work out gear

Are you ready to cheer your team on in style? 

We picked out the cutest college clothing yet, from work out tanks to wear-anywhere tees—you can even sport your school colors with versatile flats!

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rockcandytrash decided to take Blackwall with her to the Deep Roads for the Descent DLC and he reacted…exactly as she expected.  Apparently, the game doesn’t really recognize where you are in the story with Blackwall, so if you’re post-Thom Ranier reveal, Blackwall’s more Warden-esque comments seem to indicate that Blackwall has a pretty tenuous grasp on reality once he gets down there.  In true vhenantrash fashion, we head-canon that he has a bit of a breakdown a la Anders(Legacy DLC) in the Deep Roads.  He is. A WARDEN!

slayerofkillabee - wonderfully illustrated this moment(also bonus griffon shaped chest hair)