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Spiritual Journals

What does one do in a spiritual journal?

  • take notes
    • from books, articles, tumblr posts, videos, sermons, podcasts… 
  • record observations
    • about nature, yourself, life, dreams…
  • work through spiritual questions
    • what do you believe about: divinity, death, your purpose, your values, nature….
  • plan rituals
  • record recipes
  • create chants, spells, songs…
  • list correspondences
  • collect quotes
  • plan your garden or yard
  • rant
    • use it like a diary - write about your personal life
  • art
    • draw, doodle, paint, collage…
  • make goals & track progress
  • record family/friend stories
  • research ancestors
  • self-reflect
  • gratitude journaling
  • describe spiritual experiences or places
  • ……..

There is no wrong way to do this!  

I know many folk aim towards One Finished Book of Knowledge, but… I am partial towards a messy, developing, work-in-progress sort of journal.  A place where I work-out and record thoughts and questions, where I can see my own developing search for answers and understanding evolve in messy words, jotted thoughts, doodled-drawings and lengthy notes.  My way may not be yours, but I wish you well with whatever style of spiritual journal you begin.  

I have found the practice of journaling incredibly helpful in all areas of my life - and I reckon spiritual journals are helpful to other folk too.

Okay so one last theory from me on the spoilers and then I am going to write the next chapter of Forgetting because people are waiting *cough* @sapphicsugden *cough* and she might hurt me if I take any longer. 

I’m just putting my thoughts out there because if any of this does actually work out how I want/hope/think it is I want there to be a record that I was right about a SL for once, because I am usually very, very wrong. 

The pregnancy - Moira and Cain is my bet. Now for me this would make sense of the who spots a test and thinks they’re going to be a daddy spoiler. Because it’s plausible that Adam would see the test, knowing that they’re trying for a baby and assume that it’s Vic’s. I’m going for Cain as the dad because we had all that stuff a little while back about him trying to reconcile being a dad to Kyle with the way that Shadrack was with him as a child. He had all that doubt about being a good dad to Kyle, but came around in the end so he knows now that he can be a dad. This would also fit in with the big SL that Moira and Cain have coming up.

The Mind blowing news - So this is going to be for both Robert and Aaron. Mind blowing for me means something good, so good news not bad. It can’t be the reveal of the incident because, well that’s hardly going to be mind blowing for Robert. I think that the news is going to be Adam coming and telling Aaron that he’s going to be a dad and of course Aaron will tell Robert. Let’s face it, this is soap and Adam won’t wait to confirm with Vic before turning to his bet mate in his excitement. So Robert and Aaron are both ridiculously excited because they think they’re going to be uncles, and then Vic has to dash their hopes when it turns out it’s not her who’s pregnant but Moira. 

Ross and the blackmail - Again from the spoiler I’m taking that it’s both of them he’s trying to blackmail but I’m going with him seeing them making up for lost time (having sex) somewhere they shouldn’t. It’s going to be a stupid, meaningless comedy side plot and it’s not going to be real blackmail as such. It will be forgotten as soon as it’s mentioned. 


Quinx + Masks

Music commissions

I want to try something new: opening musical commissions in order to collect money for friends in need. Since I live on a rather meagre salary at the moment, there isn’t enough disposable income for helping out folks who need support for whatever reasons.

What I do have available though is my home recording equipment and my instruments, and a steady stream of musical ideas (I do share the occasional snippet on here, check the #singoutthesilence or #my music tags on my blog if you want to have a listen) and I figured if people commission digital art on here, maybe this idea might work as well.

So here is how I thought this could work: I offer to create short pieces of music based on your ideas – this could be a mood (“make something calming and softly vibrating”), a scenario (“score a moment of dramatic revelation”), a genre (“I want my own EDM anthem”), or whatever really. I will then use acoustic, electric, and software instruments and record a piece between 30 seconds and 2 minutes (a short theme or song) specifically for you.

Who would need a personalised tune? Well, who wouldn’t?! Jokes aside, you might like this if

  • You’re a musician and you want a new backdrop for practice/songwriting/jamming
  • You are looking for inspiration for another art form (writing, painting, dance,…)
  • Your blog is chock-full of commissioned digital art but you’re still looking for ways to express your individuality
  • You need contributions to the score for a video project
  • You think it’s good to support folks in need and to even get an individual reward for it (besides the gratefulness of those you support)

Prices: I would suggest a minimum starting price of 2€/$ (the Dollar is almost​ 1:1 with the Euro these days iirc) and a pay-what-you-want “price limit” if you want to show more support or if you value the idea of having your own theme tune higher. Paypal would be preferable, I think.

So if you are interested, message me and we can talk about it. If you think this idea is worthwhile, but can’t/won’t contribute, please consider reblogging this post. Thanks for reading!

We Live For Love

The studio reverberated with the final echoes of Jamie’s guitar, Ian’s drums, and Willie’s bass.


Then two seconds of utter silence. Followed by Claire Beauchamp’s enthusiastic claps and cheers from the corner.


Hopefully the fifth take would be the charm.


Not a lot had been under his control since the whirlwind day two months before when Murtagh had proudly introduced them all to Joe Abernathy – and they signed a four-record deal with Chrysalis right on the spot.


First, the suits insisted that the band didn’t need a name – it had a frontwoman in Claire. So all their work would be done under her name.


Jamie had bristled – but when Ian had elbowed him in the back, decided to keep his mouth shut.


Then there were the songs. They already had a great selection of covers, plus some songs that had been kicking around Chrysalis for a while. Some were actually quite good, once he’d reworked the tuning and experimented on different vocals with Claire.


She was just a natural. It was truly astonishing how so much power – and force – and kick-ass attitude could come from such a tiny person who was so polite and polished in real life, but utterly transformed into a take-charge force of nature when she performed.


He’d long ago given his heart to her. She inspired him more than anyone – or anything – ever had. He had never worked so hard in any of his gigs before – because he’d never truly *cared* about the entire end product. Claire gave him so much space to grow – to learn about producing, to lead the musical arrangements, to give her advice on how to open up her voice – and he had just flowered as a result.


But the only way he could express his feelings for her was in his words – in his songs. In the chord progressions he scribbled on scrap pieces of paper and stuffed into his jeans – in the snatches of poetry he rolled over and over again in his mind when he rode the subway uptown from his crummy apartment to the shiny Midtown recording studio – in the ridiculous hearts he drew in the steamed-up mirror after he got out of the shower.


She was in the process of finding herself – building her own identify as Claire Beauchamp. Not Claire Randall – married to a medical student, singing in cabarets in upstate New York to prevent herself from being lonely. Not Claire – belting out show tunes and Linda Ronstadt and Judy Garland at weddings and parties and bar mitzvahs.


For God’s sake, they were in a band together. Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks had almost blown up Fleetwood Mac when they broke up. They still had to tour together. No way would Jamie even think of jeopardizing Claire’s dream – what she had sacrificed so much for.


So he wrote – and composed – and waited.


**I feel a passion growing // I know that love is only just one inch away from striking us**


And seethed – because the label wouldn’t even consider letting them record any of his originals.


To be sure – he had more than songs about Claire. Jamie had been writing since he joined his first band at sixteen. He wasn’t prolific, but he had a good catalogue of rollicking guitar-driven songs that would be absolutely magic with Claire’s voice.


He’d plead with the producer who had been assigned to their sessions – Rob MacNab – to at least let them record a demo. But MacNab was under strict orders from his superiors: to cut the record quickly, and cheaply, and with guaranteed hit songs by recognized songwriters.


Jamie Fraser may be a talented guitarist and arranger – but he certainly wasn’t recognized.


“How’d we do, Rob?”


Jamie blinked awake, turned briefly to enjoy Claire’s triumphant smile, and then squinted through the glass wall to the control room where Rob sat behind the massive console, chain-smoking.


“I think we got it, guys. Good work.”


The one compromise that Jamie and Rob had worked out was to record all the tracks live. No use in recording all the instruments separately and then futzing around with overdubs – not when it was the raw, live sound that Jamie knew would immediately appeal to people. And to his surprise, MacNab had agreed – plus, it would help cut down the production costs.


Nine tracks out of ten were now complete. Just one more, and their first record would officially be done.


Ian stood from behind his drum kit and stretched. Willie rolled his shoulders and hung up his bass on the stand he shared with Jamie.


Jamie set down his guitar and walked immediately over to Claire, who sipped Coke from a warm bottle.


“How you feeling? How’s your voice?”


She rolled her eyes. “I’m fine, Jamie. Really. It’s hard work, but it’s so worth it.”


God, that smile cut him straight to his heart.


“Think we can call it a day? I gotta get up and walk around.”


Jamie looked over at MacNab – laughing with one of the engineers behind the glass.


“Hey Rob – let’s just pick this up tomorrow?”


Rob scratched his balding head and nodded. “Yeah, sure. Come out and we can listen to the tape, if you want. Then we can call it a wrap.”


Ian and Willie slipped out of the studio to huddle behind Rob at the control board, watching him raise and lower just a few of the hundreds of dials.


“What are you thinking?”


Jamie turned back to Claire, still perched on one of her favorite stools. He’d gotten her to stop using them as a crutch – encouraging her to walk around while she sang – but she always retreated back to them when she was tired, or when something was bothering her.


Today she was dressed in a black sweater and jeans, her hair curling madly around her face. No makeup, as usual. Breathtaking.


He spoke the words without thinking.


“I want to show you something I’ve been writing. And I don’t care what Rob or Joe or Murtagh say – I want us to record it. I want *you* to sing it.”


Surely she had to feel this too – this pull between them. She had never made a move – and neither had he – despite all the nights they’d spent at her social club or at his hard rock bars, throwing back drinks and spilling their pasts to each other.


She wanted a partner – and he didn’t know he needed one. But that’s what they were – musical partners. Partners on this wild and crazy journey that would hopefully one day lead to some kind of stardom.


Claire looked at him for what felt like a long time, then tilted her head. Considering.


“Want to come over to my place? It’s more private – you can play your guitar, I mean.”


Oh God, she was blushing.


“I’d love that, Claire. Thank you.”


She shook her head. “No, Jamie. Thank *you*. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.”


“That’s not true, and you know it – ”


“Bullshit. It’s not, OK? If I hadn’t met you, I’d still be singing show tunes at The Broch. This is infinitely better.”


“Come on, you two! Let’s listen!” Rob’s voice thundered through the glass.


Impulsively, Jamie extended a hand to help Claire off her stool. Her surprised smile – and the look of sheer joy on her face – was everything.

Suddenly had a insperation some days ago to draw a noise marine, especilly after listening to corvus corax. Highly recomend listening to them, as it at least puts me into the mood for slaaneshi stuff- I mean what.

Only remembered now to post it when I got reminded by two friends. XD Did also make a recording of the creation of this also, took some days, but it worked out.

Recording of the creation of this thingy.


Commission the viking <3


replied to your



There’s something that does bother me about DA…

In the moment you find out something obscure that you don’t approve about a character you’re free to change opinions in the same way you are free (innocent) when you like the character without being aware of their negative particularities or whatever trigger the disliking. We are all always figuring out lore, don’t be ‘worried about end up liking’ a character for this, the process of perspective change is always interesting (I agree with the critic over the ‘method’ of sharing lore tho,–

Yeah, in an ideal world people wouldn’t be harassed and run off this website for being ignorant about obscure lore and authors’ comments, but Tumblr is not ideal. So I do worry. Hasn’t happened to me yet but I’ve seen people on my own dashboard being ripped to shreds because they like Michel de Chevin and haven’t read The Masked Empire.

And I am not in the mood for anon hate and smear campaigns if I end up liking the wrong character because I didn’t know that said character was confirmed to be a creep by their author in an interview that took place seven years ago.

anonymous asked:

Wait--in the channeling scene, isn't Ami rising from the club president, and Rei is over Naru?

They totally are! I didn’t get into it in the post since I thought it was cluttered up enough as it was, but I believe that was an intentional decision to distract from how Ami had nobody there for her. Instead of Ami being the only one hovering over someone who didn’t make sense, Rei got to do it too, and so the whole thing looks more random than it is.

PLEASE TRUST ME I KNOW HOW CONVOLUTED THIS SOUNDS. I’m only so certain that it’s what’s going on because it is literally what I would do in that situation.