work sketchbook


concepts for an abandoned (+ excessively self-indulgent) short comic

small town believes the bay is cursed, but a curious local fisherman finds out that it’s not ghosts taking everyone’s ship engines apart…

Dunno if i should do more of those…

One week until the con! Chibis for stickers. I had to adapt my chibi style heavily since my usual kind of half chibi-ish style doesn’t fit small stickers. So this will have to do.


By this time last week I was resting from an exhausting 4 day field practice on Prades mountains in Catalonia.

Our class worked non stop cataloging insects, colecting plant samples, counting different species… and I had a lot of fun. A part of this classes grade goes to a field notebook and since I’m determined to mix my career with my art I filled it with watercolour sketches~


La semana pasada estube 4 dias en las montañas de Prades, en Cataluña, en una practica de trabajo de campo

Trabajamos sin parar: catalogando insectos, recogiendo muestras, contando especies diferentes de plantas… al final me lo pase genial. Como una parte de la nota de esta asignatura va para un cuaderno de campo que teniamos que rellenar y estoy decidida a mezclar mis estudios con el dibujo, lo he llenado de sketches a acuarela~