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I was waiting for 15 minutes outside the book shop before calling my boss to ask where the fuck he is because it’s freezing cold. Turns out he had completely forgotten we agreed to meet at 1pm at work today and won’t be there until 2. So I went back to the bakery where I had just bought a muffin and told the girl behind the counter the story and that I’d eat the muffin inside if that’s okay and get a coffee as well. We get talking while she’s making my latte and I explain to her where I work - she sees me at her bakery twice a week but never knew I was working literally across the road - so at the end of the conversation I wanna pay for the coffee and she says “no, it’s fine - that’s on the house. You’re here all the time and can use something positive today.”

Girls are precious, okay?!? I love girls.

victuuri coffee shop au: in which victor flirts with barista!yuuri and ends up getting his number ☕ (and a cheesy pun) (sticker)


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Lol I wanted to do this for prom season, but I obviously missed it…but yaaay, two cool dads taking their daughter prom dress shopping. xD

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Day 4: Draw your OTP as an au

Heres the coffee Shop AU that no one asked for.

Just gonna throw this over here