I try to make it imaginary:
this great burst of brightness
cannot exist in a day so
ransacked by midnight.
The touches remain, though:
mouth on my neck like I
am an orange, opening
to be devoured, fingers
pulling my wax spine carefully
from underneath layers of
yellow dust, breath
pushing my hair back
from my wars. There’s
a sigh in between us.

I want him only halfway.
Only where the bow of
my lip scrapes his; only
where my skeleton
does not feel pried open.
And yet, a sunrise blossoms
in the pale morning air
between my covers, and
he is still hovering, glowing
with teeth clenching pulp.


Designing Liger Zero Endless Waltz Custom version 2.0 (Cherry Blossom Liger)
Ok so I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to use these new colors and ideas, so I sketched an outline of my liger and made this first draft. I decided on the colors of Frozen Strawberry, and Metal Flake Ruby Red, along with a flat white. Now the final liger will be a bit different. I plan to change the armor a bit using the gundam parts, and obviously adding new weapons. But it gives a rough idea of my plan. Oh and I made a standard liger zero outline in case anyone else wants to try this out. Let me know what you think!