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@thatsthat24 So I’ve been meaning to make this drawing for a while and I’ve also been meaning to test out a new art program for a while and I’m happy with both of them!


Hooray, I finally finished! This is based on @russianfeya‘s Neon Pink Motorcycle fic. It’s a soulmate AU where people have a mark that changes color depending on the soulmate’s mood. Yuri no longer has a mark (due to Reasons) and it just hit me in the most recent chapter that when Otabek asks “How are you feeling?” he’s actually…you know, comparing notes. :D
Anyway, if that sounds like something you’d like to read, I highly recommend it!

theory: dex hasn’t been in recent updates because he got really into finding nemo & has been watching it nonstop in his dorm room

  • Damen: *throws a fucking sword at a guy while on horseback and it actually works out*
  • Laurent internally: The program has encountered an unexpected error.
  • Laurent internally: A problem has been detected and Laurent has been shut down to protect it from Damen's nonsense.
  • Laurent internally: Rebooting
Weird thing about fighting Papyrus

So when you’re in a non-geno run and you fight Papyrus, you can choose whether or not you want to attack him at first, but it won’t have much effect on the trajectory of the fight.  No matter what you do, Papyrus eventually spares you, and if you choose to hit him, regardless of what his remaining health is, you will deal mortal damage.  People have talked before about what this tells us about Papyrus’s character, Papyrus as a “morality pet” for the player, etc etc.  But I’d like to talk about the actual stats involved in this.

tl; dr: Pap’s defense is higher when he has less HP during the “spare” phase of the battle.  He’s the only enemy who does this (as far as I know).  Read more for actual data and a theory on how the game calculates this.

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Match Day

Two years ago on the morning of Match Day, I was sitting on the rooftop drinking black coffee laced with whiskey, eating Egg McMuffins, watching the sun rise with my friends. We couldn’t sleep all night. Our future was at hand. And we were dying from anticipation, fear, excitement, curiosity.

Tomorrow, massive numbers of fourth year med students will participate in one of the weirdest, unifying events in medical culture: Match Day. After all, how many professions out there give 10,000 plus people jobs simultaneously on one day every year? 

There will be tears, of happiness, joy, confusion, disbelief. There will be shock, there will be screams, there will be hugging. No matter what happens, know that it’s all going to work out no matter what program is listed on that piece of paper.

We residents are also anxiously waiting to hear where you will be going because we’re excited to meet our new colleagues! 

May the odds be ever in your favor, good luck and congratulations wonderful fourth years!

Your Name AU - Hakushuu

can you guess what I watched recently? Your Name was such a good movie and I wanted an Inazuma couple to be in an AU for it. I chose Hakushuu because…it sort of fits?? Maybe it’s just me and due to the fact I have the AU all set up-


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  • Rogue: I know Natsu is your idol, Sting... but don't you feel even a little wary that he'll snatch up Milady and Yukino-chan?
  • Sting: They have been spending a lot of time around Fairy Tail lately... But nah. Natsu told me he's got his hands full with the girls in his Guild already. Well, not ALL of them, but you get the idea.
  • Rogue: But what if THEY become attracted to HIM?
  • Sting: Still not gonna blow a gasket. Natsu's not gonna turn off the natural charisma, and I wouldn't want him to. He said he doesn't need any more girls in his (unofficial) harem, and that's good enough for me. Why do you keep bringin' it up, anyway?
  • Rogue: ... No reason.
  • Lector: *barges into Sting's office* Sting! Sting! Milady worked out an exchange program with Fairy Tail! Isn't that awesome?! Now our Guilds will be closer than ever!
  • Sting: ... Exchange program? *furrowed brow* Milady didn't run it by me...
  • Lector: She figured you'd be okay with it, since Natsu might come over at some point. Anyway, they're gonna be testing it out with both Guilds sending one exchange mage each. The test'll last for about a month or so, I think?
  • Sting: O-Okay...? So who exactly are they sending, and who are we sending in return?
  • Lector: Lucy Heartfilia. Milady thought it'd be cute if we exchanged Celestial Wizards, so yeah... we won't be seeing Yukino for a month.
  • Sting: ...

You know, for as much as cats are supposed to hate water, he seems pretty happy right now.

this took me all night and morning me is going to regret staying up this late to finish this but OH WELL

also I’m almost a little embarrassed to say that this started out as this drawing IT’S SO OLD DON’T LOOK


Can you guys guess who my favorite character is?