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So I did write this before but I fixed it.
I thought of this story a while ago and finally decided to put it out. I haven’t written a full out story in a while, so please excuse this rusty mess.

Pairing: Loki x reader x Thor

Word count: at least 1000

Author: Me


“Mommy, tell me a story” the young girl sat in her silken sheets as tired doe eyes force to stay open.

“Are you sure you’re up to it?” you smiled warmly, looking at her small figure in the all too big bed.

“Please” she begged the best she could, her voice small as she took in a yawn.

“Alright” you sighed. “I’ll tell you the tale of a young girl, and her prince who saved her”


Now I tell you, the long lost tale of two brothers and the daughter of a forgotten God.

Young and silent.

She stood, basking in the warm glow of the fires in a dark, dark place she stood, terrified of what could happen to the world she once knew.

She was torn between thunder and mischief, a thief and a man of good. Her father banned her from seeing them, told her about the dangers she could cause to her own well being.

She cried and screamed, the feeling of fault and failure she abjured due to her fathers discipline tore her down, made her feel helpless as he locked her away in a dark castle.

“This is to keep you safe” he shouted, locking the large door, ignoring her protests and cries.
“When you forget about them, you’ll be free”

For three years the she was locked away.

For three years she held up in her forgotten tomb, hidden away in a foreign palace.

She stood, loneliness filled her fragile body, longing for a way out, until one day, the man of good came to save her, to take her away from the terrible fate she had.

“But you know what could happen” she pleaded, begged him not to take her, the outcome could damage him, destroy the bright eyed man he was.
But he ignored it, breaking her free from her prison and taking her away.

He brought her to freedom, to his home, away from the depths of loneliness, filling her with love and passion only he could help her with.

Until one day, the man of mischief destroyed it.

The thief wallowed away in jealousy and pain he stored from watching his lone brother take the woman he loved so dearly away from him.

The only way he felt he could destroy the pain, was to take her away, forever, to destroy her like she destroyed him.

In anger, a heartfelt rage, he stood in front of his brother, staff in hand, an icy breeze tore her away from him.

“Traitor” he shouted “you thief” he screamed, in a rage fueled swing, he tossed his brother away, rushing to the young girl.

“I’ll kill you” he sobbed, staff raised her protests growing scared of what he was going to do.

His face twisted in a sorrowful scowl, lowering golden staff to her chest, silencing her pleas.

“Loki” the man of good screamed, painful weeps left him as Loki stood in shock of what he did. “How could you!” He shouted pushing past his shocked brother, landing dejectedly to his knees, embracing the now breathless woman.

His pale face emotionless, he dropping his once golden staff, the realization of what he did setting in.

“How could you” the man of good sobbed, his baby blue orbs bloodshot from the salty tears that cascaded down his face.

“How could you do this to her” he shouted, a rage unknown filled his body, stormy clouds filled the once blue sky, thunder rolled in as the man of good summoned his mighty hammer in grief.

“You shall regret this, brother” he shouted, calling his strength, blowing the man of mischief away, rushing to the motionless girl.

“Please wake up” he muttered, fear, such an unwanted feeling filled him, as he held her in his arms.


“And I think that’s it for tonight” you said, a tired smile working its way onto your worn face, the memories fading.

“But mommy” she whined “what happened to the girl?” Chuckling you pecked her forehead, tucking her in and turning off her light.

“That my dear, is for another night” you said, walking towards her baby pink colored door.

“Good night” you said finally leaving the child’s room, exhaling a tired sigh.

“She seems to have enjoyed that story love” his voice uncharacteristically quiet as he stood in the hallway, waiting for you.

“I’d have to agree” you said a small smile worked its way across your equally tired features.

“How about we get to bed too, you’ve had a quite a long day” he mumbled, an amused smile stretched almond his childlike features, his baby blues shining with undying love.

“I’d like that very much Thor”

New year, new post! I wrote this once and it ended up being 7 pages long. Wrote it again and cut it down to 6. Wrote it a third time and changed the plot, refining it to 5 pages. I hope you all had a good Christmas and I hope the new year treats you well. This request was made by @animefreak808 and I’m sorry it took so long but I needed the break. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: I saw a idea where the reader was chosen as a potential candidate to be thors bride along with others from different realms and the reader is the only one from midguard, she doesn’t know whats going on but she ends up with Loki instead

Stolen (Part 1)

“After a rigorous selection process, you have all been selected for a very prestigious and honoured role.” A man’s voice intruded on your dream.

“You will know my eldest son, Thor,” the name sounded familiar, “and so you will know of his honour, his integrity, and his general excellence. I hope that one day he will succeed me on the throne, and when that day comes he will need a Queen. So you have been selected as the most suitable candidates to fulfil that role.”

“Does… Does Thor know about this?” You couldn’t help but think, tossing in the bed sheets and groaning into the silence of the night. This dream was slowly becoming a nightmare. The voice replied, apparently having heard your question.
“He… is currently unaware.”
“Shouldn’t it be his choice? Not yours?”

“Your argument is valid but tradition overrules in this case. The process of selection has been designed to allocate a suitable partner for my son and I will not discuss it any further. You are dismissed and will now be shown to your temporary residencies.”

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This became waaaaay longer than I’d originally planned for. And unlike my previous post, it was horribly cliché, full of soap-opera worthy moments, and drama - courtesy of Tony Stark. This sequel to “First Place” was requested by all-nerds-here​ and I hope you’re happy, because I missed my bedtime to finish this. I got completely addicted to the story and ended up getting twice as much as I bargained for. Oh well, c’est la vie: Enjoy my darlings! (Please let the extreme tiredness I will undoubtedly suffer from tomorrow be worth it.) <3


“First Place” (Part 2)

Part 1

The airport was surprisingly busy for so late in the evening. As expected, you had indeed lost your job. Despite the hour long argument you had made to your boss about being an asset to the company, working tirelessly, and having nothing to do romantically with Tony Stark – he had insisted that you clear out your office. So much for making a name for myself, you thought with a surprising amount of amusement.

A woman over the intercom called out your flight number and told you to proceed to the relevant gate. Picking up your hastily packed case, you stood up and began the short walk towards home. Having gotten used to taking the train, boarding a plane now seemed a suddenly daunting prospect. The train. Ah, how fondly you would think back on that.

“I’ve been winning for the last 2 months.”

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