work sketchbook

thatsketchydragon  asked:

one of my fave things about your art is your sketchbooks, everything about them seems so deep and magical somehow and the art in them is 10/10

THANK U SO MUCH… i absolutely love working in my sketchbooks!!!

i plan to release an entire pdf version of my most recent sketchbook hopefully with in the next week or so!! it’ll likely be name ur own price so available at the low price of $free dollars, or more if anyone’s feelin like throwin ur cartoon boy a buck or two B) 
it’ll have a full spreads including a bunch of stuff i haven’t posted anywhere!

Dunno if i should do more of those…

One week until the con! Chibis for stickers. I had to adapt my chibi style heavily since my usual kind of half chibi-ish style doesn’t fit small stickers. So this will have to do.