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Very late, but I wanted to get this dang thing finally over and done with ;A; For Day 4 of Voltron Week: Day Off/Vacation. The Paladins have some time off so Allura starts teaching them one of her favorite Altean pastimes: dancing! 

Meanwhile Coran… the little princess he took care of is not so little any more, and all these Altean dances bring back memories and it really hits them both that they are the last to pass on their traditions to others…sorry my thoughts got a bit heavy– also! First time drawing Coran!! 


sessshomaru’s mother | requested by @bandz-amakeher-scream


a series of unlikely crossovers:

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What are your Sailor Moon ships?

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More Than This

Anonymous asked: Can you do an imagine where the reader is an artist and bucky wants her to draw him??? please!!! xx

A/N: Ooooo, i hope you like it!! Sorry it’s shortish :/

Warnings: Fluffiness and kisses xx

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You were an artist, and you found art in absolutely everything. From the woman sitting quietly on the train, to the bird flying quickly over the fountain. As far as you were concerned, art was everywhere, in everyone. Everyone was capable of beauty, it just takes the right person to find it. 

So there you were, sat silently in the Avenger’s tower and sketching down the scenery out of the window while you waited for your friend Natasha to get back from her training. 

You weren’t part of the Avengers. You were simply friends with Natasha, whom you’d met in the park while you jogged next to each other. You’d become comfortable here, enjoying the view from here much more than the one in your studio apartment. 

Various people walked through the room, acknowledging your presence momentarily before walking back out and taking care of the business that they needed to. 

It wasn’t until you heard the familiar footsteps of Bucky Barnes’ strong boots did your ears perk. He walked through the room, sitting down on the couch and waving at you. You waved back, smiling slightly and watching as he picked up a book on the coffee table and opened it. 

Your interactions with him were slightly limited. Mostly having small talk conversations and sharing looks from across the room when Natasha talked to you. He did wink at you quite a bit, something that definitely made you flush. 

You swallowed, noticing how closely he sat to you, but you continued to draw. 

“Have you ever drawn a person?” Bucky’s mouth spoke after a moment, causing you to bring your attention back to him. “Hmm?”

“A person, have you drawn a person?” He said again, this time making you flip through your sketchbook. 

You pulled to a page of an older man who sat feeding pigeons one day. You showed Bucky who nodded in approval. 

“How long are you here for?” Bucky asked, his torso now turned to you. “Uhm… I guess until Natasha doesn’t want me here anymore?” You responded.

“Do you,” Bucky stopped to laugh, “-I can’t believe I’m asking you this- would you like to draw me?” 

An eyebrow of yours raised, sticking your pencil behind your ear, “What’s in it for me?” 

You sounded much more confident than you were. This is the longest conversation you’d ever had with Bucky, but you certainly didn’t want it to stop any time soon. 

“Well,” he started, standing up and reaching out his hand, “you get to see my room if you do it.” 

“Is that an innuendo?” You teased, taking his outstretched hand and allowing him to pull you up from the couch. “It can be if you want it.” He winked, making you blush. 

Of course you were into him, how could you not be? As much as you didn’t want to be a cliche, you were definitely crushing on none other than Bucky Barnes and have been since Natasha first introduced you two. 

His hand still hadn’t left yours as he led you to his bedroom, looking back to make sure you have your sketch book. 

Bucky smiled, opening his bedroom door and pushing it open to lead you in. Your eyes took in the dark curtains that hung open around the window, a little light shedding in between the opening. 

He flicked on the lights, a slight red glow now resting atop his cheeks as you could now take in more of the room. It wasn’t messy at all, in fact the floor was spotless. His cabinets and dresser were all black, and you could definitely see a theme. 

“This isn’t anything like a pictured it…” you trailed off, running your fingers over the fabric of his curtains. 

“You’ve pictured my room?” Bucky laughed, crossing his arms over his chest. 

Your face grew beet red, “N- no, that isn’t what I- oh god.” You stammered, face palming. 

“It’s alright, doll,” he chuckled, “how would you like me to pose?” 

Your mind switched from flushed schoolgirl to artist, glancing quickly around the room. You found a stool, grabbing it quickly and setting it in front of the mirror. 

You bit your lip, looking at Bucky’s bed, “Lay across the bed.” 

“You gonna draw me like one of your French girls?” 

“That’s a dated reference, Barnes.” You giggled. 

“I’m a dated man, (Y/L/N).” 

You rolled your eyes, waiting for him to lay on the bed. He went to straighten out the duvet but you stopped him, “No! It adds character. Leave it.” 

Bucky looked up at you and nodded, smiling brightly. He laid across the bed, resting his arm behind his head and looking up at the ceiling, “Is this okay?” 

You swallowed, trying to stop yourself from drooling over his stretched out body, “Perfect.” 

Your pencil glided across the fresh page of sketch paper with ease, starting with the general shape of his body. You studied the way his shirt hugged his torso, muscles practically popping out. 

Your eyes focused on his body, watching his chest softly rise and fall as he took every breath. His stubble scattered unevenly across his chin, adding touch of rustic likeness to his usual badass persona. 

You talked quietly with one another, him mostly asking you about your family and personal life, while you asked him about his life in the ‘40s. He talked fondly of what he could remember, mostly talking about the music and his memories of seeing what was once Stark inventions.

“So, why did you want me to draw you?” You asked after a moment of sitting in silence, the drawing almost done, you just having to finish the shading in the duvet on the bed. 

Bucky shrugged, his eyes finally turning to you, “Gave me an excuse to get to know you more.” 

You raised an eyebrow, “Why didn’t you just ask me?” 

“Well I had to tell Steve an excuse so he didn’t lose his shit over me finally being interested in a girl.” He scoffed, sitting up after noticing you hadn’t drawn anything in a bit. 

“You’re interested in me?” You asked as he moved towards you and took your sketchbook from your hands. 

He set the sketch book on his bedside table, standing very close to you. So close that you could smell his wonderful cologne radiating off of his body. “…Duh.” 

You started to giggle at his sudden admission, “Well, isn’t this something.” 

Bucky chuckled along with you, “I hope I’m not going to scare you off?” 

You shook your head, “Not at all.” 

It was then that he took your head into his hands, pressing small and gentle kiss against your lips. You happily kissed him back, feeling for the first time in a while that you could genuinely be interested in someone. Bucky smiled into the kiss, moving his hands from your cheeks to your lower back and pushing you closer to him. 

Your hands moved to his jawline, loving the feeling of his stubble under your fingers. 

“Can I take this as a yes to a date tonight?” He murmured against your lips, his eyes still closed. 

“Yes, definitely.” You nodded, grinning widely. 

Bucky’s bedroom door burst open, causing you two to jump apart. He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly as both Steve and Natasha stood in the doorway. “Is this where you’ve-” 

“He asked me to draw him.” You cut Nat off and picked up the sketchbook, showing her the drawing. Bucky finally looked at it as well, smiling, “See, Steve? Told ya she could do it.” 

You didn’t care that you had almost gotten caught kissing Bucky, because you had a date to get ready for. 

Dallas Introducing You to the Gang (Headcanons)

-He’ll either make a big deal out of this or no deal at all

-Like he’ll just walk in with his arm around you and if the guys look at him he’ll just smirk and say “this is Y/N” in a real proud voice and kiss your cheek

-OR he will make sure everyone’s at the house and introduce you in a v cheesy way

-(Either way) you can bet that his arm will be around your waist the whole time too

-“This is Y/N and they’re the sweetest damned thing I’ve ever saw”

-He’ll turn to you with a grin and try flustering you in front of the whole gang after that

-“I knew I just had to have you,” he’d say and then kiss you

-After he sat down he’d be free to any questions and probably tell everyone like 50 times on how you guys met

Sixteen, clumsy and shy- that’s the story of my life.

I said it already, but my favourite part of this is how Brix just looks like he wandered aimlessly into a group of other people taking a picture. AU stuff, picture from when some of the gang was in HS. Like ya doooo.

M a s t e r l i s t

Bit small as of now, but hopefully that starts changing soon. All my work, tags, etc can be found here. I’ll update it periodically! Enjoy, thank you, and happy reading! x 

( I had to remake it because tumblr wouldn’t let me edit the old one, yikes!) 

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Check, Please

Would you mind doing an imagine or a one shot with either Rossi, Hotch or Reid where the reader and them are getting married and she wants to keep her last name and she ends up keeping her last name even though everyone else is against it except the guy you choose? Also I absolutely love your writing it makes me so happy to find someone that writes absolutely everything. I also get so excited when I finally have enough time to sit an read your work.

I can do this!  I hope that you enjoy it, because here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

“You aren’t taking his last name?”

“She isn’t taking your last name?”

“Have you talked to her about it?  I bet if you did, she would.”

“What about hyphenation?”

“It’s just tradition, it doesn’t mean anything.”

The two of you had heard it all.  Ever since you entrusted parts of your wedding to Spencer with the team, you knew it was only a matter of time before they found out that you weren’t taking Spencer’s last name.

And they were trying everything in their power to change it.

“I’m sorry that that they keep bringing it up,” Spencer would murmur lowly in your ear.

But never did he outright say that he was alright with it.

“Spencer?” you ask one evening as you mindlessly twirl your pasta.

“Yes?” he asks as he takes a sip of his drink and smiles at you.

“Does it bother you that I’m not taking your last name?”

You watched his reaction closely.  You had picked up a few tips on how to read people better since you had been with Spencer, and it served you well sometimes.

But this time you had a really hard time reading him, and you were concerned.

“Has someone said something to you again?” he asks.

You didn’t want to tell him that Garcia had asked if you had asked him.  You didn’t want to tell him that she felt it wasn’t right that you hadn’t.

But it had gotten your cogs turning, even though you had stormed out of her office lair angry.

“No,” you state.

“You’re lying,” Spencer calls you out.

“It doesn’t matter,” you shrug.

“It does,” Spencer emphasizes.

“Answer the question,” you ask pointedly.

The two of you looked at each other for a while.  The restaurant faded away, and details of the wedding became obscure as panic began to flood your mind.

But Spencer’s voice pierced through the stress and the worry, and reached down to the scared little girl who was afraid of making someone she loved angry.

“It doesn’t bother me,” Spencer says.

You read his expression, looking for indications that he was lying.

But he knew what you were doing, and it caused him to smile.

“Really,” he lulls lowly as he takes your hand across the table, “it doesn’t bother me at all.”

His fingers began to play with your engagement ring.  The two of you looked down and smiled at it, thinking back to that beautiful morning where you had rolled over and he had been holding it between his fingers, his hair mussed from sleep and his eyes clouded over with anxiousness.

It had been so simple, and so heartfelt, and you had pulled him into your arms and covered his entire body with kisses that morning as the word “yes” tumbled from not your lips, but Spencer’s, time and time again.

“Taking a man’s last name is a very old tradition that took the place of a written deed,” Spencer began. “Taking a man’s last name after the dowry for the woman was exchanged was a way for him to imprint upon her that she was his property, quite literally.”

You looked up into his eyes to find him staring at you.

“You are not my property, Y/N,” Spencer says earnestly.  “You are my partner.  My equal.  Our last names…they don’t have to match for me to know you love me.”

Your eyes were beginning to mist over as Spencer lets go of your hand and brings it up to cup your cheek.

“You marrying me says all of that,” he says lightly.

And as you nuzzle your cheek into his warm, smooth skin, the waitress comes back around with fresh drinks as the smell of your food begins to waft up through your nostrils.

“Wanna finish dinner and get dessert at home?” you ask sultrily.

You giggled as Spencer licked his lips and darted his eyes up to the waitress.

“To go containers, please?” he asks quickly.

And you threw your head back in laughter as the waitress scampered off quickly.


1st image: Original cropped raw
2nd image: Edited by me

As you can see, I work very hard making quality manga caps. I enjoy it very much so. (:
If you think everything I post is reposted, you are highly mistaken. Ask me to cap something and add certain text and I’ll prove to you.

GOT7 Goes Christmas Shopping.

A.N. Christmas is just around the corner and I’ll be posting a few Christmas themed writings or whatever. You can send Christmas related requests and I can see what I can work with! Enjoy~

  • It was suppose to be really Mark and JB going to the mall alone to get gifts for the other members. 
  • Less members mean no big crowd. 
  • But JB did the mistake of telling Yugyeom where he was going  with Mark so Yugyeom told Bambam, Bambam told Youngjae, Youngjae told Jinyoung and finally Jinyoung told Jackson.
  • Jackson was high key offended that Mark didn’t invite him to the mall
    • “But Mark we’re suppose to do everything together.”
    • “Is that what you tell all your boyfriends?” #jealousmark
  • So what this had to be planned carefully now since all of them were going to the mall.
  • They decided to go to the mall early to avoid lines and all. 
  • JB and Jinyoung was strict on the young ones and said that they had to be back at this exact spot in 3 hours. 
  • “or else we’re leaving you here.” Jinyoung threatened the others. He was only joking no he wasn’t
  • Youngjae decided to stay close to JB but made Mark promise him that they’ll meet up at the pet store to get CoCo presents because she deserves the whole world.
  • Mark was going to go alone but Jackson and Jinyoung tagged along. Which wasn’t bad until a certain someone jackson was starting to act needy.
  • Jinyoung already bought everything he wanted to give the members so he was buying whatever he wanted for himself.
  • Jackson and Jinyoung didn’t notice when Mark will quickly leave to go buy something and come back.
    • “Mark where did you get that bag?”
    • “Don’t know what you’re talking about.”
  • Jackson literally bought anything and everything he thought would be good for the other members and his other thousand boyfriends.
  • Mark just wanted to keep it plain and simple for everyone so he made everyone write down what they wanted so that’s what he was going to get them.
  • Bambam and Yugyeom will man rest in peace to the workers in the whatever stores they go in. How much they try on and probably end up buying.
  • Of course whatever they didn’t want, they just put it back where they wanted.
  • They ended up buying gifts for everyone but Bambam would run to the register to buy Yugyeom’s presents when Yugyeom was in the fitting rooms.
  • Yugyeom did the exact same thing for Bambam.
  • Youngjae and JB were just walking around not really knowing what to get people.
  • If Youngjae saw something he wanted to get JB, he would make JB wait outside the store while he went to go buy whatever it is.
  • JB already bought Youngjae’s gift so he didn’t have to worry about Youngjae see what he was buying.
  • Youngjae met up with Mark to go buy CoCo’s gifts. All the other members decided to go be with them too instead of meeting up at the spot.
    • “I thought I told you what you go meet everyone at the other spot?” Annoyed JB starting to show.
    • “Well than why are you here?“ Sassy Bambam ain’t taking no shit from no man.
    • “Youngjae I don’t think CoCo needs all those things.”
  • After buying all the gifts for CoCo they still had time to do one more thing.
  • Each member took separate photos and told Santa what they wanted
    • JB- For the other members to be less sassy
    • Mark- For CoCo to have a sister to keep her company while they have to leave for schedule 
    • Jackson- For world peace and for people to stop making fun about him drinking organic tea.
    • Jinyoung- More books and more quiet time aka soundproof bambam and yugyeom’s room.
    • Youngjae- For everyone to be happy and not have his members be so stressed out.
    • Bambam- For Yugyeom to be happy and healthy. And his family to be healthy 
    • Yugyeom- For Bambam to be happy and healthy and not get killed by Jinyoung.
  • After they took separate photos they took a group photo with santa. 
  • and the photo said “MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM GOT7″
  • Shopping wasn’t that bad today. No one got lost, or broke anything, or even started a fire. Not that we know of.

I’m not very good at making comics so excuse the bad quality // I tried to shorten it a bit, but I guess it’s still a bit long huh //

So Asahi has a lot of baby Eevees because he takes care of pretty much any Pokemon he finds, and sometimes some of these Pokemon end up finding good new trainers! So of course I ended up having this idea pff // Ace will evolve into a Jolteon btw :3c

Maybe the idea is a little cheesy but // pff I can’t help it. This comic is supposed to happen before the “story” begins in this AU `v´ The Pokemon equivalent of a first year Noya forming a closer bond with second year Asahi, who ends up becoming his double battle partner later on~ :3c Asahi at this point still hasn’t become an actual breeder, and is referred to as “ace trainer” for being good at battles, as his Pokemon are always well taken-care of, in which case he is a power house to be recognized by his buddies. Though he doesn’t really have much confidence in himself as a trainer. Noya however sees great potential in him, and gets to the habit of visitting the place where he cares for his Pokemon - and stray Pokemon he helps out of the streets, because what a good guy right~ Details on the whole story will come up soon hopefully, I really want to work on this `v´ for now have a little cheesy comic explaining how Noya got a Pokemon again, because yes.

Wow I think I write a lot on these Pokemon AU captions // Sorry I get too excited ;v; But I hope y’all are enjoying the ideas I share!

[More Haikyuu Pokemon AU here!]

This is by far the best quality Cherick I’ve drawn. Originally it goes well with this song, but I’m open to suggestions :D

And don’t even ask me why….. i don’t know, it just happened


All I have to say about both Cody and Tyler’s videos being leaked. Really fucking upset and frustrated over this and I hope Posey can enjoy his lasts months of work and lasts Teen Wolf days despite people being shits like they tend to be. Posey has been through so much and I know he quit social media for a while but I hope he tales this invasion like Cody and is able to move pass that.

This should be a problem that should be left behind in 2016. Stop leaking celebrities’ private images. No matter their gender this is horrific and so fucking disrespectful

The Girl Is a Spy {Hux x Reader}

Request:  Hux finds out his lover fem!reader is a spy for the Resistance

A/N: This is longer then I intended and I’m a bit on the fence about the result, but Enjoy!

You sat at Hux’s desk. His data pad glowing faintly with information on display. Nothing new here. You closed that file and moved to the next. So far you had collected a pretty decent amount of information about a current project labeled Starkiller. The general should be proud with how much info you’d be sending back to them.  As soon as you finished looking over this file you’d be ready to broadcast what you’d found to the resistance. As you suspected nothing interesting was in the file. You closed that one too and shut the pad down completely and placed it back in Hux’s desk. You pulled out your comlink and flipped it on. Strange. You felt surprisingly unsettled. Before doing things like this you got a little nervous but this felt different, more daunting and dangerous. It felt as if the room itself was watching you, waiting for you to start speaking to the resistance so it could expose your secret.

‘a spy’ the walls seemed to whisper ‘the girl is a spy.’

You shook it off. “You’re fine.” you said to yourself “You’ve done this a million times. You’re fine.”

You ran over what you were going to say in your head. There was no room for mistakes when relaying such sensitive information. A few deep breaths later and you were ready to go. You clicked the button down on the comlink and started talking. The problem with a lot of information is you have to talk more. Half way through your report and you wanted to tell them to hold on and give you a minuet but you pressed on. You took a moment to catch your breath at the end before asking for confirmation that they heard what you’d said.

The line was silent. It took a couple minuets for transmissions to reach the other person, especially from this far away. You leaned back in the chair relaxing a little as you waited. But relaxation was cut short. The door to the office hissed open to reveal General Hux himself. You leapt from the chair your stomach plummeting to the floor in the process. judging from the look he gave you Hux was just as surprised to see you.

“What are you doing in here?” he asked his tone was normal signaling he didn’t suspect anything.

“I was-” you trailed off noticing the comlink still sitting on the desk “I was looking for you. I-” you moved around the desk and swiped up the comlink, careful not to draw too much attention. “I just missed you I guess.” It was only a half lie. He had been working a lot lately. You really did miss him.

“Oh, well I was about to return to our quarters. I only needed to finish one last thing.”

He bought it. Releasing the breath you’d been holding, Your body relaxed a little. You moved to get around him and to the door. “In that case I’ll-”

“What is that?” He asked cutting you off half way to the door.

Your moment of relief was gone. It would do you no good to completely lie. “Its a comlink I found in the halls. Figured it might belong to a trooper or a lieutenant, so I was going to drop it by the command center.”

“You’re probably right.” He said sitting down behind his desk.

“Yeah. probably. So I’ll get going now!” You tried to excuse yourself and it would have worked.

As you went to press the button on the door the comlink went off. “Agent Y/N, report received. Please continue research on project Starkiller.”

Your eyes closed. There was no way he hadn’t heard that. You could feel the walls laughing at you now. ‘caught you! He caught you!’  You turned slowly glanging at him. His eyes were locked on you but his expression was blank. Maybe he hadn’t heard.

“Agent.” He said. The word was clipped short. He only spoke like that to you when he was angry.

“I- Its not. This isn’t-” you tried to think of something, anything to say to save yourself but you couldnt. There was no way to cover this.

“Agent! Is that not what it said?!” He was yelling now. standing from his chair and stepping towards you.


“Is it not!” He wouldn’t even allow you the chance to talk around this.


He straitened his posture and looked down at you through narrowed eyes. “It’s all a lie then.” He said. It wasn’t a question.

You didn’t say anything. What could you say? ‘Yes, I was lying about who I am and where I came from this whole time while I used your references to access top secret information!’ You couldn’t say that because he already knew. He’s a smart man.

“And your feelings for me. This relationship.” He spit the work like venom “That was all a lie too.”

“No!” This you couldn’t go silent on. “No,  Everything we have together, everything I told you about my feelings for you is true. I care for you I really do. I- I love you.” You hardly said that to each other. You reserved it for the most intimate of moments but this was an exception. He needed to know.

“I don’t believe you.”

Your heart stopped. He didn’t believe you. The only true thing you had ever told him and he didn’t believe you. Pain pierced your heart. Is this what heartbreak feels like? “I do. I do!” they were the only words you could utter. Your mind raced a mile a minuet trying to think of anything to say in this moment but it was blank. He doesn’t believe you.

Hux stepped to the side of you barely giving you a downward glance. “Get out of my way.”

Your mouth opened and closed trying to protest his leaving but you fell silent as you stepped out of the door frame. He left just like that. Leaving you stunned and hurt. In all honesty his reaction was rather good compared to what you imagined it be. There was a lot less screaming and the conversation was short, But this one felt worse. You could feel the hot tears brimming in your eyes. Your world had finally come crashing down on you and this was the result. You had to leave. You had to leave now before he returned with troopers to arrest you.