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Yoo Youngjae’s Birthday Countdown - Day 3

C is for Confidence

dear incoming freshmen,

1. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IF YOU ARE BRINGING COFFEE/ETC. TO SCHOOL GET A SPILLPROOF CUP. rn i am flashing back to the month old coffee that got spilled in my locker, and how much i gagged whilst trying to clean it up. everything smelled like spoiled milk and it was awful. please get a spillproof cup. won’t need half the stuff you think you do. literally just get one big binder, some lined paper, a couple pens/pencils, and some highlighters.

3. don’t fuck w/ your sleep schedule. i speak from experience.

4. if you take gym, always bring your gym clothes even on the first day of class.

5. be nice to your teachers and they will let things slide. (i.e. late work, your inevitable sass)

6. holy shit don’t lose your textbooks/required reading/library books. pls just don’t.

7. always do the required reading because the one day you don’t will be the day there’s a goddamn pop quiz. also try to buy your own copy of the required reading, because a) the school copies are usually really old and gross and b) you can mark yours up. its super helpful to highlight and write in the margins, and then you dont need to take notes!!!

8. nobody really cares if you date/don’t date.

9. speaking of dating, DONT DATE THE SENIORS JESUS CHRIST 

10. be nice to yourself. one bad grade isn’t the end of the world.

11. im gonna repeat this because it’s crucial: BUY A MOTHERFUCKING SPILLPROOF CUP.

12. don’t stand in the middle of the damn hallway. pick a side. don’t walk slow/text while walking either.

13. your english teacher will either be super chill and or satan spawn, there is no in between.

14. bring ur headphones. bring ur charger.

15. when you do shakespeare try to watch the film versions too. the plays aren’t meant to be read, they are meant to be watched and it will make understanding so much easier.

16. be nice to your friends. they’ll let you copy their homework.

17. don’t fuck around with your grades tho. pls try your hardest because all those D’s will kill your college choices.

18. don’t be nervous, it’s just another school  year. you’ll do great :)


a sophomore who’s done her time

I love suits. And I love Levi&Eren. So, yay for Office AU. \(^ 0 ^) / A little racy. Not really.

Office AU:

Eren is a cheeky-ass employee, but a really good employee. His co-workers think Levi only keeps him around for eye-candy (true), but Eren is quite the worker, very good at what he does, does everything on time, and actually does 5x the work of his peers. But his attitude needs tons to be worked on. Sasses all his co-workers, insults them with a smile, as if he didn’t mean it, and takes long lunch breaks (which were spent on helping Levi). (Eren got very defensive for Levi when his co-workers talks about him)

Levi, the hard-ass boss, is always stressed out with the incompetent work his employee does. Always rants to Eren about them never completing their work, and takes advantage of overtime pay. Eren, at the beginning was like that too, until he sees how tired Levi is, then he picked up his slack. As time goes on, he picks up his co-workers slack, and eventually kind of became Levi’s personal assistant.

Then they got together, smoothly and without drama. It just fell together naturally. But they each get their bouts of jealousy with the exes or something.

Those long lunch breaks are happy times, de-stressing in Levi’s private, recently sound-proof office, thanks to Erwin who could not deal with their shit. Levi and Eren kind of shamelessly uses any rooms anywhere, whenever they felt like it. (Lol, more times in Erwin office then Erwin liked. Hange was down with it tho.)

…I’m sorry for this shitty au and long ass post… (> =//3//=)>  

screw textual analysis im gonna hack a dr who

ok tru but anyone with an eyeball can see that so lets go deeper

nice. secret messages. but can we break this code down further

i feel like we’re onto something lets keep going

ok ok yeah but what else cmon

nailed it. s10 in a nutshell, you heard it here first folks. your move, #TJLC

Normani is so dedicated to promoting the group that she went DOWN on stage for the sake of their new song
Bright as the Night Sky (Part 2):

The long awaited part 2!!!!! Just want to thank @avap12 @throneofstars @acourtofredqueens @alltheartfeels @theheirofnightandday @feyreismeiamfeyre @queennesta20 for all their support and hope they enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it! 😍 😘


Feyre is busy trying to think of a creative gift for her 100th anniversary with Rhysand, and for once the inner circle is out of ideas. It’s only until Rhysand and her are invited to witness a rare performance by the people of Velaris that she finds her muse. But what will remain to celebrate once she discovers a dark secret.

The setting takes place WAY after ACOWAR and gives insight into the life of the inner circle and Feyre’s sisters, as well as the High Lord and Lady of the Night Court. It does stem from my first fan fiction Safe at Last but is not necessary to read to understand.



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SpockFact #25

Spock and Lt. Sulu maintain a quiet friendship, enjoying discussions of astrosciences and botanical physiology. Spock finds Sulu’s relaxed demeanour a refreshing change from the loud emotional states of the rest of the crew and occasionally spends time with the helmsman in the ship’s arboretum. When on away missions, Spock will sometimes come across a new plant species and obtain a sample for Sulu considering it a gift from one scientific mind to another. In exchange, Sulu will provide Spock with clippings from some of his flowering plants, clippings that often wind up in a vase in Captain Kirk’s quarters.

anonymous asked:

wait a minute you mean we have to PAY to have you spend time and effort on drawing exactly what we want you to draw? How DARE you ask for money in exchange for your beautiful work?????

Your sass is noted and very appriciated

Seeing the Hardy/Miller sass factory working in tandem is sanctifying my soul, like even though they still bicker they’re mostly gentle and caring with one another now, while all their anger and frustration is directed outwards onto the shitheads around them, to the great satisfaction and amusement of each other. Hardy will bring Ellie a coffee, then annihilate a dudebro in front of her while she smirks. Ellie will ask Hardy how he slept and check he’s feeling okay, then rain down destruction on the next sexist fuck she sees. And when they do bicker? They let it go, they forgive the outburst, they move on. This kind of relationship is EVERYTHING I hoped would happen once they’d healed from S2.