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Kaneki wearing a soldier uniform 😏

YAAAAY 🙏  Kaneki wearing one of these fancy outfits

and Toukachan would look like this probably


💘💘💘💘💘 imagine soldier Kaneki finally kissing nurse Touka after finding her when the war ends 

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I'LL TALK TO YOU ABOUT JINMIN lol but first what made you like jinmin above other ships? They're not my top jin ship but man are they quite special

/takes a deep breath/ thank you! okay but listen jinmin is literally (for me) the sweetest ship and jimin is so soft for jin that it made me love jinmin so much

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( ^ -^) <3

Not only am I thankful for my family and my small group of very close friends, but I’m very thankful for all you lovely artists out there :) Especially my favorite artists, @reikiwie-art @ellelehman @ookaminoki @jyojiriinchibifanartist @maggies-arts @eunnieverse ( ^ -^) <3 (seriously go check them out✨their art is great✨💕)

I went through a lot of problems this year to the point where I didn’t care about anything anymore & just wanted to give up on everything…..I even gave up drawing for a lil while….I didn’t have that strong motivation to draw anymore like before… I kinda just shut down.

It wasn’t until I came across some rwby fan art by @reikiwie-art one summer day that made me stop in my tracks. Their art was so good that I had to see more. Then not long after, I found @jyojiriinchibifanartist @ookaminoki @ellelehman @eunnieverse & @maggies-arts & i’ve never been happier c: Especially after a bad day, I would just go home, look at their art or read some of their comics, & would feel better after that😌 (especially @eunnieverse comics of dumb rwby😂 they crack me up & I love it😂) Then there was a sudden spark in me & before you know it, I bought myself a new sketching pad with some drawing pens. The lil fire in me came back and I was motivated & determined to practice & start drawing again….to the point where I want to & hopefully become an artist & draw for a living :,)

*sigh~* You 6 have pulled me out of so many bad days & the lil empty corner I was stuck in & helped me go back to drawing again which makes me really happy ( ^ ^)

Srry this is so long and a lil late, but just wanted you guys to know how much you & your art mean to me c,: I’ll do my best & hopefully be like you guys one day & make others out there happy ( ^ ^) & thank you all so much for dedicating your time to draw & putting your art out there for all of us to enjoy :,) <3

-With lots of love,

a lil shy kawaii penguin c: ( “)>💕

P.s. If some of you are Black Friday shopping, shop shop shop & be safe ( ^ ^)👍🏼🖤👜


I’ve never worked with clay before, but I wanted to make something in honor of She-Beth, the melanistic leopard, who passed away. This is just a practice for a bigger version (and hopefully more detailed). Took about 17 hours to make… spent all day yesterday working on it and a little bit of the night before. Excuse the extremely messy desk.

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hello!! Im a jikook shipper. I saw your post where you said you think jikook might be real. (: but i saw you mention another group you liked, and despite knowing that group, you never grew suspicion over a ship. i dont want to name the ship but i think you may know which one it is (two members who have been v close since before debut. discharged from the military a couple months ago.) I would subconsciously compare jikook to them sometimes bc idk... its so supicious djfks. wdy think??

Yes.. I know which ship you’re talking about. I’ll be honest.. with the EH/DH ship, I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned out real. But I’m 50-50 on that. Things I can’t deny about the ship is that they’re:

- tuned in to (mostly if not only) each other
- always together
- cute that he calls EH’s mum, “MUM”
- very touchy
- protective
- biased
- when they have beef, it’s obvious
- do get jealous
- always either complimenting each other or bickering
- they ship themselves

But with SJ I’m not so sure because they’ve always been very opaque in their fan service and could come of as either clingy best friends or well-established “some”. Maybe it’s because of how blatant they’re being that the ship is able to hide in plain sight. I’m looking at it from an extremely close friendship point of view. It can slide to either or. Though I don’t know how they are off camera. And their personalities are genuinely pretty loud with each other so I don’t know how they converse in private. It could be a relationship.. it could be a soulmate thing.. could be friendship.

But like.. the thing about Jikook that strikes me is that they had progression and at one point it felt like they were fighting against their feelings or summat? In the beginning they made it out like a joke but even through the joke the gazes are soft. And the touches that count are subtle. The intonation in their voices gradually evolved over time and the way they tilt their heads and kinda get lost in looking at each other is.. interesting? The fundamentals are quiet with punches of loudness a.k.a. Summer Package, GCF, etc

Touching includes things like combing hands through each other’s hair and having seemingly quiet mental breakdowns for certain reasons or during certain skin-ships. And mostly because a lot of the time it seems like JK/JM are dying to say something or are questioning half the shit they do. Like when JM “kissed” JK’s neck during the fan signing for supposed “fan service” and walked off to the side looking lost?

What I can’t deny about HH is that they love each other and they’re not your average relationship. They could be dating. It’s highly possible. I’m not exactly opposed. But Jikook is still at the top of my list of ships that made me go ????? It all boils down to body language.

Honestly one thing Papa Tyler must’ve genetically passed down to me is the habit of making encouraging posts for other people who have problems similar to my own instead of like… actually addressing said problems

Dr. Even warned that I would hurt more at about day three post-op because the numbing medicine he put in my spine would wear off.

It wore off. lol

Still, though, the pain is nowhere near what I was feeling before and for that I am eternally grateful. Words cannot express how much pain I was in for those last few hours before surgery without pain meds. There is a reason why I cried when that pain was finally gone.

What I’m feeling now is a very deep ache deep down in my spine along with some slight burning where the incision is. There’s some discomfort underneath me where the disc pain was, but I say discomfort as an overstatement. It’s like a 0.5 on the pain scale, so more of a “I feel something down there” than a “this hurts”.

I had to call Dr. Even’s office on Wednesday because my discharge papers said to call and report any coldness, tingling, or numbness in the toes, and the outer most three toes on my right foot are numb along with the heel, slightly in the calf, and all down the back of my right thigh from just under the cheek to the knee. When his assistant, Ambrosia, called me back (she’s the one who went over my MRI images with me last week and is super nice; I liked her a lot) she assured me that the numbness is completely normal and is just that bruised nerve healing (thank god!). The numbness will go away in the next few weeks from the top down, so my toes will be the last thing to get feeling back.

Then she told me the good news that since I was up and walking around so much with zero pain in my legs, I could go ahead and take off the compression stockings two days early! That made me SO happy because compression stockings are SO tight and uncomfortable! After getting off the phone I (carefully) sat down in a chair, stuck out my leg, and told my mom “Be my prince for me!!” so she could pull them off for me. She did so with impressive flare. lol

Thanksgiving was nice, albeit a little uncomfortable given that the numbing medicine started wearing off right before we sat down to eat.

Holidays are casual in my family and are more about spending time together than being fancy, so it’s always comfy clothes at the dinner table and disposable table wear (although it’s always themed and color coordinated to look nice) with a live floral centerpiece with candles in it. This year, though, my mom and I were never able to go out and pick out the table wear.

Because of this my mom jokingly said to me last week that we should just use some of the leftover 4th of July stars and stripes plates from Costco for Thanksgiving, and we had a good laugh over the concept before I said you know what? Let’s actually do that. Then we decided to go all out with the hodge-podge of leftover holiday things from years past, including an ugly turkey tablecloth that’s been under our buffet server since I was a child, last year’s Christmas napkins, and an old ceramic Halloween jack-o’-lantern as the centerpiece.

So for this year it was, behold:

Merry 4th of Thanksween.

Later today my bandages can come off, which I am very happy about. Right now I have a lump of gauze on my back under a waterproof plastic covering, and when I lean back in a chair or lay on my back in bed it puts pressure on the incision and is really uncomfortable. Hopefully the steri-strips on the incision are dry because then I can just leave the incision as-is, open to the air to finish healing. Dr. Even said the steri-strips would fall off on their own in a couple weeks.

Fingers crossed that the strips are dry with no seepage from the incision (even though some seepage is normal). I want this to heal as quickly as possible so I can get back to normal! I still have deadlines to meet in the next couple weeks from holiday clients to Born to Shine, so I’d really like to get moving on recovery. Five solid weeks of this hell was enough.

200 follower raffle i guess

so y'all thanks for 200 followers u all make me v happy dkdjdkks even if ur a porn bot or a dead account or whatever but anyway i’m doing a raffle thing (even though i have a shitton of art i owe people oh dear) and there will be 1 writing prize and 2 art prizes. wow amazign

anyway all u have to do to enter is:

  • be following me
  • reblog this post and put in the tags one (1) f/o and one (1) reason you love them
  • that’s right ur not just getting a prize by reblogging a single post. i have standards
  • just wait a while. i’ll see your reblog eventually and assign you a number in the dms after seeing if you entered right or not. if i don’t dm you within a few days, it means that you either didn’t enter correctly, you’re not following me, or i just didn’t see it. just ping me a message and i’ll be right on the case.

misc things:

  • the deadline is thursday november 30th one week from now. on that night i’ll put all the numbers into a random generator and the 3 that come out will be the winners
  • likes don’t count
  • only one reblog. i’ll check. please don’t reblog to more than one blog, that’s cheating and being a general asshole not giving other people a fair chance.
  • please don’t just unfollow after the raffle. i hate that people mooch off creators for content and i know the feel, it’s very disheartening.

art prizes:

  • two of these will be awarded to two seperate people
  • fully lined, coloured, shaded etc. upper body shot of maximum three people, references are required.
  • i’ll do basically anything that isn’t pedophilia, incest, gore, mecha etc.
  • nsfw is okay as long as it’s not too extreme.
  • if you want to see some of my art, my draw tag is moon draws
  • i’ll dm you a sketch of the piece if you want because my style changes so much even i can’t keep up with it most of the time.

writing prize:

  • one (1) prize will be awarded to one (1) person
  • a drabble of max 1000 words.
  • same rules as the art: no pedophilia, incest, gore, mecha, slight/implied nsfw is okay, etc.
  • you can honestly be as specific or vague as you want and include as many characters as you want but you’ve been warned now, leaving me up to my own devices is a terrible idea

okay i think that’s all thanks for listening to my ted talk and also for 200 followers all of whom i love

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If hayley is into girls, who do you think she’d date? My money’s still on lindsey byrnes

ok, before I answer this..
[Disclaimer: Neither of us are actually saying hayley is gay or seriously speculating about her sexuality. I’m just answering a fun ask.]

I think everyone’s money would be on Lindsey Byrnes. haha They have such a great relationship, and she’s been there for hayley throughout a lot of this Chad shit. And it’s clear they have fun together. The slumber parties and all. :) Then again, she may go for someone totally outside of her circle.

..But, apparently, on tumblr, it’s sinful and wrong to even mention the possibility of hayley getting together with any girl. ….or anyone other than Tay/lor. ..which makes so much sense, because speculating about them is somehow.. better? or more realistic? …ok.  Anyways..