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Your bio says you're a college student and busy so I don't wanna bother you but at the same time I love your AUs so much because they make my heart warm and your writing gives me such feelings, so whenever you have time could you write something based of NCT 127 sun & moon with Doyoung? (Also as someone who's going to start college about 2/3 months I need your luck)

it’s an nct mood tonight hehe but i decided to write a soulmate!au with doyoung since that’s what sun + moon reminds me of~

  • soulmates are technically chosen when you’re born but,,,no one knows their soulmate until they make eye contact with that person 
  • because once they do a number tattoo appears on their wrist that is unique and only matches for these two people 
  • and practically everyone you know has gotten a number,,,,not all of them know who their soulmate is,,,,but they’ve at least managed to cross paths 
  • but your wrist,,,,,,is empty
  • and it embarrasses you and makes you a little nervous because what if i don’t have a soulmate? what if im a category: alone?
  • or even worse,,,,what if your life is meant to end before you can fall in love,,,,
  • but your friends all tell you that it isn’t anything to stress over some people dont find soulmates till they’re 50s! but you,,,can’t help it,,,,
  • not until you’ve found yourself on a plane,,,destination seoul because of work related meetings 
  • and it doesn’t even occur to you until you walk through a packed street, glancing at store windows and then looking at a screen playing what looks like a music video 
  • and a boy appears,,,,handsome with doe eyes,,,,,purple hair and the minute you look at him you feel something like heat on your wrist
  • and looking down,,,,,,you see it,,,,,,the numbers
  • 127-2196
  • and you don’t???? get it????? how could that be how could your numbers show up without you seeing anyone????
  • and you panic,,,, thinking what if it’s a mistake a malfunction????? 
  • running back to the hotel you ask your coworkers if it’s normal,,,, can the numbers just pop up???? and all of them say that technically you have to look into your soulmates eyes
  • and your whole trip becomes even more confusing because you weren’t looking at anyone????
  • on the other hand,,,,doyoung wakes up heart racing and breathless and when he looks around he sees jaehyun staring at him wide eyed and pointing to his wrist
  • “doyoung,,,,,,your soulmate,,,,,,tattoo,,,,,”
  • and doyoung looks down,,,, the number,,,, 127-2196
  • and he doesn’t believe it,,,rubbing at it and accusing taeyong of playing a trick on him but everyone gathers around and they’re like
  • “you were sleeping? maybe that means your soulmate saw one of our performances,,,,i didn’t know that counted as eye contact,,,”
  • and both you and doyoung,,,,are speechless,,,,,, confused,,,,,and even when you’re out of seoul back in your home country everyone is sure ur tattoo must be wrong??? you didn’t look at anyone???
  • not until you force yourself to think about that moment and then,,,,,
  • the boy
  • in the music video
  • you spend hours looking through youtube and then you find it - nct 
  • and there’s even a recent interview and you see the boy from the video
  • the mic in his hand and then his wrist,,,,,,,, 127-2196
  • and you fall back in your chair just as the interviewer asks “your soulmate tattoo - is it new?”
  • “yes,,,i got it recently,,,,,,,,although i feel like i wont find my soulmate soon.”
  • the interviewer asks why not
  • and again,,,he looks into the camera,,,your heart stopping for a moment in your chest
  • “i think we’re worlds apart,,,when my sun rises,,,their moon rises,,,,”
  • and you can feel it,,,,,he knows,,,,he knows you two are far apart
  • but something tugs at your heartstrings,,,,something like excitement,,,,because you have a soulmate
  • he’s far but you have one and he knows he has one too
  • and you don’t think you’d be soulmates for nothing that some day in the future
  • you’ll be able to meet under the same sun,,,,
  • “doyoung” you say his name to yourself as you turn off the screen of your laptop
  • and across the ocean doyoung runs his hand over his tattoo and a name comes to mind,,,,,, a name he’s never heard before,,,,,, but he can’t stop thinking about
  • it’s your name 

ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-13: favorite cousin dynamic

(Jane Cobalt & Maximoff Hale)

Even though he’ll never have siblings, he’ll have her. And I bet he’ll look after her too. If he’s anything like his dad, he’ll want to keep Jane safe.

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How would you react if Joshua was standing right in front of you and called you the most beautiful girl he's ever seen


Honestly I can’t possibly imagine meeting Joshua first of all, let alone him calling me the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen. No doubt he’d probably never say that because I’m not pretty but I’d probably be so so so happy and blushing like crazy. Oh and dying on the inside, I’d probably think I was dreaming haha. I mean, I love Josh to bits and pieces and I might even cry if he ever did say that to me but I doubt he would. It’s a beautiful thought though thank you, this made my heart flutter ^~^

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honestly Joshua has probably seen so many beautiful people in the world, how do i compare plus I don’t deserve Josh lmao he’s amazingly kind and passionate and heartfelt and humble and I don’t know what I am :/

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((Ooc)) Could you make the relantionships on this blog a little clearer with who loves who and such at the time? I'm just a bit confused

((there was no actual pairings in the blog, but changes slowly, mostly depends on the asks I got, so basically whatever you asked for, what pairings or relationships you asked, and also other askblogs (no other nordics, sorry) can interact with any of them.. at the moment I could say the basic pairings are denfin/dennor, sunor and icehk. but it could change

I did a basic relationship long time ago for the blog here.

Norway (Knut) and Denmark (Bertram) always had a weird relationship. but in the past they were closer, but by time, Denmark pushed him away more often (which is more recently). They still have some weird habits, for example, Denmark can stop Norway being annoying by kissing him, or more.

Norway and Sweden (Karl) also have a strong relationship, which is more friend way. They often spend time together, comfort each other (more then friend way too). They get along really well

Norway and Iceland (Eirikur) are brothers, and they are even close brothers too. Norway does not mind caring for his sibling. Iceland can’t be left alone for too long, because Iceland is playful but way too dangerous games he plays, which could cause dead, bloodshed, or burning the whole place down. Norway is the only one, who can kind of control Iceland.

Norway and Finland (Matti) had a regular friend-relationship, which is changed recently more, when Norway noticed that Denmark seems to spend more time with Finland then anyone else. He used to think, Finland way cute (like everyone else did) but this changed to hate now.

Denmark and Sweden has no any interesting relationship, usually just Denmark being really cold toward Sweden, even Sweden tries to be friendly and warm.

Denmark and Iceland is also not really a good one. Denmark raised Iceland in the past alone, however this time Iceland went insane about fire and blood. Everyone says, it was Denmark’s fault what happened to Iceland

Denmark and Finland’s relationship was nothing in the past but recently it changed a lot. Denmark, who is the “supposed to be the leader“ and Finland who is the “actual leader behind the Dane“. They have a lot of work related meetings, only two of them. Finland finds Denmark really lazy about job, and he does every job that the Dane supposed to do for the Nordics. and Denmark started showing actual care for Finland. (their relationship started getting closer because a lot of denfin asks)

Sweden and Iceland is like a “child and his uncle”. they are just cute together as a family. Iceland likes him the most after his brother.

Sweden and Finland were like brothers since their childhood, however they were never real siblings ever. Sweden always tried to protect him from everyone, however one day, he lost him, which made Finland start hating him. Sweden still loves same like before, however Finland become kind of cold toward Sweden, however e still cared for the swede as his older brother.

Iceland and Finland is nothing. Finland just finds Iceland annoying, and just talks to Norway to get Iceland or stop Iceland doing whatever ho does.

Iceland and HongKong (Leon @ask-2p-hong-kong) had a new friend relationship, which is mostly become strong because both had love for fire.

I hope this helped a little!))

Business Vocabulary in Chinese

This week I had work-related meetings in Taipei, and in the time between English translations (or when there wasn’t translation at all), I managed to pick up a ton of new vocabulary. :)

建立 jiànlì to build, establish
成立 chénglì to found, establish, set up 
呈現 chéngxìan to present (an appearance), to appear as
處理 chǔlǐ to handle, deal with

Verbs/Nouns (many words can function both as a noun or verb)
建議 jiànyì to propose, suggest, recommend 2. proposal, suggestion, recommendation
行動 xíngdòng 1. to move about, get about 2. to act, take action 3. actions
貢獻 gòngxiàn 1. to contribute dedicate or devote 2. contribution, dedication, devotion 
表現 biǎoxiàn 1. to show, display 2. expression, manifestation 3. behavior, performance

團隊 tuánduì team
策略 cèlüè tactics, strategy
系統 xìtǒng system
短期 duǎnqī short term
長期 chángqī long term
目標 mùbiāo goal, objective
基金會 jījīnhuì foundation (charity foundation, etc.)
伙伴 huǒbàn partner, companion
過程 guòchéng course, process
能量 néngliàng energy, capabilities

Quán lì yǐ fù
Go all out, Spare no effort

Nǐ zài gōngzuò shǎng de biǎoxiàn jiù chéngxìan nǐ zìjǐ. 
Your behavior at work reflects who you are. 

Feels Like Rain

Anonymous prompted: CrissColfer + drinking wine in the bathtub. That’s it. That’s the fic. Title and musical inspiration comes from this. Warnings for some D/s elements, hand jobs, and intergluteal sex. 5.3K [AO3]

Chris opens the front door to his house just as the first clap of thunder sounds. Cooper scampers out from between his legs and bolts away from the howling wind to cower in fear behind the couch. Brian continues to circle his ankles regarding a drenched Darren standing in the doorway with a mixture of disdain and disinterest. If cats could sigh or roll their eyes, Chris is pretty sure that Brian would be doing both at the moment.

A flash of lightning momentarily brightens the sky, leaving Darren’s face bathed in shadows. Still, Chris can see well enough to tell that the weather outside has nothing on Darren’s anger darkened face and stormy mood. Chris doesn’t know all the details just yet, but he’s sure they’ll come tumbling out before long. Darren can never keep things bottled up for more than an hour or two.

“Hey,” he says softly, deciding to keep it simple. “Rough day?”

Darren’s chuckle is a bitter, harsh sound that barely qualifies as laughter. “Yeah. You could say that.”

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I know this has been brought up ad nauseum at this point and people are tired of hearing this complaint, but I recently re-watched episode 2x07 of BMW, “Wake Up, Little Cory”, and it was such a blatant reminder to me of how different GMW is (and will likely continue to be), content wise, in comparison to BMW. For anyone that hasn’t seen 2x07 in a while (or at all, which is a shame because it’s a good one), Turner tells the kids to pair up in boy/girl partners and do a video report on people’s attitudes towards sex & love. The lesson ties into the fact that Topanga’s reputation is temporarily ruined when Cory lets people believe that they slept together. While this episode doesn’t happen until they’re freshman in high school, I don’t see GMW ever doing an episode like this (regardless of how old they are), and I think that’s kind of unfortunate because there’s a really important lesson to be learned about rumors, reputations, and how teenaged discussions of love & sex should take place.

Most importantly, these are all real things that most high schoolers can relate to their experience and it’s slightly disheartening that GMW will likely never be able to tackle this sort of stuff and reach it’s full potential while on Disney Channel. I remember a quote from Jacobs, where he said that when it comes to topics discussed on GMW, Disney is allowing him to tap the glass, but that he’d like to eventually be able to break through said glass, and I’ll give Jacobs credit. Disney has been more lenient, allowing him to do episodes on bullying and religion. But the thing is, all of those things were able to be dealt with within vaguely safe Disney constraints. Things like underaged drinking and sex, 2 very real elements of most people’s high school experience that were tackled on BMW, just aren’t able to be handled within the confines of Disney Channel. (In fact, IIRC, When BMW airs on Disney I think they still won’t show the prom episode.)

I guess my point is that there’s so much about the teenage experience to be explored and while I normally wouldn’t care at all about a Disney Channel show exploring those experiences (because it’s Disney), I know what Michael Jacobs can do when he has the wiggle room to be at least a little more real. And it’s just a shame that GMW likely won’t ever get the chance to benefit from that. It seems like wasted potential.

I will acknowledge though, that based on what I’ve heard of GMHS, they are at least trying to grow the show up and give it a more real feel (I mean, visually alluding to an actual couple making out? I’m clutching my pearls. haha) Anyways, I’m just very curious to see how hard Disney is going to let him tap that glass ceiling of theirs. 

On a side note, how great of a storyline would this be for gmw (minus the sex because disney). Like, spurred by a discussion of some Shakespearean classic, Riley/Farkle & Maya/Lucas get paired up to do a report on modern attitudes towards love. I mean, imagine the sort of conclusions Riley/Farkle and Maya/Lucas would come to about love (especially if it’s post Rucaya triangle, with Lucaya still being angsty little babies and Riarkle getting super high-key, but also still being super awkward.) Imagine the hilarity. Imagine the meta. Imagine the feels it could produce! I need it, man.