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Mini comic/manga Work-In-Progress:

This is Haru. I work on his story (and thus screw up his life) whenever I’m in a shitty mood, and his tale is largely centered around a deeply rooted conflict involving him and his half-sister. I originally pitched the comic to Hiveworks along with Eun-X-Cel and Register, but it also ended up being rejected. I still work on it little by little (as said before, mostly when my mood sucks and I need to get all the bad feelings out of my system).

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Recipe Time!!

Hello all,

Well its Thursday which means its another day for programming stuff for me. So today I present you with first this image.

You, silly reader, might say “Its a blank screen with some words on it.” and well that is true. But what it means it more important. This means that the program is finally connecting to the database!!! I fixed the problem from last time with the recipe program. Now we can access the database and I will start working on the frame work (which will now be moved to Unity) to work on all devices (hopefully). 

So what today is besides that is a call to everyone that has recipes so I can start getting a bunch of data. The other thing I constructed for today is a Google Form  (and a reader for the database) to start adding some recipes to this. Because I have not made a full page parser yet and I don’t have a convenient way of having people enter data into the database with like a website, a google Form and spreadsheet will suffice.

By clicking on a link here it will take you to the form where you can add in a recipe (any recipe) to the system.

This set up isn’t the most complex system yet but the entire system with the app will have a lot more ways of adding something like this together. 

Above is how you should add in ingredients if that wasn’t clear by the form directions. Hopefully soon I will have a parser for webpages and this won’t need to be worried about. 

Anyway, no it is back to working on the framework and api for this and we should be all golden ;) Tomorrow should be something absolutely fantastic from A!


Any questions?

Stop beating yourself up. You’re a work in progress, which means you get there a little bit at a time not all at once.