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theory: dex hasn’t been in recent updates because he got really into finding nemo & has been watching it nonstop in his dorm room

Weird thing about fighting Papyrus

So when you’re in a non-geno run and you fight Papyrus, you can choose whether or not you want to attack him at first, but it won’t have much effect on the trajectory of the fight.  No matter what you do, Papyrus eventually spares you, and if you choose to hit him, regardless of what his remaining health is, you will deal mortal damage.  People have talked before about what this tells us about Papyrus’s character, Papyrus as a “morality pet” for the player, etc etc.  But I’d like to talk about the actual stats involved in this.

tl; dr: Pap’s defense is higher when he has less HP during the “spare” phase of the battle.  He’s the only enemy who does this (as far as I know).  Read more for actual data and a theory on how the game calculates this.

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Back in action! lots of comp issues, but they should be fixed now (more about it in the tags)

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original fic here!


Can you guys guess who my favorite character is?

One of the kids saw the picture of Killing Heidi I have as my computer background and asked if it was me because “She looks like you and you’re a really good singer”, so she’s pretty much my favourite now (except she has a very nasty tendency of chatting when she should be listening, so this may not last long.

Also, I finished all my literacy benchmarking today! Which means I now just have to collate all my testing data and then I can actually finish my program.

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I like how it’s fandom canon that Bucky instinctively understands technology. 

Like, Steve comes out of the ice and has a notebook of endless things to research. He keeps his apartment simple and old fashioned, and anything too “high tech” is treated with confusion and suspicion.

Meanwhile, Bucky has ordered every gaming console since the 1980s and is working his way through Zelda, while talking to Natasha on Skype, heating his lunch in the microwave, and has hooked up his Spotify account to surround-sound speakers. He’s also gone on Google/Wikipedia and printed out the basics of Steve’s list, laying them on his bed for easy reading, because he knows Steve hates navigating the internet.


Good luck at Nationals, Team Japan! (Men’s Edition)

  • Damen: *throws a fucking sword at a guy while on horseback and it actually works out*
  • Laurent internally: The program has encountered an unexpected error.
  • Laurent internally: A problem has been detected and Laurent has been shut down to protect it from Damen's nonsense.
  • Laurent internally: Rebooting

rhett (offstage, mockingly.):

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right so this was my first time trying out digital art and i obviously have a long way to go. none the less I wanted to document my first digital drawing to hopefully one day see my improvement ://