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How to Get Fit for Cosplay

Let’s get one thing straight: cosplay is for everyone, no matter what you look like.

But if you’re interested in staying strong and healthy through three days of costume changes without falling victim to Con Plague, fitness is key. This focus on health is the idea behind the panel “Cosplay Fitness for Life.” Exercise too much and eat too little, said panelist (and certified fitness instructor) Jacen Ulfric, and you’ll be running out of steam by Saturday.

Here are Ulfric’s tips for looking good and feeling good while you cosplay:

1) Listen to your body

Different body types call for different workouts. Naturally small and have trouble gaining weight? You may want to try high intensity interval training. Naturally big and gain weight easily? You may find weight training more of your cup of tea.

“Your body type does not mean you can only do certain kinds of cosplay,” Ulfric stressed. “I am just trying to explain how you can be the best ‘you’ you can be.”

2) Make time to get fit

Ulfric said you don’t need to join a gym to work out. You just need to make time in your routine.

For example, you can work out while watching anime. “I have queued up Crunchyroll and worked out to One Punch Man. Everytime Saitama says something sounds boring, I do 15 pushups, 15 crunches, and 15 squats.”

You could also try a “gamer workout,” in which you do pushups  during loading screens or sit-ups every time you die. Your mileage may vary—Ulfric noted that if you work out every time you die in Dark Souls, “you may also die in real life.”

3) Set a goal

Want to keep up your new fitness routine? Ulfric recommends having a long term goal that you can continue to work toward so you don’t lose motivation.

For example, maybe you haven’t had the body confidence to try out your dream cosplay. You’re nervous about that skintight bodysuit or carrying that extremely heavy prop. Those are both goals that a regular workout routine can help you achieve—along with renewed confidence in yourself for sticking to it! 

—Lauren, AB Staff Blogger

Jealousy is a Monster (DeanxReader)

Jealousy is a monster

Dean x reader

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters

Warnings: Mentions of torture, blood, jealousy, angst, small amount of cursing

Summary: Reader has a crush on Dean but has never told him she gets jealous and decides to go out for a night on the town and gets captured by vampires.

Words: 2407

You had been on the road for hours sitting in the back of the Impala while the boys stuffed their faces with doughnuts.

“So exactly how many vamps did Bobby say were in this nest?” You asked trying to make conversation. This was the fourth hunt you had went on with the Winchesters in the last 3 weeks and you were starting to get tired of the same songs playing in the car. You had worked with them more and more frequently over the last year. Part of you stupidly hoped it was because Dean wanted to spend time with you but it was always Sam who called you to tag along. You had been in love with Dean for a long time but it never felt like the time to tell him especially in this business. Feelings like that could be dangerous.

“At least 10 maybe more based on the body count and missing persons reports.” Sam said.

“As long as they don’t sparkle I’ll be happy.” Dean said smirking at you in the rearview mirror. You had talked him into watching Twilight purely for the fun of it since he loved to watch old westerns when you were in the motel with Sam. You chuckled winking at him in the mirror. He shook his head and turned into a diner right outside the town you were headed to.

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Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,738

Warnings: Language

Prompt: Naz (Urdu)- The confidence you feel after finding out someone is interested in you romantically

Written for @howlingbarnes writing challenge

Summary: You had been working with SHIELD for a while and had developed feelings for Bucky. One day as you’re heading downstairs, you hear him say something to Steve that catches your attention.

You walked into Stark Towers completely shocked at all the events that had happened so far that week. You had gotten into an argument with your friend and accidentally hurt 28 people by almost cooking them alive like lobsters. You could manipulate water, and had caused a river nearby to become very hot and start boiling in the middle of the argument. Whoever was swimming in the river on that hot summer day was instantly burned. An agency that went by the name of SHIELD had found you later that week and somehow knew of your powers. Later that day, they had transferred you to live here, at Stark Towers, for a while wanting you to join their agency, since they saw you as an asset.

You marveled at the size of just the entrance alone. You looked up to see so many upper levels that you couldn’t even count them all. It was while you were trying to count all the levels with your bags still in your hands as you continued walking that you had bumped into someone.

“Hey,” you looked up into his beautiful icy blue eyes and knew you were screwed. He was definitely going to be someone you had feelings for. “Sorry. I’m such a clutz, and I’m new to this whole superhero thing.”

You motioned to your surroundings.

“Well, sorry to disappoint, doll, but I’m not a superhero,” the mysterious man muttered.

“What are you then? A supervillain?” you joked.

“No, I’m somewhere in between.” He looked at your expression, which was completely fascinated. It was apparent that this man would for sure be your next crush.

“I’m James Barnes, but everyone calls me Bucky,” Bucky lightened up suddenly realizing he never introduced himself. He held out his right hand for you to shake.

“Y/N,” you said taking his hand and once again staring at his magnificent eyes. He began smiling, and you almost forgot about his eyes for his smile was so mesmerizing.  You looked down and you were still shaking his hand after an awkward amount of time mainly filled with you staring at him had passed.

“Sorry,” you muttered taking your hand away and wiping it on the side of your pants nervously.

“It’s fine, but I have to go get ready for a mission,” Bucky explained starting to walk away.

“Okay, see you later,” you waved. God, I’m such an idiot. I completely blew it!

Later on that day, you went to the training room to work off some steam. You were still mad about your interaction with Bucky from earlier. You had met everyone else briefly, and Tony showed you around his building. It was a labyrinth, and you were surprised that you were able to find the training room.

You plopped your bag down near the bench, and walked around the room to try and figure out what you wanted to do. There were dummies for you to practice your fighting skills on as well as punching bags. There were also an endless amount of weights in the corner. There were a couple brightly colored yoga balls in another corner, which your inner child wanted to run over to and start bouncing on.  However, most of the room was taken up with big machines like treadmills and ellipticals. There were also multiple tvs in the room with different channels playing that you could watch while working out. You had brought your phone with some music already on it and decided to stick to that. You walked over to the punching bag trying to size it up. In all honesty, you had never really trained for anything that much and figured you would just try to take out your aggression on the punching bag. Your wrapped your hands up trying to protect them and walked over to the bag.

You heard the door open and looked up, irritated that someone had interrupted what was going to be a very therapeutic workout. Of course the person was none other than Bucky Barnes, the very man who was able to make you flustered by just looking at him, came in right as you had begun to focus.

“Hey!” he waved at you and smiled. His smile made any irritation you had had earlier dissipate. “I just came to workout before the mission.”

“Hey. Sorry about earlier. I’ve just had an insane week,” you tried to explain. You looked at what he was wearing. He had on a pair of black workout shorts, which showed off his toned legs nicely. You brought your eyes up to his chest. He was wearing a gray t-shirt. You looked at his left arm and realized it was different than his right arm. His left arm was made of a silver metal. The metallic plates cascaded down his arm beautifully. Towards the top of his arm facing outwards, there was a red star that contrasted heavily against the silver background. His right arm in comparison was fleshy and normal, yet muscular. Bucky saw you staring at his left arm, and looked to you trying to figure out what was going through your mind. His face dropped as he had decided it was nothing good. Bucky cleared his throat embarrassed of your staring.

“Sorry. I usually wear long sleeve shirts to cover it up, but since I’m working out–” Bucky began.

“Why would you want to cover it up?” you questioned interrupting him. “It’s beautiful. I mean, ummm, it’s constructed very well, and it looks nice on you. I mean–” you became flustered realizing what you had said and tried to fix it.

“Thanks,” Bucky said blushing. “Most people don’t view it that way. Most people get scared or intimidated by it.”

“Well, I don’t know why. It suits you, and I really like it.”

You turned your attention back to the punching bag not realizing that Bucky was once again blushing. You began hitting it with all your might as Bucky walked over to the weights.

After that day, you and Bucky had become extremely close. He was your best friend and had been there for you through everything. However, you never told him how you truly felt about him, because you didn’t want to ruin the relationship you had now. You had also grown close to Steve, since Bucky was always hanging out with him and you were usually around Bucky.

You were heading downstairs to eat some breakfast before training, and you heard two voices talking. You stopped in your tracks, but quickly recognized the voices as Steve and Bucky. You began to walk down the stairs again until you heard your name. Once again, you stopped and stood hidden from their view. You leaned a little closer as quietly as you could to hear the conversation a little better.

“I really like her, Steve,” you heard Bucky admit.

“Yeah. She is really nice. She’s always willing to help whether it’s around the house or on a mission,” Steve mentioned.

“No. I don’t like her as a friend. I like her as something more. I want to ask her out, but I don’t want to ruin our friendship if she doesn’t feel the same,” Bucky said.

“Trust me, Buck,” Steve began. “She likes you in a romantic way too.”

You began blushing and turned dramatically towards Steve’s direction, still remaining hidden, causing the floor to creak. Both Bucky and Steve looked in your direction, but quickly began talking again after assuming no one was there. They must not have seen me. How the fuck did Steve know I liked Bucky?

“How do you know?” Bucky asked reading your mind.

“Dude!” Steve playfully hit Bucky on the arm. “Have you not seen how she looks at you or how when you compliment her she gets all flustered and starts blushing. Also, I could tell you both like each other, because of how much you hang around each other.”

Damn. Am I that obvious? Well, at least I know Bucky likes me too. You smiled confidently realizing this and began once again walking down the stairs not trying to hide your smile. A wave of confidence washed over you. The man you had liked since you first met liked you back. It was a good feeling to have. Nothing could bring you down.

“We hang out a lot,” Bucky said gesturing to him and then to Steve right as you reached the bottom of the staircase. You made sure your feet hit the hardwood floor harder than normal, so they heard you come in.

“Good morning,” you smiled flirtatiously towards Bucky.

“With us, it’s not the same,” Steve whispered to Bucky as you turned away from them to get cereal.

“Good morning” Steve said cheerily. “What’s got you so happy?”

You were never a morning person.

“Oh, I don’t know. It’s just a good day, I guess,” you replied.

“Do you think she heard us earlier?” Bucky whispered to Steve as you were grabbing a banana.

“You guys know I can hear you, right?” you turned around with a smirk on your face. “So why don’t you just ask me?”

You went to get the milk, but you made sure to make enough eye contact with Bucky to where he looked away blushing multiple times. It’s nice to see him being the obvious one and not me.

“Okay,” Bucky finally said as you were pouring the milk in your cereal. “Did you hear me and Steve talking earlier?”

“Yes,” you said bluntly looking up. Bucky’s eyes widened a little. He looked at Steve nervously then back at you.

“How much of it did you hear?” Bucky asked nervously. You could see him messing with one of the metallic plates on his left hand.

“Enough,” you replied smugly.

You grabbed your cereal and banana and began to head upstairs before Bucky could say anything else. You didn’t want Bucky to admit his feelings for you or vice versa while Steve was in the room. Although you and Steve were close, it was a private moment that should only be shared between you and Bucky. You knew he would find you later, most likely while in the training room, since you two always worked out together.

“Jeez, maybe you’re the obvious one,” Steve looked at Bucky, who was still messing with his silver hand, and began laughing. Bucky’s cheeks were a shade of dark pink.

Thank you so much for reading! 


- She enjoys talking to you on a first date

- No texting during a date, focus on her and talk

- Don’t like/want lots of talking? That’s alright, she completely understands and will opt for another idea

- Windowshopping is a good first date to get to know each other and for her to know your preferences

I love that idea jfc

- and she’ll remember them

- thrilled if you want to work out with her for your first date

- probably sings eye of the tiger while you work out

- everyone at the gym is watching you two in awe

- wants to bench you just to show you and everyone that she can

- if anyone is making fun of you or bothering you in any way she will carry you bridal style to a different room then confronts them


#7 Dating EXO would include series: Xiumin’s Edition

-Gym dates, lots of gym dates

-Not so subtly checking each other out while working out.

-Him watching you while you clean the house, grabbing your ass whenever he gets the chance.

-You scolding him when he does so, and him using aegyo that you always fall for. 

-Him playing with your hair, while you are cuddling when watching a movie. 

-Laying in bed at night talking about deep stuff. 

-Getting drunk together and laughing at stupid stuff.

-Him holding you tight when you are feeling like shit.

-Him being a super protective boyfriend.

-Him being a jealous boyfriend when a guy approaches you.

-He’d grab your ass and say “miNE”

-Giving you these sexy looks that tells you that you’re gonna get it tonight. 

-Him dominating you.


-Him leaving hickies and bite marks all over your neck and chest, and him smirking at you when you are trying to cover them with concealer.

-PDA? he’s not a big fan of extreme pda, tho h’d hold your hand in public to let people around him know that your his. 

-”Y/N, that dress is very revealing, go change” “no” “chANGE” “NO” 

-with him raising his eyebrows at you, you’d be pinned to the nearest wall, with a voice thick and low “do you wanna say that again, sweetheart”

-resulting in the best wall fuck ever, and let’s say you won’t be saying no for a while now. 

-you bugging him and annoying him to speak, because he is awfully quiet. 

-him saying i love you in the most random times ever.

-you two teaming up against baekhyun.

anonymous asked:

What would the RFA + saeran and V do if they found out MC was checking them out while they were working out/liftingbheavy things?

,,,,,me (sorry these aren’t that long,,,,)


  • The second he felt your eyes on him, a mischievous smile would start to form on his face. 
  • He didn’t want to tell you that he knew because then he couldn’t keep your attention anymore. 
  • Instead, he’d just start like,,,lowkey posing until it got to the point that you knew you knew, but you didn’t tell him because hello hella hot boyfriend posing while working out. 


  • He’d be a bit flustered as you watched him lift the box. 
  • So flustered that he actually dropped the box and hit his foot with it. 
  • In all honesty it was adorable because now he wanted to try and impress you.
  • Cue more boxes falling and having to reassure him that he’s no less a man for constantly dropping them. 


  • She didn’t think that you’d be watching her this intently while she practiced Judo. 
  • Honestly, she felt incredibly shy now and worried that she’d mess up somehow. She didn’t want to look like an idiot in front of you!
  • Every so often you would notice her glancing at you and she was just trying to gauge you reaction, hoping that you were at least somewhat impressed. 


  • Does this boi even do anything
  • I mean he golfs does that count??
  • All kidding aside, he probably does work out (he takes really good care of himself after all) but it’s never anything like super intense. 
  • He didn’t know if he just had something on him or what it was that had you staring at him but he just ignored it. 
  • Long story short, you managed to ogle at him and take a whole bunch of pictures and he was just really confused. 


  • He’d notice your intense stare on him and would at first reciprocate it, getting a small laugh out of you. 
  • As he continued though, he noticed that you weren’t letting up. 
  • After a while, he’d just walk over and ask if there was something wrong, and eventually pretty much force you to admit what you were doing. 
  • He’d smirk and then start being super extra. 


  • He would get super flustered and just start sputtering. 
  • Just…he doesn’t know what to do you broke the edgelord. 
  • Either that or he just pretends that he doesn’t notice but now he’s hyper aware of everything that he’s doing because  h e  c a n ‘ t  m e s s  u p 


  • He would just straight up stop and ask you if there was something wrong. 
  • If you just tried to skirt around the answer, he’d just ignore it and continue whatever he was doing, trying not to make you feel uncomfortable. 
  • Even if he managed to guess at what you were doing, he’d just keep it to himself but feel kinda flattered honestly. 

I’ve been asked whether or not I would start offering character sheet commissions… and I’m kinda torn x’D They are a lot of work but usually fun to do, and I could split them up in different “modules”, so that everyone can decide for themselves how much they would want to spend (e.g. a “base” module with frontal and back view, a “head” module with head details, a “clothing layers” module, and so on).

Idk though, would there be interesting in something like that?

Shy Boy | Chani

Group: Sf9
Member: Chani
Genre: fluff, dance, sweet chani, kinda a high school au,
Word Count: 940
Summary: sorry this took so long, I really liked this request though!!. It’s a mix of chani pov and yours

Originally posted by kangchaneee

Chani observed you from across the courtyard. His hyung sat next to you talking, since you shared a class. His class was on lunch while your class was doing out door work.

He watched as you laughed at Taeyang joke. He envied his hyung for being able to get close with you. He broke out in a amsmiled as he watched you cover your mouth.

That cute cat curl on your lip when you smiled. And the way your eyes lit up with happiness. Gosh he was getting all warm inside jsut thinking about you.  

“Staring much” someone said besides him. Chani was surprised at the sudden voice. It was his classmate and good friend Hwiyoung.
“Were you staring at Y/n” Hwiyoung asked. Looking across the courtyard of upperclassmen. Chani let out a defeated sigh “yeah” he admitted.

To say Chani was into you was probably correct. You always talked to him gently, played games with him. Even though your main friend was Taeyang. You treated him so kindly.

Even though Chani was younger he was still mature and you treated him like a mature person. Other than Youngbin hyung trying to baby him.

“She’s pretty” Hwiyoung said eyeing you. Chani sighed to himself watching as you wrote down some notes “of course she is but she’s older” he said.

That’s what limited him. The fear of rejection because he was younger. He didn’t want to show his true feelings and you treat him like a kid with a crush.

“You know she wouldn’t care about age” Hwiyoung told him practically reading his friends mind. Chani huffed “maybe I’m just scared” he admitted to his friend.

The blond leaned next to him eyeing you and Taeyang. “We’ll ask the hyungs for help” Hwiyoung said.

And that’s what they did. Now Chani was standing in front of her locker flowers in his hand. His palms sweaty as he held the bundle of flowers. He wiped the sweat away awkwardly.

His hyungs gave him all types of advice. He really didn’t know whose to use. Youngbin said a song or a poem but that was to cheesy for Chani taste.

He decided to use the level headed Inseong advice and just do the good ole flowers. While Taeyang informed him that you wanted a date to the upcoming dance.

Chani looked at the flowers. they were costly but he worked extra hard to get your favorite flowers.

“Chan” you said. You stood in front of him. He snapped his head up to see you holding your books.m

“Um hi y/n” Chani said his mind was racing. A red blush etched on his tan skin. “I heard you wanted to go to dance and I wanted to go and maybe you’ll go with me” he said quickly.

You smiled taking the flowers, these were your favorite color and type. Leaning over you gave him a small kiss on the cheek “I’ll definitely go” you grinned.

Chani cheeks were blushing like crazy by now. He bowed quickly “thank you I have to water my homework” he said. “I’ll text you” he said walking backwards bumping into random students. You giggled at the awkward boy.

The day of the dance was probably one of the most nerve racking days in Chani life. His parents were ecstatic to hear there son finally got the courage ask out a girl.

His mom was especially happy since it was you. Now  Chani stood outside he school. He was in a nice suit as he waited for you to come.

He had a jittery feeling but also felt like he was going to puke at the same time.

“Chani” your voice broke the quiet air. Chani looked over quickly to see you standing there. In a pale pink dress that fit nicely with cute sparkles.

“Hi” Chani spoke quietly. You smiled at Chani enjoying the shy yet handsome boy.

“What do I look ugly I normally don’t wear pale tones” you awkwardly laughed. Pressing the slik close to your body.

Chani sucked in his breath “you look amazing” he said. Chani didn’t look bad himself his hair was pressed up showing his forehead. With a nice suit.

“Let’s go” you said slipping your hand into Chani large one.

The whole night was fun. Chani was very nervous at first expecting to feel awkward and young. But he fit right in with everyone.

You noted he would go or look at Taeyang if he was doing something right, like getting you food. Or complimenting you.

Here you were the lights dim the music soft and relaxing. Chani long arms wrapped around your waist. As you draped your arms around his neck.

Your face pressed into his soft suit. “Did you have fun” Chani whispered. His heart was thumping at the closeness you two were.

“Yeah I couldn’t ask for a better date” you said. He looked down observing your form.

Chani held you as he slowly paced with the song. The night was winding down but Chani was soaking up the feeling of the night.

“Would you like to go on a date with me” the question hung in the air. And Chani question hung in the air. “Like an actual date” Chani mumbled.

You looked up at him letting out a huge grin. “Of course” you whispered. Looking into those almond eyes. You leaned on his chest feeling his heart beat was rapid.

He tighten his hold around your waist loving the feeling of your body. This was a quiet moment. Chani glanced at his older hungs as they watched him.

As you two mellowed out to the music. 

BTS Reaction To You Fangirling Over Another Kpop Boy Group

Here’s how BTS would react to you fangirling over a kpop group that’s not them :) 

Note: I’m currently working on some fics, but it’s been so long since I posted something, so I decided to quickly post a BTS reaction post :)

I do not own these gifs.

Rap Monster :: He’ll probably leave you by yourself in your guys bedroom, but he’ll be sure to be judging you.

Originally posted by the-rap-man

Suga :: “AH! Jagiya, why do you listen to that when you can listen to the Cyphers.” He’d be quite jealous of the lack of attention he’ll be receiving compared to the other days, but after some time, he’d just decided to nap it out.

Originally posted by pdmin

Jin :: “Jagi, do you want to come see me while I work out?” He knows you love watched him work out, so he’ll try to use that to his advantage.

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

J-Hope :: He’d just be judging you while you scream and fangirl.

Originally posted by hugtae

Jimin :: He’ll try to act sexy or cute to get your attention. He knows that you have a weak spot for when he’s sexy or cute, so he’ll most likely use that to his advantage.

Originally posted by ounew

V :: Times like this, Taehyung’s fanboy side would come out and he’d most likely sit beside you and fanboy. “AH, jagi look! Arent they good? How about we watch this song’s m/v now?”

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jungkook :: “Jagi, look at me! Dont I dance good too?” He’d stand in front of you, blocking the screen and would try to dance to show you how good he is. He’d try to divert your attention from them to him.

Originally posted by mrspreadinglegsjungkook

[DRABBLE REQUEST] BestFriends!SoonHoon (G)

Request: When both Woozi and Hoshi like you, and you have to choose who you want to be with
Requested by: @moeegee
Word count: 4,925
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None

A/N: This request was long due omg I’m so sorry I took forever to get it written! This is by far the longest and most difficult drabble I have written, mainly because both Woozi and Hoshi are my biases, which made choosing between the two of them extremely difficult! Soooooo I decided to write two endings instead! I hope you all like it! ^.^

Originally posted by mingyups

It was an awkward first meeting. True to what Hoshi has told you earlier, Woozi was a complete mess around girls. His eyes darted around the room when he spoke to you, and he kept fiddling with his fingers.

“Erm, my name’s Woozi, Hoshi told me you were interested in learning how to write songs. So I hope we can be good friends?”

You found his awkwardness endearing. Even after knowing him for more than a year, he would still be flustered around you sometimes, especially when he got you to listen to his demos.

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anonymous asked:

Hello hello! I was wondering if you could do RFA(plus V and Saeran if you like)'s reaction to MC being kind of obsessed with self-care, like working out almost everyday and doing face and hair masks 2 times a week and really watching her diet? Thank you💕✨💕✨💕✨💕✨ Btw great blog 💗 I really like your headcannons and it's a shame that some people only come for the matchups /: Keep up the good work!


  • Yoosung isn’t really into self care
  • If anything he’s kind of a slob, an adorable slob
  • But seeing you work so hard is kind of inspiring for him
  • He doesn’t completely stop with his current lifestyle, but he does join you with a healthy diet
  • You’ll come into his room while he’s gaming with healthy snacks
  • They’re even better than HBC though, because you prepared it
  • He loves showing you off to his friends
  • Because you always look good, you make sure you look good
  • If anyone says you’re too good for him you can and will kick their ass
  • You gave him a charcoal mask once
  • He cried when you peeled it off


  • Jaehee’s never had time for this sort of thing. I mean, she doesn’t even have time to sleep sometimes
  • But with you in her life she has more reason to try to get out of work
  • She tries her best to support you
  • And you often support her to, through little things like packing her a healthy lunch in the morning and putting little notes on it
  • Anytime you can, you drag her to join you for facials, or mani pedi’s
  • She loves getting her nails done, it evens out all the grooves she puts in them when she bites them under stress
  • Also, she’s a muscle fanatic, have you not seen the way she admires Zen’s physical build?
  • She loves watching you work out, muscle S/O/ is best SO


  • Zen is all in for it, you do everything together
  • You’re actually goals
  • You know those cute couples who always have pictures and videos from when they workout together? That is what you are now
  • Literally you guys have every spa day planned on your calendar
  • And when he does hair masks he lets you play with his hair so it spreads evenly. 
  • Then when he washes it out, it actually feels like silk.
  • You both inspire each other to do more, and push your limits, challenging each other with prizes of kisses
  • Ever since you came into his life he finally is eating like he should be, It helps that you keep his fridge stocked with healthy foods
  • And you bring him lunches during rehearsals Definitely not an excuse to check up on your boyfriend


  • You’re extremely into selfcare? Okay, Jumin can help you get anything you want
  • Remember the building that his apartment is in, also has a gym, and probably a spa
  • He also has a hired nutritionist, that he would willingly pay to also care for you
  • He’ll often search around the building for you, because you’re always doing something
  • Even Elizabeth is healthier with you around, you’ll take her on walks, and play with her when you get bored
  • His bathroom is stocked with the best products
  • You better expect he has like, 50 things of those stupidly tiny glamglow face masks
  • Jumin is pretty healthy overall, his only problem is that he doesn’t get enough sleep, with you around through he sleeps like a rock


  • He loves how healthy you are because he doesn’t have to remind you to do anything. Like eat, or get enough sleep.
  • He also loves watching you, while you do anything, work out, masks, sleeping, you name it
  • He takes pictures of you while you’re at your worst and zooms in really close to your face
  • You are a meme now.
  • But you also make sure that he stays somewhat healthy to. Like bringing him to bed, making sure he eats full meals and having him take breaks from hacking when he’s sat for too long
  • It actually makes him more productive


  • V is cool with everything and anything, if there’s a new product you want to try, he lets you use it on him
  • He literally could care less what you do as long as you’re happy, not killing anyone, and not leading a cult… *cough, cough*
  • He doesn’t really work out with you, maybe hiking once in a while, He used to love hiking.
  • “V watch out for that trE-” *Thump*
  • You don’t go hiking for a while
  • He loves how healthy your diet is, you guys always eat together after you cook and it does wonders for him
  • Before you most of his time was spent worrying over Rika, taking pictures, and trying to hide his affiliation with the RFA from her. He really didn’t have time to worry about eating.
  • He’s even got a bit of pudge on him now.


  • You are really into self care, and Saeran has never really taken good care of himself
  • So now, you are here to rid the toxins from his life
  • He is originally really against it, he doesn’t trust you to control his diet/make his food, and touching him is a no go.
  • He doesn’t want you to be in control of anything now that he’s finally free
  • But after a bit he gets a bit more lenient
  • He starts eating the food you make for him, which helps him regulate his eating schedule. Even eating with you
  • And he had you show him how to use those weird products you’re always using, like the facial masks (He hates peeling them off) And hair masks
  • Hair masks are his favorite because after his hair has been very damaged from all the bleaching, it kind of smooths it out
  • To be honest, with you in his life he is healthier than he’s ever been

Admin Lilac is back again guys!

This one was pretty fun because if I had enough money and time I would totally be into this stuff. I mean, I already am. Just not as high key as MC here

I’m Out~

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Can you do one of the boys reaction to seeing you working out?

Would try to be sly and start working out with you. The entire time they would just be telling you ridiculous pick up lines and throwing exaggerated winks your way to make you laugh.They would flirt in the silliest way they can think of: Seungcheol, Junhui, Mingyu, Seungkwan

Would watch you work out while sitting near you. The entire time they would be cheering you on and trying to motivate you to go further and further, but once you start really getting tired they’ll run to get you some water and will praise you on how well you did: Jeonghan, Joshua, Soonyoung, Seokmin, Chan

Would be doing something already and go into the room where you’re working out to ask you about something. They’d get distracted automatically by seeing you work out and won’t even realize they’re staring until you call them out on it and they get embarrassed: Wonwoo, Jihoon, Minghao, Hansol


Please note that I do not know these people directly and this is solely an opinion.

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Bc blindspot promos: tattoo artist sif & bakery owner loki w their side by side businesses. Morning stop for a baked good routine?

“Large mocha and an—“

“Everything bagel with cream cheese, correct?”  Loki tapped the order into the register.  “And whipped cream on the mocha.”  

The woman across the counter smiled at him a little ruefully.  “I guess I come here that often, huh?”

“I suppose it’s bound to happen when you own the business next door.”  Their fingers brushed when she handed over her money, and he concentrated very hard on sorting out change.  “Is that one on your wrist new?”

She grinned, holding up her left wrist. “It is.  Not as crazy as my other ones, but I figured I have enough insanely detailed ones.  Sometimes simplicity is nice.”  She leaned against the counter as he made her drink, watching him work. Loki never felt more self-conscious than when she did this, but at the same time he loved her presence so much that it didn’t matter.  And he always made her drink perfectly.

“Your beverage, my lady Sif,” he said, handing her the drink with a flourish.  “I’ll get your bagel in a minute.”

“One day I’m going to convince you to come next door.  You’ve got perfect skin.”

Loki nearly dropped her bagel.  “Thank you for noticing.  I exfoliate.”

“If I could use you as a canvas…” she looked him up and down, and Loki carefully avoided looking directly at her lest she see how much he relished her gaze.  “I’d charge you half my usual going rate, you know.  Being a dab hand with an espresso machine gets you some perks.”

He thought about her hands pressing against his skin, fingers splayed out as she worked her magic upon his body, and bent his head over arranging her bagel in the little baggie so that it didn’t cool too much from the cream cheese container.  “Perhaps another time, Sif.”

She gave him a long-suffering sigh but smiled as she took her bagel.  “One day, Loki.”

He watched her go and ran a hand over his face when she was gone.  Get it together, Loki, he told himself.  She is far too much woman for you.  And she’d never choose a MBA-turned-barista when she has so many more interesting options.  He’d seen them all, walking in and out the doors of the tattoo studio she ran and worked in, and ever since the first day she’d walked through his doors four years ago, stressed and desperate for a caffeine pick-me-up, she’d captivated him.

But instead he kept quiet.  She was not for him, she deserved better.

So he let it continue; every day she’d come in asking for her bagel and her mocha, and every day she’d ask him if he wanted her to make art upon his skin, and every day he’d say no.

Until one day.

“Maybe another time, Sif.”

She smiled at him, took her bagel, and left.  From the bar, his brother watched her go.

“You really want a tattoo,” he said.  Loki made a face at him and set about cleaning the countertops, and Thor took that as a challenge.  “Do not pretend you can hide it from me.  How long have you been mooning after her, almost five years?  Why don’t you talk to her?”

“Do I look like the kind of man someone like her would be remotely interested in?”


Loki rolled his eyes.  “Don’t coddle me, Thor, I’m not fragile.”

“I’m being honest.”  Thor got up and came behind the counter, rolling up his sleeves.  “I can watch things here while you go work out a design.”

“Do you even know what you’re doing?” Loki sighed, knowing it was a lost cause, and handed over his apron. “Just don’t burn the place down while I’m gone.”

He stepped out onto the street.  The door to the tattoo studio was fifty feet away, but it felt like the whole block separated him as he walked, and when he found himself pushing the door open he was surprised at how quickly he had reached it.  Far from being the sordid hole that he imagined most tattoo studios to be, this place was big and clean and brightly lit, the walls covered in examples of pieces that the artists working there had done or pieces of inspiration.  A young woman with bright blue hair looked up as he entered.

“Coffee man!” she said brightly, and turned.  “Hey, boss lady!”

As Sif made her way to the front of the shop, Loki leaned over to the receptionist.  “How’d you know?”

“She talks about you all the time.”

Sif smiled as she approached him, and Loki took a breath.  He had no idea what he was doing, but it seemed that it was the right thing to do.  “What can I do for you?”

“I… I think I’ll take you up on that offer of a tattoo.  But I don’t want to only pay you half for your services.”

“I told you, it’ll be fine, I owe you—“

“No, you don’t.  But, ah… will you consider dinner to be appropriate recompense for the other half?”

Sif’s crooked smile shot through him, and when they shook hands she kept his grasped tightly.  “Only if you take me somewhere nice.”

“I wouldn’t do anything else.”

“Then let’s design you something cool.”

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X,V,P,M,K,F Calum from 5sos plss?

X - Xray, 

dont really want to talk about it, since i mean there is a video somewhere…but definitely large


i think he is a moaner like doesnt even hide the fact that he moans. i mean i just get the feeling like its easily to make him moan, like wouldnt take much. oh gawd his moaning would be amazing, like he already has an attractive voice, now imagine that moaning.


unlike michael, i feel that he is rough and fast. like he wouldnt hold back at all, he would want to make sure that you are a mess and feel it the next day. he is definitely rough and hard, like he is definitely rough in the sheets. he can be sweet, but he is rough and hard by nature. 


i know this sounds odd, but i mainly think you watching him turns him on . like i could imagine him playing his bass, while you watch, he would tease you giving you sultry looks as he plays, and you giving your own to him. him working out while you watch, turns him on. you watching him change turns him on, like he likes having your attention and really gets him going. i mean i feel compared to most of the band, he has a high sex drive. 


i think he would want to be a sub/dom kink, like he likes having control over you and idk i feel that this is a kink of his, likes the power struggle, and may even want to be a sub at times.

F-Favorite Position 

i dont think he would have a favorite, like he honestly looks like he would like them all, since i think he has a high sex drive compared to the other four. but i think he would have a thing for having you bending over something and taking you from behind, since its most convenient. like he would feel horny and you would be too so it would be simple for him to bend you over any surface and just take you, no need to find a bed or a room, just then and there.