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Keepers of the Moon and Sun :

Gale and Medecai - Sebeaux 
These two fight like polar opposites, always bickering and never meeting ends, which is pretty amusing to Zer’ruh, as it causes them to get into situations that wouldn’t have happend, if they weren’t butting heads. 

Gale pretty much looks out for himself, not concerning himself with others or their affairs, and turns his nose up towards those he deems in lower standing than him, which is the majority of the population, as he holds the title ‘anchor’, or “Keeper of the Moon / Chain” . 

Sebeaux on the other hand, is selfless, and will always throw out a helping hand to those in need, and would even take a bullet for a butterfly. He believes he is equal to all people of the realm, and would never hold his title above someone else, as he rarely mentions it at all, and holds the title ‘anchor’ or “Keeper of the Sun / Chain”.  

Two more precious children added to the SoS cauldron, muahahaha :D
 -I originally had a comic planned to go under the sketches, but it kind of turned into chapter fragment of sorts, and so I decided to go ahead and throw this set out there.


some unlucky kiddos :’)

Ryanical Difficulties -Extended Cut
Achievement Hunter
Ryanical Difficulties -Extended Cut

Ryan kicking Jeremy in Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 259 - Dark Monopoly Finale, extended audio + select gifs


I was in the mood to draw only one thing cute but the pile quickly grew bigger and bigger oops

Feel free to use for science as avatars!


Starry Boy | Wen Junhui icons

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I hear a patient verbally abusing one of my coworkers...

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PSA for Requesters

I take pride in my work. I love making my art and I love making that art for other people.

But there have been some people who have just REALLY ticked me off.

I will not call anyone out on this, but if you think this post is about you, it probably is.

1. Reblog the art you request. Likes are just the *seen* notification. It’s depressing.


3. Giving away other people’s art as gifts, even if the piece was made for you specifically, is stealing and it’s wrong.

4. Some artists are stuck in an awkward phase where the only people who are giving them the attention they need for their work are the slave drivers like the ones mentioned above and they can’t say “no” to them because without their requests, they may never get noticed in the art world as a professional artist who gets an income of some sort.

I know I’ll be stepping on some toes with this post, but I have had enough. This is MY ART and what you are asking of me is UNFAIR. If you don’t like it just remember that I am not an art producing machine in your computer. I am a human being who has a life and would like to pay the bills.

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Toast anon...Alright alright too much angst... Can Aaron change his mind and run after Robert and they can share their love of jam? or cheese on toast or something. We need a happy Toast-ron ending.

In search for a common ground *///* communication and dedication xD

Rock x nico lovechild or Rock x Liang lovechild ??

I saw @/darwen_the_1st ’s (on instagram) nanbaka next-generation post and decided to make some love children of my own,,

Help me name them, please

alright, young artist PSA.

If you see a thread/journal/post, wherever, where a commissioner is offering to pay for someone to draw something, please don’t jump in and say you’ll do it for free. I know you’re trying to be nice, but it’s rude to the other artists. You might have just taken a job from another artist looking to make some money, and reinforced the notion that commissioners ‘shouldn’t have to pay’ for their art.

Please be considerate, look out for your fellow artists, and above all, remember your work has value and you deserve to be compensated for your time. B)b

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