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it makes me so mad that the shitty parts of the internet prey on awkward outcast children (boys), often with no real understanding of what they’re talking about, to drag them in and mold them into shitty, bigoted human beings. like we have a student who’s fourteen? fifteen? and he makes terrible, offensive jokes and memes that he flat-out does not understand and is just mimicking because he found them on the internet. he barely has a concept that gay people exist (and I know this through conversations with him), he didn’t know that “no homo” was a joke about gay people, and he recently asked annie if the holocaust really happened. not because he’s a denier or anything, but just because that’s where his level of conceptualization is at. I’m worried that he’s gonna get pulled into alt-right shit (which is especially going to hurt him because he’s autistic and not white) because he doesn’t understand what any of it means and thinks it’s just funny internet stuff. 

it makes me scared and angry. I understand that he’s causing damage to people around him, but he’s also being preyed on. as an adult, that’s a perspective that I am able to have. and as an adult, I know that he is literally a child. I hate it. 


Character I concepted for work~~~ 

Art Director- Priscilla Tsang and Si Yang. 

little library assistant things <3
  • that feeling of ultimate power that comes from being able to waive all your own overdue book fines
  • sweet little old ladies borrowing huge piles of erotic fiction
  • finding a colleague you didn’t even know was working today behind a book shelf three hours into your shift
  • *mobile phone rings* “HELLO!!! YEAH I’M IN THE LIBRARY!!!”
  • accidentally squashing someone in the rolling stacks
  • deliberately trying to squash each other in the rolling stacks to see if it would be possible to murder someone that way
  • the secret librarian art of sneezing completely silently
  • two secret magic words to make the eye of any children’s librarian twitch: Daisy Meadows
  • restraining your seething rage when a parent tells their child they can’t have a book they picked out because ‘that one is just for boys/girls!’
  • “I’m sorry that new book is so popular there’s a long waiting list!” (every single copy is on loan to a member of staff)
  • customers sidling up and putting ‘50 Shades of Grey’ of the counter upside down in a futile attempt to hide what they’re borrowing
  • “I’m looking for a book.” “…um, could you possibly be a little more specific?”
  • petition for James Patterson to STOP ALREADY
  • assuring customers that we don’t judge them based on what books they borrow
  • judging customers on what books they borrow

It feels weird when you grow up and realize that your momma raised you with more manners than a lot of people have. 

Like yesterday, was upstairs at work, and there was some lady letting her kids use the employee restrooms, but she wasn’t WITH them to supervise, she was down the stairs. I overhear the girl leaning out, telling her mom that the little boy had peed on the floor. I guess maybe I should have called maintenance, but I had this thought that she’d tell someone, or maybe clean it herself…But later, I had to take a bathroom break, and I went up there, and there was still pee on the floor. Maintenance guy, who was nearby, didn’t know til I told him. 

So this lady just let her kid pee on the floor and didn’t give a shit enough to actually alert an employee to have it cleaned up, or do it herself.

And here my ass is, instinctively giving her the benefit of the doubt to act on her own and take responsibility for her kid’s fluids. Don’t know why I bother. 

Also, just because you’re in public, and there is someone “to do that job for you” doesn’t mean you should abdicate all responsibility for yourself. 

My mom taught me better than that.

Why do customers always think “let me check with my manager” is mouthing off instead of what it really is: me covering my ass.

I wouldn’t check with them if I thought confirming something on my own was within my authority and wouldn’t put my job at risk. I’m shifting accountability bc even after three years of working hard my job is still precarious yayyy

i used to work at a college bookstore, which meant that along with textbooks we also sold school supplies, clothes with the school logo on it, backpacks, stuff like that. one day i was wandering around the main floor, folding clothes as needed, desperately wishing that a meteor would crash through the ceiling and deliver me from this hell, when i passed this guy (maybe like 20 or 21) who was with his mother, looking for clothes and supplies for school. they’re obviously arguing but i wasn’t really listening until i heard “…FINE! I’ll just ASK SOMEONE WHO WORKS HERE”

and he turns to me and goes “yo do you work here”

“yeah” i say, expecting to be asked which backpack was best for carrying lots of books or something like that

and he goes “do you think a guy can wear pink?” before pointedly glaring at his mother, who glares back

not what a 17 year old is expecting to hear at her first job at 8 AM

“…” blink. blink. “yeah of course”

“SEE” and he just slam-dunked a pink backpack into the cart and walked off to pick out some school supplies, followed by his very annoyed but resigned looking mother

i think about this a lot