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1. And does that make rape okay?

2. What? That’s just completely false who made that up? Actually around 92-98% of rape allegations are true look it up.

3. Lesbians weren’t taught that violence was okay from a young age.

4. HAH. I think 40 something women accused trump but he still became president!

5. A period is natural

6. What.

7. Male privilege doesn’t work that way hunny. The male privilege you get is how you don’t have to be cat called and screamed at everytime you go out like a piece of meat or how you don’t have to be afraid. And many more.

8. A woman rejecting you is worse than life long psychological damage and flashbacks and PTSD? Hmm idk close competitors there.

9. What kind of parks are you going to buddy?

10. The two have nothing to do with eachother… Circumcision is obviously not good but like they’re not related in any way? I don’t understand

11. No. We want you to be able go report your sexual assaults. The reason people don’t believe you is because they think “women are the only ones weak enough to get raped”. We want to change that standard. It can happen to anyone and it never makes you weak. It’s just something you went through that you didn’t deserve. No matter if you’re a boy or girl or neither.

12. I’m pretty sure anyone with a brain can understand what’s wrong with this statement


Ugh… End of the year papers can break you, yet here I am.

Acting like I have time.





Weak knees.

Sweaty palms.

Dry mouth, tight throat.

Hot room, hot place, hot, hot, hot.

Sasuke cleared his throat. He was leaned against the wall with his hands in his pocket. He didn’t know why he kept trying. He lost count of what attempt this was, but she never seemed to understand his intentions anyway. Still…maybe he wasn’t being clear enough. She obviously wasn’t the type to take hints, so if he could just come out and say he was asking her-


He jerked, looking towards the door of the convenience store. Hinata was partially out, tugging large garbage bags with her. She was in uniform, smiling awkwardly at him. And like magic, his face was suddenly full of heat and color.

“Hinata,” he said calmly despite his heart betraying him.

“I thought it was you. What are you doing here?” She paused a beat. “And standing out in the sun. Look at you, you’re burning up.”

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150613 exo hyungs, please allow maknae sehun to speak!  (*`Ω´*)

when you’re a hunhan shipper and on the same day, you see lu working out hard and hunnie is not interested girls and has the biggest thing.. i just… ;;;;

Corporate Affairs (Harry styles imagine)

From the day i opted to take a business degree at Manchester University my parents have constantly been putting pressure on me. “You’ll never get a job with a business degree Y/N” they would constantly nag down my ear.  

So when i received a call from Styles’ Enterprise informing me that i had been successful with my interview and the job as a PA (personal assistant for whom i’m not sure) was all mine i was absolutely delighted. My parents were happy and I was happy. But there was also a certain someone else who was also very excited for the opportunity I had been faced with.


“Are you ready for today?” my older sister Jessica beamed down the phone. “Yes Jessica!” I smiled to myself whilst standing in front of Styles’ Enterprise. “Babe, that snapchat you sent me this morning. Mr Styles’ is going to be blown off his feet girllll!” she giggled causing me to psychically cringe. “Yeah well i’m probably not even going to see the one and only Harry Styles Jess. He’s a busy man, he probably hasn’t even spared me a thought or checked my CV.” “Babe, of course he knows who you are! He doesn’t let anyone roam into his office you know! Believe me, i have tried” she giggled causing a laugh to erupt from my rib cage. “Anyway, i best be off, just arrived at work hunny. But knock em dead! I’ll see you at home later to find out all the goss. Peace out little one!” “Yeah bye sis…” i replied as i tapped the red button on my phone screen.


The elevator ride up to the main floor was long and tedious. My hands were beginning to shake and i wasn’t sure whether the rice krispies i had eaten no longer than an hour ago had actually settled. BING! I stepped out of the lift and was greeted by the hustle and bustle of this large business.

People were walking everywhere. Some people were on their phones whilst others were nose deep into newspapers, absentmindedly walking all over the place. It was absolute chaos. Barging past people i managed to dodge the strips of desks and oblivious soon to be co workers only to be greeted by an empty reception outside  Mr Styles’ office. This was bizarre. The email i had been sent through clearly indicated for me to go to the desk which was outside the big gaffas door. Yet here i am staring at an empty desk.  

I pressed the small bell on the side only to be ignored. No surprise there then. Growing angrier and angrier i started to stare around at my surroundings. I was beginning to wonder whether this whole thing was some sort of sick joke. Just as i was about to turn away and go home the door to Mr Styles’ office clicked open and out walked the man himself.

Now whenever Jessica rambled on about this guy i never believed her. I mean, nobody could possibly be more attractive than Channing Tatum right? So i thought. The chiseled jaw, long curly locks and pink pouted lips were enough to bring any female to her knees.  

“Can i help you Miss?” a stern husky voice spoke. “Um, oh yes. Sorry. I’ve just been given a job here, it’s my first day and in the email i was told to come to reception outside your office but um, clearly there’s nobody here” i spoke, trying to hide the nervous crack in my voice. “Ah yes. You must be Y/N” the older man replied whilst offering his hand out to shake, which i of course gladly accepted. “Do come inside” Mr Styles spoke as he disappeared back into his office, me trudging along after him like a lost puppy. “Take a seat Y/N.” The plush leather felt comfy on my exposed thighs. This skirt really was shorter than i originally thought.

“So, first things first. Welcome to Styles’ enterprise. And sorry for the lack of assistance. My PA went AWOL meaning that i needed a new one as soon as possible. It’s a good job you were available so quickly” the dark haired man added as he gathered various files together. “Um, sorry Mr Styles but what do you mean?” “You being my new PA?” he replied, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Your PA?” I asked. “Yes. Is that a problem Y/N.” “Oh no, not at all Mr Styles. I just didn’t realise i was going to be the main bosses PA that’s all!” I smiled in a desperate attempt to ease the tension. “Well yes Miss Y/L/N, that’s what I’m going to be paying you for” he spoke sternly whilst walking out of the office door, me following behind.  

“This is your desk. This is your computer. Please do make yourself at home” Mr Styles spoke as he pulled the chair out for me. I hesitantly sat down and swiveled around to face the computer. “This is the on button Y/N” he mumbled leaning over me, his face now dangerously close to mine. “Your password is your date of birth and mother’s maiden name.” His thin fingers decorated in platinum rings caressed the keyboard as he logged on. It was then that I noticed something. A simple, yet symbolic cross adorned his left hand. Not what you would expect a wild, easy going entrepreneur to be inked with that’s for sure.

“There” he bellowed, breaking me out of my trance. “So here is the section for emails. This is where I will contact you with work and instructions. You mainly greet guests for me at this reception, take calls, arrange meetings, and print letters. Your phone has me on speed dial. You just have to ring hash twenty and I will answer. Please only ring me in a meeting if it’s an emergency.” I nodded. “Now then” he stood suddenly becoming aware of his close proximity. He smoothed out his Saint Laurent suit, something I feel he only does when he is nervous.  

“I have a meeting out of town for the rest of the afternoon so use this opportunity to get a feel for the place whilst im out. I’ll email you my mobile number, don’t hesitate to call me if you have any problems.” He entered his office and soon appeared wearing a beige mac. “I’ll see you tomorrow at 9AM sharpish. It was a pleasure meeting you Miss Y/L/N” he complimented kissing my cheek. “Likewise Mr Styles” I smiled, trying to ignore the blush that was creeping onto my face. Before I knew it he was gone and I was left to soak up my surroundings. This job was going to be a challenge.


“So, what was he like?” Jessica shouted from the kitchen. “Yeah he was nice” I replied to occupied with the latest twitter feeds. “Just nice?” she asked, confused by my lack of enthusiasm. “Well he wasn’t really friendly but he wasn’t exactly nasty either” “Right…” she paused. “He did kiss me on the cheek when he left?” “HE DID WHAT?” she shouted. Her figure had soon made its way into the living room, spatula in hand. “He kissed you on the cheek?” she asked. “Well yeah. He was showing me how the computer worked and stuff. Then he said he had a meeting and he would be out all day. He said it was a pleasure meeting me and then he kissed my cheek.” “No fucking way! Wait until I tell everyone at work about this! I didn’t expect him to be that friendly!” she shouted whilst running back to the eggs that were now sizzling in the frying pan. “Yeah it was odd” I dully replied.  

The chime of my iphone text tone soon went off catching mine and Jessica’s attention. “Oooooh, ey up, who’s the lucky man.” “Its Mr Styles” I replied, the confusion apparent in my voice. “OH MY GOD WHAT DOES HE WANT NOW?!” she practically screamed. “Evening Y/N. Mr Styles here, but please feel free to call me Harry. Just to inform you, please dress smartly tomorrow as I will be taking you for dinner after your shift. I like to get to know my employees and the best way to do it is over dinner. My driver will take us and your meal shall be paid for courtesy of me. I look forward to spending time with you. H x” I finished. “Y/N. What the fuck. It’s day two and he’s already kissing you on the cheek and taking you out for dinner. And your on first name terms! AND HE SENT A KISS!” Jessica screeched. “He’s just being friendly. He said he likes to get to know his employees” I justified. “Bullshit. He employs over 1000 people. I doubt he’s taken all of them out for meals! He totally wants you. Oh my god this is so exciting! Why aren’t you excited!” “Because we could be getting our hopes up for absolutely nothing?” “Oh darling I highly doubt it, he wants you, it’s easy to see!” Jessica giggled poking her head through the door. I laughed back, a blush creeping onto my cheeks. I rapidly tapped a reply on my phone screen and hit send. It read:

Hi Harry. You really don’t have to treat me to a meal, but I will gladly except if you insist. See you tomorrow. Y/N x

Hello guys! Sorry ive been inactive lately, life has just been so hectic, its absolute madness! But im back. Ive written this as a little taster to a piece of fiction i might start, similar to daddy’s little kitten but obviously a different story line. However, i will only carry it on if i get a good feedback. So please, like if you read and send me feedback in my ask box. You can also send suggestions for where you would like this to go.

For anyone who sent me a request a while back. I still have then and i will get around to writing them sometime this week. I am being graced with Christmas break thankfully. Also, if you do have a request then please message me in my ask box. I love you all and thankyou for remaining patient. 1D may just be beginning their break, but my tumblr break is well and truly over. See what i did there ;) Thanks guys, love you all! All the love K x

Bubble Bath

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Pairing : Gabe x reader
Words : 454
Author : Mel

You were dead tired, sore, and covered in blood. Some of it yours, but most of it not. You just wanted a hot shower. And maybe a vacation, you were getting tired of hunting.

Getting in your motel room, you tossed your bag next to the bed, and started to peel off your coat, wincing in pain. You could feel the gash on your shoulder blade bleeding all over again. Fuck, it had just finally slowed down. You sighed and headed to the bathroom to see how bad it was. Phone in hand in case you needed to call the Winchesters to help patch you up. You had spotted them in town earlier that day. They were just passing through but stopped for the night in the event that you needed back up. You should have taken them up on it.

About halfway to the bathroom, you stopped to slowly peel your jeans off. That was pretty painfully as well, seeing as how you had been stabbed in the thigh. Yep, I’m going to need some help patching this up, you thought.

You opened the bathroom door, not even caring that it shouldn’t have been closed to begin with and put your phone down on sink counter, leaning on it almost in tears. Fuck, everything hurt.

“Welcome home sugar.”

You glanced over, and there was Gabriel, smiling in the bath, surrounded by bubbles. “Don’t give me that look, I figured you could use a nice hot bath after work today, hunny buns. Get in here.” he smiled, arms out stretched.

“I can’t, Gabe” you laughed. “I need to patch these up, fast.”

He snapped his fingers and you were naked. “Come on, come to Daddy, you know you want to.”


He stared up into your eyes “Trust me.”

Sighing you got into the tub, wincing at the pain as you leaned your back against him. He kissed your neck as a hand went to your head and you felt all your pain disappear. “See, I’ll always take care of you sugar, now hand me those chocolates.” You chuckled, leaning forward to grab the chocolates he had left at the other end of the tub. You felt his fingers run over the place where you had been cut. You knew he left no scars, but he still always seemed to know where every scar should be. Like he committed every one to memory.
He snapped his fingers, turning off the lights. Candles appeared around the room, so did a bottle of wine and two glasses.

You kissed him on the cheek as you handed him the chocolates and leaned back onto him. “Thanks Gabe, I needed this.”

“I know Sugar.” was all he said as he fed you chocolates.

I,personally, love seeing girls younger than me doing really awesome make up and hair. When I see a girl, even just by a few years, younger than me cutting diamonds with that contour and blending their shadow to the next century it’s like


I initially thought that post about 14 year old girls “skipping the ugly stage” was funny. But let’s be real, no one should/deserves to grow up feeling ugly. If they can develop awesome make up skills that make them feel pretty at an early age then good for them.

Y'all are golden ✨😘

TITLE: Happiness

SUMMARY: Shikamaru learns that he loves his life even more on the day of his birthday.


A/N: Hello! Just here posting a short story for Shikamaru on his birthday!!! He is like the ultimate BABE!! Like, seriously! I just love him so much!!!!


Nara Shikamaru was a man of many things that he found troublesome. He became Chunin without ever trying, became team leader in every mission without even asking for it, and also became a secretary for the Hokage without ever thinking about the position before. But to make it even more troublesome, he married a woman that was the total opposite of his ideal girl and even produced a what-his comrades-called; a duplicate of himself. Nevertheless, he loved his life and his family choice because he thought no one could have it better than he did.

So when his 30th birthday came around, Shikamaru did not expect much from anyone close to him. He didn’t mind that all he got that morning before going to work was a ‘Happy Birthday, Hunnie,’ and a ‘Good morning, old man,’ from his wife and son. He learned to treasure the littlest things.

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You're honestly one of the best people here so just don't worry about those stupid haters bc they don't have enough balls to say what they think and they write those stupid anon coments. I love you and I hope that you'll still be with us and bless us with your amazing work hunny ❤ you're the greatest !

You are one amazing person and my heart is so happy for are here. Thank you so much for all the love, I love you too!<3 Have an amazing day!