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this was supposed to be a valentine’s drawing but i immediately hated it about an hour in so uh

i finished it before i could no longer bear to look at it

+ close up because i spent time on drawing that grass just to blur it


#Blackout Featured Artist: Sloane Siobhan

The Artist Behind “Lollipop Girl” featured on the #Blackout’s Shorty Awards Page.

Sloane Siobhan is a visual artist specializing in oil painting. Nurturing her talents at the age of 4, she enrolled in MonArt and was trained by Jillian Goldberg and later attended high school at NorthWest School of the Arts to concentrate in visual arts. She graduated from Appalachian State University in December 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and painting concentration.

Sloane has worked on various projects including but not limited to client commissions, t-shirt designs & banners for the student run club Black Student Association, and silent auctions for the Heart Association. She was published in the Charlotte Observer in an article showcasing her talents to help spread awareness about the plight of women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The article highlighted her successful solo exhibition at Providence Gallery in Charlotte, NC in 2010 in which all proceeds from the exhibit went to the foundation, Women for Women.

She was accepted into a year-long group exhibition at Appalachian State’s Chancellor’s House and exhibited her work in the 2016 group summer show, Visual Jungle in Charlotte, NC. She was commissioned by Appalachian State’s chancellor to create a piece for the university, that was also featured in the Bachelor of Fine Arts group exhibition, Calico, in December of 2016.

Sloane currently resides in Charlotte, NC and travels to do shows along the East coast.

Artwork and Bio reposted with permission. Do not remove credits.

i was at the salvation army shopping for jeans and i found this. i felt compelled to buy it so that i could show yall this. someone in this hick town at one point shipped Subzero x Elsa so hard they ordered a custom t-shirt with fanart on it, and then charitably donated this shit to the local salvation army, only to be found by yonder MemeLord Smarmy in between stacks and stacks of church t-shirts and roughneck work shirts. this world is a strange and wonderful place

Special Snowflake Wants to Start a Movement

Special Snowflake has been a long time coming for me. I started my life of activism in high school, and when Trump was elected I knew I had to do more than post to Facebook. I wanted to create a community of people who would take part in small but impactful campaigns, and I wanted to donate to every and any cause. But I didn’t have any money to do so. Realizing if I offered something, I could make the money to donate, I set to work designing basic t-shirts with phrases like, “When #BlackLivesMatter Glass Ceilings Shatter,” and “#NODAPL”. My thinking is that people want to wear their solidarity on their sleeves, and people want to donate–but it’s human nature to want to get something back for that. 37.5% of the profits will be donated to either Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, or the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters. As a new organization, Special Snowflake will be sending proof of donation to customers who request it, and making it public on Tumblr.

I will be honest: I did not have to put any money into the t-shirt shop. I do not care if I never sell a t-shirt. What I want to do is create a community. When the Injustice Boycott sought to raise the age a minor could be tried as an adult from 16 to 18, a mass-tweeting campaign helped make that a reality. That is a great example of something that takes about thirty seconds to do, but has a huge impact. I want to build a coalition across America of people who will be willing to look out for these little actions, like calling CEOs invested in the pipeline. If we can get people across the country doing these little actions, soon our congressmembers won’t be able to deny our voice. So please, check out the t-shirts at Or, skip right to the blog at and get involved in small campaigns! They come from people like Shaun King, leader of the Injustice Boycott, or leaders in the Lakota fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline, etc, and are part of larger initiatives. These campaigns are making a huge impact, and by following my tumblr, you can be a huge part of it.


Hey, @nerdsbianhokie and @queergirlwriting, i fic-ed it! my nb!alex word vomit, that is. (here, for those wondering


When Alex gets home from work Maggie is already there, sliding berry cobbler into the oven, her t-shirt dusted with flour and her hair in a messy bun. She’s fresh faced and smiling as she greets Alex with a hug and a kiss on the cheek and Alex’s heart flutters at the touch like always, even as their stomach starts to knot, because after what they have to say there’s the possibility they could lose this. It must show on their face, too, because suddenly Maggie is looking at Alex with that expression, that head tilt and Alex swallows thickly at the tightness in their throat.

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‘DO IT FOR VITYA’ Women's Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt by elfoftheforest
Yuuri has his own version, so i thought why not make my own version of do it for him, our lovely Vitya ? • Also buy this artwork on apparel, stickers, phone cases, and more.

so i’ve seen a version of yuuri running around today and i decided to make my own of vitya with my favorite moments aaaaaaaaaaa

14. Valentine // Nurseydex

« {Part 14 of my Valentine’s collection.}

a/n: damn, i just barely missed valientine’s day… so close. oh well. this is the last piece in the series, so thanks for sticking with it for this long! enjoy a cute sick fic for Nursey’s birthday :)

When Nursey opened the door, Dex’s first thought was that he looked awful.

“What the fuck happened to you?” Dex asked. Nursey was still wearing his sweatpants and an off-white sleeveless work-out shirt, which wasn’t altogether unattractive. However, the bags under his eyes were so dark that they almost looked like bruises, and his hair was matted on one side, and his nose was red. He did not look like the kind of guy who was going to be ready to go out on a date in ten minutes.

“I think I’m sick,” Nursey said. His voice was low and raspy.

“No shit,” Dex said. “I’m guessing this means we’re not going out tonight?”

“Sorry,” said Nursey. “I know it’s Valentine’s day, but—”

“And your birthday,” Dex cut in. “It’s Valentine’s day, and your birthday.”

“Yeah…” Nursey said, shoulders slumping. He somehow managed to seem even more dejected, despite already looking like death. “We can meet up tomorrow, if you want.”

“If you’re this sick right now, you’re probably not going to be better tomorrow,” Dex said. “Why don’t we just spend the night in? Is your roommate here?”

“Oh, no. Sam left a few hours ago. He said he had a midterm and didn’t want me getting him sick,” Nursey said, rubbing absently at his temple. “You really don’t want to come in here right now, it’s like, really nasty. A den of pestilence. Tissues everywhere….”

“Oh, please,” Dex said. He shouldered past his boyfriend and stepped into the dorm room.

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anonymous asked:

What's one of your favorite rape memories? And be sure to add detail, cunt!

One of my favorites would be went to the beach one summer. A friend of mine and I rented a place to stay for a summer while we were in college and worked in one of those t-shirt shops. One Friday night we both had off so we went out to a club to have some fun.

While we were there she found a guy she wanted to sleep with and went back to our place early, which I didn’t mind at all. I was really just in the mood to dance and have fun. When I got back around 1am I could hear them in her room so I went to my own and passed out because I was so tired.

I’m not sure how much time had pasted but I woke up to the both of them in my room. I tried to get away from them because I was freaking out since I’d just woken up with two people in my room. My friend held me down while the guy she’d brought home stripped me.

They tied me up and used me like their little fuck doll all night. When we went into work that morning I was exhausted but my friend wasn’t, she’s the kind of person that hardly ever sleeps. She took great pleasure in touching me whenever someone wasn’t around.

For the rest of the summer she would keep me tied up when we weren’t working and bring home guys that she would then help use me and abuse me.

Pushing his buttons || Dan H.

A/N: This is mostly dialog and I loved writing it. I also have a thing for university!dan now. Thanks for the request!

Word Count: 1.9K

POV: Reader


Originally posted by daik3n

„What are you wearing?” Dan asked, raising his eyebrows and looking me up and down. He sat at the kitchen table and looked up from his laptop that he did some work for university on.

Daniel James Howell, 21, wearing a wrinkled t-shirt and plaid pyjama bottoms, messy brown hair that he let grow out, freakishly tall, university student and unfortunately incredibly hot.

Since my parents were currently on a business trip to another continent for two weeks I was staying at Dan’s flat. I could have told them that I was old enough to look after myself, but honestly sharing this flat with him was much better than being on my own all the time. He was the son of my mum’s best friend so we knew each other since we were little kids. My parents had a soft spot for him and over the years he became one of my best friends.

I was confused by Dan’s question and quickly checked my outfit. It didn’t look bad, did it? The dress I was wearing perfectly hugged all my curves. It also showed the right amount of skin: not too much and not too little.

“I’m going to this party” I explained, putting my keys and phone into my purse.

“Are there gonna be boys?” Dan asked, completely forgetting about the paper that was due tomorrow.  

“Yes.” I truthfully answered. Why would there only be girls? What was up with him?  

“What do you mean ‘yes’?” Dan shut the laptop in front of him close and shot me a strange look. Was he angry now?  

“Yes, there are gonna be boys.” I answered, stating the obvious.

“And they are all just your friends?” He sceptically eyed me.

I didn’t even know everyone who was going to be there. Why did it matter anyway? I shrugged my shoulders instead of answering.

“I asked you a question.” Dan snapped, getting up from his chair.  

“Not all of them want to be just friends, I guess” I admitted, blushing a bit.

“Pardon?!” The dark haired boy almost shouted, looking at me the same way my mother probably would.

“I don’t know, there is this guy called Brandon and he’s been trying to get into my pants for about half a year.” I told him nonchalantly.

We were close friends and we talked about a lot, but we never talked about my relationship to other guys or anything like that. It felt weird and I immediately regretted telling him that when I saw his facial expression.

“Into your what?!?” Dan’s eyes grew wide and the vein on his neck was pulsating. If he had taken a of sip water he would have spit it out.

“Pants. It’s a saying. It means he wa-” I explained, trying to stay calm while he was close to losing his mind.

“I know well enough what that means. Have you told him to back the fuck up?” Dan’s question sounded more like a demand. I had spent enough time with him to know that him starting to curse is definitely a sign that he is mad.

 "What if I don’t want him to?“ I challenged him, not being entirely serious. He deserved that for acting like a dick.  

"What the fuck, Y/N?” Curse word again. Damn he was really mad.

“Dan, can you please calm down?” I asked, tired of his stupid behaviour. I was going to be late because of him.

“Calm down? No! Why do you want to be with that stupid prick?”

“Dan, that’s none of your businesses!“ I defended myself, extremely irritated by his act.

"Oh hell yeah it is!”

“No it’s not!”

“You are not going to that party and you are going to tell that Brandon ass that he can get lost.” Dan smashed against the kitchen table with his fist, thinking that he had spoken the last word.  

“What?? Why?! That’s so unfair.” I complained. He was not my father and he couldn’t tell me shit.

“No it’s not.”

“You get to go the a hundred parties a week and take home as many girls as you want, but I need to stay at home and play good girl when I want to go out once in like half a year? Double standard much?” I snapped, having seen enough girls quietly leave this place before noon.

“That’s different.” Dan just stated and cleared his throat, obviously embarrassed that I had to witness some of his hook ups leave.

“How is that different?” I wanted to know, my eyes burning into his skin.

“You are still in High School.” That was excuse, seriously? My hands were trembling with anger.  

“I am eighteen, Dan! You were at my birthday party remember?!”

“Eighteen or not. That Brandon pervert just wants to use you to have sex because he is a horny ass teenager.” He tried to end this conversation and have me go back to my room.

He’d like it that way. Who does he think he is? My babysitter?

“Maybe, Brandon has just realised that I am a desirable young women and not some little baby contrary to you!” I screamed at his face, fed up with having him look down on me like he is the wise and mature guy and I’m the little baby that wasn’t allowed to do anything.

“I- Look at how naive you are acting right now!” My words had clearly thrown him off track. Good.

“Oh so it’s totally unbelievable that I can be desired?” I took it up a notch, now that he got me completely furious.

“That-that’s not what I said!” Dan defended himself and swallowed hard.  

“But that’s what you are thinking. You treat me like a baby 24/7!” I shouted, feeling relieved right after the truth had left my mouth.

“Y/N that’s not true! And you can’t deny that this Brandon guy just wants to ‘get into your pants’ because he is a horny teenager.” Dan lectured me, raising his voice.

I just angrily glared up at his stupid face, too furious to even say something.

“Look, if I were that young again I’d probably think you are hot too.” Dan bluntly explained to me, ignoring my death glare.

“So you don’t think that I am hot now?” I spat, his words piercing my heart like a sharp sword.

“Uhm what?!” He definitely didn’t see that coming.

“You said that if you were a horny teenager again you’d think I’m hot. So you don’t think I’m hot now.” I explained what his words sounded like to me and couldn’t get over the fact that they had deeply hurt me.

“Y/N, I a - I don’t see why this is relevant right now.” Dan stuttered, scratching the back of his neck.

“It’s not. I’m going to the party and you can’t stop me.” I snapped, absolutely done with him.

I knew he didn’t like me back, but I could still hope, right? Well, not after what he had just said.

“You are going to the party and what? Fuck this Brandon guy in the bathroom?” He asked, laughing scornfully.

I put on a coat over my dress and slipped into my heels before I turned to face Dan again.

“Why not? Why would you care?” I riposted, wiping that snarky grin off his face.

“Why not?? You seriously want to lose your virginity like that?” Dan snorted angrily taking a few steps towards me as I opened the door to leave.

“So you are now just presuming I am a virgin?” I raised my eyebrows at him and watched his face fall.

“Woah, woah woah. Stop right there. Explain that!” He put his arm out in front of my chest, stopping me from leaving his flat.

“It’s none of your business if I am virgin or not. I am not hot enough to have sex in your eyes anyways.” I said, trying to sound calm although I was still offended by what he had said earlier.

“Why is it so important to you if I think you are hot?” Dan bellowed, not taking away his stretched out arm that stopped me from leaving.

“Why do you care so much about me and that Brandon guy?” I countered loudly.


His brown eyes evilly glared at me and I wasn’t afraid to stare back. Both of our eyebrows were furrowed together. Me and Dan normally didn’t fight, but damn I hated him right now.

I could hear Dan angrily breath through his nose, not breaking eye contact.

“I don’t care. If you want to fuck around, suit yourself.” He said through gritted teeth.

He was obviously challenging me and I was not going to lose.

“Fine. Then I’ll go and find Brandon.” I stated, waiting for him to show any reaction.

“I said, I don’t care.” Dan snarled, his eyes were dark with anger.

“Maybe you can give me a few tips on how to quietly leave after a one night stand. You seem to be an expert.” I chirped, pushing his buttons on purpose.

He looked like he was going to explode.

“Don’t fucking take this too far, Y/N. You are acting like a child.” Dan growled, his deep voice sending shivers down my spine.

The fact that he told me that he doesn’t care still upset me. I wanted him to care, but not because he thought I was a baby.

I wanted to set him off like ticking bomb.

“Can you give me one of your condoms? I don’t know if Br-“

That was it. The final straw.

The look he was giving me made my inside tingle and I had to take a few steps back because the heat that was radiating from his body was suffocating me. My back hit the cold white wall behind me, making me jump. I swallowed hard, watching Dan step closer to me. His hands smashed down on the wall on each side of my hot face.

His breath fanned my neck, causing me to nearly lose my senses.

“If that Brandon asshole ever touches you then I’m going to gladly break his fucking neck. Do you understand that?”

I looked to my left to avoid eye contact.

“Why do you get so angry at Brandon? Why do you even care?” I challenged him having risen my voice once again. I was not giving up that easily. He was acting tough but I wasn’t intimidated by his behaviour.

“Just change out of that stupid dress. I can almost see your boobs.” Dan told me, taking a step back and avoiding my question.

“Oh and you don’t want to see them?”

Where my boobs not good enough for him now? Prick.

“Y/N-I.. please. We are not talking about that now.” Dan sternly shut me down, noticeably annoyed by me.

“Why not? I’m tired of you treating me like an ugly little child.” I told him, standing up straight to shown him my determination.

“Y/N please can we-“ Dan tried to calm me down, gently touching my shoulder.

“No, we can’t! Why am I not good enough for you!” I shouted hurt.

“Look. I don’t know why you have that idea-“

“You always make sure to let me know that I’m totally unattractive. And that makes me feel like shit!”I admitted loudly, completely lashing out on him.

“It was not my intention to make you feel like shit.” Dan defended himself, throwing his arms up.  

“Then what was your fucking intention?!” I snapped, losing my patience.

“I just have to stop myself, okay?!” Dan shouted.

“Stop yourself from what!?”

“Stop myself from fucking pushing you against the next wall and kissing the living shit out of you!”

The Anniversary

Chapter 2

————– Adrien’s POV ————-

Adrien had arrived early to school, too eager to get much sleep. Today was the day that he first met his lady, and he got to celebrate the occasion by wearing a ladybug costume, how fitting.

If it were up to him he would be wearing an exact replica of his bug-a-boo’s costume, mask and all. But it wasn’t meant to be. His father told him that “playing dress-up” at Adrien’s age was tasteless, and since he is always in the public eye, his father couldn’t condone such things.

Which meant that he had to find a way to represent his complete and udder admiration for the love of his life while also looking like the perfect model son that his father wants him to be.

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