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Sister Zoned - Dean x Reader

A/N: Part ten! I actually had a really difficult time accepting that this is where I had to leave you guys off for a little bit. I know cliff hangers drive me crazy. I was going to post it earlier, but then I realized that I’d fallen crashed well before The 100 came on last night… Sounds lame, right? But, being the Bellamy Blake trash that I am, I couldn’t help but to run and watch it once I’d remembered (Okay, not just for him…but, he’s a great motivator). Now that I’m caught back up there, back to Sister Zoned. I’ll add the links to the previous parts later. I’m actually running out of time right now. For any new readers who are curious, feel free to find it on my page. Part nine isn’t too far down, and has the links to all of the previous parts! Hope you all enjoy!

Update: Links added.

Warnings: Swearing. Arguing (kinda angsty, I suppose). Hints towards previous smut. Bathing scene. Sam x Reader Friend moment (is that even needed as a warning?). Cliff hanger ending. Limited editing.

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Previous parts: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine

Word Count: Roughly 3200

“Hey, go back to sleep.” You ordered Dean as you crawled out of bed.

“Where are you going?” His eyes were barely open as he laid cuddling your pillow, holding onto the warmth.

“I’m going to workout with Jaycee.” You answered, pulling on a gray sports bra.

“You health nuts disgust me.” He grumbled, burying his face. “I’d rather stay in bed all day.” You knew what he was implying, but there was no way it was happening.

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Fem Mickey putting on a show for Ian on their pole and she is SHOOK because mick was pullin some serious stunts so shook in fact she runs to grab her wallet and starts throwing all the money she has making it rain on mick while yelling take my money! Like a mad man and they both burst into laughter gosh I love my girls where are the fics people?!

Oh….my god??? This is so adorable and fluffy but still sexy and hot?? Like wow, I love girls. 

Mickey knows how to WORK that pole, no fucking doubt. don’t even get my started on the twerking….

actually, I got myself started on the twerking. Okay. Mickey has a nice thicc ass, perky and so fucking soft but she knows how to pop that thing like a motherfucker and she LOVES it. Anytime she gets slightly buzzed she’s like “babe, watch” and just hikes up her shorts, bends over, and jiggles that bitch like a champ. W O W. 


If you not rocking with ALL of us, stop saying #BlackLivesMatter. That means the crackhead down the street, the girl working the pole, your drunk uncle, not just the “respectable doctor,” your pharmacist, and that sweet old lady who tells you to keep out of trouble every time you pass by her house. #staywoke #farfromover

So story time.

Last night I had a pretty intense experience while training after teaching classes. During class I had freestyled with my students a little bit and did a pretty solid aerial shoulder mount in the middle of the song – a first for me.

Shoulder mounts took me a long time to get, even just from the floor, and aerial shoulder mounts even longer. They’d come and go and always be ugly and always have to take me serious psych-up/concentration time. Never just in the middle of a combo on the fly.

After class I wasn’t feeling really strong or flexible and I almost went home, but I was warm and knew I should at least make some use of it, so I freestyled for a bit and played in heels. Then at the very end of my night I decided I’d like to see if I could do a titanic climb, since I’d done the shoulder mount earlier pretty well. I tried once and watched the video. I saw that my legs were bending just a little bit and thought, “I bet I could straighten them.” And I went for it. And I did it. And then I kept going, and pulled out an ayesha to one of the most solid iron-xs I’ve ever done.

Which is ANOTHER thing, because elbow grip ayesha took me 2.5 years to achieve…I asked every instructor I ever had to help me with it. Overall I had at least a dozen people, some of them very famous and well known, try to get me there and I always failed until one day my body was finally ready. It finally knew how to stack and engage (thank you Pilates, by the way).

Anyway. I came down and watched the video and started to tear up a little bit, and that lead to full out bawling for 5 or 10 minutes on the floor of the studio.

I was just so damn proud of myself. I’ve never considered myself very strong. And maybe a lot of people out there find things like straight legged shoulder mounts and elbow grip ayeshas and iron-xs small beans, but for ME they are HUGE achievements, and a testament to how fucking hard I’ve worked. When I started pole, I couldn’t hold on long enough to get a real spin in. It took me a year to get a decent invert happening…I even took a 9 month professional training intensive that taught me things that are just now, 4 months later, clicking in. I am by no means a prodigy. I’ve just worked my butt off. Quite literally.

On top of that, I couldn’t stop thinking about far I’ve come mentally. I’ve gone from not wanting to get out of the bed in the morning, wishing I could curl up and disappear, to wishing days could be twice as long as they are, because there are too many things I want to do and I am excited about all of them. It wasn’t just pole that did that, there were a lot of different pieces to the puzzle, but pole is what gave me the confidence to work for it. Because I became certain that if an awkward nerdy white girl could climb a 14 foot pole, she could do a hell of a lot of other things, too. Pole showed me what passion and dedication looked like, and that opened a lot of doors for me.

I know there are a lot of life-changing pole stories out there. I just wanted to share a little piece of mine. If you are following me and debating if you want to try pole, if you even can try it…DO IT.

Love & Marriage: Part one PREVIEW

                                              LOVE & MARRIAGE 


After years of following in the footsteps of their relationship shadow, Bucky and his wife offer Steve a small getaway to the cold mountains. Getting to know the the new woman in his life, they realize a change in their own lives . Come to find, it dawns on the married couple just how much time and marriage has changed their once passionate relationship - How will they react to a now new hot couple taking their place on the mantle?

Notes: Yay! this one is going to be super super fun! Fluffy, Teasing Bucky. :)

lets see how many notes the preview can get! :D

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  • Suga: damn we lost namjoon in the crowd there’s only one way to find him
  • *hangs red converse shoes on top of 39 and a half inch pole*
  • Suga: shit it’s not working because it’s not on a girl.....hmm how about this
  • *screams* oh my god is that a new supreme store!!!!
  • Rapmon: *in the distance* SHIT WHERE WHERE
  • Suga: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Bryony’s set just went off. She was in the lobby of Hot Leg’s, serving drinks to the men wanting lap dances while watching the girls work the stripper pole. She wore school girl lingerie, and her skirt showed her perfect round ass.

Bry walked up to a man in the back. She handed him his beer. “Hey, sweet.” She managed a small smile. “You look upset…what’s wrong?”

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