work in progress

Samples for the iron-in patch I’m working on came in the mail!! ..I’m going to have to request color changes but I’m happy with the shapes of both of them (^^*) I put a 10 yen coin there to show the size. A 10 yen coin is about the size of a quarter.

Work in progress of Keyleth from Critical Role. Modeled almost entirely in Sculptris, except the crown whose base I (very hastily)made in Maya.

The newest project. Wow I haven’t uploaded anything on this blog in…forever.

I am learning SO MUCH from this project. Next project, I will craft hair separately. Looking back, the leaves on her crown probably should have been separate too… I guess I felt like torturing myself by just extruding an amorphous blob.


Well this month’s Blackout wanted to focus on art, and since I’ve barely started getting back into it, I just through lemme post these unfinished drawings just to post something and participate.

So the first one is my new profile pic and the last three are concepts for my web series “Eyes Wide Shut”. The first of the three is a building concept I have for Anol and the other two are for a character in season two named Little Diggo. I’ll post the finished one when I’m done of course, haha


And here are some girls which I did for practice last month. I rarely paint women…and with colors, so I decided to do something different for fun. Before I forget how female anatomy works HA. Both were done in Photoshop CC with Wacom Cintiq 27QHD and from Adidas girl you can check whole progress video on my YouTube channel here. Enjoy.

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