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what humans are

what i’m getting from all these “humans are weird aliens” things is that we as a species are best known for being batshit fucking crazy

batshit crazy brave [the “lets get the space pirates to talk about their babies and see us as people so they won’t murder us, and it WORKED” species]

batshit crazy loyal [the “defend pack bonded entities until death” species]

batshit crazy affectionate [the “pack bond with cleaning droids and name them Stabby” species]

batshit crazy curious [the “tape two warp cores together and ride them into the sun, twice, just to see what would happen” species]

batshit crazy resourceful [the "we made a replacement warp core engine out of duct tape, a bobby pin, and a spare nuke” species]

or just batshit crazy in general [the “sees a predator and tries to tame it” species]

we’re not big or mean or super smart

we are, at least to other species, out of our fucking minds

and they like us for it

I mean, I’m researching the first one so that’s kinda what I wanted to know, but all of these are gold.

oooh i just looked at the stats and in the past handful of episodes, percy and vex have soared past vax and keyleth as the couple with the most kisses, on the lips or otherwise - they actually doubled vax and kiki’s amount

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DickDamiWeek: Sunday

Prompt: Assassin!Damian
Challenge Prompt: Mr. & Mrs. Smith AU
A/N: This combo was chosen by @mattsmanpain when I put a shoutout for numbers. It’s nice how this one worked out so neatly!
Relationship Stats: romantic (married)

His marriage was failing.

Despite stubbornly trying to ignore it, it was a fact that weighed heavily on Damian’s mind as he set up his rifle in the grungy bathroom five stories up from the cafe that sat at the opposite street corner.

One would think that having a yoga and pilates instructor as a significant other would forever keep things spiced up in the bedroom, but their passion had simmered down to the level of a boiled fish.

Damian blamed the fact that Richard was too open with his celebrity status thanks to Instagram. This led him to being highly requested by the rich and famous all around the world. And Richard had a hard time saying no to his adoring fans. So off he constantly went, carted to random ends of the world, where he taught exclusive classes for exorbitant amounts of money to whomever would have him.

Granted, Damian’s own schedule was hardly much better thanks to being a world renowned assassin.

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anonymous asked:

you mentioned you love josh the most from watchdogs c: maybe some josh/reader headcanons?

Anonymous said to luvleekaotix-imagines:

You should totally write something for Josh I love, Josh he needs more love, people forget about him >:            

stealthcrispies replied to your post:

:o xatu…what about the other pokemon oh his team?


Ohh I love Josh! I don’t know if I can write him well enough for a fic, but how about some headcanons with the sweetheart? <3 I’m sad there are no good gifs of him to use. Aaaa TT_TT He is kind of very forgotten isn’t he? :( Doesn’t matter, I love him!

Originally posted by simplyatlas

Just dating Josh things:

  • Josh 100% does the whole ‘looking at you when you aren’t looking’ thing. Sometimes he stares for a long time when you’re busy doing stuff. Onlookers will comment that it’s creepy, but it’s actually because Josh is running through a million ways that he could approach you to start a conversation. He often gets trapped and caught up in the little details like ‘what if you don’t like the topic’ or ‘what if you’re busy and you abruptly end the conversation’ or ‘what if you don’t understand what he’s talking about, how should he explain it?’. This stops him from approaching you a lot. It’s not that he doesn’t want to talk to you, he just can’t figure out the ‘best’ way how, so he gives up.
  • That being said, as you spend more time with him, this happens less. Josh will find it easier to say ‘hello’ to you and then work in silence on whatever he’s tinkering with. Sometimes he will turn and just ask you a random question like ‘what do you think of this’, but it might be a fairly serious topic. This is how Josh does small talk, so don’t be concerned. Conversations that don’t have an outcome like a new point of view or an idea for a solution are kind of a waste of time to Josh.
  • Josh really appreciates you spending time silently with him. Like while he’s working you’re near him reading a book. Just physically be in his area. Touching at first is probably better to be left for him to initiate first so you know he’s okay with it. Later you’ll find Josh really loves hugs and hand holding! He gets super shy when you give him forehead kisses. He’ll kind of awkwardly mutter something about having work to do and then go huddle in the corner with a red face.
  • You can also spend some time with Josh playing Pokémon! He actually really enjoys it. His favourite feature is breeding the Pokémon with perfect stats. Working out the breeding steps and finding the right traits and stats is part of problem solving and he loves it when you ask him to breed you a particular Pokémon to trade. It makes Josh really happy when he sees your face light up when the Pokémon is traded to you and he explains why it’s pretty much the best it can be. Praise your amazing breeder boyfriend! As an aside, some of the Pokémon he likes are: Xatu, Slowpoke, Klefki, Espurr, Wobuffet, Noctowl, all the Unown. There are lots more though!


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Well since everyone else is jumping on the DS train, I might as well show off my mod…

  • Health 250
  • Hunger 120
  • Sanity 240

Comes with The Crown of Fire

The crown of fire makes Vlad hit harder but also drains his sanity at a higher rate.

  • Gets a bigger sanity boost around catcoons
  • Will glow in the dark unless sanity is below 40%
anselthedragon replied to your post “Basic Equipment”

I have a question about the damage listed here, what do the numbers after the damage dice mean?

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on this but I believe those where the actual in-game damage stats from Fallout 3, I left them there to help with working it out/justifying stats. Plus, you can always use them for reference with your own adjustments for your own game too.