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One woman’s Facebook post spurred the massive airport protests after Trump’s Muslim ban

By 9:20 a.m. Saturday, Jacki Esposito, an attorney who works as a policy consultant based in New York City for immigration nonprofit organizations, knew that Trump’s order was already in effect at airports across the country, where travelers from banned countries were already being detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents.

So, she posted on Facebook: “We should all be at airports across the country protesting right now.”

Seventeen minutes later, an organizer named Molly Sandley responded. “Anyone organizing? I’ll help,” she wrote.

Sandley has a wide network of connections in New York City and beyond. She’d worked on the Obama campaign in 2008, and spent the weeks before Trump’s inauguration organizing buses from New York City to the Women’s March on Washington.

“Don’t ever invite Molly to your party,” Esposito joked in a phone call to Mic later on. “Because she’ll bring 1,000 of her friends.”

And that’s exactly what she did. Read more

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au where angels go to confession

spem in alium

“I do hold regular hours for Reconciliation,” Daniel said, tugging at his collar with a free hand. (It had been bothering him all afternoon–vestments might hide that extra five pounds, but the clerical collar was much less forgiving.) “Mondays and Fridays at 5:30, it says so on our website. You don’t have to interrupt my gardening.”

“I know,” the angel said, and Daniel could hear the shifting of its wings as it found a comfortable place on the grass. “But I prefer this to the confessional.”

Daniel reached down and yanking out a weedy tangle from the flowerbed, tossing it onto the steadily-growing pile. “I’m not even sure I can hear your confession, you know. I was commissioned to absolve the frailty of men, not…”

“So you said last time. And the time before.”

Daniel sighed heavily and sat back on the grass, wiping his hands on his pants. The angel was sitting half a yard away, sifting a handful of dirt through its fingers idly. At his gaze, it straightened up, puffing out the wings around its face. The tongue of flame over its forehead sputtered, then flared brighter–in a strange way, it reminded Daniel of a woman fidgeting with her hair.

Daniel bit back a smile. “So?” he said. “Let’s hear it.”

The angel’s lipless mouth twisted in displeasure, and the bright coils around its arms roiled. “’Let’s hear it’? Is that how you begin all your confessions?”

“Well, you didn’t like ‘in the name of the Father,’ so I thought I’d try something different this time.”

The angel watched the last of the dirt slip through its fingers, then looked up at him. Its eyes were dark and deep as space, starless and cold. “There is a woman who tends a small garden behind my building. As she passed me in the hall, I blessed her knees to keep them from aching–that she might enjoy the sunshine and not think of how her daughter had not called this week.”

Daniel bit back a smile. “I see. And you feel such an action is in need of forgiveness?”

The bands of light around the angel’s arms were undulating slowly, like waves. “My orders are not to interfere with my Father’s creation.”

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A lot of people are donating to Planned Parenthood and that’s great and necessary and really important. But a friend just clued me in to the fact that if people want their donations to go directly to support clinics, then they should direct their donations to their state PP affiliate rather than the national organization. Not that the national organization isn’t doing important work in terms of policy advocacy, but if you want to put your dollars where there is immediate need, giving directly to the state affiliate is her recommendation.

If you are interested in donating to a PP in need, below are some locations:
PP Middle and East Tennessee, PP Rocky Mountains, PP South Texas, PP Wisconsin, PP Michigan, PP Southwest and Central Florida and PP South Atlantic are in the most need.

(And FYI, you can still totally do this in Mike Pence or your bigoted aunt, or your step dad who yells trump’s name and they’ll still get the certificate)

The retail store I work at has a policy where, no matter what, if you set off an alarm you have to come back into the store for the cashier to check your bags and deactivate the tag on the item. Sometimes, yes, keys and wheelchairs and bags with a lot of keychains will set off the alarm, but we still have to check. A woman ran away when the alarm sounded, then took off in her car (of which I had to get the license tag and report it to my manager along with a description of the woman so that she would be banned for suspicious behavior) and then called and complained to my manager that I was very rude and tried to physically push her back into the store when the alarm went off. Too bad CCTV showed her sprinting away and me simply calling after her and jotting her tag number on my arm. ✌ Fuck you bitch ass customer. I hope whatever you stole was broken.

On 29 December, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted: “What’s the most important thing you want to see Twitter improve or create in 2017?” One user responded: “Comprehensive plan for getting rid of the Nazis.”

“We’ve been working on our policies and controls,” Dorsey replied. “What’s the next most critical thing?” Oh, what’s our second-highest priority after Nazis? I’d say No 2 is also Nazis. And No 3. In fact, you can just go ahead and slide “Nazis” into the top 100 spots. Get back to me when your website isn’t a roiling rat-king of Nazis.

Wanna infiltrate the gay hollywood scene…wanna be papped courting cute gay hollywood girls while str8 boys fume how someone who owns three outfits and has a diet made up of only cheeseburgers and mozzarella sticks can date straight up 10s.

The amazing tool that women in the White House used to fight gender bias

When President Obama took office, two-thirds of his top aides were men. Women complained of having to elbow their way into important meetings. And when they got in, their voices were sometimes ignored.

So female staffers adopted a meeting strategy they called “amplification”: When a woman made a key point, other women would repeat it, giving credit to its author. This forced the men in the room to recognize the contribution — and denied them the chance to claim the idea as their own.

“We just started doing it, and made a purpose of doing it. It was an everyday thing,” said one former Obama aide who requested anonymity to speak frankly. Obama noticed, she and others said, and began calling more often on women and junior aides.

Article of the day: according to Reuters, Trump plans to sign a series of executive orders later this week temporarily halting the admission of all refugees to the US, and barring citizens of numerous Muslim-majority countries from getting US visas.  The affected countries include Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.  Both of these actions appear to be motivated by Islamophobia rather than any legitimate policy concern.  Over the next several days, I’ll share links to organizations working against these policies.

Requiring Social Workers to have a driver’s license and car for so many jobs only further demonstrates the need for affordable, accessible public transportation. While it’s great that so many Social Workers are able to do this, should they really be treated as chauffeurs in addition to the other requirements of their job? It’s also discriminatory against Social Workers who aren’t able to drive due to disability/impairment. In my view, we should be considering solutions on a larger scale, including the expansion of Paratransit and public transportation, as well as making both more affordable and accessible. Here in Buffalo, we are pouring so much money into bike lanes and the harbor (which is a good thing), but what about transportation options for the disabled, low income, and intersections of these populations? Alterations in policy can effect some of the greatest positive changes in a society.
Trump’s policies at work: ICE deports an immigrant mother in the middle of the night
Guadalupe García de Rayos had been in the US for 21 years. Now she’s been sent back to Mexico.
By German Lopez

Here we go.

Under President Barack Obama’s administration, García de Rayos had some protections: The administration told immigration officials to prioritize deporting people who were a threat to public safety or national security, had ties to gangs, or committed a serious felony or several misdemeanor crimes. Since she didn’t meet these criteria, she was seemingly spared — even though a judge issued a deportation order against her in 2013.

But the criteria changed under Trump. He recently signed an executive order that effectively expanded the definition of a deportation-prioritized criminal offense for unauthorized immigrants to include any criminal offense, even those who haven’t been officially charged yet but are merely suspected of “acts that constitute a chargeable criminal offense…”

Regardless of the specifics of this individual case, this is exactly the kind of thing we can expect more of from Trump’s administration. Trump previously promised to deport 2 million to 3 million “criminal illegal immigrants.” But as my colleague Dara Lind explained, that’s simply impossible, because there probably aren’t enough unauthorized immigrants who have committed a crime and meet that description. Yet one way Trump could get around this reality is by expanding the definition of a criminal offense, which is exactly what he did in his executive order.

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Any thoughts on Zoltan Istvan? He's running as Libertarian Governor candidate for California and (among other things I'm sure) is transhumanist & is pro-Basic Income (I'm very much in favor of UBI so at the very least I'll be watching this guy closely and hoping that it doesn't turn out that he has any terribly problematic policies/ideas. California is a huge state but, I also think a lot of people here are in need of UBI & if he gets his foot in the door I believe he'd have a fighting chance)

He seems a nice enough guy. wrote the Transhumanist Wager, iirc, which was… a book. definitely some ideas I’d like to see discussed more in wider political circles. but he also suffers from the same problems as a lot of people like him, in that he’s trying to do things he just has no real concept of - I see he’s considering running as mayor of the town he lives in now - that would be a… much better starting point. if nothing else, it would give him a better idea of what politics are and how they work in people, and we’d get a better chance to see what he would actually do in power. 

Jaundice and this world

The man I’m planning to divorce will find out soon what is blocking his bile ducts.

Read that again.

It says: I’m in a perpetual state of horror. This is not about me, but I am  uncomfortable.

We are scrambling to see what his needs are for the best case scenario. The worst case scenario I still don’t have words for. I pray I don’t have to speak its name. Ever.

He is still insured through my work policy. That is some comfort, but not much. He does not have shelter lined up in Portland. He has a flight booked to take him home to his family. I don’t what this means for his medical care.

Whatever part of my mind is eased by that is troubled by others. Whatever other worries surface somehow manage to tease out another ten things that we can’t do until we know the prognosis.

Whatever happens next will both happen all at once and linger for years.

Going home will be good for his mental health. That is the only comfort I have right now.

I don’t want this for him. Not this.

still slowly working through my todo list, today i added hunters, ember cooks, fire keepers and basket-weaving

tomorrow i’ll work on policies so i can finally make old people and children gather food instead of being a bunch of goddamn FREELOADERS

#TeamALA Staff Profiles

Meet Alan Inouye, Director, Office for Information Technology Policy

What do you do at ALA?

I head public policy (officially, this means the cumbersome name OITP or Office for Information Technology Policy). This means advocating for the interests of libraries at the national level with the federal government, large corporations, foundations, and other powerful and influential institutions. The work involves policy issues such as telecommunications, copyright, and public access to information, as well as those areas in which libraries serve communities—formal education, lifelong learning, research, health information, entrepreneurship, services for veterans, and so forth.

What do you love about your job?

One of the best characteristics is the enormous range of the work. It ranges from the short-term, as in drafting and editing a press release, to the very long-term as an analysis of policy needs a decade out. Libraries are relevant to nearly every agency of the federal government, large corporation, and foundation. The challenge is identifying and focusing on those areas with the greatest opportunity to make real progress.

What do you like to do outside of ALA?

For many years, I’ve supported the Embassy Series. This group hosts concerts and dinners at embassies and ambassadors’ residences in Washington, D.C. The music and food will have some connection with the host country. I’ve lost track of how many countries I have “visited” in this way (the embassies are technically part of the country’s territory), but it could approach a hundred.

What are you watching?

Well, I’m a policy guy in Washington…  True to form, I like politically-oriented movies and television. I’m going through season 4 of House of Cards. In my viewing, sometimes I wonder what is fiction and what is reality. Over the years, it is becoming harder and harder to distinguish!!

Scattered In the Heights thoughts: 

  • Somebody who actually knows hip-hop (/rap?) should tell me if LMM writes in a truly distinctive way, if it was normal for me from the very first song to be like, yup, LMM wrote this, or if that’s just how all hip-hop is and it just happens that my only exposure to hip-hop(/rap) is Hamilton. (And yes, I deliberately went into this with almost zero knowledge of the show. I’d listened to about two minutes of it, tops, before seeing it.) 
  • LMM named the love interest after his wife, before she was his wife.
  • During intermission, a stage manager actually comes on to PUT TRASH ON THE STAGE. AND THEN THE ACTORS PICK IT ALL UP DURING ACT TWO. WHAT KIND OF TWILIGHT ZONE. 
Trump’s policies at work: ICE deports an immigrant mother in the middle of the night
Seven people arrested outside Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Phoenix after protesting the apprehension of a Mexican-born woman whom they fear will be deported. Guadalupe García de Rayos had been in the US for 21 years. On Wednesday night, Americans got a very public glimpse at what President Donald Trump has promised to do millions of times over: an unauthorized immigrant’s arrest and deportation in Phoenix, Arizona. Read more