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happy pokemon day everyone!! we’ve come a long way since generation 1, and i cant wait for future generations for even bigger adventures!! :3

“i’m tired of being nothing.”
                        “you are a fox. you are always going to be nothing.

                                                   [LISTEN HERE]


s’ stands for school, suffering, and spring break 

it’s two weeks until my spring break and i’ve been bombarded with midterm assignments and presentations (+ exams to prepare for /cries/)! anyway, i’ve been tagged by so many lovely people in the past half year (i know, someone punch me jk don’t) so thank you @shenmeii @yeochngu @minghaeo @minygu @littleight @soonynqs & @wooziology

i’m tagging: @cheolhaos @softsnuper @cafewoozi @vitaminniedk @dotkyeom @swaghao @wonbuns @minpoong @dearhoshi @sweetcoups @mynameisrocketboi @httptaehyungie 

A preview??? Is this reality???
Yes it is, I FINALLY have something to show you guys for the @supernaturalartbook!
I know it doesn’t look like much yet but at least it’s something right?
I’ll have another sneak peek up when I finish the piece to make up for the long long wait ;0