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Hey Emma 💛 Do you have any advice for procrastination? I also have a hard time concentrating, what do you do (or think I could do) that would help with that?

Hi! I’ve had a few questions like this recently so I’m just going to answer this one and hopefully anyone who asked a similar question will see it! But on with the answer. I think there is a few different reasons why we procrastinate so I’m going to note those down and give a few tips for each. You can obviously apply any ideas that you like regardless of what section I’ve put them under! 

1. You’ve got poor work/productivity habits. Generally you leave things until the last minute since you “work better under pressure”. (This is so me, omg.) You probably think you’ll do something after you’ve finished something else, and then never do. You get distracted whenever you’re trying to study and will sit waiting to feel motivated but it never comes. For this I’d suggest:

  • create a productive work environment - choose a space where you will actually work without distractions, organise your study space, have everything you need in easy reach. Surround yourself with things you find motivating such as quotes! 
  • write it out - write down a few manageable tasks that you need to do. Writing the actions they require will help you see what you should be doing to complete something, instead of just the overall task. One by one you’ll see yourself getting things done!
  • focus on 20-30 minute periods - generally we lose focus after a while so taking regular breaks can help give you chance to relax and refocus. Apps like Forest allow you to set a timer and will give you off your phone at the same time. Obviously if you’re being productive, don’t suddenly cut that off because it is “time for a break”.
  • use apps/browser extensions to cut out distractions - ones like RescueTime or StayFocusd will block you from checking certain sites.
  • find an accountability partner - pick someone who you can rely on to check on your regularly and see how your tasks are coming along. You can send them your to-do list and then every few hours you can update them with your progress. You won’t want to let them down.
  • use the two-minute rule - if something takes less than two minutes, do it. Don’t make an excuse, just do it. Tasks that are longer you can either delegate or defer. Here is a simple visualisation of what I mean.
  • record your progress - doing a simple “don’t break the chain” in your planner is a great way to see how productive you’re being and therefore get you more motivated to keep it up!

2. You’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Everything seems to be mounting up and nothing seems doable. You don’t know where or how to start. For this I’d suggest:

  • find some help - if you’re feeling like this, it is likely you need some help in some form or another. See if a family member, friend, classmate or teacher (or Google) can help or give you a starting point.
  • tell yourself that getting started is the first step - you don’t need to finish a task in a matter of minutes. Start doing something small. Maybe organise what you need, highlight the important bits of your assessment, or draft an essay plan. The secret to getting ahead is getting started!
  • divide and conquer - figure out what is the overall task that you need to do and split it into manageable parts. For instance with an essay the aim is to write it! Divide it into planning out what you want to write, any references you need, summarising a final draft and then writing each paragraph. By dividing bigger tasks into actionable parts you can reduce the obstacles and get through each part in a more timely manner.
  • reward yourself - create a reward system to celebrate completing a selection of tasks. By rewarding your progress you’ll build an incentive to work and reinforce productivity (great for your self-discipline!). 
  • learn to forgive yourself - if you have an off day, that is okay! You can’t expect to see a huge change in a short amount of time. Remember to come back to it later and try again.
  • don’t over schedule - if you’re feeling pressure from the amount of work and then the added pressure of trying to stick to a time limit, you’re just going to go crazy. Set yourself flexible times to get something done instead of being heavily structured. Give yourself time for a break and the ability to change tasks.
  • stick with one task - it can be so tempting to multitask but try not to. Try to keep focus on the what you’re doing until it is done. If you struggle with that, you could write down anything useful that you randomly think about for another task, use a break-time to think about that other task or alternate between subjects/tasks every few hours.

3. You’re a perfectionist. You either don’t want to start something out of fear you won’t get it right or you can stuck on stuck on the small details. There is a pressure to achieve “perfection”. For this I’d suggest:

  • focus on getting started, instead of finishing - it is easy to get overwhelmed thinking about what something is supposed to be like finished if you’re a perfectionist. Take things one step at a time.
  • remember that your perfectionist tendencies aren’t actually improving your work or productivity but hindering you - you’re continually setting yourself unrealistic objects and (like me) probably feel let down by yourself if you don’t reach them. Be realistic and focus on getting it done!
  • accept mistakes - you’ve written something wrong, don’t panic! Cross it out with a single line and move on. Things happen and you have to accept it. You can’t rip up the page every time you do something wrong, even if it is so tempting.
  • put things in perspective - is what you’re beating yourself up about right now going to mean anything in a week, a month, a year? Be honest if it isn’t, is it really worth putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.
  • praise yourself through the process - try not to criticise yourself but recognise your progress. 

4. You’re wanting to do something else. You find whatever you’re doing boring. You want it to be over with but don’t want to get started. The ultimate catch 22, right? For this I’d suggest:

  • remember that putting it off isn’t going to make it go away - if you leave it too long you’ll end up getting more stressed about it. Best to get it over with. 
  • plan from the get-go - once you know something is coming up (e.g. a test, an assessment, etc) make notes on it! That could be questions, annotations, potential topics, citations, etc. By making the effort to spend time reading through, you’ll save your future self some stress. Especially if it’s a topic you have forgotten. That way your notes act as a reminder so you can get started.
  • set a finish time with a reward - tell yourself that if you finish something by and then you can do something else. Use your self-discipline to not go back on this. Set a realistic time and try to get it complete before. If you can think that you’re doing something fun once it is completed, you’ll be more motivated to get it done.
  • make a structure - for note-taking, it can be overwhelming looking at a textbook and thinking what you’re going to write out. Make a note-taking layout/colour code that works for you and that subject. Mine is here - it just give me an idea of how I’d lay everything instead of going in with no action plan. 
  • try to make it fun - this could be using YouTube to learn or starting a study group. Use different methods for memorising information such as flashcards, mindmaps or study guides (like question/answer).
  • make the effort to refocus - if you’re finding something boring and you’re unfocused, walk away for 5 minutes, get a drink and come back. If you’re really struggling, change topics for a while. Find a point where you can finish and start doing something else that is productive. 
  • listen to some music - generally music without lyrics are best for focusing. Spotify has a great playlist for studying called ‘focus’. However I find my regular music good for getting me a little more motivated and awake. I also like writing essays to music because I weirdly sort of type in the same rhythm. Funny study hack I’ve found that works for me haha! 

I hope that is useful! I must have copied and pasted my whole answer like 5 times just incase my tab reloaded and I lost everything, luckily not! You should also check out this post for smaller motivation tips and tricks! xx

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How do you think ATLA "high school" AU would be like? How each character would look like as a student or teacher?

starting with the gaang, I’ll put the rest under a cut


Aang: The good kind of popular kid who throws parties and invites everyone, even the people who don’t like him very much. His grades aren’t always the best because he’s a terrible procrastinator, but works very hard with incentive, though he has great grades in sociology and takes his spirituality very seriously (studies a lot of works on famous philosophers). 

Katara: The volunteer kid, AB student. Always the one pitching in to improve things around the school, but tends to clash a lot with the teachers when they pull policy (and when an extracurricular event needs her help, she’ll hold it over them forever). Pretends not to be into the latest gossip circulating around, but always is. 

Sokka: The Brilliant but Lazy kid who would be competing with Azula for grades but usually has to have additional motivation to try, but he studies like crazy for big tests. He can be kind of pretentious sometimes when it comes to science, and reads too many mystery novels, but opens up over time to become a more fun individual. Has a following of crushes he’s only vaguely aware about. 

Toph: The rich delinquent, she’s rumored to have been engaging in gambling around campus, but so far, no one’s been able to catch her at it. Her out of school life is shrouded in mystery, yet always seems to have money to spare. Her grades are mostly Cs because in her words “passing is fine.”

Zuko: Resident teen rebel, he doesn’t get along with most of the teachers at all and prefers to keep to the back of the class. Frequently failing several classes and doesn’t know what to do (too proud to go to his sister for help), but a crumbling home life factors into it as well. Too outspoken about his opinions to be much fun in a debate. 

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2 May, 2017 | nerdybun’s printable!
» click / tap for better resolution

haii guys c: how’s your May going so far? I know it’s exam season and the end of the school year for most of you [great timing nichole] but here’s a printable grade tracker for you all!

maybe save it for the next year? or if you’re taking your exams in winter, great! track your grades throughout the school year with this printable, and use it as an incentive to work harder if your grades have been bad or if they’re not what you need to get into your dream university!

download link and example under the cut c:

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If everyone was just given food, medicine, and housing, where is the insensitive to work? I know plenty of people who would be happy to live off the bare minimum if they never had to work for it

i think the incentive to work is that your work makes things better! if everyone’s basic needs were taken care of, people would be able to focus their energy on the work that most needs to be done to improve their communities, instead of the work that will generate the most profit for corporations. some people will be able to do work they are genuinely passionate about, and others will do the more tedious work of keeping their communities safe and well-maintained, willing to do this work because it is highly valued and they are appreciated and taken care of. you might think the only reason someone would do a dangerous or disgusting job would be because they’d starve otherwise. i think they’d elect to do that job as long as the rewards outweighed the risks.

one 2014 study at the university of pennsylvania demonstrated that people with the option of doing nothing instead of performing a task opted to expend more effort on the task than people who did not have that option. not being forced to work actually made them more productive.

the canadian province of manitoba experimented with giving people a guaranteed, unconditional income, and they found that hardly anyone stopped working. some workers reduced their hours slightly, by a maximum of 8%. most chose to work the same amount, and some chose to work as little as 1% fewer hours. 

do “lazy” people exist? probably, but i feel they are much less common than fiscally conservative fearmongers would have you believe. more importantly, i feel the popular definition of laziness is informed by classism, ableism, racism, etc.

plus you gotta ask yourself if the people you know who seemingly have no internal drive to work are just innately like that or if it is at least partially a response to living under capitalism, you know?

but like…even if there are people out there who just genuinely choose not to be “useful” i still think those people have the right to food and shelter and medicine, since there is plenty to go around.

Birthday Girl

Final revised version.

“Well birthday girl,” he sighed as he rose back to his feet, gripping her wrists to pull her from the door. “I’m quite ready to deliver your present.”

“Then, I’m quite ready to receive it.” She replied with a cheeky smile adorning her face.

“You’re not feeling well.”


“You should go tell your guest you’re not feeling well, tell them it would be best for them to leave.”

“I should.”

The night was far from its beginning, and far from its end but, already Avery was ready for it to be over. Lying to all of her guests at her own party was awful hostessing but, for what Harry was promising, she was very ready to throw her manners out of the window.

Niall had warned her of Harry, he told her just how persuading Harry could be. She was a strong woman, but at first meet, Harry had already held a power over her. He was captivating and intriguing and instead of focusing on her birthday festivities with the rest of her friends and family, she was busy on trying to figure who this mysterious green-eyed, skinny-jean clad, headscarf bearing guy was.

It took some time but, eventually, she did figure out Harry. And now she was pressed against a wall with his hips locking her in place. His hand cupped her cheek as he pulled away from her lips with a subtle smacking noise, looking down into her eyes, his holding nothing but amusement.

Her cheeks were flushed, and she was panting slightly. There was no way she would be able to walk back out into the party without everyone knowing exactly what she had gone off to do. Granted, she could play her appearance off as a part of her “sickness” but the thought of everyone knowing what he has done to her, what he was planning on doing to her, made him throb in his tight jeans.

He pecked her nose affectionately before pulling away, “Go on then.”

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Hi, I was wondering if you could recommend your favorite KHR fanfics? I've been wavering in my worship of the KHR fandom and I need more motivation.

Sorry for the wait, this was the kind of ask that is easier to write on a desktop

If you’re in a fandom where Metisket has written a fic you have probably already read Metisket but just in case you haven’t: read Metisket. Yes, even the first-person G fic. Do it

Izanyas just wrote an emotional gutpunch of a Fon/Mammon fic, Forty-Eight. Short, sweet, painful.

Kilewolf has pretty much mastered writing Yam POVs, all of them are intense and lovingly crafted. (Like The Edge Of A Knife is my fav but it’s only on AO3)

Venture Out Of Boredom is a REEEAAAAALLY good OC fic with STELLAR integration of the character and everything is constructed so tightly it is RIDICULOUS

Abraxas is a MTNN/KHR fic. It only works if you read the entire Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro manga to the end (not the anime; different tone, different ending). Works as a great incentive to read Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro to the end.

Esquitor is basically my bossom buddy in ridiculous, over-complicated AUs  and we do everything in pairs nowadays because our thought process is basically identical?? Even our exact techniques in making our doofy AUs that need wikis to fully parse and our decision to make webcomics on the side. We are presumably the same person at this point

This agonizing Yam Meta fic

Morcai’s stellar time travel character drama fic, Birthright, which is WONDERFUL and AN ICON and WORTH ALL THE ACCLAIM 

Esama’s stellar time travel psychological drama fic, Sidelines, which is WONDERFUL and AN ICON and WORTH ALL THE ACCLAIM. (I’ve had a bad experience with Esama’s fandom so I’m really prickly about recing or even acknowledging her works but like…they’re good shit and I love all of them and the author herself is pretty amicable)

Athanotosora’s stellar time travel fix-it adventure drama A Sky’s Charisma, which is WONDERFUL and AN ICON and definitely focuses a lot more on Tsuna proactively resolving issues from his timeline. I think these 3 fics describe the 3 most appealing aspects of time travel fics and that’s why nothing ever really rose up to match them

Yamamoto Takeshi as Uchiha Sasuke. Exactly as good as you think it might be, which is EXCELLENT

Robot Tsuna fic that updates never but there was a long pause since the last time it updated too (though it wasn’t a year and a half………..) so: recing anyway. Support that author

This INCREDIBLY SAPPY Tsuna&Gokudera relationship/friendship fic which KICKED SEVERAL LEVELS OF MY ENTIRE ASS

This post-canon Mochida fic

Nana/Reborn fic which is just about the most sappy, adorable, cheesy Iemitsu-bashing romance fic I have EVER seen and I am REVELLING

Irony is slow to update, but still updates at a base concept of ‘regularly’, and you should support it. It’s pretty much the Tsuna/Gokudera time travel fic but with Reborn and several shades more dramatic.

Full Circle is a GREAT Lambo meta codafic, working both as a prequel and a sequel to canon, as typical with Lambo.

It’s A Mafia Life is a bad fic but I unironically adore it so fuck off? As the title implies, Tsuna finds out what would have happened if he wasn’t there. Ending played my sappy-ass heartstrings

I feel I’m contractually obligated to rec The Flame Of Day, AKA the best KHR post-canon fic anyone has written ever, at this point

Really intense heartbreaking Tsuna can’t die fic which also hasn’t updated in forever; I’m pretty sure there was a brief fandom renaissance in 2015~2016 that died out quickly, leaving fic authors without the support to motivate them. I don’t know what happened but please review fics you like

Kyogre’s fics, another author known for being Really Goddamn Good at KHR

Aaaaaand that’s it. I haven’t been reading KHR fics in 2017, so if you folks want to rec me some right back to me, I’d love it!

This made my day. 

I’m just starting to watch The Walking Dead, I’m on season 3. But hell, I’ve seen lots, and lots, and LOTS of spoilers, since forever. And I knew for a very long time, how popular was Daryl Dixon. I started to watch the show, mostly because of him, cause I’m writing a character in my novel, who could possibly be similar to him.

Well, two things that I know now: my character is not even close to Daryl, cause he is too good. Seriously, the guy is the sweetest thing.

The other thing I realized is that, fandom use to portray him like a sex bomb. I mean, yeah, Norman Reedus is QUITE sexy. The character’s outward appearance is sexy too: strong arms, skilled warrior, broad shoulders, a crossbow, a motorcycle, knives… I definitely have a thing for archers.

BUT… In three seasons, I haven’t heard a single innuendo from him. I’ve never seen him spotting someone’s ass, or telling anybody (woman or man) “s/he’s hot”. And now I find this quote, and it made me very happy. I always saw the character like… A VIRGIN. He’s had a crappy, really crappy life, with a violent family. The apocalypse found him on his… early thirties? Zombies eating people everywhere can work as an incentive for some people: “let’s love now, we could be dead tomorrow”. But not everyone should react the same way.

But what if you were already a little damaged when everything started? What if you have ASD? (Not saying autistic people are damaged, just naming possibilities) What if you didn’t ever have enough self esteem to approach a girl, and ask her out? And you didn’t go to a hooker, because that was what your abusive dad, and your older brother always did? This gives room for all kind of asexual and demisexual headcanons.

I like Caryl as a ship, but mostly because if it ever becomes canon, the relationship will come from deep mutual respect, support and comfort. I don’t see anything sexy/sexual about their interactions, but I see a lot of love. I think Carol should make the first move… and all the moves, in a field where Daryl is illiterate. 

If I ever write romance or smut for this fandom, this would be my headcanon. Daryl is a virgin, or has complicated story with sex and affection. Because, what could be more beautiful, than an action hero who’s not the sexy guy, but the loser? Thank you, Norman Reedus, I see what you’re doing, and I approve. I believe it.

21 things you can do now to organize in your own community, brought to you by some of our generation’s leading activists and organizers.

1. Get familiar with your elected officials. Take a couple of minutes to double check your elected officials, their voting records and public stances. Whether you agree with them politically or not, learning a bit more about elected officials can be an effective way to understand and humanize them. Find your elected representatives here. — Mallika Madhusudan

2. Call and meet with your representatives. Politics is local, so contact your elected representatives on issues that matter to you. Whether it’s a member of your local school board or your senator, here’s how to do that effectively. Document your meetings on social media, on a podcast, in video or in writing. What did you discuss? What did you learn? How did it change your opinion or make you see things in a new way? Elected officials regularly review phone calls from constituents to get a sense of how they should vote. So this absolutely matters. Make your voice heard. Literally. — Mark Kogan

3. Lead a protest at your representative’s local office. Hashtag protests might get us likes, but they rarely change policy. Remember, most elected officials are not savvy on social media. So if you really want to make your voice heard, gather a group of friends and lead a protest outside your elected official’s local office. Call your local television station before you do so and make sure they bring their cameras. Alert reporters at local media companies and make sure they write about it. Even a group as small as 20 people can make a big difference if they are vocal and get attention. This kind of pressure becomes impossible for elected officials to ignore. — Mark Kogan

4. Run for office. There are over a half million elected officials in our country, and elections happen every year! Check out the new site or to get started. Maybe it’s for your school board, town council, neighborhood commission or something else. Running for office is the highest expression of citizenship and one of the most important contributions to our system of self-government. — Nick Troiano

5. Take action every day. Sign up at to receive a single action you can take every day. For example, this week you can call members of Congress and read them excerpts from Breitbart stories to protest Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon to the White House. #FightTrump will send you actions you can do every week, every month and after Jan. 20, when Trump actually takes power. Get involved. Act. — Mark Kogan

6. Understand your local and state voting processes. Registering to vote is not as easy as it sounds — particularly for certain demographics, those without access to driver’s licenses or those without easy access to online or mobile registration. Investigate how people different from you experience voting. Learn about the challenges they face, such as voter suppression and disenfranchising regulations. — Shreya Ganeshan

7. Construct local monuments. When the Berlin Wall fell and so many countries were freed from Soviet-style communism, some of the first actions they took were to bury the dead, lay flowers at important public spaces and consecrate the public spaces that were now sacred sites for new democracies. Communities in profound political transition need to mourn. What are the sacred spaces in our communities right now — those that remind us what democracy means and why we will fight to keep it alive? How do we consecrate them and make them into places where we can all continue to meet and remember why we care about this country so much? — Szelena Gray

8. Fight to reform our political system. The operating system of our democracy needs an upgrade. Many of the structural incentives work to push us apart rather than bring us together. Support groups that are working to reform our political process. For example, FairVote is working on redistricting reform, Electoral College reform and voting reform. Some of these reforms can start at a local level. — Nick Troiano

9. Meet your fellow Americans. Try to meet and hold discussions with people unlike you. Get to know your fellow Americans. Strike up pen-pal connections or organize Skype and FaceTime chats with folks in different communities from your own. Focus on discussing tough issues and getting to know what is important to one another. — Mark Kogan

10. Move your money. Donating to worthy causes is an important way to make change. But if you don’t have a bunch of money to spare, commit to changing the way you spend the money you do have. Support black-owned businesses. Or consider moving your bank account from a large bank to a community bank or credit union. I recommend Amalgamated Bank. — Joelle Gamble

11. Commit to national service. Serve your community and the country by participating in public service. Participate in projects that emphasize community building and recovery. You don’t have to join the military or AmeriCorps: Find a local community project or state effort, meet people and help improve the lives of the people around you. — Mark Kogan

12. Make a plan for civic purpose. Check out Pathways, a nonpartisan civic leadership program. It’s a unique approach that provides a space where people can identify, plan and make moves toward their civic purpose. The idea is that people have to identify and own their decisions themselves, not be persuaded what to do. It’s intentionally nonpartisan and uses methodologies from several fields to design a program structure that is as empowering as possible. — Alex Torpey, Pathways program director

13. Disrupt the two-party duopoly. Both parties are over 150 years old! They no longer represent most Americans. We’re the generation that has revolutionized virtually every other industry, and it’s time we did the same for politics. A majority of millennials are political independents who consider themselves “fiscally conservative and socially liberal.” The Centrist Project is organizing this movement. Get involved and help shape it. — Nick Troiano, Centrist Project executive director

14. Exit your bubble. Diversify your news sources. Use an aggregator like RealClearPolitics for daily opinion pieces across the political spectrum. If you’re conservative-leaning, get a subscription to the New York Times. If you’re progressive-leaning, get a subscription to the Wall Street Journal. Recognize that your social media feed is likely an echo chamber and proactively work to challenge your thinking. — Nick Troiano

15. Learn from work being done globally. There is incredible work being done overseas, which provides valuable insights that can be applied to doing better community empowerment in the United States. So much “development” at home and abroad ignores the agency of a particular community. Organizations like Spark MicroGrants do really amazing jobs at being authentically community driven. — Alex Torpey

16. “Bring us together.” Richard Nixon adopted this slogan during his campaign after his aides saw a teenager carrying a sign with those words during a rally in Ohio. This should be the message we bring to every elected official after 2016. Bring us together, please. Make this the next political sign on your lawn, the next branded message on your social media profile — just make it the next thing you ask your elected official to do. Because it is the single most important thing for any of our leaders to do now. — Szelena Gray

17. Rebuild the Democratic Party. Go join that Democratic town committee you once joked about being a retirement home, and get your friends to come. Find your state offices and ask them for a calendar of events. Recruit the bravest, smartest people you know to run for local office. Or maybe you should run. Challenge elected officials in both parties to do better. Swamp their offices, jam their phone lines, list your demands. — Frank Chi

18. Go home more often. This Thanksgiving, remember that even one’s own family members and friends might be outside your political-thinking bubble. Acceptance and change can be hard without any exposure but might be easier coming from a loved one. Are you a transplant to a city from a small town or rural area? Do you work on this every day but your family in the suburbs doesn’t think about it much? Visit your family, visit other people’s families, share what’s important to you and organize within them. We need to show our representatives that we value compromise and coming together. —  Adrienne Scott and Brenna Conway

19. Stay woke. Rhetoric can persuade and mislead. As a new administration takes hold, there will be a flood of talk about what will and will not come out of Washington. Our job is to pay attention now, not a few weeks before the next election. Politicians can make promises and change stances. But actions speak louder than words. Learn who is being put in charge of government, research their background and see if what actions they talk about actually align with the change you hope to see. Sign up for listservs and updates from organizations who care about government accountability. Follow organizations who have a mission of fighting for the communities you care about. — Joelle Gamble

20. Challenge others to keep caring. A lot of people are really upset right now — far beyond individuals who are generally politically engaged and even beyond those who generally vote. Keep bugging your friends, family and neighbors to stay engaged. When you do something political or issue-driven, bring someone along. — Dominic Russel

21. Activate your skill set and leverage your expertise. Are you a creative in advertising? Design the resistance. Are you a developer in tech? Create technology for organizers. Are you in entertainment and work with celebrities who are outraged? Make sure they amplify the voices of those on the front lines. We shouldn’t all be doing just one thing. We should all be doing what we are best at. Moments like this require us to ask what we are experts on and how we can maximize our skill sets and our networks to make the most impact. — Frank Chi

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JAMFIC: single dad!dirk/jake

@cityinthesea shared an idea recently:

I want… an AU… where dirk raises dave, and beta bro just doesn’t exist
single dad dirk, where dirk dropped out of college in his third year of an art + philosopher double major to raise then 3yr old dave, makes money doing freelance coding and odd jobs, and meets jake when dave is around 9 just when he’s starting to get sassy and has picked up swearing like a sailor from his older bro (to dirks everlasting shame) and dirk has effectively spent the last 6yrs in the most incredible dry spell and internally screaming at the fear of fucking up this child he is responsible for
jake takes to dave well, and dave is an openly affection seeking little shit because he grew up in a good (if a bit unqualified) home

Aaaaaand I hadn’t done a ficjam in months, so I had some fun with the idea. Within you’ll find small Dave, Aunt Janey, a weary but warm Dirk, and a flirty hopeful Jake. And no beta’ing whatsoever.

Jane had told you a million times that she’d given you a key to her house for a reason, that anytime you were in her area, you were welcome to come visit. At the time, it’d worried you; you’d always gotten the impression Jane fancied you, but were never sure. The last thing you wanted to do was take advantage of that. But giving someone a key to one’s abode and private sanctuary was not a decision made lightly, and Jane Crocker didn’t make any decision lightly.

You’d given her a pester (or bother, on her end) to let her know you’d be coming around. Now, it’s a crisp morning in the outskirts of Seattle, the air fresh from the evening rain. From the front door of her house, you can hear the faint noise of livelihood going on inside, that distinctly vague feeling permeating. It’s been a long time since you’ve been in a home like Jane’s, you think.

You knock, and there’s no answer. The key bites into your fingers as you fortify your nerves and slide it into the door, unlocking it (oh dear, you’d sort of hoped that wouldn’t work?) and letting yourself in.

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*:・゚✧*:・゚✧Happy 2015 *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

A few days late but better late then never~! *haha

Thank you so much to all of my followers and friends here on Tumblr and all of my watchers and friends over on Deviantart. Your support for both me and my artwork over the past few years has meant the world to me and I simply cannot say enough about you all b/c each and every one of you is nothing short of amazing and I’m so glad that I’ve met you all~! ♥♥♥

I hope the everyone has a wonderful, happy, and productive 2015 and here’s to another great year~! Yeeeaaayyyuuhhh~!!!!! 



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how do i reply to people who use the "incentive to work" argument against communism? this is probably a stupid question but yeah

i feel that this question has become easier and easier to answer as capitalism has developed, as there are many new approaches to its solution. i’ll try to cover the ones that ive used the most frequently in debates with capitalists. 

one of the ways that has been particularly useful in attacking this anti-communist position is to point back to the sort of early communism that engels talks about in his “origins of the family”. people worked together on a communal basis because they had to. if they didnt, they would not survive. our incentive then, is not for material gain, but to stay alive. its an incredibly simple answer, but one that i think has some explanatory power to this day. despite all of the complex social relations that have developed in the past 100,000 years, the innovations in technology, breakthroughs in medicine, we are still laboring for the same reason: to survive. if the productive classes of history had all decided to abstain from their work, humanity wouldve been died out long ago. in capitalism, we work to sustain ourselves, our families, even society itself– that much hasn’t changed– but what has changed is the incredible productive force that we engage in our labor. 

the world since the industrial revolution has given us access to mechanized labor that is responsible for directly producing many of the commodities that we consume. under capitalism, this is actually a large problem for the worker. as marx acknowledges, 

[The workers] direct their attacks not against the bourgeois conditions of production, but against the instruments of production themselves; they destroy imported wares that compete with their labour, they smash to pieces machinery, they set factories ablaze, they seek to restore by force the vanished status of the workman of the Middle Ages.

workers are forced to compete with the mechanized labor that is constantly introduced. this is a struggle that has been going on for a long time, and capitalists are constantly adjusting their ratio of living and dead labor (workers to machinery) to lower prices and increase profits, but at the same time, they begin to lose their consumer-base as more and more wage-laborers are replaced by machinery. 

it becomes instantly easier to imagine a world without an “incentive to work” when you realize that we have this gigantic web of production that could produce for us, almost entirely without any direct input of human labor, but in our current system, where the struggle between living and dead labor exists, that isn’t an option. 

indeed, you do see what appears to be labor without incentive in the modern world outside of the factories. many computer programs are developed for free without the producer ever making a penny. artists are constantly writing, painting, filming, etc, often just in their own free time, without ever being paid for it. this sort of work is done because they have the leisure to do so, something that would surely exist in a communist system. taking it a step further, into the more direct realm of social production itself, some people actually enjoy woodworking. who’s to say that that no one will enjoy it in a communist system? what if they like producing chairs and tables and barns? isn’t it possible for someone to be productive because they enjoy it, rather than because they must do it? this can only be achieved generally when there is an accessible social surplus of goods. 

in communism, production would continue for the same reason as in its earlier form– for survival – but that process is performed indirectly, placing less stress on the mass psychology. you can almost picture this alongside mallow’s hierarchy of needs. when people (and societies) achieve their basic level of sustenance, theyre able to do more. theyre less distracted by problems that are frequent in class society, and theyre often able to do things that they want to do. 

for example, we all have different interests. i like economics, but most people consider it a very boring field. they think its a lot of math or just hate the idea for some other reason, which obviously i disagree with. i enjoy it a lot. you might like chemistry. i dont. well, in a world where productivity (or reproductivity) can feel more like personal enjoyment rather than a job to you have to do in order to survive, you can do your chemistry and i can study my economics. having our own interests, when given the tools to pursue them and create things, which is what communal ownership of the means of production offers, social (re)productivity can’t help but expand in all directions. can you imagine how many people aspire to be doctors (or any other profession) but can’t because they dont have the money to afford the education required? this is an example of how capitalism actually hinders growth and kills incentive. imagine the amount of knowledge that could be accumulated if we were able to devote ourselves to fields that interest us, rather than sell our labor to produce what marx calls “crappy shit”.

capitalists like to think that there is no incentive in socialism, that its just an altruistic utopia, and they think this because they analyze the world through the lens of self-interest, but not just through any self-interest, through bourgeois self-interest. because of this, they do not understand that socialism is a completely self-interested act on the part of the proletariat. it is in its own self-interest that it struggles against capital by fighting for wage increases, better working conditions, benefits, etc. socialism offers all of that (or at least the abolition of the necessity of some of those things), which is a giant incentive for its realization

anyway, i think ive said enough to give you something to work with. i’ll end with another quote from marx that ive always loved. 

“It has been objected that upon the abolition of private property, all work will cease, and universal laziness will overtake us. 

According to this, bourgeois society ought long ago to have gone to the dogs through sheer idleness; for those of its members who work, acquire nothing, and those who acquire anything do not work. The whole of this objection is but another expression of the tautology: that there can no longer be any wage-labour when there is no longer any capital.”

i hope this helps. let me know if you have any other questions.

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Ohhh, you're ask box is open! Can I get some headcanons for Kakashi and how he would react if his partner said they wanted to have a baby?

is it cool if I combine these?

Kakashi Hatake

•It depends on what time period we’re talking when his partner mentions having a baby. Because Kakashi as Hokage would probably not be too excited about the idea. He’d barely have time to be with is s/o as much as he’d like to, so the idea of having a baby at home too just doesn’t seem right. A lot of his fears come from the idea of not being there if something goes wrong

•He’ll talk it over with his s/o a lot. Which could entail late night arguments and tension, especially if his s/o really wants a baby. Ultimately, Kakashi is not easily swayed, so if he doesn’t think it’s a good idea, then he’ll tell them that. But if there’s the smallest part of him that doesn’t want to disappoint his s/o, and he’s maybe even a little open to the idea, then sure. He’ll be okay with it. But he’ll be very nervous the whole time, and he’ll have lots of doubts 

•He’d still be a little uncertain even if he wasn’t Hokage. The idea of being a father kind of scares him tbh. He doesn’t know if he’d be a good dad and he doesn’t want to bring a baby in the world only to struggle with fatherhood. But he’s much more likely to be sucked into the idea of having his own baby when the title of Hokage isn’t on his shoulders. If there’s any point in time I can see Kakashi being up for having kids, it’s after he’s retired from his Hokage reign

•Now Kakashi with a baby during his time as Hokage, is a little tricky. Especially since he does tend to slack on work. So he’d be a bit hesitant about his s/o getting pregnant in the first place it if it was planned

•But knowing he has a s/o and child at home stands as an incentive to work harder and get done with his Hokage duties so he can go home to them

•But that doesn’t mean he has a lot of free time anyway. If anything, his family will have to come see him at the Hokage office on slow days if they wanted to see him

•During his s/o’s pregnancy, he’s very nervous. It’s probably the hardest part about the whole thing. He worries about his s/o being home alone and something happening when he’s not there for them. He might even ask someone to go keep watch on his s/o (kinda like what Minato had him do) He just worries something’s going to go wrong and no will be able to reach him in time

•When it gets closer to his s/o’s due date, Kakashi decides he needs to take precautions. He’s constantly asking for updates from any attendants he’s sent to watch his s/o, constantly asking his s/o if they “feel like the baby’s going to pop out today”. He needs to know when it’s going to happen so he can be prepared, even if he knows it’s useless to inquire. He just sits in his office, unable to concentrate on his paperwork because he’s just thinking about the baby. He might even keep a shadow clone at work so he can stay with his s/o in the final days before the due date

Can You?

After the departure of Pepper, Tony feels like anyone can walk out of his life at a moment’s notice. Once he sees you, he can’t you keep off his mind, but not wanting to be a replacement for Pepper, you refuse to enter a relationship until he can prove himself to you.

“Little Black Dress?” you said holding up the longer, low-cut black number. “Or the Red Hot Jumpsuit?” you held up the garment to the MacBook camera. Your best friend Y/BFN looked thoughtfully at the two pieces and finally decided, pointing at the black number. “You always look insanely hot in black; you might even pick up the Tony Stark in that!” you rolled your eyes at the camera and scoffed loudly. “I doubt that hun, word on the street is that he’s taken.” You proclaimed, walking back into your walk-in closet, taking off your cream, white silk robe.

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 “Well that’s never stopped you, has it now Y/N?” you gasped at her. “You’re painting me like some sort of home-wrecking whore Y/BFN!” now it was her chance to roll her eyes at you. “You know I didn’t mean it like that, you read too far into things. Come on, if you got a chance at the billionaire, you wouldn’t care about any of his attachments, and I’m speaking for every woman on the planet.

You grabbed your Chanel clutch bag, iPhone 6s and your crisp, clean envelope with your formal invitation to the banquet. You walked down the apartment complex stairs and through the big, double glass doors, out to the waiting taxi. After you had set off, you unlocked your phone and texted Natasha Romanoff, telling her you were on your way. The two of you had been friends since you could remember, having a common interest in ballet as children. Ever since then, the pair of you had been inseparable.

She had always wanted to introduce you to her Avengers troop, but you had never mustered up the nerve to meet any of them, I mean this was “superheroes” you were talking about, those people you read about in comic books. She had let you know that they were all going to be here tonight, so it was inevitable.  Natasha had especially gotten you invited, and you didn’t want to disappoint her. Due to this, you decided to get the courage to meet her friends, how different to you could they be?

The taxi pulled up outside a skyscraper of a building with golden doors, a long red carpet and flashing lights of cameras from paparazzi’s trying to get a glimpse of the hottest stars attending. Your phone buzzed, Natasha told you she was waiting in the foyer for you.

You got out of the taxi, using your hand to cover your eyes from the flashing cameras. Briskly walking to the entrance, ignoring the questions from the relentless paparazzi’s.

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“Y/N! Y/N! How did you meet Miss Romanoff?”

“Give us a smile; you’re looking beautiful Miss L/N!”

“Enjoy your night, Miss L/N!”

You saw Natasha in a gorgeous dress with her hair done in short curls, she waved at you as you came through the doors. As you approached her, she pulled you into a hug, warm and loving as always.

“It feels like forever since I last saw you! You look stunning by the way Y/N!” she said, chirpy. “Why, thank you. You look better than I ever could Miss Romanoff.” You truthfully stated. She grabbed your arm and interlocked it with hers, “We all know that’s not true Y/N.”

You finally got to the top floor of the building, walking into the main ballroom. People were dancing with each other in the middle of the room and some were sat talking at the dinner tables, sipping champagne and cocktails. “I even got you a seat next to me.” Natasha guided you to the table. You saw your name in curvaceous writing, sitting on a clean, white, gold rimmed plate. You took a seat and waited for the ceremony to start, you should have asked Natasha who you were all waiting for to conduct the evening but you decided against it, drinking the champagne a waiter had brought over for you.

Suddenly, everyone went back to their seats, the music went off and the lights dimmed. A spotlight appeared at the top of the tall staircase, cascading down in a curve. Everyone’s eyes were on the spotlight, waiting to see who would be entering it. The grand doors behind the spotlight opened, the mysterious figure walking into the spotlight.

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 “Welcome all. My name is Tony Stark, but you all already knew that.” Laughter erupted from the crowd, with a eyeroll from Natasha. “Tonight we are here to celebrate the work of the Avengers Incentive, so please enjoy yourself and have a good night!” Everyone started to clap and then the lights came back on, the music played again and Tony made his way down the stairs, taking a glass of champagne from a tray on his way.

Wait, he was on way to you? Probably not, you thought to yourself. Obviously not, he’s friends with Natasha; he’s coming over for her. How stupid of you to think Tony Stark would want to converse with you, even if you were close to Natasha. He approached you and Natasha, taking his sunglasses off. 

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You looked off into the distance, making it look like your attention was somewhere else, when really all of your attention was on Tony.

You felt a warm hand on your shoulder, making your head whip around to look at the person, and it was Tony. “And who is this, Natasha?” he said, a soft smile on his lips. “This is Y/N, I’ve been meaning to introduce her to everyone.” She stated as you locked eyes with Tony. “Nice to meet you, Y/N. Natasha has mentioned you before but she failed to tell me how beautiful you are.” He said as he grabbed your hand and brought it to his lips, placing a quick peck on your hand. You had to admit, he was charming but you knew his type. Thinking a few complements and sweet gestures was going to get you to give into him. “Would you care for a dance?” he asked you, looking into your eyes. “Of cause, Mr Stark.” You accepted standing up, letting him lead you to the dance floor, filled with other couples, dancing the night away.

“Please, no need for the formalities. Just Tony.” He insisted, as you began to dance. 

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During that night, you learnt more about the desirable Tony Stark, including small bites of information, such as his favorite colour, his taste in music and his favorite places to visit. You learnt that he was just a ordinary man who put on a front for the rest of the world to see, which was understandable. You sat on the balcony of the building, talking the night away under the stars.

You and Tony had exchanged numbers that night and had been talking non-stop since then, you loved his humor and his charms were really working on you. Though some may find it stalkerish, you looked up Tony online to gain more information about him, curiosity took over you.

Most of the search results were about his projects, the Avengers, the Stark Tower and unfortunately, many photos of him with women on his arms, at many prestigious events. Your heart sank a little, surely you knew him better than the media did. The media only saw the side of Tony he wanted them to see, they hadn’t had conversations with him, intimately and knew about his life. He had told you about his experiences including the ‘Afghanistan’ incident and many childhood stories he shared with you. You felt like this showed that he trusted you in a way, but then again you didn’t know how many people he had told about these stories. You didn’t want to ask Natasha about it, as she might not know anything about it and you will have given away stories Tony may have only wanted select people to know about him. Looking further into the rabbit hole, you decided to search ‘Tony Stark previous girlfriends.’ You knew that searching this would break your heart a little but remembering it was past relationships, you were sort of okay with it. You discovered that Tony didn’t really have exclusive girlfriends, more ‘female friends’, what if that was just what you were to him? The website did state that he broke up with his previous girlfriend pretty recently, ‘Pepper Potts’ his former personal assistant.

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From the photos you saw, you could tell Tony really liked this woman, his eyes showed it all. This disheartened you very much, could he ever see anyone like that again? Let alone you? Natasha’s plain, boring friend?

“I thought you could come round to mine tonight and we could eat and watch a movie?” he asked down the end of the phone. You smiled to yourself. “Well, I’ve got a pretty uneventful evening planned anyway. What time would you like me to come around, Mr. Stark?” “Whenever is convenient for you, darling.” You couldn’t lie to yourself, hearing him call you darling made your heart flutter. 

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‘God, Y/N you sound like a schoolgirl crushing on her hot maths teacher.’ “I will see you very soon then.” “Bye, doll.” Again with the pet names, god. What is Tony Stark doing to you?

You had just finished getting ready, smoothing out your dress in front of the mirror. Tucking your hair behind your ear, you grabbed your phone and car keys and walked out the door.  You put your phone on your passenger seat and started up the car, pulling out of the garage.

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You pulled up outside Tony’s gargantuan mansion, giving yourself a pep talk into the small mirror. ‘Come on Y/N, he’s just another guy. With a really cute smile, charming attitude…oh my god, you are falling for him.’ You stepped out of your car and walked towards the door. Before you could knock the door swung open, “Hello, Miss L/N. Mr Stark is expecting your arrival.” You were so confused; who was that talking to you? It defiantly wasn’t human as it had a hint of a robotic sound to it. “Um, who is that?” “Oh I am sorry. Allow me to introduce myself, I am F.R.I.D.A.Y, Mr Stark’s personal assistant.” Well that clears it up a little. “Ah right, Where is Tony F.R.I.D.A.Y?” you asked the virtual assistant. “Upstairs on the top floor, he’s currently setting out food for the two of you.” That alone melted your heart. “Thank you.” You told the system. “My pleasure, Miss.”

You left the elevator, to find Tony frantically pouring glasses of wine. “Wine? My kind of man.” You stated, making him jump, turning to look at you. You had caught him off guard. “Y/N. Welcome to my humble abode. Mi casa es su casa.” He stated, holding out the glass of wine for you. “To an amazing evening and the many to come, I hope.” You smiled at that, “I’ll toast to that.” Your glasses clinked as they hit off each other.

 “So you really did steal grapes from a convenience store?” he asked, sniggering. “Yes, I felt horrible about it. I was 8! I thought I would be arrested and put into jail!” he laughed even more. You had lovely food and 5 glasses of wine, and you were defiantly more than tipsy. You had delved into your life and Tony seemed to enjoy your anecdotes. He looked into your eyes and you mirrored his actions, you started giggling and he joined you. Laughing loudly with your face placed on his shoulder, his arm wrapped around your back, pulling you into him.

You pulled your head back up, and you both stopped laughing. It went so silent; you would have been able to hear a pin drop. You searched his face for any sign of emotion but he continued to stare into your eyes. You should have felt nervous under his surveillance but the alcohol running through your bloodstream made you feel confident.

You both leaned in at the same time, your lips molding into each other’s. His hands ran up your body into your hair, slightly tugging at it, your hands placed on his cheeks. 

The kiss became more passionate and furious, like you had been waiting forever for it to finally take place (which you had). You both pulled away to come up for air, never leaving eye contact. “Bedroom?” he asked, hesitant of your answer. There was only two ways this could end.

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A surge of confidence went through you, getting up off him and pulling him to try and find the bedroom, once you realized you would never find it, he picked you up bridal style and carried you to the bedroom.

He threw you softly on the bed, crawling over your body, removing his jeans and shoes in the process. You began kissing again, more furiously than earlier but you couldn’t take that voice in your head. “Pepper, Pepper, Pepper.”

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“Wait. Tony. Tony?. TONY.” You eventually became more aggressive. He pulled back shocked and panting. “Yes?” he asked, confused. You sat up, pulling your body from under him. “I need to know something before this happens.” He stared at you, anticipating your question. “Are you completely over Pepper? Am I just the woman you want to pass the time with until she comes back? Am I just a replacement for her? Can you love me? Can you hold me?”  There. You had gotten out all the worries that had been haunting you for the past few weeks.

He looked at you. Now you were nervous, what if he lashed out because you had mentioned her? Oh God, why did you have to mention her? Especially as he was half naked and you were about to have sex.

He looked straight into your eyes, sighing. “I don’t know what you have heard about me and her. I can promise you, Y/N, You are not a replacement. I can’t deny I won’t ever lose feelings for her, there are too many there but you….” He grabbed your hands. “You are special to me, you are a beautiful, independent and sexy woman and I am lucky that we were introduced to each other. When I saw you that day at the banquet, I had to get to know you; I couldn’t let myself let you leave without talking to you. I knew I would have regretted it after. I don’t know what this is right now and I don’t know what this will become but I do know whatever happens… We won’t regret it. I need you.”

That was enough for you. Your journey with the infamous Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, and Philanthropist had only just begun.

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Mornings with the Black Foxes ~ LLFTX head-canon!

So I got this idea late one night a couple of weeks ago. This is probably going to be a bit shorter than my usual head-canons in length, but I wanted to run with it while I still had the idea fresh in my mind.

Lots of fluff!

Hiro - Ever since you had started dating Hiro, you felt as though you hardly stayed at your own apartment anymore.
While you didn’t mind that, you were still getting used to waking up next to your beloved every morning.
Having an art class early one day, Hiro had quickly shut off his alarm, not wanting to wake you on your day off.
Looking over you with an expression of adoration, a smile naturally graced his lips as he softly kissed your forehead.
You always slept close to Hiro, happily wrapped up in the safety of his embrace. How he wished he didn’t have to leave.
He could call in sick…but even if you were secretly happy, you would still scold him nonetheless.
Chuckling quietly at the thought, Hiro took one last moment to gently stroke your hair before gently detangling himself from you and easing out of the bed.
Running a hand through his bed hair, Hiro longed to return to your warmth, though he refrained as he got dressed.
Hearing a slight murmuring, Hiro froze as he pulled on his usual striped cardigan. You seemed slightly restless as you shifted in the bed, perhaps sensing his absence.
He’d be lying if he said it didn’t warm his heart to think that you might be missing him, even in your subconscious.
After sneaking into the kitchen to make himself a quick breakfast, knowing that Boss would only lecture him if he didn’t eat, he leant against the worktops and glanced around the spacious apartment, picking up on all the little touches of you that had found their way in.
Smiling to himself as he took another bite of his toast, Hiro glanced to his phone and realised he would have to leave soon.
Going back into the bedroom, Hiro found you huddled up amongst the blankets. Chuckling softly, he knelt down by the edge of the bed and tucked a stray strand of hair behind your ear.
‘Sorry to disturb you Princess…but I couldn’t leave for my class without saying goodbye.’
As your eyes opened, somewhat sleepily, you gave him a smile as you wearily reached out to touch his cheek.
‘I wondered where you’d gone…’
‘I didn’t want to disturb you. You look so cute when you’re sleeping. I’ll see you this afternoon, okay?’
‘Mm…kay,’ you nodded, still looking half asleep as Hiro smiled. He loved seeing you like this.
Leaning in to give you a soft kiss, as his lips brushed against yours, he could feel your hand in his hair.
‘Be safe…love you…’ you murmured sleepily, missing the blush on Hiro’s cheeks as your heavy eyelids closed.
‘I love you too…my beautiful girl…’

Takuto - Being a hacker for the Black Foxes as well as a programmer for a large computing firm, Takuto often worked long and unusual hours.
He had never really though much of it before meeting you. But that very day had changed everything. Just like now.
Glancing to the clock, Takuto let out a quiet sigh at the time.
Five thirty.
Looking over to the bed, you were fast asleep, cuddling up on his side of the bed. He couldn’t help the smile that tugged at his lips at your predictability.
Whenever he wasn’t sleeping beside you, you always ended up on his side of the bed, as if it were a comfort blanket when he wasn’t there.
When he had to pull all nighters for work, Takuto had gotten into the habit of working from home, especially when you were staying over. While you had voiced your concern about bothering him, he had quickly cut you off with a kiss.
He would never admit to it, but knowing he would get to sleep by your side always motivated him to work harder.
Takuto hated sleeping alone now. He always felt restless and uneasy, missing your warmth by his side. He just couldn’t stand sleeping apart from you.
After another hour, Takuto finally shut down his computer for the night. Stretching lightly as he pushed his chair back, Takuto snuck out of the room to take a quick shower and ready himself for bed. He was so glad you had the day off today.
As he slipped into bed beside you, gently moving you as his arms enveloped you, you began to shift slightly.
‘Takuto?’ you murmured sleepily, feeling Takuto’s lips brush against your forehead.
‘Go back to sleep…it’s still late…’
‘You’re not going anywhere?’ you asked, looking up at him wearily as you cuddled into him closely, conveying your desire for him to stay.
‘No…I finished my work…I’m not going anywhere…’
Letting out a small sound of appreciation, you reached up to kiss your boyfriend before settling against his chest.
‘I’m glad…I love you…’
Blushing, Takuto held you close, wondering what he did to deserve such a cute girlfriend.
‘I love you too…’ he whispered, closing his eyes as a small smile touched your lips.
You both slept in until well past midday. But neither of you cared. Being wrapped safely in your boyfriends arms was all you needed.

Atsumu - As always, with running a bar, Atsumu had to get up early in order to get everything ready for the lunch time opening.
Waking up as the morning light began to come into the room, Atsumu quietly switched off his alarm, feeling your familiar warmth in his arms as you slept peacefully.
After working over time last night, you were catching up on some much needed sleep.
The museum had been busy with a new exhibit that was opening in the next two weeks, so you had been putting in a lot more hours than usual.
Coupled with assisting Atsumu at Le Renard Noir and the Black Foxes missions, you were well and truly exhausted.
Having already decided to leave you to rest, Atsumu tenderly stroked your hair, admiring how calm and contented you looked.
Truth be told, Atsumu would have loved nothing more than to keep the bar closed for the day and stay with you, curled up in bed. But another glance at the time reminded him of how much he had to do in just a few hours.
Finally slipping out of bed, Atsumu had gone to take a shower, enjoying the warmth of the water on his skin as he washed his hair and tried to put the image of your sleeping face out of his mind. It was tough to ignore the temptation to go back to you.
Lost in his thoughts, Atsumu had not heard the door open, his body tensing as the shower curtain opened slightly when you appeared behind him.
Getting in the shower yourself, you wrapped your arms around Atsumu from behind as you placed a kiss below his shoulder.
‘Good morning…’ he smiled, placing a hand over the one that rested on his chest.
‘You should still be sleeping…’
‘You need help downstairs right?’
‘No, you can go back to bed today. You’ve been working hard lately and you’re tired,’ Atsumu responded softly, gently turning you so that you wouldn’t get cold as you felt the water run over your pale skin.
‘I want to help,’ you responded, looking up to your boyfriend with a warm smile as he regarded you in surprise. You were always so dedicated. Not just to your work, but to the people you cared about.
‘Don’t push yourself today,’ he responded finally, kissing your forehead as he enveloped you in his arms.
After showering together, Atsumu had gotten dressed and was looking over the list he had made for the market when he realised that you weren’t in the bedroom you shared.
Heading downstairs, Atsumu was surprised to find you, more awake and preparing breakfast.
‘You can’t go out on an empty stomach,’ you remarked, mockingly chiding him as he chuckled.
Taking your hand as you set out breakfast, Atsumu couldn’t resist pulling you against his chest, not giving you a single moment as he captured your lips with his.
‘I love you,’ he murmured in your ear.

Kenshi - Being a firefighter, Kenshi’s work relied heavily on being physically fit. It also certainly did no harm in regards to his side job as a member of the Black Foxes.
But with that came a lot of dedication to his workout regime.
Between the work he did for the Black Foxes and at the fire department, Kenshi had to find time in between helping out at the restaurant and spending time with you to follow his work outs.
Waking up to the sound of his alarm at five am, Kenshi let out a long drawn sigh as he switched it off and turned back to you. Feeling you shift in his arms, you weren’t woken by his alarm, but as he regarded you sleepily, you instinctively cuddled in closer to him, as if you knew he was about to get up.
It never failed to make him smile. You were exactly the same, every single morning.
Placing a gentle kiss on your temple, Kenshi only allowed himself another minute before getting out of bed, knowing if he did uphold some restraint that he’d never go out for his morning run. While the thought of another workout brought a cheeky smile to his face, it was needless to say that you’d have berated him in an attempt to hide your embarrassment.
Holding back a laugh at the thought, Kenshi dressed in his usual running attire before leaning over to give you another swift kiss.
Feeling the fresh morning air on his skin as he went out, the sun was just beginning to cast light on the streets of Tokyo as Kenshi set off at a light run.
Some mornings you tried to join Kenshi for his morning workout. It was your way of showing your support, but he knew that it was draining on you.
It was sometimes still hard to believe that he had someone as incredible as you. It made him grateful to have opened his heart to you.
But knowing you would be waiting for him, each and every morning. That was his biggest incentive to work hard.
By the time he returned, as expected, you were awake, though still somewhat drowsy as you regarded him with a smile.
‘How was your run?’
‘It was good,’ he smiled, ’though I should probably take a shower,’ he responded, a bright smile on his face as you giggled lightly.
‘Want to join me?’ he added, looking hopeful as you suddenly blushed and threw a pillow at him as he laughed at your expression.
‘Jerk,’ you mumbled, turning away from him, though as he came around to your side of the bed, you couldn’t stay mad at him for long as he implored you with his warm eyes.
After managing to sneak in a quick kiss on your cheek before you swatted him away, still feigning annoyance, Kenshi went to take a shower.
Though as the room began to steam up, Kenshi heard the shower door and turned to find you stepping in behind him.
‘I missed you,’ you admitted, going willingly into Kenshi’s arms as his lips brushed against yours.
You were always so weak to his smile. But you would have never believed just how strong Kenshi’s own feelings were. You were his only weakness.
He could never deny you, not when you offered him your smile or the warmth of your gaze. You were so endearing, so innocent and yet, so passionate. He loved everything about you…
Every day was a precious gift. You might have met through unusual circumstances, but there was nothing Kenshi wouldn’t do for you now. He could never picture a morning without you by his side.

Riki - Mornings with Riki could be very unpredictable depending on his work schedule. On his days off, you were able to wake up at your leisure, close beside him as he held you in his arms.
Even in his sleep, he was protecting you. Determined to keep you safe.
But today was not one of those mornings.
Having to go in to deal with some paperwork as well as a meeting with his superiors, Riki was up early, getting ready and showering before six am.
While Riki certainly made every effort to be quiet, not wanting to disturb you, you always seemed to wake up anyway. It was like you were aware that he was no longer beside you and that unsettled you.
After he had finished shaving, he walked back into the bedroom with only a towel wrapped around his hips as he noticed the bed was made and more importantly, empty.
Shaking his head with a slight smile, Riki had no doubt in his mind where you were as he went about getting dressed.
Whenever he was in work early, you always got up with him, despite it being much earlier than what you were used too.
After putting on his usual tie, Riki took his suit jacket off the hanger and headed downstairs to find you.
Smelling something delicious from the kitchen, Riki found his breakfast waiting for him on the dining table.
Looking into the kitchen, you weren’t there, but a bento box was tied neatly, awaiting Riki to take with him to work.
Heading into the living room, Riki finally found you.
Dozing on the sofa, wrapped up in your dressing gown, it wasn’t the first time Riki had found you like this, but it always made him smile.
You did so much for him.
Taking the throw that was draped over the back of the sofa, Riki carefully covered you with it, not wanting you to get cold as he went and tucked into his breakfast. After all your effort, he would never waste even a single bite.
How he wished he could just carry you back to bed and get back in beside you. But being able to watch over you while you slept…it was all so precious to him.
By the time he had to leave, you were still sleeping, though you stirred a little as Riki knelt down beside you and gently stroked your hair.
‘Thank you for breakfast. It was delicious, as always.’
‘Have a good day,’ you smiled sleepily, ‘don’t forget your bento.’
‘I won’t.’
Pressing the softest of kisses to your lips, your hand gently touched his cheek as he rested his forehead against yours.
‘Be safe…’
Giving you one more kiss, Riki finally headed out to work with a smile on his lips and warmth in his heart. He truly was a lucky man.

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  • republicans: poor people are scum, let them all die.
  • democrats: that's so fucked up! I mean definitely...some poor people have to die, for sure, because, like, incentive to work and stuff but still...that's fucked up. That's really fucked up to say all poor people have to die when at most it only has to be like, 30-35% and only in certain countries where we don't have to see it. I'm going to share a huffington post article about this shit for sure