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Spiritual Journals

What does one do in a spiritual journal?

  • take notes
    • from books, articles, tumblr posts, videos, sermons, podcasts… 
  • record observations
    • about nature, yourself, life, dreams…
  • work through spiritual questions
    • what do you believe about: divinity, death, your purpose, your values, nature….
  • plan rituals
  • record recipes
  • create chants, spells, songs…
  • list correspondences
  • collect quotes
  • plan your garden or yard
  • rant
    • use it like a diary - write about your personal life
  • art
    • draw, doodle, paint, collage…
  • make goals & track progress
  • record family/friend stories
  • research ancestors
  • self-reflect
  • gratitude journaling
  • describe spiritual experiences or places
  • ……..

There is no wrong way to do this!  

I know many folk aim towards One Finished Book of Knowledge, but… I am partial towards a messy, developing, work-in-progress sort of journal.  A place where I work-out and record thoughts and questions, where I can see my own developing search for answers and understanding evolve in messy words, jotted thoughts, doodled-drawings and lengthy notes.  My way may not be yours, but I wish you well with whatever style of spiritual journal you begin.  

I have found the practice of journaling incredibly helpful in all areas of my life - and I reckon spiritual journals are helpful to other folk too.

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Related to heels at the gym: when I was a freshman in unit there was a senior who always dressed up and wore heels. Always. I saw her running in them multiple times and one time I saw her fixing lights on top of a tall ladder in the theatre still wearing heels. When she got down I asked her why and she told me "flat shoes are for quitters" before strutting off. Amazing tbqh

This girl isn’t working out!! She’s recording her boyfriend and his friends at the gym. They all wear the same shirt that says “soldiers of mayhem” on it and they grunt and scream when they lift weights. It’s disturbing.


On this day in music history: February 8, 1977 - “Marquee Moon”, the debut album by Television is released. Produced by Andy Johns and Tom Verlaine, it is recorded at A&R Studios in New York City from Mid - Late 1976. A staple on the New York underground rock scene for several years, the band are signed to Elektra Records in 1976. For their full length debut release, they initially plan to record with renowned engineer Rudy Van Gelder (Blue Note, CTI) at his studio in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. When that doesn’t work out, they record at producer/engineer Phil Ramone’s A&R Studios in New York with engineer/co-producer Andy Johns (The Rolling Stones, Free). Anchored by Verlaine’s vocals and excellent guitar work throughout, it becomes one of the most influential albums to emerge the New York punk scene, paving the way for indie and alternative rock in the 1980’s and beyond.  In spite of a loyal cult following for the band and the album. The album is remastered and reissued on CD in 2012 with five additional bonus tracks, including alternate versions and previously unreleased outtakes. The CD also includes the full unedited version of the title track, which had been shortened on its original LP release to fit the time constraints of vinyl. It is also reissued on vinyl as 180 gram LP, first by the 4 Men With Beards label in 2003, and by Rhino Records in 2012. Rhino also presses a limited run of 1,500 copies the LP on magenta colored vinyl in 2015, as an exclusive for Boston based record store Newbury Comics. “Marquee Moon” does not chart in the US but will overseas where it peaks at number twenty eight on the UK album chart.

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Hi! Could i specifically request mod Damien to do 2 boards for some of my ocs? One with an ace theme with space and the color pink, then one with a lesbian theme with bunnies and knives and bruised knuckles and stuff? Thank you!!! <3

I just posted it!!

Ok so for everyone following who doesn’t know this wonderful person:

 Her art is amazing and she has a whole universe with her OCs and she wants to make it a cartoon someday!! Literally every character is LGBT+ except for the Token Straight Character™, and the two who I just made moodboards for, Space Ace and Harlie (Boo Bunny is her Villain Name- we haven’t figured out Space Ace’s secret identity name yet) are dating!! We have a huge story all worked out and for the record if this ever becomes a cartoon I have already called dibs on voicing Harlie since I helped with her name/design a bit and she’s lowkey based off of me in a conversation I had with her about us as villains and ahhhhh I could literally go on about this forever but yeah 

~Mod Damien

the feel of solid ground

(according to microsoft word i haven’t touched this since december 2. or: sometimes i write things and get super critical and perfectionist-y and they never see the light of day. but, given the finale, i felt like this was worth bringing out. no spoilers, not canon - but not quite an au - i dunno. it would maybe fit somewhere in 4a, if frozen hadn’t happened - i took liberties, basically. 

but have some emma leaves storybrooke - and killian - angst. inspired by the song ‘so anyway’ from the musical next to normal, which you should most definitely go listen to here.) 

so anyway,

i’m leaving.           

i thought you’d like to know.


The words hang in the air after she says them and she almost wants to take them back but she can’t. Doesn’t want to. She meant it, she—

            “So you’ve made up your mind then,” he says finally. She bites her lip, unsure of how to respond. He meets her eyes, then, and the look on his face makes her want to close the distance between them, soothe him, take it back, it’s okay, it’s okay. But she stays where she is. “There’s nothing I can say to change your mind.”

            She shakes her head in agreement. He sighs, nodding, looking away again. She blinks back the tears.

            “It’s not forever,” she tells him. “I just—”

            “You don’t need to justify it, love.”

            But she does, doesn’t she? To him, if no one else.

            And she needs him to know—she needs to make sure he understands.

            “It’s not you, okay?” And God, it’s such a cliché, but it’s true. “I’m—it’s me, and I just—”

            He doesn’t interrupt her, doesn’t take her into his arms. Just remains where he is, eyes trained on the floor, seated on the edge of the bed. (Their bed.)

(Not anymore.)

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From what I’ve read so far Tim Kaine is more progressive than Bernie Sanders on majority of key progressive issues, like on guns and immigration, so idk why brogressives got their briefs on a twist