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If you don't mind me asking. What's the AU you are Sitka are working on? The designs seem interesting and I'd love to do some fanart of it!!~But i like getting to know my AUs before i draw anything~

F-Fanart?? That would be amazing! And our AU is called Magicatale. It’s crossover of the anime Madoka Magica and Undertale, but with a little spin. Personally, I think that if you haven’t seen the anime, the fic is still enjoyable by itself. If you want to know more, you can read it on Ao3!



have some very badly drawn profile pictures

as much as i doubt ya’ll are gonna use any of them, they’re free to use just please credit me

the dudes might be next but idk


Vriska could have put it on a timer and made a clean getaway, but then how would she be able to gloat about how she was about to kill them?

I made muhself a Condesce sprite and needed to show it off. I should do something about that hair, though. Actually, I made a couple versions, and, damn it, I forgot to ad the crown to this one.