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!!!BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!! I just realized that the only member of the party i haven’t drawn yet was Vinca! (well I mean, if you don’t include Alfred’s Character but that’s coming soon too)

I was in a bit of an artists block since school ended for me a week ago or two. Thankfully I’ve been provided with ABSOLUTE GOLD to work with


Progress video of the Caribbean sleeve Drew Harris is working on at Double Deez Tattoos in West Chester #caribbeantattoo #octopustattoo #compasstattoo #shiptattoo #doubledeeztattoos #westchester #westchesterpa #wcu #tattoo #tattoos #instatattoo #tattoolife #tattoodesign #tattooist #tattooing #tattooshop #tattoosofinstagram #blackandgreytattoo #colortattoo #newtattoo #tattoolove #d_world_of_ink #tattoosnob (at Double Deez Tattoos)

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anonymous asked:

you're literally so hot tbh

Now I’m ballin out (Aye)
Now I’m ballin out (Aye)
Now I’m ballin out (Aye)
Now I’m ballin out (Aye)
Waka flocka flame call me, waka flocka flex!
Now I’m ballin out (Swish)
Now I’m ballin out (Swish)
Now I’m ballin out (Swish)
Now I’m ballin out (Swish)
Waka flocka flame call me, waka flocka flex!


Ice neck, wrist gliss yess I’m ballin out bitch
‘Tron goose, rose’ yess I’m drunk as fuck bitch
Ballin is my hobby, stuntin is my role model
Gettin gwap is my job and Gucci is my right hand
Waka flocka flame you my favorite rapper bruh
Can I trap witcha bruh?
Joog and Cap like ya bruh?
Count stackz like ya bruh?
Join So Icy like ya bruh?
Can I flex? Can I shine? Can I ride like ya bruh?
You can do it shawty, you can do it shawty!
Grind hard, work hard, think smarter than the average nigga
Go hard for the carats nigga
Lavish niggas
Not, not, not, not me my nigga
Work, work, work, work, work my nigga
Flex, grind on deez niggas


[Verse 2:]

In da trap with da yolks, got the rap, and the coke
I love weed smoke shawty so please let me smoke
Every ryhme a nigga wrote, I don’t need no ghost writer
This that flex, this that shine, this that ball out music
We the first B-ball team wit a woman for out coach…
B. G., Frenchie, S. G., Young G,
Small forward - Wooh Da Kid
Power forward - Waka Flocka
Center-center - Gucci Mane
Half time Imma flex, we at a full court press so you know we got Plies
Love to shoot, love to shoot like my name was Flocka Cobe
Throwing oops, throwing opps- shawty I got hella money
Rack up on the stove, ask her what she want
She point at Flocka, now I’m shootin at ya head flocka I’m ballin’