasped.

“Initiate Kenobi?”

Qui-Gon, leaning heavily on the Korun, looked to Yoda. “Initiate? I…what…Force.” Qui-Gon swallowed and tried to pull his mind together. “…He’s still an Initiate?” He managed to question if a bit gruffly.

“Ages out in a month he will…” Yoda narrowed his eyes a bit. “Knew Kenobi you did not, yet now you seem to.”

“The Force…” Qui-Gon swallowed before jerking his way out of Mace arms. “I need to go find Obi-Wan.”

“You are going nowhere Master Jinn!”


His Master was a strange man.

Don’t get Obi-Wan wrong, he loved the man, he was a good teacher, a fabulous teacher who made sure Obi-Wan ate, made tea and explained concepts that sometimes went a bit over Obi-Wan’s head. But he was also an odd man who would sometimes stare at Obi-Wan as if he couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing and then there the times when Master Qui-Gon would just pull him into his lap and hold him tightly, rubbing his hand through Obi-Wan’s short spikes.

But…odd as it was…it felt nice.

Qui-Gon Jinn had the best hugs.

Warm with arms that could wrap entirely around Obi-Wan’s frame and smelled of tea and herb soap.

He was getting used to those hugs.

Those hugs were some of the best Obi-Wan had ever gotten because of how tightly the other man would hold him. He had honestly fallen asleep in those and woken up to find himself tucked into bed, wrapped in a blanket with his boots at his bedside and a glass of water by his bed.

It made him feel fuzzy and warm.

Someone cared about him.