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consider this: Sonya/Hélène

do yuo know how many times she;s said that to impress girls.

Ladynoir celebrating year of the rooster~


Kinetic Typography of the Doctor’s speech in Rose

Funnily enough, I was just thinking about making another kinetic typography video when the doctorwho tumblr announced their contest! I chose this quote for the simple fact that this was where I got hooked. I knew a little tiny bit about the show when I started watching it a few years ago, and this speech- about how the Doctor can feel the Earth revolving- caught my interest right away. It’s just the perfect lead in to the Doctor and who he is when we meet him in Rose.

plaidpuppyeyes replied to your post “I’m really really worried that Dean will play nice with Jack and then…”

:( dislike. You gave a good answer, but it makes me so sad

sam girls will always be sad, such is our lot in life

764. Ginny Weasley was secretly a Death Eater who asked Bellatrix to "attack" her during the war to avoid suspicion and getting caught, not realizing it would end in the latter's death.