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‘I really did think Prince was gay, when I first met him’, says Denise. 'I didn’t know who Prince was. I had been in Japan working and didn’t know that he was famous and a brilliant musician, so I wasn’t attracted to any of that. Then we went out and I realized he was definitely NOT gay’.

She first met Prince in 1982 at a party after the American Music Awards. 'At the party, Prince sent someone over to talk to me. He took my number and gave it to Prince, who called me the next day. He came to pick me up that night in a white limo and we went out to dinner. He was with Morris Day - I had insisted on a double date because I didn’t know if I could trust Prince. Then we began to see each other. He asked me to come out and see him on the road. We began our little affair. And I became Vanity.’

'The only thing I wouldn’t do was sleep with someone to get what I wanted. I fell in love with Prince because of who he was. He told me he was going to make me a star, so I moved to Minneapolis to live with him.’

She says she took drugs the entire time she was with Prince. 'I did it on the sly, but nobody tried to stop me. There was a few of us in the band doing that. Prince couldn’t help me. How could he say anything to me? Well, I don’t think you should be Vanity any more. I mean come on!’

She mentions March 26 1994 as the day she got sober. ’ I’m three years sober on 26 March 1997. I had been smoking cocaine for twelve years, on and off and ended up in hospital with kidney failure.’

Her ability to function deteriorated during the 1999 tour. She says she was jealous of Prince being with other women, and was unable to control her drug-taking. She was tired of the constant rehearsing and travelling from venue to venue.

'I left for me - it wasn’t about Prince. He was upset. Yes, I really do believe he loved me. We were very alike - we even looked alike. But I wasn’t making any money. I wrote the lyrics for Nasty Girl - (she says she wrote it, while sleeping behind a friends couch in New York) -I never got paid for any of that. Who cares! I’m glad for the road I took. I might never have known God.’

—  Denise Matthews (Vanity), Liz Jones “Purple Reign - The Artist Formely Known as Prince”

WIP of thing i am CRAMMING right now to hopefully post tomorrow night <3 My last new art post of 2016, and I wanted to end it with an ACTUAL Yuuri Love post, since I’ve been proclaiming that’s my jam but have yet to actually produce a drawing that shows to what extent I love it lol

And while it’s super mild, it may also end up being my first art post on here I actually tag with nsfw oops

After Sochi Olympics ended, there was “Hanyu Fever” in Japan. A japanese tv show was doing investigation and almost everyone said that “Yuzuru looks like he jumps out of Manga”. Then that show’s reporter went to a manga/anime specialist. The mangaka answered the question , 1. Yuzuru’s body proportion is perfect. You can divide his body into 8 parts with the same height as his head. And that is the best style of male character in manga or anime.
2. His face is small and he has long slender neck.
No wonder,then ^_^