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Re-reading all my tudor posters I’ve made so far, and going to highlight some of them. 

I’m really proud of myself for getting through so much for my history over the easter because now I feel like a big part of my revision is nearly complete - obviously, I still have the other part of history left and my other subjects. 

Hope everyone is having a good day, and like before if you want a better picture of any of the posters message me privately and I don’t mind taking a better picture for you xxx

Summary: Mari and Chat have grown close, and he visits her often. One day, Chat is sad and finds himself on her roof

“Hi! Bye!” Marinette said quickly, practically running through the bakery. She waved to her amused parents, and rushed up to her room, thrusting her school bags into a corner.

She was so close to finishing this dress. She needed just one mega-effective work sesh to complete it- and she was determined that it would be done by tomorrow.

Tikki watched from her forgotten purse, giggling silently. She decided a sneak mission for cookies downstairs wasn’t inappropriate- Mari wouldn’t miss her at this point. She glanced once more at her girl- who was now dancing slightly with her headphones in, and grinned, slipping through the trap door.


Chat was not having a good day.

First, he had received a C on his last paper- seriously, shouldn’t he be exempt? He had only idk, been saving freaking Paris! Again, he might add!

Then of course, it HAD to start raining during the photoshoot today, which definitely didn’t make the bossing and flashes and incessant chatter from the photographer any better.

And now, here he was, on patrol, and Ladybug was nowhere to be found. It had not been on good terms that last time they left each other- all he had done was accidentally walk into where she had hidden for her transformation! Okay, maybe it wasn’t so “on accident”, but how was he supposed to win her undying love if he didn’t even know who she was?

Add to that that his plan hadn’t even worked! She had ducked into another room to transform, after viciously attacking him- come on, his puns sooo did not make her want to scream. They were purrr-fect!

Chat grinned, but it faded quickly. He scratched the back of his neck, looking down at the flooded streets so far below him. Any other day he might have admired the aesthetic of the darkened streets, the reflecting water, the dozens of colorful umbrellas, but right now he just felt cold and wet.

Not that it mattered particularly to anyone. Clearly Ladybug had some aversion to him, and he had always doubted she would ever return his feelings. His father kept him close like a prized possession, but didn’t actually care about him, as a person, not an extension of the Agreste family name. Then there was his mother, who hated him so much that she had literally run away from being his mom.

Ya, definitely a crappy day.

Chat pushed these thoughts from his mind. He already felt bad enough- there was no need for extra depression right now. He stood, and took a couple steps away from the edge. Then, with a bit of a running start, he leaped to the next building, and the next, and the next, on and on until for a moment, he wasn’t even sure he knew where he was.

But he looked around, at the pots of plants, the twirling iron railing, and found he did know. He smiled, a true, happy smile, and drifted to where a skylight shone pink light from the room beneath.

He peered into the slightly dirtied glass, and his smile grew deeper. There, among a mess of fabrics, skillfully sketched designs, and sewing equipment, was his Princess.

Chewing on her lip, her eyes skewed in concentration, arms thrust almost forcefully onto the mannequin front of her, she had her headphones in, and her hips swaying slightly to a tune.


As he watched, she pinned one last thing onto the stand- onto what was likely a fashion masterpiece, knowing her- and grinned triumphantly. Her legs and feet joined her hips, and soon she was all out dancing, giggling and lost in her music.

Then, with all her Marinette-ness, she lost her balance, falling into the pile of fabric at her feet. Her smile never left her face, however, and Chat felt happiness swirl into his own stomach as he watched her.

“Somebody loooo-oooves Marinette!” sang Plagg’s voice in his head.

“Come on- you know that is reserved for Ladybug,” Chat said, scoffing, even as he continued to gaze down at his Princess.

“It’s sickeningly clear from in your head- you think about her all the time, you come here whenever you can- come on bro! Think about it!”

He did think about it- the fuzzy way he felt in the pit of his stomach when he was around her, how much he was attracted to her- he had arrived on the roof of her room without even trying! His eyes widened in realization.

“Plagg- I love Marinette!”

“Sure, act like you got there all on your own,” his kwami grumbled, but Chat could definitely hear a pleased note. “Well- go on, tell her already!”

Chat gathered all his nerve, opened the skylight, and dropped down next to his Princess.

“Chat?” She asked, standing and turning to look at him.

He smiled, almost tenderly, and reached out his hands to cup her cheeks. She stilled, and Chat could feel her pulse start to race, the beat in time to his own speeding heart.

He leaned forward, his gazed locked with hers, and pressed his lips gently to hers.

She froze completely, caught by surprise.

Chat, feeling her unresponsive, felt his heart crack just a bit, and pulled away.

Her eyes were wide, staring him down, a million questions fluttering behind her blue irises.

Chat looked down, his heart breaking further, and moved to leave.

Before he could move anywhere, Marinette unfroze, grabbed his bell, and pulled his mouth down to hers again.

It was much more demanding than Chat’s fist kiss, passionate and fierce, and Chat smiled wide against her mouth. She wrapped her arms around his neck, fingers tangling into his hair. Chat backed her to the wall, locking her in with his palms on either side of her head, lips moving furiously against hers.

After what seemed like both a second and an eternity, wrapped up into one, they broke for breath, and Chat leaned his forehead to hers.

“I love you,” he whispered, looking into her eyes.

“I love you too,” she said, a smile spreading over her mused face.

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Getting in a sesh between working on my capstone project @thespotgym always settin the fun stuff. 📲 @jdarwin5109 #climbing #bouldering #coding (at The Spot Bouldering Gym)

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My brother in law took me to practice driving and made me do circles in reverse 😂 but he’s such a good teacher and I’m feeling so much more confident and even went on the roads for a little again plus my sisters and I went shopping and I found two cute bralettes! I also got this afternoon off and am looking forward to an extra long yoga sesh and working on my journal 🐚


Have an after work sesh with me and Cindy Lou Who 🖤 it’s super fun feeling like you’re playing a tiny saxophone and smoking weed at the same time ^_^ beautiful custom piece by @highbrid1 🖤🖤🖤 get at me to get your own amazing piece from him!

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When I was first told that getting a trainer was going to be amazing, I thought, “hey it must might be and I’d be motivated!” – yeah I was lying to myself. Having a trainer is cool, sure, but I’m like dying after every work out sesh. Clearly, I’m out of shape and I hate working out for an hour with only a two minute break. I swear, he’s an evil man who takes pleasure in seeing me cringe at every squat we do and cry at how breathless I am at the end. Why can’t unhealthy food just be healthy for us and all of us be happy?!