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A Man’s Opinion, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: “I’m helping you pick out an outfit for your date tonight and I’m totally in love with you.” + Lin

Words: 782

Author’s Note: As I’m writing this the Daveed fic I posted has only been up for a few hours and it’s already hit 75 notes…you guys are amazing! There is a sequel in the works fro that one!

Warnings: Cursing, probably?

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“What exactly are you going for here?” Jazzy asked, skimming over the dress options you had hung in front of her.

“I don’t know? Something nice?” You popped onto the couch, resting your head on Renee’s lap, who combed her fingers through your hair lovingly.

“You said casual? We should rule out the strapless.” Phillipa said, tucking it away to leave you with three dresses. You scanned your options again, wondering why you even bothered.

Why were you trying to impress this guy? You barely knew him, you barely liked him. You mostly said yes because he was offering a free meal and you’d never say no to that.

“Knock, knock!” Cheered Lin, pushing the door open to see four dejected girls staring at dresses, “Am I interrupting something here?”

“(Y/N) is struggling to find a dress for her date tonight.” Renee answered for you, rubbing your arm.

“Date? You have a date?” Lin shut the door behind him and took the seat at your feet. He examined the dresses for a second, “The middle one, obviously.”

You sat up, squinting at the garments for what was probably the hundredth time. With four words, Lin had completely made the decision for you.

“You’re so right.” You shot up to snatch the dress of the hanger, “Not too busy, not too laid back. Says I’m happy to be there, but it won’t kill me if I never see him again.” The girls giggled at your description of the dress, all agreeing that it fit it perfectly, “You’re the best!” You called, heading out to the dressing room you shared with a few ensemble members, the dress clutched closely to your chest.

Lin sighed, glancing at the two dresses you left behind.

“Now, I wonder what dress Lin would like to see (Y/N) in on their first date?” Coo’d Jazzy, pretending to think for a moment while leaning forward to place her chin into her hands.

“This one!” Phillipa called, snatching a dress, holding it to her body as she danced around, “It says: I’m excited for our date and even more excited for you to take this dress off of me!” She tossed the dress to Renee, who joined in on the fun.

“It says: I’ve been in love with you for months and this is my ‘just ravish me already’ dress!” The dress was passed to Jazzy.

“It says: Lin! Just ask me out already!” Jazzy chucked the dress to Lin, who sat dejectedly on the couch, barely able to catch the dress before it hit him in the face, “What does it say to you, Lin?”

“It says I need to stop her from going on that date tonight.”

After the show, you were quick to freshen up and change into the dress. You messed with your hair and makeup a little, deciding not to go too bold so he wouldn’t think you were that interested in him.

There was a gentle knock at your open door, and Lin stood there silently leaning against the door frame as you applied a coat of mascara.

“Ah! What do you think of your choice?” You twirled in place as he looked you up and down, giving a jokingly obnoxious whistle.

“I think you look amazing, but I think I changed my mind.” He gestured to the deep red dress he had draped across his shoulder.

“I don’t know Lin, I don’t think that’s the message I want to be sending this guy. I barely said yes to the date in the first place.” You turned your attention back to the mirror, checking for smudges or creases.

“It’s not for him.” You turned back, but he refused to meet your gaze, “This is going to sound really sudden and totally out of line, but I really like you. I understand if you still want to go on your date tonight, but there’s this really fun karaoke bar a few blocks from here. We could get a few drinks and I can pretend that I’m not thinking about kissing you the whole night.” He finally chanced a look at you.

“Well, I guess I should tell him I have to cancel. How can I turn down an offer like that?” You pulled your phone out, texting a half-assed excuse to get out of tonight. Some ‘sudden work thing, that’s show-biz, right?’.

“Are you ready?” He asked when your ‘date’ sent back a ‘It’s fine! I totally get it! Some other time, then?

“I have to get changed.” You swiped the dress off his shoulder, “This dress doesn’t exactly give off the message I want to be sending to you on our first date.”

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I work at a fro-yo place & we had a family of 7 come in & they were impatient af so my employee weighed each cup as they came (so separate) & the when the last cup came through, the total was around 40 & dad did not understand how it was so much. He payed it but then wanted to speak to me about getting a refund AFTER they had finished eating? His kids piled on the toppings, they all got a shit ton of yogurt & weight count was right. Maybe watch your kids so they don't get so much shit next time

To much work

It was late at night. It had to be almost one in the morning. Yet typing could still be heard coming from the room on the far side of the house. A soft sigh was heard among the typing. However that came from much closer. A small woman who was bunched up in the bed set up. “He said he wouldn’t be long.” She mumbled to herself, irritation clear in her voice. She set there for a moment, not sure what to do. It was a cold night and the bed was warm. It still held the soft scent of men’s aftershave that her husband wore, and it was Oh so inviting to fall back asleep. But she stood, the floor was cold and hard against her feet as she stood there for a moment bracing herself against the cold. One of her husbands shirts was hung over the bed post. She took it and wrapped it around herself. It was almost three sizes to larger but somehow felt so soft and comfortable. She couldn’t help the soft smile that crept across her lips.

Slowly she started her way across the hallway to the source of the noise. Each step sounded loud to her and the cold that came with it made her feel as if she were walking through a forest in the dead of night. Of course she knew this was simply her tired might playing tricks on her, but still it caused her step to quicken. Soon she approached the room where the noise could be heard. Softly and quietly, as if to not startle what was inside, she pushed the already ajar door the rest of the way open. There set at an old wooden desk, her husband. He was so burried in his work that he hadn’t heard her open the door. A rare feet, as he was one who was hard to sneak up on. She smiled as she walked over to him and draped her arms around his shoulders. “Bit late to be up love.” He deep voice stated calmly in that soft tone that made her skin prickle just to hear. “You’re the one who woke me up you know!” Was the only real response she had. Though what had woke her up was that it suddenly got colder and she had missed his extra work. A soft chuckle escaped his thin lips in response to her words. “Sorry love, but I needed to finish this report before five.” The words came out in more of a sigh then a sentence. But she knew what he meant. “I’m almost done, I swear.” Marco stated. Before any protesting could be down however, Marco had his arm around her waist and her in his lap, facing him. “Sit tight and then we’ll go back to sleep.” He said with a smirk. Which was a good indication that sleep wasn’t what his plans were once he had finished his work. “If you think you stand a chance of getting lucky after making me sleep alone for most of the night then you can stay up by yourself.” She huffed in return. This, only made the smirk grow as he softly squeezed her ass. She let out a quick sqeack in return. “You sure?” He teased. He then went back to his work as if nothing had happened. She knew his games to well. Or more so, he knew her to well. That was all it took for her to get more then alittle hot and bothered, and the fact she was still draped in his shirt and just her panties wasn’t going to help. She burried her face into his chest tp hide the rather obvious blush that was now painting her cheeks. She could feel the chuckle that filled his chest as he knew he had won. She set there, excepting her fate as continued typing. Soon her eyes started to grow heavy as his warmth inveloped her. Before long she was fast asleep in his lap as he worked the night away.

The delicious smell of food filled her nose as she stirred from her sleep. It took awhile for the young lady to wake but finally the warmth of the sun hitting her face brought her back to the waking world. She sat up, rubbing her eyes as she realized she was back in their shared bed. She was still wrapped in Marco’s shirt and there was an extra blanket laid across her. Smiled she realized Marco must have carried her to bed after she had fallen asleep. With a soft giggle she jumped out of bed and made her way to the kitchen where Marco stood cooking away. “Bout time you woke up sleeping Beauty.” He teased as he set the hot food down on to plates. He somehow had the best timing. “Well someone had to keep me up all night.” The giggle that followed took and harshness out of her words. He answered with a soft smile. “Well why don’t we eat before we continued where we left off last night?” He winked. He had the look he got when it was going to be a very long day.

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I am very thankful for my life here, but I am also so thankful that I’m not about to go on a 26km/16 mile walk on Friday to a park, then back to work for an hour and a half. I told the students next year, but… well, we’ll see next year, because that’s not in my contract, and I’m not so keen on possibly busting up my ankle trying to hoof it up and down the city to only have an hour lunch break and then walk back to school.



  • Fluff revenge Mikey ??
  • Hello! I was wondering if you could do a Mikey Way with glasses imagine. PS, I love your blog!

“Mikey! Hold still!” I giggled, trying to even out his make up.

“I hate make up!” He whined, holding still to let me even out his blush.

“Okay…” I hummed to myself, over looking him one last time. His make up looked good. I straightened out his army suit again before giving him a thumbs up. “Okay! I think you’re ready to go!” 

“Nice, I have to look good to go die,” he chuckled, looking at his slicked back hair in the mirror. 

“No, that’s tomorrow. Today is the ballroom scene so you have to look nice and spiffy.”

“Thank you babe, you’re the best damn make up artist I’ve ever had.”

“I hope so, can you send Ray in here? I have to start working on his fro now if it will be ready by shooting time.”

“What’s wrong Mikey? You seem…tense,” I questioned kneeling eye to eye with him as he sat in the make up chair.

“Nothing, I guess i’m just a little nervous.”

“Nervous? Why are you nervous?”

“Well, this is the most important scene in the video and I really don’t want to let the guys down,” he shook his head lightly, staring at his feet. It was almost time for Mikey’s death in the video, right after this last make up check, it was time to film. I was surprised by his confession, Mikey seemed genuinely excited bout having an important role in the video. 

“You’re gonna do fine babe, I know you can do it.”

“I’m just worried that it won’t look realistic and they pick someone else.”

“You know the guys won’t let that happen.”


“Mikey, you’re gonna do amazing, okay? Just pretend like you actually did get shot. Look like you’re in pain and yell, it’ll be fine,” I said reassuringly, giving him a tight hug. “I’ll be right be the camera the whole time.”

“Oh don’t say that, that will just make me more nervous,” he giggled, returning the hug. There was a knock on the door.

“Mikey? Ready to go?”

“Yeah, one second,” MIkey replied quietly, voice cracking. He looked back at me, giving me a quick peck.

“Okay, go out there and break a leg. You’re gonna be amazing!”

“Cut!” The director yelled next to me. The explosions stopped and the extras got off the ground at the sound of voice. Ray held out his hand, pulling Mikey up. “Awesome Mikey! I think that’s all we need. Now we just need Gerard’s reaction then we’re done. Great shot kiddo.” 

“Thanks!” Mikey beamed, looking over at me. I smiled and wiped my eyes, I actually teared up during that take. 

“Hey y/n, did you hear what he…are you crying?”

“No,” I sniveled, rubbing my eyes.

“Yes you are.”

“No, i’m not.”

“Was it that good?” Mikey laughed, smiling brightly in astonishment. “I didn’t think it was that good.”

“It was pretty intense, I told you you would do good.”

“Because of you.”

“Because of me?”

“Yeah, your words of encouragement.”

“Well, i’m happy to help.”

“Do you think I could win an Oscar?”


I can’t keep working for other people. The thought of someone having the power to fire me & constantly having to stay on my toes is dangerous. My first job I got fired because I called out something that was unfair & the manager wrote me off with saying “life isn’t fair”. My second job the assistant manager was really immature & would pick on me subliminally as if we were in high school. The general manager took me off the schedule for 3 weeks, I walked into the building to talk to her & she basically told me no. I’ll never forget those boys laughing at me. I was labeled as the angry black girl then she transferred me to a different store. I was so alone & felt discarded. With my third job I was working at a more white/upscale lingerie store. I had crochets in during my interview then once those got old I started rocking my fro. That was my last week working there with my fro. They told me that I was seasonal & that they were giving their original employees the most hours. The manager would tell me time, time & time again that she would call me back to squeeze in hours for me. She never did. With my fourth job they fired me after a month of being there. They said I didn’t meet their standards, I wasn’t progressing. They never trained me. I went off what I knew. I’m thinking about going to school to be a esthetician then opening my own business with vegan black women owned products inside. As well as do a little modeling/photo shoots, start a Vlog to speak on black women issues and sing for weddings or something (not striving to be Beyoncé lol). I’m just hoping this will lead me somewhere. Life being stress free & I’ll be successful. I’m taking a leap on faith. I hope everything goes well for me.

Item #: SCP-5000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5000 is not currently under Foundation Security, and if any information provided on the where abouts of SCP-5000 is found, Mobile Task Force Delta-5 will be dispatched to contain SCP-5000.

Description: SCP-5000 is three seperate beings: 2 Caucasian Adult Males (SCP-5000-1 and -2 respectively.) and one Dell Computer. (SCP-5000-3) SCP-5000-1 and SCP-5000-2 are capable of creating creatures worthy of SCP classification and the Foundations care with the Usage of SCP-5000-3. It is unknown how they do this, but the Foundation has been unable to track them down through traditional methods. Under their own description, as well as their creations, they are known as the “Monster Factory.”

SCP-5000’s existence was first documented in [REDACTED] when SCP-[REDACTED] was discovered attempting to live a normal life in [REDACTED], but was reported almost immedietely to the Authorities. The Foundation has documented all such creations since, and connected them together to all be creations of SCP-5000. A log of their uniquie creations of each “Monster” has been found, along with the “Monsters”

SCP-5000-1 and SCP-5000-2 call eachother brother, and it is assumed they are blood related. Their creations are never formed while both are in person. SCP-5000-2 communicates with SCP-5000-1 through its own computer, but this computer seems to hold no anomoulous properties. SCP-5000-1 designates itself as “Griffin Mcelroy” and SCP-5000-2 designates itself as “Justin Mcelroy”

The creatures that SCP-5000 has created are listed and require Level 2 Researcher Access.

- SCP-5415 (“Squirtle”) Euclid
- SCP-51215 (“G.A.R.F.I.E.L.D”) Euclid
- SCP-52915 (“Two Dads ^2”/ “Dark Vader”/ “Daytrader Vader”/ “Cousin Specialagent”) Safe / Neutralized
- SCP-6415 (“D-Bomb”) Keter
- SCP-62915 (“The Pebble”) Safe
- SCP-71315 (“Truck Shepard”) Euclid
- SCP-8715 (“Dino Lansbury”) Safe
- SCP-91115 (“Boy-Mayor”/ “Tostinos”) Safe
- SCP-101215 (“Toucan Dan”) Euclid
- SCP-102715 (“Chiquita Dave”) Thaumiel
- SCP-111215 (“The Final Pam”/ “Trash Hulk”) Keter / Safe
- SCP-11416 (“Borth Sompson”) Euclid
- SCP-12916 (“Randy Johnson” / “PanPan” ) Euclid
- SCP-21116 (“Rat Baby”/ “Succotash”) Euclid
- SCP-3716 (“#noid” / “Arbys Witch”) Euclid
- SCP-32916 (“Jorstin”) Safe
- SCP-41516 (“The Junker”) Euclid
- SCP-62416 (“Melissa”) Safe
- SCP-7816 (“Daz”) Safe
- SCP-72216 (“Trullbus”) Euclid
- SCP-8916 (“Ja'am”/ “Shreck”/ “Buzbo”) Neutralized / Euclid

The Year is 2018

It’s been 2 years since Mother Clinton seized office, wrestling from the hands of the patriarchy.

A rigid curfew is enforced for the oppressing class. Straight white cis males are only allowed to and fro work between the hours of 7am and 7pm. They are not allowed any mode of transportation besides walking. Infallible leader Clinton calls this The Final Solution to the manspreading problem.

White Straight Men, who are only now allowed to work for the Fempire, as all private employment has been barred. They are put to work building infrastructure and fortifying the Atlantic coast.

Reverend General Al Sharpton of the Domestic Occupation Army publicly executed 20 filthy honky men for not paying their 7 billion Dworkin bucks in reparation for slavery. They attempted to argue that its impossible by saying “the government only allows us to earn up to 77 Solonas cents a day”. But that’s only evil white patriarchy logic.

Johnathan McIntosh, wearing a beautiful cocktail dress, is awarded the status of honorary woman in front of the nation for his service to feminism and social justice. Mother Clinton said “He is everything a man should be, and will serve as a shining example to the patriarchy which still brutally oppresses women and POCs in America.

Soon after, all gay white men are declared privileged by the Fempire. Many are deported to Cockwitz, marching through the gates under the lovely sign bearing the words "Privilege makes you free”.

The Department of Media Monitoring suppresses news of the Russian annexation of Eastern Europe and liberation of New Afghanistan City, formerly known as London.

Microsoft and Sony’s American branch, having been seized by the Fempire and put under the control of Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn, launch Depression Quest 4, Revolution 120, and WOC paraplegic autistic quadruple amputee blind def simulator 2019.

11 year old black boy banned from school for wearing corn rows for encouraging ‘gang culture’.

“The boy, now aged 13, was refused entry to St Gregory’s Catholic Science College in Kenton, Harrow, north London in September 2009 because his hairstyle did not comply with the strict uniform policy. The school only allowed a conservative “short back and sides” hairstyle for boys amid concerns that other styles could encourage “gang culture”.”

This is where the frustration stems from. It’s not just a hairstyle its symbolic of a double standard. Black people have been turned away from work and school for sporting fros, cornrows and dreads because of a negative stigma, an implicit bias and double standard. 

I don’t agree on policing others forms of expression if it doesn’t infringe on another nor do I believe black culture has ownership of braids. Black culture does have a rich history and affinity with these hairstyles which makes the double standard cut that much deeper.

I think it should be known where the frustration and anger stems from to deter minimizing valid feelings with casual phrases like “it’s just braids”.


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